(1311-12-11) Worship with the Cat
Summary: Anse bumps into Soleil at the Temple of Naamah, and Sarielle joins them and pets Le Chat Roux
RL Date: 2019-12-11
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Temple of Naamah

The Temple of Naamah is a serene and lovely building which has been constructed of stark white marble and cool latticed stonework. Decorations here reflect the gentle side of the angel to which the temple plays homage, the building being filled with an abundance of flowers that spill from columns and pedestals. Within the centre of the main hall, arching columns support a dome that is open to the skies above, and these are hung with garlands of flowers amongst which the temple doves sit and preen. A narrow carpet of carmine red runs from the main doors, through the arches, and towards the rear of the temple to where an exquisite alabaster statue of Naamah herself kneels upon an altar of deepest grey granite. She is depicted with her eyes closed in quiet repose, and with her hands extended palms uppermost before her. On the floor around the base of the plinth are shallow bowls of chased silver, receptacles for the coins and trinkets that are offerings to the angel herself. Scarlet-robed priests and priestesses might be found within the temple whatever the hour of day or night, going about their chores or offering comfort and guidance to those that seek it.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall day. The weather is cool and raining.

The cool fall evening is crisp and clear, and the light from the temple doors splays out onto the street every time the temple doors open to let someone in or out. A pair of figures makes their way towards the temple doors from the streets, quite different in appearance and coming from seperate directions. One of those people is a barefooted (in this weather?!) and blue robed priest of Elua. The other seems much more appropriately dressed. As the door opens Anse is startled as he bumps into Soleil "I'm sorry" Anse stammers out as he tries not to crash into the other person too hard "are you alright?"

"Oh, my! Goodness, are you quite okay?" Soleil replies to Anse, dressed in a lovely golden dress which is covered in a cloak. She carries a basket, which is sufficiently jostled enough that its occupant jumps out of it, looking quite miffed. The orange kitten strolls through the temple towards the statue of Naamah, and when he arrives before her, he sits down daintily and starts to groom himself, licking his front paws industriously.

Anse is taken aback when a kitten hops out of the basket and he doesn't answer for a moment as he follows the kitten with his eyes as it makes its way inside with all the prim and proper only a cat can provide and then he looks back over to Soleil with an arched brow. "Are you the cats driver tonight?" He asks before grinning a bit and shifting to hold the door open so Soleil can enter the building properly "sorry to bump into you m'lady, I wasn't paying very close attention. You know how the temple of Namaah can be, distracting and all with those odd red robes of theirs, not even a proper blue" he says grinning a little wider with his joke, regardless of if its good or not.

The cat is small, a couple of months old, but he has all of the presence of someone of the feline persuasion. He almost looks like he's making his prayers to the angel, long ginger tail curled around him gracefully. He gets a dubious look from his mistress, who smiles nonetheless at Anse. "Le Chat Roux and I came to offer a prayer of thanks and good blessings," Soleil explains momentarily to Anse. "I am always Le Chat's driver. He is fairly certain that he is always the most important thing in any room, after all."

Anse laughs a little "sounds like a cat then. They do consider themselves the most important thing in most any situation in my experience." As the pair of them enter the temple Anse follows along with Soleil. "I'm Anse by the way. Sorry again for running into you. Hopefully I didn't spoil your prayers.." Anse gives another glance to the kitten "i'm sure mr Roux will expect some sort of recompense for such a terrible jostling of his ride."

"How could you have spoiled my prayers? I haven't even begun to offer them yet," Soleil points out as she walks with Anse, smiling easily and with the sort of smile that is designed to set a man at ease. She's almost distractingly lovely, a tiny blonde with a gentle way about her and an adorable kitten. She passes the kitten, who sits up straight and waits for her to offer a little velvet pouch to Naamah.

"Ah, thats a proper answer. I'll accept that." Anse says, pausing a step before Soleil so she can offer the pouch and Anse will drop down to the balls of his feet to give the kitten an affectionate pet. He waits for Soleil to make her offerings or prayers before saying anything else, distracting himself with the kitten as to not interrupt. When Soleil is finished he looks back up in her direction. "I don't believe I got your name m'lady, if you don't mind my asking. Or perhaps, with those looks, and given the location, its servant of Namaah and not m'lady?"

"If I were retired, it'd be 'my lady,' but I am still a Servant of Naamah, and thus merely Soleil L'Envers no Coquelicot, at present," the golden blonde offers, dropping her cloak past her waist to show off a gorgeous Gentian marque that speaks of years of service on Mont Nuit, as if her elocution does not give it away as well. It's dramatic and sensual, and yet a very exquisite piece of art, but it is too chilly to leave her back bared for long for no good reason other than to show off.

Anse beams a smile at Soleil "an absolute pleasure Soleil, no quite a lady at the moment, but certainly an example of Namaah's blessings. If i'm not mistaken, thats Gentian house is it not? What brings you all the way to Marsilikos, other than the wonderful temples and charming priests?" Anse asks curiously, still crouched down to continue giving the kitten some affection even as he looks up in Soleil's direction.

