(1312-09-09) A Thousand Ducats for Your Thoughts
Summary: Delphine brings up the topic of marriage in a conversation with her not really enthused son Boniface.
RL Date: 09/09/2020
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Baphinol Residence — Noble District

Through the portal, one enters a spacious parlor, dark teak wood furniture contrasting to white walls, cushions of red and yellow adding to the comfort of seating. Chairs showing off the crest of House Baphinol carved into the comparatively low back have been arranged about a long table that easily offers space enough for eight people. A pair of more comfortable long-backed chairs can be found in front of the hearth of white marble, with a warm fire burning there especially in the colder months. The wall facing the hearth is covered by a large tapestry, depicting a heroic Baphinol ancestor engaged with fighting off a dark and evil foe.

At times the furniture may be re-arranged in such a manner as to provide more space, for the occasional fête and dancing. Heavy red curtains at the windows are usually pulled to the side and secured with thick cords of yellow color during the day, to admit the light from outside, whereas lighting becomes much more intimate in character during evenings and night, from the warm flicker of oil lamps at the walls and candles burning upon the twining chandelier that hangs from the ceiling by a gilded chain.

A stairway leads up to the gallery, from which several doors lead to the private chambers of the residents.

It is a late evening, and Delphine has just returned to the residence. Her attire is impeccable, but maybe her usually so carefully piled hair may be a touch more out of place. She seems to be in excellent spirits, though, as the smile betrays, and the faint gleam in her brown eyes. She seems not to be inclined yet to retire to her chambers, and therefore she has settled into one of the comfortable chairs before the hearth, with a glass of red wine sitting on the side table.

Delphine has just come in- Boniface, perhaps, might just be on his way out. The young man makes his way down stairs.. He's dressed well, as he usually is- though it doesn't look like he's made up for any special occassion. As always, however, the most noticable thing he wears is a bright smile.

A bright smile is a good thing! It can inspire a smile such as Delphine's to brighten, especially, in the moment she notices it on the features of her only son. "Bon-Bon!", she exclaims and moves to stand, not at all appearing tired from the exploits of the day and the night so far. "You look lovely, as ever. Are you about to go out?" Curiosity is in her gaze, as she considers him. "On some adventure, I suppose?"
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Boniface gives his mother a little wave as he pauses at the foot of the stairs, giving her a brief once over before he rolls his shoulders in a little bit of a shrug. "I was thinking about it," he says, his smile transitioning into a little bit of a smirk, "Buuut.. I have no firm plans or ideas of what to do. So.. not really any adventure, no."

"Oh." Delphine's brows lift in a mild expression of sympathy. "Well. Perhaps you'd like to sit down then for a bit, and share some conversation over a glass of wine, hmm? It's been awhile, since last we spoke." She gestures towards the other vacant chair at the fireplace, and then for the maid to bring another glass of wine for Boniface. Turning then to her son, she presses her lips to his check. "I can't tell you how glad I am that the responsibilities of Orange are no longer resting on my shoulders. That is… if you'd like me to help you, I will of course oblige."

Boniface considers that for just a moment before he rolls his shoulders in another little shrug. "Well.. I don't think I'd ever turn down a beautiful woman's offer to drink wine before, even if that woman is my mother," he says after that moment's consideration, before he laughs softly, the sound somewhat musical, "Did you really find those responsibilities so.. crushing? I mostly delegate them to the steward and I find its not so bad!"

"Aww, Bon-Bon. You're such a charmer!" Delphine leans away and regards her son with that wry twist of a grin that comes with a gratified glitter in her eyes. "Not really…", this the response to his question. "I just found it a bit tiring at times, but never crushing. The steward is a capable man, he can alleviate you of much that is needed to run the vicomté, but… when it comes to politics, you are required to make decisions. If you need any counsel… well, I just wanted to let you know that I am glad to provide whichever help I can…"

"Thank you then," Boniface says after another moment's consideration before he gracefully moves towards a seat, sitting himself down and casually crossing one leg over the other. "So, what were you up to this fine evening?"

Delphine takes a seat when Boniface joins her at the fireplace. His question elicits a fine smile, brown eyes going distant for a moment. She smirks, before she focuses her gaze on her son. "Some light diversions at the Salon de la Glycine. I felt like spending some money for a good cause, in Naamah's honor." The confession sounds almost like a boast. "It was money well spent, I daresay."

Boniface presses his lips together in a little bit of a smirk, before he chuckles softly. "I'd hardly call the diversions to be had at la Glycine 'light'," he says, that chuckle blossoming into a louder laugh, "I like it there, even if it's no Bryony House."

