(1311-12-08) A Gentian Mentor
Summary: Soleil and Cedric continue their conversation, and it's quite pleasant, and they enter into a mentoring relationship.
RL Date: Sun Dec 08, 1311
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Gardens of Devotion

There is a playful air about the gardens, especially in spring, summer and autumn, when flower beds of red tulips, roses and poppy flowers add colorful dots to the well kept green that is trimmed to a look of wild romantic scenery, despite the everpresent hands of gardeners that keep trees and bushes under their care. The path winds along in generous twists, offering many secret meeting spots to share kisses and vows of love, some of them part of the natural surroundings, while others provide more shelter from the view, arbors of simple beauty with flowery vines twining about posts.

In the center of the gardens is where a second building can be found, pillars of white stone reminiscent of an old Hellene temple. Within, tiles of light rosé marble cover the floor, ten feet high walls are painted a slightly deeper shade of the same color, and interspersed with white columns sporting painted colorful floral ornaments. Curtains of white and lavender gauze flutter faintly before the windows that bathe the Shrine of Love in light during the day. On evenings and nights, the predominant source of lighting is a multitude of burning candles in various bronze candelabras and the pair of chandeliers suspended from the ceiling.

The hall is furnished with chairs and couches of light maple wood carved with flowery designs, upholstered in white and red velvet, with several smaller cushions added for comfort. It also has a medium sized S-shaped loveseat in the center, where two people can lounge, facing each other. A faint scent of roses is ever present, as is the overall romantic mood that is often enhanced with the occasional recital of a love poem over the rippling tones of a lute or harp. While Coquelicot adepts and courtesans of Heliotrope canon attend to the visitors with the pleasant lightness and easy warmth, the salon is known for.

A door at the back leads to a patron room of wildly romantic flair.

Lounging on one of the benches in the garden is Soleil, and next to her, asleep, is Le Chat Roux. The sunset is beautiful tonight over the gardens, and it's very lovely and almost romantic in setting. The sky is all pinks and oranges fading to blues and violets, and the courtesan looks so fantastically beautiful.

Cedric picks his way back out into the gardens. he lets his eyes meander slowly taking the area in and he smiles as he spots a familiar duo. He approaches nearby with his small journal hugged against his chest and he smiles, "Tuckered out?" He asks indicating the kitten and he smiles as he considers the older courtesan. His lips pulled into that rueful smile as his hand lifts up brushing some hair back behind his ear.

"It's quite hard work being a kitten," Soleil says as she reaches out to stroke the little beast, who stretches in his sleep but otherwise continues on in his nap. She shifts her position a bit to make room for him. "Will you join me?" she wonders curiously with a small smile.

Cedric smiles, "Don't I know it, I tried it only for a few minutes and it was tiring." He considers for a moment and he nods and he moves over moving to sit beside her and smiling, "If it's not an intrusion for you I'd be delighted to. I'm sorry I had to go… I was late for something." He admits sheepishly and in a tone that indicates it might not be uncommon.

"Ah, it's quite alright," Soleil replies with a little shake of her head, patting the kitten soothingly again as he sleeps next to her, peeking over at Cedric with a gentle smile. "You were late. It happens. Do try not to make a habit of it. It shows disrespect for your patrons."

Cedric smiles faintly, "If it's a patron waiting usually a runner will come. Still not very professional but… I'm better about that I tend to just read in the main area where they will come by. No this was some classes I'm taking." He admits sheepishly and then he reaches a hand up scratching at his nose, "What sort of grief are you looking to overcome? If… you don't mind me asking?"

"One of the reasons I left the city was because it had a lot of strong memories for me. I'd intended to retire from Gentian House to marry a nobleman, but… he was killed in a hunting accident riding a horse before we were wed. I am like a widow, except without any of the social benefits. His brother, the duc, gave me the kitten when I left," Soleil murmurs quietly, and with slightly strained composure.

Cedric's brows furrow, "Oh. I'm so sorry." He says gently and he lifts his hand and if she doesn't draw away he offers a squeeze of her shoulder, "Well I hope you are able to find some solace and comfort here. Away from memories of him. That is…a tragedy. I'm so sorry for your loss." He repeats, "I cannot even imagine."

Soleil permits him to squeeze her shoulder with grace, smiling just slightly. She seems calm and collected, though, very serene. "It was a tragedy. And so soon after losing their father. But I couldn't… and besides, someone needed to accompany Grandmother here. She might finally abdicate in favor of my poor father," she says softly. "If it's to her liking. So far, she's rearranged the L'Envers house twice. And it is not possible to fit another chaise lounge in the parlour at this juncture."

Cedric smiles faintly, "So… I take it you don't think your father is well looking forward to taking over the responsibility?" He chuckles softly, "Well it is the perogative of a matriarch to rearrange things as often as she sees fit." He suggests and he smiles, "And how is she finding things here?"

