(1312-05-30) L'Envers Cousins
Summary: Two L'Envers cousins meet in Marsilikos.
RL Date: 2020-05-30
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L'Envers Residence

This room's stately decor is only part of the elegance in it. The walls are painted a beige, and where it isn't painted, wood tiles of polished ash add a somber tone to everything. Long divans and multi-seat couches are spaciously placed on the room, all of a sable black upholstery. A small table plays host to the various bottles of beverages and platters of food as demands by the owner of the Townhouse.

In obvious and intentional contrast, the dining hall is made of light and brightness; candlelit chandeliers above reflect a myriad of colors best seen in glassworks on the walls, a spectrum of different images best left to the viewer's imagination at any given time. Scones keep torches that are lit at all times, even during daylight. A large table, big enough to accommodate twenty-four people in a dinner and still have some leftover seats spare, is made of sturdy, dark polished oak.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring evening. The weather is warm and fair.

Several months ago, the baronne de Vezelay, an elderly noblewoman in her seventies, came to Marsilikos to enjoy the better weather and its effects on her health. She was accompanied by her granddaughter, Soleil L'Envers no Gentian, who transferred to the Coquelicot and took that name. The old lady spent the first several weeks rearranging furniture, fussing at servants, changing the curtains, and adding more sofas than one could reasonably sit upon. And then rearranging their placement in the residence. On a periodic basis, her granddaughter has come to visit her, to check to be sure that everything was well with the baronne and often to share a meal with her.

Today, Soleil seems to be on her way out, having seen the baronne already and the elderly woman having retired for the night. She is smiling as she waits for a servant to fetch her shawl, and above the scoop of the back of her golden brocade dress, the Gentian flowers of her marque are playfully visible.

The Tonnere Wing is the one wing of the L'Envers Estate that remains untouched throughout most seasons. A reason why, to be given by servants, is that the maintainer of the Wing deems it so. The Vicomte himself is capricious and tends not to want things reshuffled, but living rooms, dining rooms and the like sometimes need a change in decoration, so why not?

Jean's arrival back to Marsilikos isn't heralded, there is no-one to announce him, but the valets and his gaggle of followers do it for him. His servants take his baggage to his suite as he watches, adjusting his leather gloves slightly as his gaze, almost intense as that of a Kusheline, settles on the surroundings.

The servant who offers Soleil her shawl murmurs something to her, and she nods, for both have noticed the arrival of the Vicomte and his entourage. The petite blonde turns her attention to Jean and approaches fluidly as it becomes likely his gaze falls upon her, and she offers him a polite curtsey. "Good evening, my lord, and welcome home," she offers with precise Mont Nuit elocution and a charming smile. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Soleil L'Envers no Coquelicot, of the Vezelay line, granddaughter of the baronne." She turns her blue-violet gaze up upon him, for he is considerably taller than she is.

"Well met, cousin. I am Jean L'Envers, Vicomte de Tonnere," the Vicomte states, nodding a greeting that is soon followed by a warm smile, one of recognition. "I trust you've been enjoying your stay in the city? It is quite different from City of Elua, and Troyes-le-Mont, after all." When a servant brings Jean his wine, there is a courteous nod of his head towards the peasant, who makes herself scarce in short notice. As he drinks from his goblet, he regards the Coquelicot in silence after that, before settling his hand on her shoulder, meaning to guide her along to the living room proper. "Would you like some wine?"

Soleil allows herself to be guided to the living room, glancing up at the Vicomte and smiling. "Wine would be lovely, thank you," she replies pleasantly. "It is quite nice here. I have few enough complaints about the weather save perhaps that it rains too much when I desire sunshine, and Grandmother is quite delighted with the city and the residence. I have already made an impression here, as I have recently been asked to serve as Second at the Coquelicot."

"Congratulations. The position of a Second is not at all easy, from what Mademoiselle Séverine has told me, and it is bound to be a lot of work. I cannot imagine that herding cats is any harder than coordinating a whole House of courtesans, especially well-trained courtesans such as those at Coquelicot, with their own ambitions, goals, desires." Jean remarks as he gestures to a chaise, settling down across from it and settling the goblet on the small table beside him. His eyes upon Soleil as he seems to deliberate something. "So how can I help you with /your/ goals, cousin? Assuming, that is, you want assistance at all on any matter."

"Ah, if you just keep an eye on my grandmother for me, that will be quite wonderful. Though she has very good assistants here, of course, it never hurts to have someone else checking up on her," Soleil replies with a charming laugh as she sits daintily yet comfortably in the chaise indicated. If her clothes are anything to judge by, she does quite well for herself. Expensive golden brocade, fashioned into a stylishly becoming dress, covers her small form, and she wears bracelets that are set with sapphires in golden bands. At her throat is a gold and sapphire choker, richly made and quite lovely. If the gown is not as typically showy as one might expect a courtesan to wear, well, she was just visiting her grandmother.