"I prefer the Jasmine flavored courtesans," Delphine opines. "Some of them have a bit of both. But you are right, of course. Strike out the 'light'. I've indulged in diversions. Let's leave it at that. How about your love life?" There's nothing as impertinent as the curiosity of a Namarrese born mother. "Is it a gamble mostly, these days?"

Boniface give a bit of an over exaggerated sigh of exasperation at that question. "It has been.. quiet, lately," he finally says as presses his lips together again, leaning back some in his chair, "So there is not much of one to speak of, I'm sad to say."

"How very sad," Delphine comments, and her regret seems to be genuine. "I am wondering… whether a visit to the Capital would cheer you up. I mean… I adore Mont Nuit, and it has some diversity on offer. Besides… at some point… we will have to find a suitable match for you, hmm? I'd rather not torment you by picking someone who is not really agreeable. But…" Another soft sigh, "there's the thing about needing to produce some heirs."

"Heirs? That's what younger sisters are for," Boniface points out.. before what he just said dawns on him and he laughs, a little bit of color coming to his cheeks, "Er, not like that. I mean, Inesse can be my heir, and then her children, if she has any. And if she doesn't want to, there's Vivanne."

Her brows lift in light astonishment. "Are you meaning to say that you don't want to have any children of your own? It can't be much inconvenience to produce them, for someone of your Namarrese temperament." Delphine shakes her head. "Can you be sure you haven't already produced some sort of offspring?" This seems to amuse her, it shows in the light crinkle at the corners of her eyes, and the silvery laughter that leaves her lips. Before her demeanor dims a little, and she focuses her gaze on Boniface, just a touch sterner than before. "It would be unfair to place this burden on Inesse's shoulders. She's a romantic at heart. I don't see her ever getting married, as it would have to be for political reasons, and this would crush her. Maybe… she'll become someone's consort, or take a consort of her own. As for Vivianne… her I can see as match material, definitely. She will marry out though. And I don't think your late father would like the idea of someone other than a Baphinol taking over Orange, once you're no longer there."

"Oh, I really don't care much one way or the other about it. Just the whole getting married thing seems like such a… hassel, I guess!" Boniface says with a little shrug of his shoulders, still smirking somewhat as he leans further back in his chair, "More trouble than it's worth."
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"There are other options, you know." Delphine's dark eyes narrow just a tad. "You could find yourself a consort, or… father a bastard on someone. But. We will need to be sure, the child is yours, Bon-Bon. As for the trouble to go to when getting married… I survived that trouble pretty well, and I was lucky to be matched to someone as understanding and perfectly suited for me as your father was. Marriage is never about love, from the outset, but it can involve pleasure. So… in order to find you a suitable candidate, I am willing to go through some trouble. Especially, since I am convinced that there is the perfect match for you, waiting somewhere out there to be found." She lifts her glass and brings it to her lips for a good sip of red wine. "What are your preferences? A d'Angeline lady, or someone from abroad? We could find you a nice Caerdicci girl, it could ensure us some good trade relations to one of the City States."

Boniface nods his head just a little bit as he listens, his expression just a little bit.. well, exasperated, though he's taking all of it in good humor. "I don't speak Caerdicci," he points out before shaking his head a little bit more, a smirk on his lips, "I really don't know. I haven't given it very much thought, if I'm being honest."

"Hmmm." Delphine's lips turn upwards at the corners of her mouth, as she savours another sip of red wine, her demeanor both a bit delighted and thoughtful. "So this is perhaps what you'll need me for? To give this some thought and procure some suggestions?" The question is posed lightly and not without humor. "There is no rush, of course. You're still young. But I know that the Comte de Baphinol will be relieved once the future succession has been planned, if you will, in such a manner. We should do what we can to alleviate Hercule of this issue, he otherwise needs to consider and worry about."

Boniface smirks a little bit more as he leans forward, watching Delphine with his bright blue eyes for a moment before he laughs. "Sure, if it will make you happy. I give you my blessing to look into this," he says, musical humor echoing in his voice.

"I promise you, my dear Bon-Bon, you won't regret this. I shall give this some thought." Delphine leans back in her chair. Outside, it is still comparatively warm for the late summer season, even if the soft murmur of a heavy downpour adds a little coziness to the atmosphere inside of the residence. "I am certain, I'll find someone you'll agree to marry, sooner or later." Which she seals with another toast, lifting her glass in Boniface's direction. "To House Baphinol. May it continue to prosper."

