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RL Date: 2020-06-19
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Le Coquelicot — Night Court

Tiles of fine beige colored marble cover the floor in an ever repetitive pattern that is only broken by the circle of inlay work in its center, where through the use of white marble and dark red obsidian a likeness of the poppy flower comes to life, informing the visitor which salon it is he has entered. Long white drapes embroidered with a line of similar earthy dark red to the obsidian used in the floor are arranged to frame the windows, through which the parlour will be generously lighted through the day. Scattered about the room are comfortable chairs, light rattan fletching topped off with comfortable, cream-colored cushions, beside small tables where long slender flagons of wine stand at the ready beside goblets made of clay, glazed in warm earthy tones.

The air is that of relaxation, on more levels than just the physical; this extends to the mind, the soul, and the heart as well. An effect that is enhanced by the soothing melodies played by a lutist in a corner, by the pleasant subtle scents emanating from clay bowls filled with aromatic oils sitting on the tables; the warm lighting of oil lamps through glass shades painted with soothing patterns of waves in orange and dark red. Enhanced further by the soft laughter rippling through these halls where the visitor for once is allowed to take a break from his everyday trials and tribulations, from fears and worries, from tenseness in muscles and sometimes just loneliness.

Archways in old Tiberian style lead onwards to three areas, where patrons can find soothing in the way they wish to. Whereas a stairway at the back curves all the way up to the upper floor, where private quarters of courtesans and adepts can be found.

The Gentian Second is often busy with paperwork, and when she's not, she's generally talking and guiding the adepts here, of all canons. Soleil has a gentle and friendly manner with the younger courtesans, especially those who are not full courtesans yet, and she seems welcoming of questions and concerns. She is notably not any taller than her charges, and in many cases, shorter, but her golden presence nonetheless is warm and sunny. She wears a golden gown with a low scoop in the front and an even lower scoop in the back that shows off her spectacular marque.

Arriving in short order for his promised tour, Jean is dressed like a courtier, with a cloak concealing the dark purple doublet and the black pantaloons, both stitched in gold; the right lapel of the doublet has the Vicomte's personal sigil embroidered on its breast; a pair of keys over a flaming bridge that represents both his strongest heritages. Some courtiers follow after him, but they soon seek their pleasures in the salon. As he spots his cousin, he makes his way there, until he's a couple of steps close to her, inclining his head in a greeting. "You look absolutely radiant, my lady. I trust the day has seen you in good health."

"Thank you, my lord," Soleil replies to the vicomte with a charming smile. "Welcome to La Coquelicot. We focus on relaxation and healing of the mind, body, and spirit. You will find the canons of Balm, Heliotrope, and Gentian here, and it is an ideal place to seek soothing companionship. We have some beautiful architecture, and some very charming young adepts who are eager to please." Her motions are graceful and welcoming, and she motions to the lovely structure that she has offered him a tour of. "The gardens are also very pleasant, and we grow a variety of herbs that aid with healing and sleeping, including the house's marque: the poppy."

"Heliotrope. What a delightfully unique flavor, that is; it makes sense to heal the body, the heart and the soul, after all," Jean remarks helpfully, offering his arm for Soleil to take in courtly fashion. His eyes skim over the surroundings to inspect the young adepts and the shy novices, as well as the offerings on every tray, on every plate. The patrons are also studied, categorized, but he doesn't dwell on them. It's not polite to do so. As he follows after Soleil, he nods, when she mentions the poppy. "Had a smoke of the poppy once or twice, and the extract once when I got stabbed by Bhodistani assassins, not too far from here, in fact."

"Would you like to head out to the gardens?" Soleil suggests with a smile as she takes his arm, looking particularly petite in comparison to his considerable height. "And may I offer you a glass of wine or some other refreshment? I tend to keep my use of poppy with my patrons to a minimum; there are few who have insomnia so terribly that it is required for them to sleep, and dreams are changed by drugged sleep."

"Why not? I am quite fond of gardens," Jean replies, with a smile of his own, as she slips her arm around his own. His bicep flexes just enough to give her a considerable grip on his arm as they stride alongside one another. "And red wine would be quite amenable. I'll take an Eisandine rosé today, I think. As for the poppies, it is understandable. It can dull the senses, the heart and the disposition." There is a pause in his words as he studies the blonde, her diminutive frame and quite flattering curves. "So do you prefer the more amorous patrons or those that come to you with inexplicable fears and sleeplessness that only a session with a Gentian can settle?"

