(1312-06-02) A Simple Gift
Summary: Augustin and Soleil have a comfortably intimate dinner.
RL Date: 2020-06-02
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Soleil's Chamber — Le Coquelicot

This is an airy room with a high ceiling and long layered curtains on the windows. The walls are painted a deep navy blue, yet the color is not overpowering for the windows are large and spaciously placed. Each window is hung with thick dark curtains that can shut out all of the light, along with several layers of gold sheer curtains to helpfully let in the light and give the room a warm glow.

At the center of the room is a huge and spacious four-poster bed that is also heavily curtained, made up otherwise with piles of white and gold pillows and layers of thick plush blankets, coverlets, and comforters. The furniture in the room matches the bed and is all fairly light in color, including a small desk, a handy bookcase, and a padlocked trunk that runs the entire length of the bed. There's a mirror on the dresser and the doors of the armoire are mirrored as well.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring night. The weather is cool and fair.

Not every night involves an expensive gift; sometimes it is as simple as Augustin coming to see her. That's the case this evening, as he shows up looking freshly scrubbed and carrying a small basket of food and wine with him for an impromptu dinner.

Soleil is excited to see him, and she tiptoes up to kiss him fondly. The kitten is excited to see him, and comes padding out from his cozy hole to say hello and drop a little squishy fish at Augustin's feet. "Hi, I love you. You're the best," she informs him with delight.

Augustin laughs at such a delighted response, as well as the sudden appearance of the squish fish at his feet. "Well hello to you both," he responds after he is finished kissing Soleil. "If I'd known it was that easy to be the best I would have hired a caterer," he comments. "How are the both of you?" He asks, leaning down to scritch the kitten behind the ears.

The kitten bumps his head against Augustin's hand in a fond sort of way, slinking his fuzzy orange body along in an oscillating petting. "You're rather well liked here, I might point out, and you needn't hire a caterer. Just continue to spoil us and we shall continue to be entirely yours," Soleil replies with a fond smile, beginning to unpack dinner as he pets the cat.

"I think hiring a caterer specifically to attend to you would be a form of spoiling, but I'll take it regardless," Augustin says with a smile. The picnic basket contains, upon inspection, two different kinds of cheese, a small variety of fresh and dried fruit, some cured meats, a loaf of bread, a bottle of red wine, and a bottle of Aragonian brandy, along with two people's worth of simple place settings. He continues attending to the kitten while she unpacks.

The kitten continues to roll and frolic and demand petting and attempt to play with Augustin while Soleil sets up a table with dinner for the both of them and works to open the wine. "Yes, it would be spoiling, but even I do not require that level of spoiling. You're setting yourself a high bar," she notes with a laugh.

Augustin is more than happy to give in to those feline demands while Soleil sets up, which is just irresponsible if he wants to eat faster; but it's not irresponsible if one wants to pet the cat. Eventually Augustin does stand up, and move over to help finish it up. "Well, I'll have to save it for something special like a birthday then," he offers wryly. "How have you been?"

"Busy running a salon," Soleil replies as the table is set, then afterwards turns to wrap her arms around him in a comfortable and fond sort of way. "I am learning quite a lot about paperwork and nonsense. It is fine, though. I get to work with more of the young people this way, and it's very nice."

Augustin mms down at her. "It is always the paperwork that gets you. It's why I resisted any attempt to put me at a higher rank than Colonel; too much paper work," he explains. "I'm glad there are enjoyable aspects to the bureaucracy, however. Just think—some day you might be the Dowayne, and can foist it all off on your Seconds."

"I might be. The Dowayne would prefer that to letting you swipe me," Soleil points out with a soft laugh, touching her nose to his fondly. "I did a lot more paperwork than most courtesans do anyway, what with my interest in keeping journals of all of my patrons. It's important to have good records when you're dealing with people's mental health."

