(1312-06-13) We Do Get The Cat Too, Right?
Summary: The new heir to House Trevalion hears of a proposed marriage in his family, and gets straight to the key point in the negotiations.
RL Date: 13/06/2020
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Rose Garden — Trevalion Residence

A wrought iron gate opens to lead one inside a small and intimate rose garden. A high stone wall shrouds the garden from the outside, providing a quiet, private escape from the bustle of the city'ss noble district. A sweet floral scent of roses perfume the air. Roses of every size and hue grow abundantly here, creating a serene and lush space for quiet exploring. A pathway of stepping stones leads around, branching off only once near the back to lead to a tall weeping willow tree. The foliage of the willow serves as a curtain, providing a discreet hiding place from the rest of the garden. Hidden amongst the shadows under the tree is a small stone bench, only big enough for one or two people. While kept neat and trimmed along the path, the roses are mostly left to grow wild among the various beds, making one feel as though they are inside a fairytale.

Directly in the middle of a garden is a small gazebo, painted white. It is covered in vines of roses. While small, it can fit one or two people comfortably and provide shelter from the elements.

It is a spring morning. The weather is cool and drizzling.

It is damp, as the weather has been drizzling on and off for days now, and it is rather overcast. Sitting in the gazebo with a lute in her lap, Soleil is clad in a simple cream colored gown with a bit of blue and gold detailing, her feet bare. She is playing a few notes on the lute, then marking annotations on a bit of paper thoughtfully, and she seems fairly well lost in her music. Rather relaxed, she has a very content smile on her lips, completely copacetic.

With a quick glance upwards to judge the break in the weather, Hugo hurries out of the house and over towards the direction of the sound. He's not bothered with more than a shirt and trousers today, as he's not actually going out out, but it's enough that he has no intention of being soaked through. When he reaches the gazebo, he hoists himself up to perch on the railing, legs swinging, from where he can watch Soleil without actually being directly in her personal space. "Oi oi," he greets amiably, lifting one hand. "Am I interrupting?" In his own gazebo, in his own garden. Of course.

"Lord Hugo, isn't this your house?" Soleil wonders as she looks up at Hugo and smiles indulgently, her expression turning amused. She is lovely and golden as always, a little bit of sunshine in a rainy day, and her fingers toy across the lute pleasantly without really playing a song before she lets it vibrate itself to silence. "You are not interrupting, no. You are perfectly welcome to join me here in your own garden in your own house, which is really quite lovely and pleasant. If anything, I should explain my own presence, which is due to your cousin, Augustin."

"Well, yes," Hugo admits with a half smile, setting his hands on the railing to swing happily back and forth. "But you were here first. I'm not quite so much of a dick that I'd come and throw you out of the garden. What's he done now?"

"He asked me to marry him," Soleil replies with a measure of amusement, smiling at Hugo easily enough. "I think we might go visit your father the duc so that he can introduce me as his future bride. With any luck, we will be wed in the fall, and then I expect you'll see a bit more of me in your gardens."

<FS3> Hugo rolls Politics: Good Success. (8 6 4 5 4 6 1 7 6 1)

Hugo's immediate grin is tempered momentarily as he considers his father's opinion, a certain amount of fear and respect for the old man enough to give him pause, but it's only for an instant. The lines of inheritance are sketched out in his head, and satisfied with those as well as genuinely pleased, his smile widens and he offers one hand to the woman as he pushes himself off the railing. "Well, good grief, congratulations! I mean, if he's really the best you can find, that is. It'll be marvellous to have you in the family!"

"Thank you, Lord Hugo," Soleil replies, shifting her lute so that she can take his hand with a smile, beaming at him. "We really expect both families to be rather pleased about it. My grandmother, the baronne de Vezelay, is thrilled, and we're waiting on word from the duc de L'Envers, naturally." She laughs brightly at that for a moment. "If he's really the best I can find? Oh my."

"Vézelay will go to a brother or sister, presumably?" Hugo suggests, squeezing Soleil's hand enthusiastically and pumping it up and down. "And you'll be one of us. I have to ask, we do get the cat, too, right?"

"First Vézelay will go to my father, Lord Theo, and then it will go to my brother, Lord Theo," Soleil explains with a bright laugh, charmed by Hugo's enthusiasm. "Of course, of course, Le Chat will be a Trevalion. He's already got a little sapphire collar with a bell, after all, because he is a spoiled brat of a kitty baby. I must apologize again to your staff. He got out the other day and caused chaos."

