(1312-06-11) Sea Glass
Summary: The day of the much anticipated trip to the beach arrives.
RL Date: Wed Jun 10, 1312
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A Beach Near the Port - Marsilikos

Perpetua does not have to wait terribly long for the promised 'beach date'. Indeed- the first sign of good weather finds Boniface calling on the White Rose solar to see if the newly arrived Asslyum is available. The eagerness and impatience of youth. The young vicomte is considerate too- as much as he likes to walk or ride, he'll have brought a carriage to the night court to carry them to the beach in style. And so, assuming she agrees to the outing- they now find themselves at the beach! A great place to be on a warm, late spring day!

Perpetua had been breathless with anticipation on the journey to the beach, and Boniface will feel the evidence of that in the tremble of her fingers when she accepts the assistance of his hand from the carriage. "This is the closest I've been to the sea since leaving for Elua," she shyly confesses. Her veil catches a breath of sea breeze and lifts a fraction at its edges, though it's her cloak of white silk that receives her attention as she traps it closely about herself with her arms. He won't need to see the smile that's now on her lips however, for her eyes reveal her delight when they turn now upon him. It's such an impractical colour for her to wear to the beach, but she seems to have little care for that fact as she turns her face towards the sea so the fresher air can tug and play with her layers of gauze. "Might we walk, my lord?"

"Well.. I'm glad to be here to share your return!" Outside the confines of the White Rose solar, Boniface's demeanor only grows more boisterous, every word enthused with his passion and enthusiasm for.. well just being alive! And he seems genuinely pleased that this outing has made Perpetua happy. At her request, he nods, "Of course! I don't spend a lot of time at the shore myself.. but walking along the water is always nice."

"I'm glad you're here too," Perpetua says, finally allowing her cloak it's freedom to billow as her arms curl instead about the waist of her gown. With a slightly bowed head she walks beside the taller lord, and her veils mould closely about her face to reveal the gentle slope of her nose and the line of her jaw as she matches her pace quite naturally to his. The filigree headpiece that anchors her veils to her head are adorned today with a spray of white jasmine, and the pale green of its leaves match almost to perfection the delicate embroidery that meanders the neckline of her gown. "I am surprised," she says, a step or two in, "that my lord hasn't found time to visit before."

For his part, Boniface tries not to stare or look overlong at Perpetua, but.. he can't help it, as he's still trying to get a sense of what she looks like- and the seabreeze does help a little bit with that! Still, he does keep a respectful distance between the two of them as they walk, remembering her early reactions. "Oh, I mean, I have been of course. But I don't find myself spending a lot of time by the water. My home is not on the coast, and I do spend a lot of my free time on horseback!"

"I have never been astride a horse," Perpetua wryly admits. "Or I might have been when very little, but don't recall now." A wisp of brown hair curls behind her ear where it's escaped the confinement of her veils, and despite her admission of never having ridden, there's a smile to be found in her eyes. "But now you can combine the two; both the love of your horses and a walk on the shore. What freedom must there be to be found," she wonders, "when riding at speed at the edge of the water. Would it be like flying, do you think?"

Boniface can't help but smile and a laugh a littl bit at that. "I can't really imagine you on horseback," he says, goodnature in his tone as he tilts his head so he can meet her gaze- really the best way he has to gauge her reactions! "I think I'd like to see that some day. And you make a great point. Riding along the beach would be fun. I bet Ombre would like that."

"Oh?" comes Perpetua's quiet response. Her hands unwind from her waist, and she smooths her palms lightly over the skirts of her silks. "My lord is right, of course. My dresses would make it impractical, as would my veils." As if complicit with her statement, another breath of a breeze stirs her veils and billows them over her head. It's nothing that a quick hand won't solve, and slender fingers capture the edges and settle them back before anything much is revealed. But Boniface is looking her way, and he might have caught sight of the edge of her mouth, that delicate dimple in her cheek where soft lips curve in a natural smile. "In Cannes, where my family reside," she eventually says, when her world has been put to rights, "we'd find sea glass on the beaches. I wonder if we might see some today." Her head dips down as she speaks, and her eyes scan the sands.

It's interesting- putting together one's impression of someone's appearance based on little snippets, an outline there or a flash of skin here. Bonfice is quite enjoying that game, even if his curosity is getting the better of him. "Surely they make all white riding outfits," he teases before arching an eyebrow, "Sea glass? Probably- what's it look like?" He stops in place, crouching down now to run his fingertips through the sand, looking for said sea glass.

Delighted, Perpetua lowers herself down. She doesn't crouch like Boniface, but folds herself into a kneeling sit instead. Her fingers dig slowly in the sun-warmed grains. "It is glass, my lord," she quietly informs "such as might have once have been a bottle or a vase. Lost from a ship, or simply discarded into the sea at some point, it comes in many colours." She lifts her hand, enjoying the feel of the sand as it slips between her fingers. "The glass breaks," she continues, "and the ocean polishes it, tumbling it over and over until it throws it up on a beach somewhere, where it waits to be found." Her eyes lift to his. "Somewhere on this beach there might be glass that has travelled all the way from Ch'in. Imagine that."

Boniface drops one knee, so he can get even closer to the sand.. and perhaps be a little more comfortable for an extendeding search. "That is pretty wild to think about," he says, his voice softened a little bit with consideration as he starts to sift through earth beneath his fingers, looking for worn bits of glass, "I'm sure we'll find some."

"My brother sent pieces to me when I was in Elua." Perpetua adds, "Pieces he thought would interest me, either because of their shape, or the rarity of their colour." She continues the sift of the sand, though never so deeply that it roughens her hands. The cuffs of her sleeves gather sand in their threads, and the glint of the filigree chain of silver that wraps her right wrist, catches the light of the sun. "I have them with me still," she continues on, verbose for once, "Strung on a copper chain and hung by my window. I'd love to add to it with a piece of my own."

Boniface has no such worries- while he doesn't have the rough hands of a peasant, there are callous along his palms and fingers. Perhaps from horse's reins, perhaps from a blade's hilt. Or both! He nods a little bit, looking up from the sand to study her for a moment as she speaks. "Then let us find something worthy of your window!" he declares, before plopping right down on his rear end.. so he can REALLY get to searching.

A wash of colour paints Perpetua's cheeks, and her hands still their searching. "You must think me very silly, my lord." But she's smiling as that statement is made; and it shows in her voice as much as it does in her eyes. She shyly studies him back. Removed from the confines of the salon she's freer in her manner, and her eyes hold his a whisper longer than they'd previously done. But they do flit away and turn to her hand instead, watching as her fingers curl around a handful of sand and lift it up before her face to watch in wonder as the grains trickle from her fist. "I should have brought a picnic for us to enjoy," she muses.

"Oh, that would have been nice, but I hardly gave you enough notice for that," Boniface points out with a little bit of a laugh as he starts sifting through his next fistful of sand, smiling pleasanlly at the sound of the water lapping at the shore, "Perhaps next time!"

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