Boniface doesn't respond right away- he's lost for a moment in some thought or another as he watches his mother from across the short distance between them. after that moment however, he smiles and lifts his glass. "To house Baphinol."

"1,000 ducats for your thoughts," Delphine murmurs, catching that pensive expression of her son. She tilts her head a little to the side which causes a few curls to slip free of the impressive do. "Marriage isn't the end of the world, Bon-Bon. It is an opportunity. And you can still pursue you manifold pleasures on the side. This is Terre d'Ange, after all."

Boniface laughs just a little bit as he shakes his head. "Oh, I'm not worried about that," he says leaning back a little bit as he takes a little sip of his wine, "And I was just thinking how nice you look tonight is all."

Her lips purse, and a soft exhale leaves Delphine's lips. "You are doing it again… Flattering me. What are you up to? Is it a favor you have in mind, that I could do you?" She empties the glass and puts it aside. "You've inherited some of my beauty, Bon-Bon. It is unmistakeable… Naamah's blood is probably stronger in you than in both of your sisters." Lifting her hand she removes a wine stain from her bottom lip, and after a moment of hesitation, leans forward to touch her hand to Boniface's cheek. "We are what we are, and there is no denying that our heritage will define us in some way."

Naamah's blood might flow through Boniface's veins, but so does Eisheth's, and it's evidenced in the musical way Boniface has of speaking.. and even more so when he laughs, as he does now. "Oh, no, I'm not buttering you up for anything! It's the truth," he says, a touch of color rising on his cheeks when she praises him, that color deepening when her fingers brush his cheek.

"I didn't know you were able to blush… It is so comely…" Her fingers touch lightly against his face, but her eyes are locking with his. "Boniface, I know you have it in you to become anything you wish to be. Don't let a notion of duty and responsibility scare you off the path you will take. It is impossible for you to fail. When you have all of my love to carry and support you."

"I don't blush for just -anyone-," Boniface says with some more soft laugher as he leans in a little to her touch, his gaze meeting hers, "I'll try not to."

"Then I am all the more glad that I of all am granted this rare treat," Delphine replies softly. As Boniface leans into the touch of her hand, she will keep it there. "But… why, Bon-Bon? Why the blush? Are you ashamed of something? How utterly un-d'Angeline." Her voice remains low and kind, devoid of any reproach, it is more like her curiosity is sparked even further by Boniface's comely coloring.

More laughter at that. "Oh, I'm not ashamed of anything," Boniface says with a little grin as he watches his mother with bright blue eyes, "I juuust blush sometimes when beautiful women pay me compliments and Uh.. touch me." See shameless?

"Cheeky," Delphine states in a soft murmur, her eyes narrowing just so as she considers Boniface. And there, she withdraws the hand from his cheek, not going about it in a hurry though. "I can see how you will impress your future wife," the dowager vicomtesse purrs. "And I bet you will blush for her as well, won't you?"

Boniface rolls his shoulders in a little bit of a shrug as he leans back, "I might. I can't make any promises though, as she's just… theoretical at this point," he says, his tongue darting out to gently lick his lips, "And not… flesh and blood. so to speak!"

"Indeed." Delphine looks around and rises to get the flagon of wine from the table. "What about your plans for tonight?", she asks over her shoulder, turning around then which sends her skirts whirling. "You'll visit the Night Court?" With her hip leaning against the table she pours herself another glass of wine.

They might not be keeping eye contact anymore but that doesn't mean Boniface's gaze stops following Delphine as she moves to refill her wine glass. "I wasn't planning on it," he says with another little shake of his head, "I didn't have any plans actually."

Delphine considers for a moment, setting the flagon of wine back onto the table to remain where she is. Of course, another sip of wine is had. "You don't need to have plans," she observes. "As it is, this gives us the opportunity to talk. Which… by the way, reminds me. I had wondered about something, Bon-Bon."

Boniface arches an eyebrow at that, a little smile still splayed across his lips. "Ask!"

A smile lights Delphine's features as well. "I am used to live and indulge, never even asking anyone for permission. At least, I have only on rare occasion. I know, my children might feel awkward about a mother who chases Naamah's spirit so relentlessly. Now. I've been seeing a young lad named Arterre for a while now." She smiles. "The Vicomte de Barrême. He is of your age. Has that… made you feel awkward, at times? To know that your mother is in a liaison with someone so young?"

Boniface shakes his head a little bit as he gives another shrug of his shoulders. "No, I don't think that's weird or awkward," he says with a little laugh, "Why would I?"

Her brows arch innocently. "Ah, I wouldn't know. It was just a thought that passed my mind just now."

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