"No, I think he'd happily take over. And there'd be a lot less fussing about really minute things. She's in her seventies. Everything is a production with her," Soleil explains with a little laugh, shaking her head. "Nothing here is quite as good as it is in the City, but she's not ready to go back yet. The weather has been reasonable, at the very least. She likes the weather."

Cedric ahs at that and considers, "It's…well always beneficial when the seniors can retire. Though some provide truly excellent counsel. But it's a difficult thing to gauge how well one's focus remains as they age." He smiles ruefully, "I can imagine if you've been in the city of Elua for long it must be hard. But… hopefully she finds the people and the weather pleasant. We pride ourself on that. Many people come here to recuperate from what ails them in body and soul."

"Yes, I think the family would like her to retire. But she likes having control. So we shall see what she says about an extended holiday. We worry that she's not holding on to reality quite the way that she used to," Soleil murmurs with a sad little smile.

Cedric nods at that and he sighs, "That must be difficult she must have been a very central figure for you all for a long time." He admits and he tilts his head, "I… I don't think I've spent so much time with my family in recent years to know how everyone is doing."

"Well, less so for me. I was at Gentian House for the past dozen years or more, and though I had some contact with family, it's only recently, with me deciding to retire to get married, and then to not retire at all, that I've had much of a relationship with them," Soleil explains with a little laugh. "They were very proud of me when I made my marque, of course."

Cedric smiles, "I'm sure they were. And I mean… a Gentian is a bit different than some of the other salons." He smiles faintly, "It must be quite a lot of change at once I would expect? I can't turly imagine it." He studies her for a time and then asks curiously, "Have you met the seconds and have you been able to settle in much? Is there anything I can do to help ease you into life here?"

"I have been trying to settle in as much as possible, but it takes time to build a list of regular patrons, and that is what a Gentian wants, of course. Regular patrons. In patterns, as much as possible," Soleil points out with a little sigh, thoughtful. "That was how I met the man I fell in love with, of course."

Cedric smiles at that and nods, "Yes…yes it does particularly for Gentian. They tend to be fewer in between even if more… steady and consistent once you find one." He considers, "That must be an interesting way to fall in love with someone, seeing their dreams."

Soleil closes her eyes for a moment. "Ah, but it's so easy. You see their loves, their fears, the things that excite them, the things that give them anxiety. You get to know them almost better than they do themselves. You care for them, and your compassion is like love. It's almost ideal, and very intense," she murmurs.

Cedric smiles at that, "I suppose it is, but… isn't it hard for them? Having to start with being so bared. But yes, I imagine it's very very intense." He admits looking concerned and he squeezes her shoulder again, "And it must make the memory of it all the more poignant. Does it return in your dreams?"

"Of course it does," Soleil replies with a little smile, nodding a bit to this. "I really do need to study my own dreams and analyze my grief."

Cedric shrugs, "Well if I can help I would be happy to even if it's just the preparation. Or if you simply want support or another there. Though perhaps if you wish to wait until you've known me longer. But…" He smiles weakly, "It's… certainly a rare challenge."

"Yes, I think your support could be very useful, and I will use it as an opportunity to mentor you in ways that you might benefit," Soleil suggests with a small smile. "Practice, as it were. And guidance from someone with more experience. I think I will learn much from the teaching."

Cedric smiles warmly and beams, "Thank you, I would appreciate the experience. It's always good to do things with more than one. And teaching is always helpful in seeing things from a different view I would think."

"I find journaling is an important part of being Gentian," Soleil admits with a little smile. "I have a shelf of blank books, and my patrons choose one when we begin. Just knowing their choice: is the journal plain or decorated, embossed with gold or very simplistic, tells me something about them. Something more than words."

Cedric smiles and pats his journal, "Oh… it's a challenge. But that's a lovely idea. I should consider that and the joy of getting to have a series made." He admits looking thoughtful, "Delightful idea."

"Yes, get a collection of blank journals. Have your patron pick one and write their name in it. And then lock it up in a chest for privacy once you've written in it. If you don't have a chest with a lock, I will provide one," Soleil offers.

Cedric beams, "See… already your mentorship is delightful. I've often had them keep a journal but to see which one they pick and have a variety. That is a fascinating idea." He admits thoughtfully and then smiles, "Oh, I've a lock for well always good for keeping private things."

"People take ownership of their dreams in ways you wouldn't imagine if you give them the tools," Soleil murmurs with a gentle smile. "But we should talk more later. You are welcome to visit me whenever I am not busy with a patron, and I am often downstairs or here in the gardens."

Cedric inclines his head, "I will look forward to you and our little friend here as well." He smiles, "And if you ever need someone to watch him I would be happy to watch him and study his movements that I might do a better impression of him."

"There is no greater joy than when I set him loose in the dormitory to be babysat by the novices," Soleil replies with an amused laugh, shaking her head slightly. She picks up the kitten, who protests the rudeness of being disturbed before lounging along her arm, bows her head to Cedric, and heads towards the house.

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