(1310-04-20) The Sadness of Rubies
Summary: Desarae writes in her journal about a gift she's received
RL Date: 20th April, 2018
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April 20th, 1310 - Valerian Dormitory

It is late in the evening, and the heavy brocade drapes at the windows of the dormitory where the Valerian novices and adepts reside are drawn closed. Most of the lamps in the room have been turned low for the night, though one that sits on a small desk allows the dark-haired girl that sits there to write within the journal before her.

April 20th, 1310

Tonight I met Lord Jean l'Envers in the salon, the former Ducal heir of Namarre. He left me in no doubt that he intends to bid upon my debut, and I find myself not too displeased should he win. He made me a gift of a ring that I might be reminded of him, though I very much doubt that I shall wear it again. Yes, it is pretty, and yes it looks to have cost quite some coin to my still untrained eye. But la! … I have a terrible sadness for rubies. How piqued am I that it is not fashioned in diamonds, and it took much effort to hide my disappointment when it was produced. I shall put it away and try not to think on it overly much.

Tomorrow I am to attend a showing in the salon, and I am eager for that. I shall seek out Francois for that and sit next to him, for there is something that I simply must ask.

The entry is dusted with pumice and a light breath of air is blown across the pages before the journal is closed over. A ring of rose vines with gold-tipped thorns and ruby-petalled flowers is slipped from her finger and placed in suede pouch before being locked within a wooden trinket box. Chores done, she trims the lamp and retires to her bed.

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