(1312-09-26) Introducing a New Mereliot
Summary: Marco and Farah receive their first visitors that have come to see their baby daughter.
RL Date: Sat Sep 26, 2020
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It is, among many other things, highly unlikely to find a young mother outside of her bed about less than a week after she has given birth to her child. This holds true even for d'Angelines, such as Farah de Mereliot who, for her part, has d'Angeline blood through her mother. It is no rarity therefore that visitors wishing to offer congratulations are admitted to the bedchamber — visitors of a certain personal relation to either mother or father or both. When Jehan-Pascal and his wife arrive, they will be shown to the master suite, while arrangements are already being made for them to stay overnight.

Upon entering the bedchamber, the visitors will find Farah seated in her bed, against a pillow, attired rather unceremoniously in a dressing gown, with a night gown possibly underneath. Some care has been taken to arrange her hair so that she is presentable, and indeed, the vicomtesse looks quite radiant despite a certain fatigue. There is a cradle beside the bed, but one would have to approach closer to catch a glimpse of the baby.

To say Marco has been fussing is an understatement. Admittedly Marco has been fussing the last couple of months but now it's a bit of a different fuss. He's checking in on the two constantly sometimes simply poking his head in as if just to verify that indeed his little one is out safely and his wife is there. When he hears of JP's arrival he's making his way in and over as well beaming happily looking pleased as a new father can be who didn't have to do much other than watch and worry.

JP and Fav enter hand in hand, JP slightly ahead, Fav slightly behind, with a grin on her face as though having to hold back her puppy-dog-eager husband on the scent of the newborn heir to the seat of Toulon were rather charming to her. They're dressed without pretence; on the day of the little lady's presentation, no doubt, they will pull out the stops on their high-fashion finery for court, but for now it's just Uncle JP and Auntie Fav in their comfortable travelling-clothes, muted earth tones and soft knits for the start of the fall, JP in riding-trousers and tunic, Fav in a straight-falling knit shift over a modest and manageable chemise, cinched with a bodice of soft grey-black with a dull gilt trim. On seeing Marco, JP breaks off from Favourite at last— she releases him from his orbit and smiles to herself when he goes to wrap Marco up in a big hug complete with a firm and congratulatory clap-clap-clap on the back between bros, and she, meanwhile, drifts closer to the Lady Farah's bedside, casting her soft blue eyes warmly to the new mother, grinning a secret grin between them at the enthusiasm on display between their husbands, then, herself, lowering her voice as she comes near: "Oh, Farah, how radiant you look. What a triumph, hm?" her eyes glitter tenderly to address the new mother so.

"Thank you," Farah replies softly, looking up and meeting Favourite's gaze with her own. "It is a relief, yes. And a triumph, if you will…" Glancing fondly over to where JP greets Marco, she adds, "It is good to see you, Jehan-Pascal. You are the first, outside of family, that have come to offer congratulations." Her dark eyes flick back to Favourite and she smiles. "Our little daughter is asleep at the moment." At which, as if she heard the voices and started stirring because of that, some odd soft noises can be heard from the direction of the cradle.

Marco returns the hug laughing and he claps JP and smiles, "It's exciting isn't it." He says and he smiles, "Triumph is she?" He pulls JP over towards the trio, "Look, look what we made." He says playfully and he grins at JP, "She's so tiny but isn't she lovely?" He says and he leans over to kiss his wife's forehead moving to sit at the edge of her bed putting an arm around her and beaming towards the soft cooing noises from the stirring bundle. "It's nice to finally meet her."

"I will," Favourite re-affirms, "Even if you're being terribly modest over it," she twists a fond grin Farah's way and pushes up onto her toes to peek over into the crib just as the wakeful little noises begin to emerge, causing Favourite to cover her mouth with one hand, the more fondly to gape at the adorability.

"Are we the first?" Jehan-Pascal preens a little bit at his getting them on the road as quickly as possible on the arrival of the news. "Well, it's an honor," he pronounces, in a playfully formal tone as he and Marco approach the Ladies— all three of them. "Oh. My. Goodness," his voice pitches up an octave or two over the course of those three little words, and he sets a hand on the side of the crib. "What a tiny little angel."

Wakeful little noises they are, and not quite annoyed as of yet, the little one possibly stirred from its sleep by the ongoing exchange of voices.

"You are," Farah confirms with a smile towards Jehan-Pascal. What the Baphinol heir will see in that cradle is a small infant, excessively tiny in its looks, as is usual for newborn babies. A bit of dark hair is covering the head already, the skin of a slight olive tone, but lighter of hue than that of the mother. Tiny hands are curled into fists, as the baby stirs a little more, opening its eyes, seemingly meeting the gazes of Favourite and Jehan-Pascal.

"Our Salomé is a true delight," the vicomtesse continues. "She has a strong sense for what she needs," is added, a bit thoughtfully perhaps.

Marco smiles, "There will be more but you were very quick." He says brightly and then he beams as JP's voice pitches up and he beams, "Angel…or Banshee we're still determining." He says playfully, "I can verify her lungs work." He says fondly and he glances to Farah, "Oh? Like her mother?" He teases gently as he strokes Farah's hair as they watch the little heir. He beams at the stirring little and Marco clearly cannot stop beaming.

