(1312-03-11) Dances With Swords
Summary: Some sword practice is had, by Ezio and Belmont.
RL Date: March 11th, 2020
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The Citadel — Marsilikos

High on a promontory on the southern peninsula of Marsilikos, the Citadel stands tall and firm against the winds whipping in from the sea. Its only approach is from the north, a set of stairs carved in a coil directly into the granite of the mount, wide enough for only two to pass shoulder to shoulder, rising to meet the single gate room between the inner and outer walls of the citadel, both of travertine, white against the dark grey bedrock that rises high over the port, studded with guardposts, each flying the billowing blue banner of Marsilikos.

Within the twin walls of the citadel the granite has been leveled into a flat rectangular surface, atop which a variety of buildings have been built. The most well-fortified of these is the great octagonal watchtower, crafted in grey granite blocks which match the terrain, rising ten stories higher than the top of the citadel itself, in the top belfry of which is kept a wide array of spyglasses, alarums and massive flags to haul aloft to warn the town below of the arrival of various ships from sea. On the other side of the courtyard are two shorter granite buildings with big bronze doors, under guard all day and all night: the Treasury and Armory, respectively, of Marsilikos. There is also a wooden barracks-building to house the troops which staff the citadel, and the bulk of the citadel floor is open and used for military drills and exercises.

Late winter is moving into spring, and still, the weather is comparatively chilly. Also on this cold and fair morning at the citadel. Some guards are busy already with sword practice, when a young lord approaches with his retinue of Eresse guards, all attired in training leathers. The intention? Possibly some sword practice as well, in the courtyard. They are bringing some dulled blades along. Belmont looks about him, a faint smile curling his lips at the sound of clashing steel. He is a man in his mid-twenties, a handsome Eisandine. Seeing a vacant spot in the training area, he gestures for one of his men to bring him his practice blade. And one of his own, to engage in some sparring.

Entering the Citadel and seemingly at a light limp is the Vicomte de Vienne, Ezio Salvatore d'Aiglemort. He wears all black robes, light leather covering his person as he seems prepared to spar, even though there is no such certainty. He notices the young Lord surrounded briefly by the retinue of guards and go for a training sword. Reaching for a practice blade, he looks upon Belmont. "Seeking a partner or just looking to hold a weapon?" Ezio teases the fellow, but there is challenge in his words.

Upon hearing these words, Belmont looks up, clearly taking in the challenge that such a taunting remark probably was intended to pose. "You could be up for the task," the Eisandine lord decides in his melodic voice. "I don't recall having seen you before, my lord, but I suppose it's good manners to introduce oneself. I am Belmont d'Eresse, baron of Beaucare. And contrary to what you *may* think, I have experience in swordplay and battles."

It would seem that the Vicomte was not the only one informed about the afternoon sparring session. There is a small Alban contigent that walks up the stairs to the Citadel. How can one tell they are Alban from so far away? The sheer amount of furs and leather along with the markings of woad that make their countenance look even fiercer. In the center of the group is a much smaller, figure with a build just a bit more slender, her features a bit finer though she is no less savage looking with her hair partially braided in a myriad of warrior braids to pull her hair away from her face to reveal the tattoo of blue at her temple. It's design is intricate, framing her eye in its delicate patterning. Dotted across her cheekbones and across the bridge of her nose is the woad that marks her as one of the Albans though she looks like she could easily pass for d'Angeline.

Ezio nods softly to Belmont as he delivers his retort. "Indeed, I could be. My name is Ezio d'Aiglemort, Vicomte de Vienne." He chuckles then. "Do you now? Well then, perhaps you would like to encourage me of such a notion." He gives a little twirl of his training sword and prepares to do battle with Belmont. He does turn his head briefly to the warrior woman who enters, but refocuses soon after on Belmont.

Aedhwyn carries not sword but a handaxe and stiletto dagger that is much more suited to defense than any type of true sword play. She smiles as she sees Belmont, lifting her hand in greeting. Ezio is given a rather regal nod of her head, "Have I missed the fun?"

Aedhwyn arrives, and this is enough to distract Belmont temporarily from the Camaeline vicomte. The baron of Beaucare looks towards the Alban ambassador and inclines his head, a warm smile touches his features. Turning his attention then back towards Ezio, he offers a hint of a bow. "Lord Ezio, it would be a pleasure." He moves into the training space, turning and swinging the practice blade a bit here and there to get a feel for it. "Attack, my lord. I am ready…"

<COMBAT> Ezio attacks Belmont with Broadsword - Serious wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Belmont attacks Ezio with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

Ezio seems to chuckle a little bit to Belmont, before he looks at Aedwhyn. "Not much at all, my lady." To Belmont, he nods ever so softly. "I find that you believe you are ready only until the attack is given." Ezio then charges forward, any injury he was nursing completely abondoned in thought as he strikes at Belmont's neck, bringing on the pain early in the fight! However, he sacrificed his defense and allowed Belmont to strike him hard in the chest. It only somewhat paid off, considering that Ezio landed the firmer blow. "A well-done strike!" He laughs.

