(1310-03-16) Le Marchand
Summary: Clémentine writes to tell her mother about a new acquaintance.
RL Date: 16th March, 2018 (OOC date)
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March 16th, 1310 - Clémentine's Bedchamber

Embers glow brightly as Clémentine kneels to breathe life back into the fire in her bedchambers. Kindling is added to the dying fire, and she stirs the ashes and the remnants of half-burned wood with the end of an iron poker until fresh flames catch and smoke curls upwards. It's early, far too early for any light to creep beneath the heavy draperies that cocoon the chamber from the world outside, and with the fire now starting to warm the room, she pulls blankets and cushions into a mini pillow-fort nest on the old Akkadian rug that spans the width of the hearth. Fresh parchment is pulled towards herself, and she sprawls as she contemplates what's to be written.

Ma mère chérie,

I used to think that finding 'the right one' was about the man having a list of certain qualities. If he had them, we'd be compatible and happy.

How wrong I was.

There is someone whom has come to my notice of late whom I can assuredly say has none of the qualities I had previously thought important. He is a merchant, ma mère, and from hereon in I shall refer to him as Le Marchand in our communications. I find it quite wonderful that despite being of the nobility he is not one that throws around the coin of his family.

He looks at me the way all women want to be looked at by a man, and I intend to know him better.

I invite you once more to come visit me here in Marsilikos. Spring will be upon us soon, and there is nothing in Elua to compare with the warm breezes that bring the the swallows from the south with the turn of the season.

Ta fille aimante


The parchment is pushed to one side and the quill set down as Clémentine pulls blankets up and herself to add another layer of warmth in a still cool bedchamber. It'll be another hour or more before Martha will arrive to rebuild the fire for the day and to bring her mistress some of Ch'in tea she's recently acquired. Such luxuries.

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