Sarielle's dress is simple as a Lis d'Or can get and still be presentable to the public, barring a rich cloak of pale blue, trimmed in daring ivory, that is wrapped around tightly around her slight frame to ward against the chill. She glides in a little late to the party, and after exchanging the proper greetings with the Priest on duty, she turns towards the inner sanctum just in time to catch Soleil's marque. With a small effort, she gives weight enough to her footfalls to make them audible against carpeting leading to the effigy of Naamah in the rear of the open-air space. A double-take is granted for Le Chat Roux, a gleeful (and mildly unbecoming) squeak escaping her lips. The young woman worries her lip for just a moment before choosing to address the tiny beast and his human companions before attending to her other business. Surely Naamah will understand, I mean, can't exactly focus on prayers and whatnot with a KITTEN RIGHT HERE.
She grants a curtsey to them both, though her eyes keep flicking to the orange stripey. Just the slightest hint of an accent, a lilting of words, colours her D'Angeline, "My pardon for intruding, mademoiselle, monsieur Anse. It is only, I've never seen such a darling come to attend to Naamah's honour. I suppose kittens have no trouble being quite plentiful, do they? Ah," another curtsey to the mismatched pair, "Sarielle nó Lis d'Or. I do believe… it is Soleil L'Envers no Coquelicot, is it not?" Gossip spreads in the Night Court, be in Marsilikos or Mont Nuit. "Your marque…" she provides in explanation with a small smile.

"Ah, but that kitten," Soleil points out, eyeing the little striped fellow with an arched brow for a moment as he pretends to ignore the humans and looks down from the statue of the angel to lick his front paw again. Perhaps it is not quite clean enough. "That kitten was presented to me by a duc who thought I deserved to be loved by the most important personage in any room. Or at least, the one who thought he was. He is Le Chat Roux, and he is quite self-important. He comes with me everywhere, even to the temple, even to partake in Naamah's worship. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mademoiselle Sarielle."

She looks then to Anse and laughs lightly. "Ah, I have come to Marsilikos in the company of my grandmother, the Baronne de Vezelay, who is trying to decide if she likes the weather here enough for her to stay. It is milder here than in the City of Elua. Thus far, she has mostly caused pandemonium in the local L'Envers residence, having brought with her enough furniture to fill it twice over."

Anse takes his hand off the kitten so he can rise to his feet when Sarielle makes her appearance, helpfully giving Sarielle all the more access to the furry creature. "Another servant of Namaah, how fortunate" Anse says with a smile, bowing his head to Sarielle "a pleasure to see you again Sarielle, its been a while. I believe the kitten is more than happy to receive your no doubt expert attention." He chuckles a little at Soleil's answer. "It is milder here, I will give it that. Though sometimes I do miss a proper cold winter with piles of snow. Though just sometimes. Very kind of you to travel with, hopefully you're causing your own form of pandemonium."

"The pleasure is mine, Mademoiselle Soleil. It's not Elua, but I have grown quite fond of Marsilikos." Another curtsey for good measure. She stays dipped down, though, and offers a courtly hands to Le Chat. "And to you, as well, my lord." She'll just sit here with her hand outstretched to the beast until he's done ensuring the cleanliness of his tiny paw, though she glances up and grants Anse a soft smile. Back to Soleil, "When I next visit the Sanctuary of Eisheth, I will say an extra prayer for her, that the sea air might lend her the strength to continue causing havoc for many Longest Nights to come."

"And do accept my apologies, Brother; I'm remiss in that I haven't paid proper homage to Elua lately. I am making my rounds, belated as it may be." She tacks on with a wry smile.

"Yes, for someone in poor health, she certainly causes a lot of havoc. Blessedly, I am staying at the Night Court, since I am working as a courtesan again," Soleil remarks with a measure of relief. The kitten sniffs at Sarielle curiously, then deigns to rise to his feet so that he can butt his head against her hand, an overtly friendly little fellow.

Anse smiles at Soleil "Elua isn't so petty as to demand lots of homage. Just wants us all to love and be loved. I am sure that you do plenty well paying homage in your duties as a servant of Namaah. But, I am but a human, and am very petty, and so I expect to see you again some time at the temple of Elua. And if you don't see me, you'll just have to come back another time to find me" he says, the smile turning into a playful grin. He offers another incline of his head to the pair of you "I do hate to cut this meeting short my friends, but I do have to speak to one of the priestesses here about something. It was a pleasure meeting you Soleil, and a pleasure seeing you again Sarielle, I hope I can see either of you again sometime soon." He says as he makes his way to depart.

Anse has left.

Sarielle chuckles, using her free hand to wave a goodbye to the priest, then place it dramatically to her chest, "You've my solemn word, brother. Oh—!" Her sentiment is interrupted by a touch against the kitten-luring hand, "Hello there, handsome fellow. May I pet you, then?" The follows the flow of his headbutt down his side, grinning foolishly. "He _is_ quite special, isn't he?" she narrates to Soleil, flashing her a wide grin before directing her attention to Le Chat. "Hello, Le Chat Roux! Hello there." Back to Soleil, though her hand has shifted to the beast's head and is scritching dutifully. "I've not known what it is to be a Servant of Naamah anywhere but Marsilikos. I hope you've not found it too dull?"