The tournament with the duel and melee contests is about a month away, and so it would only be sound to engage in sword practice, especially for someone who plans to compete. Belmont waits for Ezio to come at him, planning to intercept his blow while making use of the opening in Ezio's defense that comes from the other lord's focus on dealing him a harsh strike to the neck. There is a low grunt of pain as the dulled blade connects to the back of his neck, barely protected by the leather armor he wears; while Belmont's own blade swings for Ezio's chest, striking it soundly. "Not bad," he manages through clenched teeth, dancing a few steps back, before he launches his next attack.

<COMBAT> Belmont attacks Ezio with Broadsword - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Ezio attacks Belmont with Broadsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

Aedhwyn draws in a breath as she sees the viscious strike to Belmont's neck. It takes every ounce of discipline she has not to rush into battle. The duels and melee contests are meant to be one on one battles. She may be a protector rather than a warrior but it's obvious these are both warriors. They do not need her interference.

<FS3> Aedhwyn rolls Composure + Composure: Good Success. (1 8 3 3 4 8 5)

Luckily for Belmont, this may be good practice if he ends up facing Ezio in combat. After all, the lucky devil manages to strike Belmont directly in Ezio's abdomen, causing him to fall to a knee, but he quickly rises up and strikes Belmont across the chest, but alas….the blade does not punch through the man's armor, making Ezio narrow his eyes quite a bit. "Not bad at all."

A calm has settled onto the Eisandine lord, an odd calm, oddly contradictory to the bright gleam in his grey-blue eyes. Belmont dives forward after performing a feint to the other man's side, then swinging his blade upward and then striking at Ezio's abdomen. He winces a little when the other man's blade connects to his chest, leather luckily shielding him from most of the blow.

"You fight pretty well, my lord," Belmont adds, moving away and about Ezio, trying to get out of his immediate reach, before they clash anew.

<COMBAT> Belmont attacks Ezio with Broadsword - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Ezio attacks Belmont with Broadsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor)
<COMBAT> Ezio has been KO'd!

Aedhwyn watches as the two men dance, landing blow upon blow to each other. Several of them cause her to make a sound as she can practically feel the force of it. The battle is a fairly quick one with brute force seeming to determine more of the outcome than any kind of footwork. Sure there was careful placement, but it's over far quicker than she expected.

Alas, Ezio was close, but not quite. It really could've gone either way. He strikes Belmont across the chest just as Belmont strikes Ezio across the chest. It was a dual blow. But alas, Belmont had the better blow and Ezio is knocked off of his feet from the impact. He barely manages to get up under his own power, but he will likely need a bit of help after getting his bell rung. "Hahaha….its been some time since I got my bell rung."

Perhaps it is the fact that they both have been hardened in battle. The playful air may be lacking a bit, as they go for this exchange of blows that is less a graceful dance, but more a test of how many blows the other one can endure. A sound of pain escapes Belmont when Ezio strikes him, even as he manages to deal the Camaeline a blow. And he stands there for a moment, drawing breath after breath, sensing the fresh bruises beneath his leather armor that may stay for a few days. "You strike very hard, my lord," he manages after a moment, "and I can see that you have skill and experience. I fought in the battle of Genoa, two years ago. But I can see that you probably have fought in many more battles." With that said, he reaches out to offer his hand to Ezio, to help him up, if he allows.

Aedhwyn moves towards the both of them, shaking her head. Each of them is fixed with a look for a moment, a tongue lashing offered. "My lords, unless I am mistaken the purpose of these competitions is a way to keep in practice for actual combat where the end goal is not to be hit and have the other man die for their cause or king. You are both fools trying to prove your prowess by seeing how much of a beating you can take before succumbing. If you need of punishment then off to the Temple of Kushiel with you or I am more than willing to provide it by ringing both your bells." It would appear the little Alban is angry.

"Too many to count, truth be told." Ezio says for that moment as he stands back to his feet. "Far too many." He chuckles for a moment then. "Most of which were with the Skalds." He turns his head to Aedwhyn then for a moment with a small chuckle. "I am afraid I should be getting back home, otherwise I would take your word for it. My nurse is probably panicking at the moment, wondering where I am. I thank you all the same for the time." And with that, Ezio makes his way out.

When Aedhwyn approaches to reprimand them both, Belmont cannot help but look a little sheepish. "We were fighting with dulled blades," he objects, lifting the practice sword for her to see. "This is not about punishment, but about the spirit of Camael. You should know this." To the departing Ezio, he offers a nod and a smile. "Be well, Lord Ezio." And recover well, he may have added, but that possibly remains a lingering thought unspoken. To Aedhwyn, he says, "Please don't be wroth at me for seeking practice. I intend to compete at the duel competition of the tournament. I would be a fool if I didn't try to prepare."

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