"Oh, certainly those who have troubled minds. I like very much to put my talents as an oneiromancer to use. I feel that amorous intimacy is just a path to trust, and that there needs to be trust established, particularly between a Gentian courtesan and his or her patron," Soleil explains as she motions to a novice to come with a tray of wine before they head into the gardens. She takes one carefully and hands it to Jean, then takes one for herself. "I frequently take quite a lot of time trying to get to know patrons before engaging in intimacy with them. I want to be as comfortable with them as they are with me. I also feel that if one is going to reserve the time of a Gentian of my talents and experience, one should reap the benefits of that, as opposed to merely the amorous aspect of things."

"That is a fine philosophy to have as a courtesan of your House, I think." Jean nods, approvingly, looking at the flowers as his attention turns to them, suddenly and with intense focus. Making note of the details, the alcoves, the benches. He's not quite making a map of the place, just appreciating the environment. His wine in hand, he sips as he listens to Soleil, inclining his head thoughtfully. Perhaps he's considering her words. "I can see the merit in that, especially for those that you prefer. After all, if they cannot lower their guard, then sleeping beside you would not glean much insight on their dreams, and you do need to study their dream world, from what I understand. Oneiromancy is a very complicated art, but it is also very useful as a balm to people's mental scars."

"Yes, I am strongly in favor of improving mental health, analyzing anxieties, and aiding my patrons work through their fears and neuroses," Soleil replies with a serious nod, holding her wine loosely in her hand. "I have turned down patrons who seemed incline to lie to me about their issues and situations, for I am certainly in a position to be choosy about such things. I value honesty as a quality, and I'm much happier to refer patrons who wish to physically relax to a Balm or perhaps a Heliotrope. Of course, now, as a Second, I obviously want to see my adepts succeed, and I have quite a bit more paperwork these days."

"The nature of rulership is that it always comes with organizational issues and the desire to make sure that what we have power over is thriving. Or, at least, that's what it is, if we're responsible administrators." Jean sips from his goblet as he nods to Soleil's words, though, perhaps approving of that philosophy of honesty first. "I like my worship of Naamah along more predictable lines, though that doesn't make me any less exciting a patron, at times. Heliotropes and I have good rapport, for instance, though I do admit that it has been sometime since I'd seen one that catches my fancy." Should they turn a corner, he makes sure that Soleil is alongside him for the entirety of the course. "I do not understand why someone would find it in their hearts to lie about their issues to a woman sworn to secrecy, but people will do anything for attention, sometimes."

"I keep extensive notes on each patron, and I am fairly perceptive when it comes to patterns like that," Soleil replies with a little shake of her head. She finally takes a sip of her wine and sighs faintly. "Some men do not realize that there is literally no reason to lie to me, about their history, about their past, or about their intentions. If they merely want the pleasure of worshipping Naamah with me and are willing to pay the premium to not take advantage of my other skills and talents, that honesty is much more acceptable in a patron than for them to try to make up problems whole cloth. Lies are rarely consistent and often fall through. Especially with an empathetic courtesan." She smiles up at Jean in a content sort of way, pleased to walk the gardens with him.

"It is better to be forward than to beat around the issue, I agree. Is it so hard for some to declare their desire to worship Naamah with someone, directly?" Jean wonders, smiling back at Soleil, "Paying the premium for those who already desire to do so doesn't seem like quite the obstacle. It might make them more or less interesting in your eyes but, nevertheless, it is a fine line, isn't it? Between a dry assignation and a seduction, that is. I quite prefer the latter, at times." As they wander by a field of flowers, he stops to study them. He might not be a herbologist, but certainly he can appreciate how they are and their look, their scent, their texture to touch. So he does, carefully so as to not damage them.

"Yes, some are fools when it comes to that sort of thing," Soleil replies with a soft laugh. "Honesty in what one desires is a valuable trait to actually getting what one wants, after all. Most patrons are very good, though. I enjoy the company of all of them, or they would not be patrons." She smiles at him gently and, with her knowledge of herbology, she can offer him the basic information about the plants that they are observing as well as their uses medicinally and such. She is not an expert, but she does have familiarity with the herbs here in this garden.

And conversation continues…

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