(1308-12-18) Debut
Summary: The Price of Innocence
RL Date: 07-01-2018
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16th Birthday

He bid and then bid again, each time higher and I caught his gaze from across the room as he studied me between tossing out numbers. Others were bidding too, but it was that determination in his eyes that told me even before the end of it that he would win it if he could.

It was my debut. I had met several people by then, serving them, talking with them, getting to know so many things about them. But it was one that returned time after time, asking searching questions, getting to know me more. As the bidding continued, I waited. Almost breathless in my anticipation and excitement. Who would win? I wanted him to win. And then he did.

Again, he looked over and I offered a tentative smile. His face was serious for the longest moment before one corner of his lips hitched up into an almost smile. The moment had come and as he approached me, his movements were very deliberate, his steps much like he had cornered his prey and was coming to claim his prize. That is when I realized it was exactly what I was to him that night. His prize, his trophy. Being so, I was determined to please and pleasure him in all of the ways I had been taught and perhaps leave him wanting to return for so much more by morning.

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