(1312-06-11) Somewhat Romantic Dinner
Summary: Augustin is late to dinner so Soleil starts without him.
RL Date: 2020-06-11
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Rouen Suite — Trevalion Residence
This is a very nice room, surely.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring evening. The weather is cool and fair.

At the moment, it seems that Soleil is waiting for Augustin to get home from his usual training drills, and she has started dinner without him. A covered dish sits waiting for him, his place set, but she is clad in a simple off-white gown, feet bare, sipping at her soup with relish. There's also warm bread, wrapped in a basket, and other good things to eat, and every so often, she kicks Le Chat off of Augustin's chair.

He isn't too much later than he should be, having taken a quick moment to get cleaner, and walks in carrying his two swords. He grins at the sight of both the dinner and the beautiful woman waiting for him there. "Hello, my love; sorry I kept you waiting," he answers, moving to put his swords on their stand.

"The soup smelled so good," Soleil admits as she gestures at him with her spoon, smiling excitedly. "Put your things away, give me a kiss, and come eat. I will wait for you forever, but not when there's dinner involved, apparently."

"Apparently," Augustin drawls wryly as he looks at her eating. "But I'm glad that you're enjoying it while it's hot, and not letting it go to waste." He gets his swords settled, and drops off his gear bag in the closet he keeps it in, and then moves back over to give her the requested kiss.

Soleil brushes her fingers against his face as he kisses her, looking rather pleased. "I think it should still be hot, though," she offers helpfully. "Le Chat wanted to try yours, but I kept kicking him off your chair. It's good he likes you or he might resent being replaced in my bed."

"Well, I wouldn't mind whisker tracks in the soup, as long as it wouldn't hurt him. What is it?" He asks as he moves to pull the covers off of his food and see what the servants have made for the evening. "I keep him supplied in clandestine fish treats, so I'd hope I was buying his affection," Augustin explains with a grin.

"He shouldn't really have anything with garlic or onions in it, and honestly, those things really kind of make the soup," Soleil replies motioning to the mix of vegetables, bacon, beans, and broth that makes for a very pleasant and satisfying dinner. "I think he loves you. Not as much as I love you, but I think he loves you. You're his person when his mama isn't around."

"True," Augustin allows, as he leans down to pick up his spoon and use it to take his first bite of the soup. "Mmm, delightful, and still very much warm," he agrees, before he smiles at the cat as it winds around his feet. "He has an advantage in that having spent so much time on ships I'm more used to cats than dogs, and that he is adorable."

"Sometimes I think he's only alive because he is desperately adorable, and that's the only way I'm willing to forgive him for some of the things he's done," Soleil laughs, grinning at the cat who has come to sit between them, hopeful for some sort of handout. He is rather spoiled, after all. "You're pretty adorable, too, but you've never done anything requiring forgiveness."

"I think all children are that way, whether furry or not. If babies weren't adorable, we'd never have let them survive for the things they do," Augustin points out. "At least cats can be house trained in a reasonable amount of time; humans are not so quick." He grins at the compliment. "Well, I'll try never to have to use my adorableness to get me out of trouble."

"You're pretty adorable. I think your heirs will be, too, though I am not really looking forward to the distortion they'll cause to my figure," Soleil admits with a soft laugh. "I hope that you still find me beautiful when I am heavy with your child."

Augustin smiles. "If the only thing I loved about you was your current shape, I wouldn't be fit to be the one you wed," Augustin points out, as he takes another spoonful of soup. "You will be beautiful pregnant, and afterword. And always; you will never not be beautiful to me."

"That's probably true. I've cancelled assignations for less, much less marriage," Soleil points out with a sudden laugh, reaching out a foot to lay atop his boot fondly while they dine together. "I like the idea of being pregnant, but I fear the reality of it.

Augustin reaches down to gently stroke that foot as he continues eating, before he smiles. "I understand that in part, I think; I don't think I can ever understand it completely, as it is not something I can go through. What part of it specifically?"

Soleil considers for a moment. "The swelling. The nausea. The growing a whole person inside of me. Being kicked. Having to pee all the time. Not sleeping well. Weird aches and pains. Pushing a whole person out of my body. You know. The usual," she says with a soft laugh.

"Well, that is most of it, from what I understand," Augustin agrees with a smile at her laugh, shaking his head. "I know that it will not be terribly pleasant, but I hope that it will be worth it in the long run."

"I will have you by my side to hold my hand and welcome your heir to the world," Soleil murmurs, reaching out for his hand for a moment, giving him an absolutely lovestruck look.

Augustin reaches out to take her hand, squeezing it gently. "I will be by your side, through all of it. And make it as easy as possible, even if I cannot bear any of the physical burdens for you," he responds.

"You can bear me up the stairs for ravishing," Soleil points out playfully. "Scoop me up, carry me off, make love to me. It's all very romantic, I must say."

"I'll carry you up any staircase you want, as long as it doesn't involve breaking and entering," Augustin agrees with a smile at the playful jab. "Because prison is not as romantic as story tellers would have you believe."

"I don't think that would be romantic, though. Breaking and entering and then being carried up a staircase," Soleil observes with a frown. "Why do you say that about prison? Have you been in prison?"

Augustin laughs. "I have been /to/ prisons, I've never been lawfully imprisoned. The one time was more of an attempted kidnapping, really, and we had to fight our way out," Augustin explains, his smile growing a little haunted for a moment.

"Is that the kind of adventure you can tell me about or one you'd prefer not to relive?" Soleil wonders, squeezing his hand gently. "You did make it out, so that's something, right?"

"Right before I came back to Elua," Augustin explains, "I was in La Serenissima. I was frequently sent with diplomats to act as a bodyguard against duels—or an agent provocateur, if the Diplomat was going to try to draw a duel. La Serenissima was…bad," he explains, shaking his head. "We ended up fighting our way out with assassins in every corner."

"I'm sorry," Soleil murmurs, rising from her seat so that she can wrap her arms around him gently, hugging him fondly. "You have dark dreams about it sometimes, don't you? The confusion. The fighting. The pressure."

Augustin wraps his arms back around her in return. "I do. It was…bad. I came back injured, burnt out, angry, and then immediately got in a fight with my father," he explains. "That was my last real duel; he tried to set me up for a marriage, and I turned it down. Her brother took offense, and challenged me. He was…young, and loved his sister, and was deeply an idiot. Fortunately I was able to just disarm him, rather than hurting him. But if I hadn't been so recently back from La Serenissima, perhaps I could have done it without it ending in a duel."

"I am glad that no one was hurt," Soleil says soothingly as she hugs him fondly. "And I am glad that you get to marry a woman that you favor and that you love. But perhaps we will try to explore this a bit when you dream. Help you work through the pain. Come to bed with me, my love, my beloved. Come lie with me and rest."

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