Hugo laughs, waving her off with one hand. "He's a cat, of course he caused chaos. It's what they're born to do. Honestly, though," he insists, wide dimpled grin never abating, "He's awfully lucky to have you. Augustin, I mean. Not the cat. Well, the cat, too, but that's a given. I'm as pleased as… as… as a really pleased thing for you. Wait, I'm assuming it's all agreed, bar my father putting his seal on it?"

"Yes, assuming the ducs can work things out between them. But it's a really easy alliance to say 'yes' to, so hopefully we can make it public before too long," Soleil replies with a charmed laugh, beaming at Hugo. "Le Coquelicot will be sad to see me go, and I shall be sad to leave, but this seems like a very bright future and Augustin does make me very happy. I hadn't intended to rush into anything, but then… he's rather convincing."

"Threatened you at sword point, no doubt," Hugo teases, finally releasing her hand in case for some bizarre reason she might not like to be attached to him for the entire morning. "That's the best bit of news I've heard in months, you know. It does mean you're stuck with me as a cousin, though, sorry about that. You'll have to let me know what you have planned so I can lend a hand, and take Augustin out to get drunk and silly, of course."

"Oh, but I like you, Lord Hugo," Soleil says fondly, smiling at him in an indulgent manner even as she gets her hand back with a measure of relief. "It just makes it slightly more awkward if you're standing in my chamber in nothing but a robe while you wait for your damp laundry. You know, after I've joined your family."

Hugo laughs again, propping himself back up on the railing. "I'll remind you that you're the one who insisted," he points out. "Anyway, if I want to wander about my own house in just a robe then you'll just have to lock yourself away if it offends you. I promise I'll dress for dinner, but if you're living here you've no excuse to complain about casual wear in the hallways."

"I said *in my chamber*," Soleil points out with a merry laugh. "You are, of course, welcome to lounge about your house in a robe as you see fit, naturally, but honestly, it doesn't really matter if you decide to run about bare naked. I'll just politely look to your face, my lord."

"See, that's the advantage of not being too tall," Hugo agrees cheerfully. "It's a lot easier to look me in the eye. And," he adds, grinning widely, "I have a perfectly fine view of the ladies."

"There you go," Soleil agrees with an amused laugh, nodding to him brightly. "Augustin is quite capable of picking me up and carrying me off wherever he would like me to go, I note. There's nothing wrong with being short, I say. I have never been tall myself."

"No picking you up and carrying you off until my father seals the arrangement," Hugo warns, wagging a finger. "At least try to start out on the right foot with him, or it's going to be really awkward at family gatherings."

"I like to think that I'm a fairly charming person, warm and personable," Soleil points out with a cheerful smile. "Tell me, then. What should I do to impress your father?"

"Tell you what, if you ever find out, let me know?" Hugo replies with a disarming smile, spreading both hands wide.

Soleil laughs brightly at that, her blue-violet eyes sparkling with mirth. "I shall do my best, then, to be the utter picture of delight, and hope that perhaps it may work out well," she replies.

"He can't fail to like you," Hugo agrees easily, hanging on to the upright of the gazebo so he can lean right back and effortlessly snap off the head of one of the roses, no doubt much to the chagrin of the gardener when it's discovered later. "Seriously, what more could he want in a niece? You're charming, beautiful and accomplished, you're from a good family, you make Augustin happy, and you haven't yet been caught doing anything too despicable." He offers over the rose as he straightens. "Just make sure you don't get caught before he's agreed."

"Caught doing what? The most questionable thing I've ever done was throw patrons out with less gentleness than was strictly possible for lying and pushing boundaries," Soleil points out with mirth, shaking her head slightly. "Also, I own a bad kitten, but he's quite cute."

"He's very cute," Hugo corrects. "And it's good luck to have a cat. Not to mention that he'll keep the mice out of the stores. Look, anyway, I just popped out because I was wondering where the music was coming from. I ought to get back to work. Do you need anything? Cup of tea? Biscuit? Cheese?"

"Oh, I'm fine, thank you. Perhaps when you're done with work, we can have tea together. That might be nice," Soleil suggests cheerfully, smiling warmly at Hugo. "And I'll bring around Le Chat to join us and he can further charm you with his feline wiles."

"If you're around this evening, maybe you can convince Augustin to come play cards?" Hugo suggests. "Frederic makes four of us. Tea, cards, and maybe a little glass of something, should be a good way to unwind."

"That sounds delightful. I shall suggest it to him. And Le Chat shall be sticking his nose in everyone's glass in a most unhelpful manner," Soleil agrees with a measure of delight as she replaces her lute in her lap properly, the better to play with. "I shall look forward to it."

Hugo nods firmly, pulling himself to his feet and brushing himself down. "Excellent! And I really do mean it, by the way. Congratulations, and I'm thrilled you'll be joining the family. I couldn't ask for a better new cousin."

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