(1312-06-18) Daisy Chains
Summary: Siz and Alienor are goofing around in the gardens when Lady Philomene offers them bunches of yellow daisies.
RL Date: 2020-06-18
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Jardins d'Eisheth — Marsilikos

Tranquility and beauty of nature is what those coming to the gardens of Eisheth usually seek. There is a playfulness in the arrangement of paths through the greenery, and the way four of them wind to the center, where there is a pond surrounded by a few elm trees, beside an area with wooden benches and tables beneath an arbor, where ivy winds about wooden posts, and a roof of colorfully glazed tiles offers shelter from the sun but also moderate rain.

Bushes are trimmed, and the green is kept short, so that people coming here can enjoy the dramatic view over the coast all the way to the sea, with the harbor and the citadel slightly to the north. Slightly towards the south and close by is the infirmary with the herb garden beside, where a variety of plants used for healing and treating certain illness are grown under the immaculate care of the healers. Towards the east, a path leads towards the temple district, where the dominant structure of the Temple of Eisheth looms, the white marble shimmering almost otherworldly on late afternoons, when it catches the warm, orange light of the setting sun.

It is a spring day. The weather is warm and clear.

It's stopped raining, and the weather is nice enough even to lure a Siz out of her normal hiding-spots within the Salon Coquelicot or the Golden Harbor. She's kicked off her sandals and is sitting on a bench with her toes in the grass and a book in her hand, her soft, structure-free gown just soaking in the sunlight as she basks there lizard-like.

You can tell it's nice weather. Philomene has gone from constantly wearing her warm, brown riding jacket to being seen about the city in far lighter robes, designed to enable airflow without getting in the way. Of course, she's tucked them up a little beneath her belt from which hangs a pair of blades, one worryingly plain and the other short, curved and heavily bejewelled, the only expensive looking thing about her. Unless one were to count her riding boots - these do not go away for the summer - which stretch up her calves and have been carefully built up on one side to account for the slightly shorter, twisted leg.

Good weather it may be, it's not enough to put a smile on the woman's face. Instead there's a look of determined concentration as she limps her way unerringly around a set course known only to her, doing lap after lap of the gardens with her peculiar limping gait.

From the direction of the Temple District, Alienor comes walking, kicking out her billowing white dress as she goes, just to make the fabric flow fluidly. The gown is simple enough and good for airflow against her back, and she doesn't have a chaperone today, just a guard, and he isn't even in Rose Sauvage livery. She takes a deep breath of the flowers in the gardens, makes an effort to dart out of Philomene's way, and skips over towards Siz.

Sido is, for her part, seldom not smiling, and today's not going to break her streak. She ends up slouching to her side, then sprawling, stretching out on the bench and lifting the book overhead to keep it between her eyes and the naked sun, the rest of her remnant in a comfortable swoon. Soon enough, though, there's someone skipping to her, and rendering her burgeoning arm-cramp needless. The book flops down to rest against her tummy, and this dulcet Diogenes beholds her accomodating Alexander with a big grin. "Alie! Hiee!" she pipes up, sitting straight and closing her book voer a finger, instead. "How are you, kitten?"

Philomène glances over at the voices, never breaking her stride. She narrows her eyes for a second or two, taking in every detail, before she turns to limp along the path towards the sea. Not a threat, therefore she sets her jaw, lifts her chin, and continues on her way, sunlight casting through the trees to dapple her and soften otherwise severe features.

"It's finished! And my back is itchity itch itch itch, but it's done and I'm assured that it's beautiful. If a little pink," Alienor tells Sido with enthusiasm and a measure of relief. She still could easily be taken for a White Rose, for there's a veil pinned in place over her hair, even though it's been adjusted to not hide her face at the moment. She steals a glance at Philomene for a moment, then returns her attention fully to the Coquelicot courtesan.

"It's finished! Oh, how lovely. You must be relieved, and the itch will… subside," Siz grins. "Come sit next to me," she scootches her butt over to make room on the short end of the bench, instead of making Alie cross to the longer end. She lifts a hand to greet Philomene as she makes her lap, but she doesn't try to stop her, in particular, other than that. "How do you feel? You sound excited."

Philomène steadily tramps her way along, keen to get in her self mandated distance before the sun gets too much hotter. Clearly she's been out for some time, judging by the sweat on her forehead and the darker, damp hair at the base of her neck, but it's a reliably steady pace she sets. Almost as though she's been doing this for years. It's when she reaches one particular, larger shrub that she brings herself to an abrupt halt, looking out along the shore rather than out to sea, stretches her arms over her head and rolls her shoulders. She turns, ostensibly to stretch out, leaning her body to one side, then the other, and eyes the pair on the bench - her damn bench - again.

"Yes, it's very nice. And I have my own room now, for the moment, which is really awesome and you should come see at some point, when you are not busy," Alienor offers to Siz with enthusiasm as she sits down very carefully next to her, cautious of her back. "Freedom is kind of scary, in a way. I'm capable of making decisions for myself."

"Of course you're capable," Siz encourages sweetly. "You just need to trust in your own capacity," she plays with the words. "And remember what we talked about. Don't be afraid to try something and fail at it. Won't be the end times." She glances to Philomene, catching the eyeing, and she scoots her butt back toward Alie again, drawing herself in close to her to leave plenty of room for the other woman to join them, if she'd like.

She would like. Absently flexing the fingers of one hand and resting the other casually on the hilt of her sword, Philomene makes her way over to the pair at a slightly more leisurely if no less limpy pace. As she approaches closer, she finally decides that it would be rude to say nothing at all, and so lifts her chin and makes a sort of 'hm' noise. It's like conversation. Sort of. Close enough. It's as much as she's about to offer, given that her full attention is soon turned to trying hard not to tremble too hard or let any emotion show whatsoever on her face as she lowers herself down to the now empty end of the bench.