Jehan-Pascal looks up to shoot Marco a quick smile before his attention is once more completely absorbed by the contents of the crib. "That's OK, little Lady. Being alive takes some getting used to, and there's a lot to yell about, isn't there?" he looks sympathetic, after a philosophical bent, with the newborn's first complaints about the human condition. Favourite is standing a little further off, her hands finding a nice spot to rest tucked into one another just under her abdomen as she watches from Farah's bedside, then turns to regard the blessed couple again, "And what of you both, and you needs? Is there anything you'd like us to send along that you miss from Marsilikos? We did bring some little gifts for the young Lady, but they're in our bags and being unloaded just now."

There is the faintest arch of a brow at Marco's remark, as Farah looks towards her husband. But the expression is clearly tempered by a smile. Even so, the growing unrest of the daughter translates somehow to the mother, and she gestures for the maid. "Would you hand her to me, please?" Before unrest can turn into being truly annoyed. To Favourite, she smiles. "That is very kind of you, but I think we have all that we need." Still, she glances towards Marco, leaving room there for him to add anything, should he so desire.

The baby is lifted and wrapped into a small blanket, before the maid carries her over to Farah and places it gently in her arm.

Marco grins at Farah and he strokes her hair fondly and shifts to the side as little Salome is brought over. He glances to Fav and beams, "We're just glad that our friends could come and be here. It's good to see people. We can deal with gifts later I am just glad you could both make it and enjoy our hospitality." He says brightly he chuckles softly considering JP, "I'll make sure she knows she should always take her complaints to uncle JP."

Jehan-Pascal steps slightly back to let the maid in after the small one without any sort of obstruction, then sort of trails after the maid on the way to Farah's bedside, where he joins up wit Favourite again and takes up her hand, tangling his fingers up in hers and grinning at Marco. "She can complain to me any day of the week," he pledges, watching the way Farah soothes her offspring. "Though of course I will never be as suitable at answering them as mama," he coos a little bit.

Farah receives the daughter from the hands of her maid, holding Salomé on her arm then and rocking her gently. There is a new facet to the look of her eyes as she considers the baby on her arm, fondness definitely, a hint of insecurity perhaps, but also something else, a relaxed calm as she tries to soothe Salomé. "You may be safe from her complaints, until she has learned how to speak," she remarks towards Jehan-Pascal with a faint smile. Farah's dark eyes do not stray away from the infant on her arm, as she regards it with a certain fascination. Until, after a moment, she looks up and smiles to Favourite. "Perhaps you would like to hold her for a moment?" After all, as is the way of all married women, they will most hopefully all end up in motherhood.

Marco snorts, "I have complete faith my daughter will find plenty of ways to make her complaints known even without words. "He says playfully and he looks down at the little baby beaming at her. He leans forward and brushes his lips on Farah's forehead. He glances to JP then and chuckles softly, "Well Mama does have to be strict sometimes… or I suppose that'll be my job?" He pouts.

Favourite should have seen it coming, of course. The ceremonial passing of the baby to the next-to-bear. She and Jehan-Pascal have already, as it happens, decided on a certain settling-in period before she sets to the work of generating a new brood of Baphinol babes, but she is happy as ever to participate in ritual, and she noddles her head warm-heartedly, settling on the edge of the bed and allowing the maid to complete the transfer. It's not her first time holding a baby, but it's not far from the first time— and while she's a picture doing so, of course, posture perfect and very careful, she's a little stiff, perhaps, a little overcautious… though, of course, that might well be a benefit, in Farah's eyes. "She's so small," she whispers, while Jehan-Pascal is practically squirming to repress the urge to ask for his turn already, shifting on his feet by where Favourite is sitting.

"We've named her Salomé Eliane," Farah remarks, her gaze warm but also attentive, when the newest Toulon branch Mereliot is placed on Favourite's arm. Salomé is perfectly still at the moment, blue eyes staring up into Favourite's face, but not yet really able to focus. Those tiny legs move and try to kick, but are mostly held in check by the small blanket that has been wrapped about the baby.

"Also… I don't think I could ever be strict with her," Farah adds after a moment. "It will be your task, I think," she says, looking towards Marco.

Marco watches Favourite taking the baby gingerly and he smiles. "She'll grow quickly." He says brightly, "I'm already told she's greedy." He says as he continues to stroke Farah's hair and he laughs, "How cruel that I have to be mean to an angel." He complains to Farah but he doesn't seem so bothered seeming just far too happy with all things. He glances between to Favourite and JP, "Now I wonder if either of the two of you can be strict."

Jehan-Pascal, disappointed in his efforts to beg a turn by hovering, just sort of leans bedside with his hand on Favourite's shoulder, trying to get a little contact baby buzz. And while Favourite is saying hello to Salome Eliane, he can natter a little back to Marco, "I don't know. I like to think I'll set a good example and… be able to talk to a kid, explain right and wrong, noble and ignoble, try to keep him or her on the… solid path?" he supposes.

"Yes, I suppose so," Farah comments on Jehan-Pascal's musings. A fine smile curves her lips, but she falls silent, lost for a moment in the view of the baby on Favourite's arm, and Jehan-Pascal beside. Farah reaches for Marco's hand, squeezing it gently.

Marco returns the squeeze of Farah's hand cradling it. He grins, "Looks like you two are going to be ready sooner than later." He teases and chuckles softly as JP impatiently waits for his turn. "I'm sure you'll be able to talk to them but… the need limits set. Otherwise you end up like me." He says with an amused tone and a wink, "And we wouldn't want that."

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