"Well the good news is that the Dowayne doesn't get a choice either way, and I can always swipe you after you become dowayne. I am patient, and cunning," Augustin answers wryly as they touch noses. "Well, there's a difference between paperwork you love and paperwork that is required." He gestures. "Shall we enjoy some of this food?"

"It would be better if you swiped me before the Dowayne retires, so that he doesn't have to change his plans when I disappoint him to run off with you," Soleil points out, stealing a quick kiss before sitting down at the table to have dinner with him. "You make me very happy, though. I just don't want to rush into anything, that's all."

"I wasn't even going to bring up swiping, I was just going to talk dinner. You're the one who mentioned it," Augustin points out as he returns the kiss and moves to sit with her. He reaches for the bread, beginning to cut it in to pieces suitable for the placement of Meat, or Cheese, or the sumptuous Combo. "I don't actually know who the Dowayne of Coquelicot is off the top of my head."

"Philandre Chalasse nó Coquelicot is the Dowayne," Soleil replies with a soft laugh as she starts to make herself some dinner out of the pieces of delicious. "He is also a Gentian, and I feel like we have a good connection and an excellent working relationship."

"I feel like I knew more Dowaynes in Elua," Augustin says with a shake of his head as he takes some of the brie and fruit for the bread. "Maybe I have been neglecting my political connections in the city. Of course I cam here specifically to be away from the politics I wish to avoid, but if I'm going to be seen stepping out with a Second of one of the Houses…" he trails off amusedly.

"Look, I'm not going to complain if I have you all to myself," Soleil replies with a soft laugh, shaking her head slightly. "I ran into Jean L'Envers when I was visiting my grandmother at the L'Envers residence. He so wanted to know how he could help me. And asked for a tour of La Coquelicot." She takes a sip of her wine. "I'm not sure if he meant assignation, but he asked for a tour. It's going to be so sad if he meant the other, and I simply don't have time in my schedule to fit him in."

Augustin laughs. "If I go looking for more political connections, I don't think it would be to assign with them. But I do find myself hoping that I can cancel evening commitments to come see you instead," he says with a smile before he raises an eyebrow. "I have heard of Lord Jean. The son of the Duc, I believe?" He asks, as he takes a sip of the brandy. "Well, I am glad to be the one that you can fit in," he says genuinely, eschewing the easy innuendo.

"You could just arrange to take me to your evening social commitments, as appropriate," Soleil points out, grinning at him as she enjoys her dinner. "And then afterwards you can run your tongue up my spine until I beg you to fuck me. It's a win for both of us." She winks at him and then nods. "Yes, the disfavored son. He's one of those people who thinks he's very intense but in fact he's a bit ridiculous."

"Oh, I plan to start, but I was letting you get a little bit established as Second first. Also I need to arrange my calendar so that I am planning these things further out than three or four days, I suspect, if your schedule is so packed that you cannot fit time in for the son of a Duc," Augustin points out, although he gives a wicked grin at her description. "I'll hold you to that. Ridiculous how?"

"Honestly, giving rich and powerful men the runaround is something I get perverse pleasure doing," Soleil admits with a flutter of lashes, smiling utterly beautifully at him, just to remind him how intensely blessed by the angels she is physically.

"Is that a Coquelicot thing, or just a Soleil thing?" Augustin queries as he watches those lashes flutter. At the utter beauty of that smile he cannot help but smile back, perhaps even a little bit goofily; it makes him seem younger, the joy he takes in her radiance,

"Just a Soleil thing, I think," she replies with a merry laugh, and she looks at him like she's completely smitten with him. "We all have to entertain ourselves somehow. Hobbies."

Augustin nods. "Oh, of course. I knew a man who carved little wooden animals when we were aboardship, because it was either that or stare at the ocean for hours on end. Or find a hammock and a willing sailor, but even that got less charming as the baths got less frequent," Augustin laughs.

"You know that I'm an expensive woman to keep company with," Soleil points out with a coy little smile. "It's just that the price steadily rises if I'm going to have to do more work to put up with your shit."

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