(1310-02-18) A Future Secured
Summary: Clémentine's letter to her mother includes some news of interest.
RL Date: 18/02/2018 (OOC date)
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February 18th, in the year 1310 — Clémentine's Office — l'Opéra de Marsilikos

The angle of the late afternoon sun that falls across the desk of Clémentine nó Trevalion warms her hand as she pauses in her writing. Dressed in a gown of grey Ephesian silk, her eyes divert to the window briefly, a smile flirting with her lips before she looks back to the parchment and the words she's inked upon it.

Ma mère chérie,

It feels as if hardly any time has passed since last you came to visit me here in Marsilikos, and yet so much has happened of which I must tell.

The Duc de Trevalion has made good on his promise of seeing my future secured, for last night he gave to me a document which officially legally confers ownership of l'Opéra de Marsilikos upon me. He is so lovely in his care of me maman, but I worry so for his health. He is looking quite grey and tired of late, and has taken to his chambers for much of this visit. I sit with him and keep him company, and he reminisces much of things that are long passed. Despite his ill-health and at times, ill-humour, he still retains the ability to make me smile with his stories. I him too apparently, for he has made me a gift of the most beautiful diamonds which I am to wear for his natality next week.

In other news, l'Opéra de Marsilikos will be hosting le Compagnie d'opéra Eluan two weeks from now. They are to perform the play entitled Le Garçon et l'aveugle, a play of great hilarity I hear, and which, by all accounts, was well recieved in Elua last year. Perhaps you saw it?

I miss you, Maman. Write soon with news of your own.

Ta fille aimante


A light sprinkling of ground pumice is given the parchment, and once dried it's slipped into an envelope, sealed with wax and placed with two others on a tray.

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