(1312-04-07) Pastries and Introductions
Summary: Bastien samples some of the delicate pastries of Audrialla's bakery.
RL Date: 04-07-2020
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**Leaping Fish Inn - Market Promenade **

The Main Room of the Leaping Fish is tidy and well-kept - and warmed by a fire in the hearth to one side on colder days and evenings. An old tapestry depicting a pair of two leaping fish is adorning the opposite wall - a reference to both the ruling House of Mereliot and the name of the inn. The common room has five tables of sturdy oak with chairs and benches, between which two serving maids move to take orders or bring food and beverages. The air is filled with tasty smells of freshly cooked meals, and murmurs of conversation - and occasionally even melodies rippling through the room, when a lute player is around to provide entertainment. The fare is of good quality that even would not disappoint noble tastes.

There are stairs leading upstairs towards a number of comfortable and well kept rooms the inn has to offer.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring day. The weather is cool and clear.

Today Bastien is out of the palace around dinner time. He decided to stop at the Leaping Fish to a spot of dinner instead of waiting the time it would take for him to return home. The young Mereliot is sitting at one of the five tables. His food has not arrived yet, but there is a bottle of wine sitting on table as he sips from a glass, half-filled.

Audrialla bustles through the door with a tray of sweet spiced bread, filling the air with the scent of cinnamon and nutmeg. The pastry chef hasn't even taken off the apron covering her crimson dress yet. Her green eyes seek out the innkeep and she offers, "Mind if I share a few samples with the evening clientele? I have some delicious spice bread for you in it," she promises. With permission, the baker starts to hand out pieces of bread to the patrons, tearing off a piece of it and nibbling to prove she hasn't poisoned anything.

When she reaches Bastien she smiles and offers a piece. "Pain d'epice? Freshly baked."

As Audrialla offers a sample to Bastien, the young noble smiles. He sniffs the air, "I would love one. Yes, please." He takes a sniff of the pastry, "These are yours, madame?" The youth is wearing a blue doublet, which hues his grey eyes with a blue tint. The doublet is covered with hold fish embroidery, marking him as a member of the Mereliot household.

Audrialla curtsies as she ofers the tray. "I'm the paissiere of Malet's Bakery, my lord. All of the fine or fancy desserts that grace our shop are my work." She grins, showing a trace of her angelic heritage in her smile. "I like to bring samples here and there to entice customers."

Bastien takes bite of the pastry, "Remind me to visit your shop, m'lady" He grins, "But sparingly, otherwise my doublet will have golden whales instead of fish on it." He says with a smirk and a twinkle of mirth in his eyes.

"Is it not the d'Angeline way to life live to the fullest? Even our bellies, hm?" She laughs at his joke and gives a pleased smile. "We're just across the square. We provide bread to most of the noble houses in Marsilikos, but I specialize in fancier things. Candies as well as pastries. My name's Audrilla, my lord." She curtsies again.
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Bastien grins, "I will admit that I have no clue as to where such things come from. For all I know, you probably do provide bread for us." He chuckles, "Please excuse me, I am Bastien de Mereliot, Baron Auzonnet. Well, I will be on my birthday. But Bastien more than suffices. It is a pleasure to meet you, m'lady Audrilla."

Audrialla invites herself to sit at his table, slipping in opposite. "My lord Bastien, a pleasure then! So! What sort of birthday cake are you desiring? Or something crafted of chocolate and marzipan as a centerpiece?" Her eyes twinkle as she grins at him, setting the tray of breads down. "Something suitable for your ascention to the Barony."

Bastien chuckles. "Well, it is still quite a bit away, but I have a feeling that I know who to go to for the cake." He reaches up and brushes the dark brown hair from his eyes, "I am open to suggestions. I will admit, I really hadn't given it much thought. Normally I have thought of my birthday as just another day." He cocks his head slightly, "But I guess this one at least probably should be more."

Audrialla pouts a little. "You'll be a baron, isn't that worth celebrating? Cake. Music. Flowers. Beautiful escorts from the Salons to delight your guests."

Bastien takes a sip of wine. "Before last year, I was training to be a courtesan, so I am not use to such festivities. The only birthday that really mattered was my sixteenth." He holds no shame to the nature of his birth. "I suppose I will have to hire someone to manage the celebration. I will make sure to specify that I wish for Madame Audrialla to make the cake, and it will be enormous and extravagant."

Audrialla claps in delight. "A good start. And are you so young? I am sorry your service to Naamah was not to be. The Companions guide is where we will. Could you not invite your former brothers and sisters to the fete? I'm sure they can help you make it grand.

Bastien smiles and nods. "Come the tenth day of September, I will be eighteen years old." He sighs slightly, "It is true that the Companions know better than we do. I am sure that there is a reason." His smile widens, "I am sure that the Lis D'Or will be able to entertain my guests." He grins, "So you have five months to plan out something fantastic. Let your imagination go wild. I have no clue."

"Under the sea," she proclaims. "Mermaids with pearls in their hair, seafood, shimmering seaweed drapery. I can make chocolate clam shells with pearl luster white coco covered coffee beans."

Bastien chuckles. "I see that you can certainly have fun with this." The young Mereliot, "I was about to have dinner, Madame Audrialla. Would you care to join me?" He gestures to the bottle of wine, "Or at least share the bottle with me."

Audrialla bows her head. "It would be my honor, my lord. Seeing as I already have joined you, I'd be happy to break bread with you." She looks at the bottle and grins. "That's likely a fancier vintage than I'm used to. It will be lovely."

Bastien smiles widely, "Excellent!" He gestures for one of the waitresses to come to the table. "Please bring another glass for Madame Audrialla, and we will be having dinner." He looks over at Audrialla, "How long have you been offering your amazing treats to the city?"

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