Jean has chosen to dress himself in simple elegance. His dark purple tunic has gold stitching, though it is under a black jerkin and matching black trousers. Predictably so, given these two dark colors don't blend well with many other combinations. No rings or any neck pieces on the man, at least. The dagger sheathed at his side is ornate enough, for that matter. Likely Akkadian in origin, given the styling of its hilt. A visible chip on the pommel, even at a distance, hints that it's been used in the past.

"I don't see any reason to be worried about that. Your grandmother handles herself just fine, as any L'Envers ought. But if she has need of anything, she knows she needs only ask. After all, kin is kin. You are a Gentian, are you not?"

"I am, yes. You recall well," Soleil replies with a charmed smile, leaning back against the chaise comfortably and quite at ease. "Though as Second, I find I have more paperwork than I once did. But such are the burdens of the role, which I was happy to take." She seems amused a bit at his assessment of her grandmother, laughing brightly. "Ah, Grandmother is still quite fierce. She is enjoying the weather here better, though, and my father is handling things at Vezelay." She looks thoughtful for a moment. "Do I recall you prefer Alyssum?"

"My lover and the mother of my child is Alyssum. You recall correctly. I especially like Alyssum novices." Jean admits, reaching for his goblet, and having another sip for himself, as he watches Soleil from across the room. "Good on you to take notice of that." With a slow nod, his gaze grows unfocused for a long spell, as if reliving a moment, in his head. It is gone soon enough and then there is a sharp smile to the Gentian. "You deal in dreams, it must be quite the thing. So many stories to share with your patrons. The insomniacs must be the most insufferable ones, I wager."

"It is often my business to remember things about people. It aids in discovering their idiosyncrasies, their anxieties, their hopes and fears and aspirations," Soleil explains with a warm smile, as golden and radiant as her name. "I very much enjoy dealing in dreams. It requires a certain intimacy with one's patrons, of course. I spend time getting to know my patrons so that when I do experience their dreams, I can provide better perspective when I interpret. It's very fascinating and quite fulfilling. I love my work." Something amuses her, and she notes, "I believe you just missed the debut of one of the Glycine's novices."

"Is that so? Whose was it?" Jean wonders, though he doesn't sound terribly sorry about it, either — there is a characteristic tiredness to the Vicomte — one that is misplaced on a man in his mid-thirties, perhaps. "I have been away from the city for a couple of months. Had to visit my son, spend time with Aurélie. She's unconvinced, as yet, in terms of coming back to Marsilikos. In time, perhaps. I do miss her company here. At any rate." He smiles to Soleil, "Your particular Night Court calling does people a lot of good. I understand how intimacy is an important aspect of it, given that the person has to be disarmed near you, in a way."

"Oh, I'm not sure. Bryony, perhaps? I didn't pay it much mind. Just took note that they were having an event. It's helpful for scheduling to know when the other salons are hosting something," Soleil explains with a little wave of her hand, shaking her head slightly. She smiles as he compliments her canon. "Thank you. It's quite true. I want my patrons to be as comfortable with me as possible. It allows me easier access to their dreams if I can truly put them at ease."

"Very true." Jean rises to his feet as a servant arrives, carrying a missive. He looks it over, but folds it back and returns it to the servant as he regards Soleil again. "It seems as if business has found me in my time of leisure, for now. But I should like to pay you a visit at Coquelicot. Perhaps you can show me your various rooms there; I confess I have never gone to the House, as I tend to frequent the Rose Sauvage for my sharper inclinations. Might we schedule a time, then?"

"Ah, yes, I suppose. I'd be delighted to give you a tour and show you around the Coquelicot," Soleil replies with a charming smile, nodding to this. "We have beautiful grounds. I'll be happy to coordinate my calendar with yours. I'm sure you're very busy, as am I. Especially what with you just getting back to Marsilikos."

"Excellent. I'll look forward to it, Soleil. Should I wear the usual fare of clothing or do I have to go in with a robe only? I am not familiar with the etiquette of the Coquelicots. Either way," Jean gestures to the House. "This is yours just as much as it is mine. It belongs to House L'Envers. Should you need something, inform the servants. They are here to aid you. As for me, I am going to handle this matter and then possibly take a brief rest. It has been a long day of traveling for me."

"Please, wear clothing," Soleil assures him, looking a bit bemused at the question, tilting her head slightly to the side. "But thank you for the warm welcome. The servants have been most helpful in your absence, and we feel quite at home. Welcome home, yourself." She moves to rise from the chaise upon which she was resting. "I will leave you to your business and return to the salon. I'm sure you desire to finish it so that you may relax. Good evening, cousin."

Laughing at the response, Jean grins. "I was just joking about the etiquette." He has a sense of humor, see. A mischievous one, but still. "And good evening to you, cousin. Until we meet at Coquelicot."

"Ah, of course. I will look forward to it," Soleil replies as she collects her shawl, tosses it about her shoulders, and heads out.

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