(1312-05-16) An Irresistible Offer
Summary: Philandre offers Soleil the position of Gentian Second.
RL Date: May 16th, 2020
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The Dowayne's Office — Le Coquelicot

It is early. Not so early that Soleil had to throw a patron out of bed for this meeting, but still fairly early and thus quiet. The pleasant chime of little bells accompanies her as she heads to the dowayne's office for their appointed meeting, and she is well dressed and presentable, if perhaps a bit more casual than she might be in the evening. She knocks politely before entering, always courteous.

"Please, do come in.", the dowayne of the salon responds. She will find Philandre nó Coquelicot sitting at his desk, attired in a flowing tunic and comfortable trousers of dark blue silk. He lifts his gaze, considering the courtesan as she enters, and with an easy smile he motions for her to take a seat on the other chair across the table. "Soleil. A good morning to you. Would you like some tea?" He glances towards the pot and a clean cup beside, while he already has his own cup filled with steaming tea sitting before him on the table. "It is a wonderful morning, is it not?"

"It is. I like the sunrise, though sometimes it is difficult to rise in time to see it, what with the hours we tend to keep here," Soleil replies as she moves to take a seat with a sweep of her cream-colored skirts. "Tea would be lovely, thank you. Just tea, though, nothing special. I appreciate your time very much. I've enjoyed living in Marsilikos and Le Coquelicot."

Philandre, sitting up a little, pours some tea into the cup and offers it to Soleil. "It's jasmine tea." She may able to verify this from the scent. "I am glad that we both could find the time for a moment of respite, like this. I do like early mornings. I enjoy the quiet, it makes it easier to hear one's own thoughts." The chair gives a soft creak as he leans back. His hands are on the table, one touching the cup lightly. "And I am glad you are enjoying your stay here with us. You have become a great asset to the salon, Soleil. And I think you have settled in well."

"Thank you! I'd have brought Le Chat Roux with me, but the novices have catnapped him, and he spent the night in the dormitory being adored and worshipped as kittens must be," Soleil notes with a laugh, merry and bright, and she takes her cup of tea graciously. "It's far too early to wake those little creatures up."

"Le Chat Roux…" Philandre repeats the words, amused. "You must bring him with you next time. An irresistible fellow. The novices must be grateful for you allowing Le Chat to stay with them overnight. It also shows a special trait in you, Soleil. You are taking care of our young brothers and sisters in service. I must admit this has given me some thought of late." He pauses, and his hand lets go of the cup, slipping to the table. A soft drum of his fingers there. "It was the right decision for you to come to Marsilikos, to join us. It feels as if you have always been part of the family."

"So irresistible that he gets his own patron gifts," Soleil admits with a laugh, shaking her head just slightly. "I'm not sure he likes it as much as the rest of us do, the little sapphire and gold collar with the bells. I have actually had patrons demand that he stay in the room with us. Which, in some ways, is rather hilarious. The novices prefer when the contract does not specify such things and I kick him out to stay with them. Still, I try to impart knowledge to them as best I can, as often as I can. Half of them want me to bring by my grandmother, the Baronne de Vezelay, to meet them, as she is one of the motivating factors for me to be in Marsilikos."

"Oh, that sounds delightful," Philandre remarks. "And I believe we can consider ourselves quite grateful to the Baronne. I've been wondering… As I have spoken with others of our canon beneath this roof and only heard the best things about you… And this other thought of mine…" He tilts his head a little. "I have so many duties on my hands. When I heard that Jacques had resigned from leading the Thorns at Rose Sauvage, I must say I thought that to be a wise decision. Leading a salon is done best, when viewing it as a whole. As I for now am responsible for the Gentian flowers in our garden, I feel it sometimes shifts my focus too much in their direction. It might be wise to have another capable Gentian assigned to them. As a Second." He pauses again, and his eyes lower to consider the cup of tea before him on the table. "I am very much inclined to ask you, Soleil, whether you'd be willing to be appointed Gentian Second of Le Coquelicot. It comes with higher status, of course, but also with duties."

"I am willing to do this for you," Soleil replies with a bright smile, nodding to this with a measure of enthusiasm. "I feel that I have much to teach. There is so much value in what Le Coquelicot does, the combination of healing the bodies, minds, and hearts of its patrons. I would be delighted to do this for you. I understand that there are responsibilities, of course, but I feel quite capable."

His own smile brightens when Philandre hears her reply. "Responsibilities and duties will include setting up contracts for adepts and signing them, as well as being there for the novices and adepts, offering instruction and hearing them out if they have concerns. These duties will also include regular meetings with the other Seconds and me, of course." And there, Philandre raises his cup to Soleil. "I am very confident, that this is the right decision, and a good road for you to choose. You of all can do this. Soleil, Second of Le Coquelicot."

"Thank you so much," Soleil says with friendly warmth, raising her cup in response. "I appreciate the confidence you have shown in me and the warmth with which you have welcomed me. I am very pleased to be here and I hope that I can do as well as you anticipate."

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