"I don't really have a patron list as yet, but that's hardly uncommon for a Gentian starting out," Soleil replies with an easygoing smile, watching Sarielle play with her kitten. "So I have a bit more free time than I am otherwise used to, and it is a little duller than I might like. But still, I have been enjoying the weather." The kitten flops over so that his belly can be rubbed.

The younger woman nods, the concept of patronage being the breadth of one's work not unbeknownst to her. "As it is with those of Eglantine persuasion." Her free hand taps her nose lightly, which wrinkles charmingly as she smiles. "Though I've only the vaguest idea what it might be like. A rare gift, isn't it? Naamah works in mysterious ways." Her wiggles her fingers in air, indicating just how mysteeeee~rious. "Oh! was I not paying enough attention to you, then?" she addresses the kitten. "A thousand pardons, my lord, for not attending you. Is wonder, is this a going to end up with tiny claws in my hand?" A tentative touch of kitten tummy does not produce an immediate attack, so Sarielle more assertively strokes the exposed belly. "There. Better, is that?"

The kitten stretches, when he decides he's done being petted, and wanders off to inspect the offerings to Naamah, sticking his nose into people's heartfelt prayers. Soleil clicks her tongue at him and shakes her head, and he looks back at her and sits down, tail curling around him, then snubs her in favor of the statue of Naamah. "Well," the blonde says with a measure of amusement. "Be that way," she tells him. "And yes. Oneiromancy is a rare gift. I intended to be a Eglantine until I was discovered to be an oneiromancer."

A chuckle is stifled at the kitten's audacity. "Cats aren't exactly known for their piety," Sarielle observes wryly. Now free to properly attend the would-be-a-lady, the adept stands with a calculated shimmy to get her skirts back where they ought to be. "Please feel no obligation to assuage my curiosity, but how does one discover such a gift? There — in Eire, that is — is a long tradition of dream interpretation, and even dreamings that foretell events, among those who follow the Old Ways."

"Oh, you keep dream journals. You follow other people's dreams. You talk incessantly about your vivid dreams and how you interpret them. And then the adults in your life decide maybe you're in the wrong house and need to be transferred," Soleil explains with a little laugh, holding up a hand so that she can step away for a moment to scoop up her wayward kitten, who looks a bit sheepish about being picked up.

Sarielle considers this, concluding, "I suppose that might so it. Like dancing about Eisheth's domain, doing dramatic reenactments of livestock, and throwing constant 'recitals' was somewhat of an indicator for me. I think my mother and aunt both were glad to settle me into Naamah's ranks, if only because it meant I'd stop doing creative movement in the sitting room where they were attempting to sit like civil people." She pointedly clears her throat but immediately gives Soleil another nose-wrinkling grin. There's a pause to allow kitten-fetch. Sarielle pouts along with him, "Poor beast, being so contained. How cruel of your guardian. But you'll burn your nose on incense, like that, little one." To Soleil: "And as an Eglantine? What was to be your art? Again, please do not allow me to pry, if it's not something you would like to speak of."

"Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs. That's me. I used to be better with the lute than I am now, but I have fallen out of practice. And I used to write my own music, mostly charming little love songs," Soleil replies with an almost dreamy smile. "Love poetry. Romantic music. But I'm so rusty these days. I wouldn't want to give a performance."

"Ah! but the world needs romantics. And that's absolutely lovely, really," Sarielle responds brightly. "If you'd ever consent to someone hearing them, I'd be delighted. Perhaps something to do with that extra free time?" A moment of thought before she adds, "I've a fair hand on lute, but I am by and large a harpist. You know, if you were to write something, and just needed a player… I've not a voice to speak of, though, so I'd need some help on that count."

"Some of my early works are definitely confidential. Because they were written by a teenaged girl who definitely thought that she was a better poet than she actually was," Soleil laughs brightly, her eyes alight. She rubs her kitten's head against her face for a moment and then loads him in a slightly undignified way back into his basket, where he curls up in a slightly sulky manner.

Sarielle has to laugh at that. "But the purest emotion! Who thinks they've more concept of how love works than a girl of thirteen years? I do get your point, though. I cannot imagine giving up my arts entirely, even if my life had gone a different direction." The kitten settling himself gets another squeak, "Oh, isn't that precious. I suppose the little lord needs conveyance to his next destination? Don't let me stop you from attending to your affairs."

"I just don't practice enough to be very good any more," Soleil says with a measure of sadness. "Ah, well. I should get going. It was a pleasure to meet you, Mademoiselle. Do have a very lovely and peaceful time of it."

A sympathetic nod from Sarielle. With a touch of laughter in her voice, she intones, "Well, perhaps when you ascend to Ladyhood, you might idle your hours upon the lute instead of taking up embroidery or some such. It occurs to one that it might be pleasing, and that the worst of your girlhood verse might have been exhausted." Another small curtsy for lord and miss, "It was a pleasure, Mademoiselle Soleil. Perhaps you might come visit us at Lis d'Or sometime? We've often mild music in the salon, which can be a source of cheer. Do take care." The invitation set, the adept flows off with light steps to pay proper respects to the bright lady.

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