(1310-02-16) Word From Home
Summary: Magalie receives a letter.
RL Date: 16/02/2018 (OOC date)
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February 16th, in the year 1310 — Magalie's Chambers — Guest Tower — Ducal Palace

Who could tell for how long that letter had been waiting there, laid out on the side table, beside the bowl of dried fruit and the flagon of red wine? Magalie glimpsed it first when she settled herself for a moment on the couch. It was late, and she would soon retire to bed.

Tired. So tired she had felt ever since she arrived in this marvelous city a few weeks ago. Leaning the cane against the siderest, the dark-haired woman leaned forward to take the letter. No sigil. No name. Just that of the recipient. Magalie was written with a certain masculine negligence upon the envelope.

And so Magalie opened it. Read it - and sighed. Brows knitting as that line appeared between them. Digesting words that still echoed in her mind, as if that could smooth the harshness of the reality lingering behind them.

"They have been looking for you all over the place."

"I have made sure to wipe out any trace, that could lead them on your trail."

"This shall be the last time you hear from me in a while, as letters can be intercepted."

Her eyes closed, and for a moment there was just that. A weight there, increasing in her chest, heavy with deeper sentiments of regret and yearning for times that would never come back.

Sentiments, Magalie could not afford, and usually kept in check so well.

"I'm on the edge of the abyss," she murmured to herself, d'Angeline words slipping from her lips with an ease as if they had never spoken any other language. "Now where to find soothing…?"

So far from home.

Dark eyes opened, as Magalie turned her gaze towards the window, overlooking the city. Marsilikos outside, ever busy, even at this hour. It was time, she paid the Night Court a visit.

One heard wondrous things about the Salon de Coquelicot.

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