(1312-05-03) Risqué
Summary: Paris agrees to design an outfit for Ysabelet's debut.
RL Date: May 3rd, 2020
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La Glycine — Night Court

The glorious dome of La Glycine rises overhead here, ribs of veiny marble with studs of bronze inset at measured intervals rise to meet at the wide mouth of the oculus above, through which a shaft of light moves over the course of the day, wending its way from one side of the atrium to the other in an insistent caress. The floor is a patterned sequence of white marble squares inlaid with green marble trellis patterns, at the center of each of which is a round golden circle around a stud of glistening emerald. In the middle of the floor, directly underneath the oculus above, is a round pool of rainwater with a high rim for seating and a collection of fish and turtles living inside.

The lofty space is open with a pair of giant bronze doors leading to the courtyard to the south, and the north wall is largely taken up with the descent of a massive stairwell which provides a dramatic route of entry down into the atrium from the Northern Wing and beyond. The Eastern and Western walls each sport two smaller archways; both the eastern archways lead into the Baths, while the two to the west grant access to the Gambling Hall and Hall of Oddities.

Furnishings are strictly at an ad-hoc basis, temporary for the need, but may occasionally include furnishings hung from the studs in the great domed ceiling.

Late afternoon in House Glycine and the sunlight is still shining through the windows, so the silhouette of a young man leaning on a couch is quite visible, he seems at ease, feet propped up on a pillow, his long black hair flowing down.

What a contrast to that young dusky skinned Glycine the young novice is that enters right now from the direction of the gambling hall. Light is her complexion, and blonde is her long hair that falls about her shoulders. Given her youth and the choice of gown — comparatively modest and plain, no sleeves but nothing racy or even slightly revealing — she must be a novice, and Paris may know her by sight. Ysabelet has turned seventeen a few months ago, and so it is about high time that this novice will debut. A date has been set, a little less than a week away. Once could expect a certain nervousness about the novice, but Ysabelet seems less so, as she enters, with her chaperone in tow. Her bearing is confident, and when she spots Paris she has a confident smile for him. "It's still quiet, is it?", she starts off the conversation, strolling into the entrance hall, her sandaled feet causing a low echo as she walks over to where Paris is lounging.

Paris is beaming, the young man looking even more confident than ever, his feet bare, his head swinging as if he listens to some internal tune. "Oh, hello, Ysabelet.." he says, his voice husky and exotic. His dark eyes smile at her. "It is, but well, it is spring, so our rooms will be filled soon.." He studies her and asks. "Have you set a date for your Debut?"

Ysabelet comes to stand before the couch upon which Paris is lounging. Her hands join at the small of her back, as if she were a student (which she in fact is), and he the teacher (which in her case, he probably wasn't). "Hello, Paris," she replies with a smile, returning the greeting. "And… congratulations on finishing your marque. That is, if the rumor I heard is true…?" At his question she lowers her gaze and a smile curves her lips. "It was the Dowayne who set the date, not I. But yes… it is to happen this Saturday."

Her chaperone, Brigitte, offers Paris a nod in greeting. She too is a courtesan of Bryony flavor, and for now, she seems content with leaving Ysabelet to lead the conversation. The chaperone fetches herself a glass of lemon water, while Ysabelet stays where she is.

Paris isn't much of a teacher, but courtesans share things, and if not teaching, at least some experience. "Thank you, yes, it is true..and well, it is a felicitous moment, then.." He watches her from under his long eyelashes. "Since my work and service to Naamah is now mine to give…will you allow me to offer a gift for your own Debut? Shall I make you the outfit for your presentation?" His smile deepens, the Jasmine is quite famous as a fashion designer.

<FS3> Ysabelet rolls Composure: Good Success. (2 5 7 8 7 4 5)

"A gift?" The offer manages to baffle Ysabelet slightly, but the breach in her composure is only a brief lapse. "An outfit?" This seems to intrigue her and she bites her lower lip, considering. "What sort of outfit did you have in mind?" Even as she tries to appear calm and in control of the situation, the bright look of her eyes gives it away. The excitement and the anticipation, all too natural for a novice awaiting her debut.

Paris' smile is gentle. "Well, just my way of saying I'm proud to welcome a young lady like you in the service of Naamah..and to make our House shine even more…as for the outfit, that ..we can discuss, have you and the Dowayne decided on a theme?"

"The theme…" Ysabelet begins, and strangely enough, that smile remains on her features. "It is to be a Bryony thing. Glitter and gold — which will be reflected in some jewelry, I'll be granted to wear that night. As for the dress… Hmm. He suggested something plain, as a contrast. But I am sure, if you have an idea that may differ a little, you might certainly convince him."

The young, almond skinned boy leans back, closing his eyes. "Yes, definitely, a contrast, a gambling theme..very well…" He snatches a glass of Aragonian brandy off the tray carried by a servant, giving her a playful wink, then nods. "I shall have to give it a try, but yes, I can see you glittering…but there should be something to suggest risk too.." He nods. "Give me a day or so, and I'll do some sketches, and also ..I'll look through the house stores, see what materials we have.."

"Are you… I mean… Is it not too late to get it finished in time…?", Ysabelet wonders. Her hands unclasp and she brushes some strands of blonde hair from her view. "I like the idea of risqué. If that is what you were hinting at. I'm curious what design you will come up with." Ysabelet falls silent then for a moment, as Brigitte returns. "Thank you, Paris, for your offer. I really appreciate it," the Glycine novice tells him. And he can tell from the sparkle of excitement in her blue eyes, that the notion of wearing one of his designs for her debut truly intrigues her.

The young man sips at his brandy and nods. "Aye..well, not necessarily..risk for you! That's the fun part, isn't it? We shall see, and I shall look you up in a day or two.."

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