"Hello, Lady Philomene! I have given your sketches to Lady Marguerite and she is so excited about getting them framed for you," Alienor offers with a charming smile, looking over to the woman as she joins them. "Oh, Siz," she says. "I have so much hope. And I have time. Time to heal. And time after that."

Sido angles her chin downward at Philomene angles hers upward; issues a 'hm,' complementary but descending in pitch to coordinate as an echo of hers, joining in the conversation at its own foundational point. Alie is a little more zealous in greeting, and Siz can hardly blame her; it's a good day for her. "That's tremendous, kitten," she smiles. "And it sounds like you're keeping busy and making friends."

Only once she's settled on the bench and confident that she can speak without any trace of waver in her voice does Philomene respond. "Lady Marguerite was excited?" she clarifies, lips twitching a little. "And what's this about hope? I'm sure we can drum that sort of nonsense out of you." For all her serious countenance, there's a definite hint of amusement there as she leans back on the bench, adjusting her blade so it doesn't get in the way. "First hope, then it'll be enthusiasm, or worse yet, fun, and then where will we be?"

Alienor flutters her lashes coyly at Philomene, offering her a most innocent smile, as pure as newly fallen snow. "She was. Isn't it nice that you have a duc's daughter to help you with such things? Lady Marguerite is so kind, you know. So diligent." She looks to Sido and smiles happily, then reaches out to pat her hand fondly.

Sido isn't sure of the Lady Marguerite, herself, nor sure what to make of the situation re: her personal excitement for the project. But she's happy enough to take a back seat, as it were, to the conversation, leaning back and slinging her free arm over the back of the bench to better allow for conversation across her, while maintaining an easy countenance and a softly lidded eye. The hand holding her book to her stomach is patted, and she appreciates it, lifting a pink to tickle against Alie's palm.

"Mmm, she does seem to be keeping herself occupied at least," Philomene allows, considering for a moment or two. "Do either of you have any need for fresh flowers, specifically daisies, might I ask?" she queries, glancing between the pair. "Yellow ones?"

"Oh, yes, I would love some daisies! I think I would put them in my hair and maybe make a bouquet of them," Alienor says brightly, beaming at this. "Lady Marguerite gave me a yellow dress that I am having tailored, and yellow daisies would be delightful with that."

"To plant, or cut?" Siz has to wonder. "I mean, I love to weave a daisy chain as much as the next person," she grins, "If for planting I'd have to check with those who have veto power in the gardens by us," she giggles. "I don't want to step on anyone's toes."

"I'll keep the ones that'll grow," Philomene admits, looking somewhat perturbed at the enthusiasm Alienor continues to show. "These are cut, and taking up far too much of my damn house. You can barely move for the bloody things."

"Oh, Siz, do you want to make daisy chains together?" Alienor suggests, still sitting up straight and pretending that she's not paying attention to her back at all. "I bet Lady Philomene would look disarmingly pretty in a crown of daisies, and then she'd really have the upper hand on anyone she needed to stab."

"I really think we better ought," Siz agrees, "Given the perilous daisy situation chez Lady Philomene," is a little jestful in cadence, but excited, no less, for the prospect of some yellow-petaled arts and crafts. "A crown, yes, and a necklace, I think."

Philomène snorts a laugh, leaning back on the bench. "I assure you, if I'm going to stab anyone I'd make sure it's a fair fight. But in the absence of stabbing, yes. I'll take a daisy crown. I'd like to think even at my age I might still turn a few heads if I put the effort in. I'll inform Caroline. Drop by and take as many as you can carry."

"We shall do so," Alienor replies with a serious little nod and the sort of grin that undermines that seriousness. "It'll be nice, as spring turns to summer, to be utterly covered in daisies. And yellow ones! So cute."

"And bring a hand-wagon," Siz appends to Alienor's agreement to the arrangement. If there are as many daisies as that, after all. "Yes, kitten, we'll all be very sunny," she agrees. "Will you come weave with us, Lady Philomene?"

"I shall leave the arts and crafts to you, Mademoiselle Siz," Philomene decides, touching her fingertips to her chin and cracking her neck noisily. "Flower arranging is not one of my limited talents, I'm afraid. I just want rid of the damn things."

"But we shall decorate you, Lady Philomene," Alienor declares with a broad grin, in high spirits today, especially now. "Even if you don't bother with the making of the daisy chains."

"Precisely so," Siz issues Philomene something of a fawning gaze. "Come and let us have our model to fit our pieces to," she requests.

Philomène snorts again. "I think I agreed to a single crown, not an entire second skin of daisies. Have you nobody more fitting to plaster flowers all over? What about Monsieur Raphael? Wouldn't he look adorable covered in daisies?" she suggests, the tiniest hint of a wicked little grin creeping onto her face.

Alienor considers this for a moment thoughtfully. "I will recommend it to him when next I see him," she says decisively and with a serious nod. "I'm sure it would look quite delightful on him as well."

"Just don't tell him I suggested it," Philomene insists, setting her hands on the bench to either side of her, lifting that magnificent jaw, and without her expression changing a single bit, pulls herself rather unsteadily to her feet. "Mademoiselles, if you'll excuse me, please."

"It was a pleasure see you, Lady Philomene," Alienor offers to the noblewoman, smiling at her easily enough. She then leans her head against Siz's shoulder, the two young women just sitting together.

"Don't lie," Philomene responds drily, eyeing Alienor for a moment before she adjusts her sword belt, sets her sights on the gates to the entrance of the gardens, and begins limping off in that direction, back straight as an arrow but the odd swinging of her left leg giving her away.

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