(1311-11-19) The Dreams Stuff Is Made Of
Summary: Soleil and Le Chat meet Lois in the gardens and chat about different matters concerning their lives.
RL Date: 2019-11-19
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Gardens of Devotion: Le Coquelicot

There is a playful air about the gardens, especially in spring, summer and autumn, when flower beds of red tulips, roses and poppy flowers add colorful dots to the well kept green that is trimmed to a look of wild romantic scenery, despite the everpresent hands of gardeners that keep trees and bushes under their care. The path winds along in generous twists, offering many secret meeting spots to share kisses and vows of love, some of them part of the natural surroundings, while others provide more shelter from the view, arbors of simple beauty with flowery vines twining about posts.

In the center of the gardens is where a second building can be found, pillars of white stone reminiscent of an old Hellene temple. Within, tiles of light rosé marble cover the floor, ten feet high walls are painted a slightly deeper shade of the same color, and interspersed with white columns sporting painted colorful floral ornaments. Curtains of white and lavender gauze flutter faintly before the windows that bathe the Shrine of Love in light during the day. On evenings and nights, the predominant source of lighting is a multitude of burning candles in various bronze candelabras and the pair of chandeliers suspended from the ceiling.

The hall is furnished with chairs and couches of light maple wood carved with flowery designs, upholstered in white and red velvet, with several smaller cushions added for comfort. It also has a medium sized S-shaped loveseat in the center, where two people can lounge, facing each other. A faint scent of roses is ever present, as is the overall romantic mood that is often enhanced with the occasional recital of a love poem over the rippling tones of a lute or harp. While Coquelicot adepts and courtesans of Heliotrope canon attend to the visitors with the pleasant lightness and easy warmth, the salon is known for.

A door at the back leads to a patron room of wildly romantic flair.

It is a fall day. The weather is warm and drizzling.

The weather is remarkably warm for a fall day, and so Lois has ventured outside into the gardens. A slightly dreamy look lingers in her blue eyes, and she has wrapped a light cloak about her frame as she wanders through the gardens at a leisurely pace. Contemplating, in thoughts. A faint smile curling her lips. Red hair has been arranged in a loose braid of sorts, loose enough to allow a few strands to flutter in the occasional afternoon breeze. From her looks, it seems likely she is an adept still, and from below her cloak there is a flash of blue silk now and then, hinting at the color of her gown.

Apropos of nothing, a small marmalade kitten wanders up to Lois and weaves himself between her legs in an entwiningly friendly manner, already purring like the young woman's existence has pleased him mightily. He is still rather young and small, with a long tail and a sweet face, all gold and orange stripes. Moments later, Soleil appears with a basket in her hand that looks like the perfect place for a kitten to snuggle, given the pillows lining it. "La Chat Roux!" she says in a gently scolding tone of voice. "You are a tripping hazard!"

<FS3> Lois rolls Perception: Good Success. (6 1 6 6 2 2 5 7 8 4 4)

Thoughts can be a diverting place to linger in - and yet Lois is quickly drawn out of her reverie, as soon as she feels the soft fur of a cat brushing against her leg. She pauses. She lowers her gaze, and she smiles as she bends over to take the animal up. A daring undertaking, perhaps, as she can't be sure, the gesture will be appreciated. Whatever the success or outcome, once Soleil arrives, Lois will straighten and regard the other courtesan with an expression of surprise and curiosity. "Is this your cat?", she wonders, in a voice that sounds a bit dreamy still.

The kitten seems perfectly content to be picked up and held, and he butts his little ginger head against Lois's breast as he snuggles into her. He is still a little guy, but he's quite friendly and he keeps his paws velveted. "Ah, Le Chat, there you go, breaking my heart," Soleil complains to the kitten good-naturedly, before smiling at Lois. "Yes. That is my cat. I don't believe we've met. I'm newly arrived from the City of Elua. I am Soleil L'Envers no Coquelicot. And that is Le Chat. He has a name but he prefers his title."

"Le Chat, hmm?" Lois repeats the title, holding the cat on her arm, meeting its gaze. She smiles. "From Elua…" At this, she lifts her eyes to regard Soleil once again. "From Mont Nuit?" She bites her lip, contemplating that particular possibility, and then adds, a bit belatedly perhaps. "Welcome to Le Coquelicot. I am Lois." A hint of a curtsey is offered, with the cat still on her arm. The fingers of her other hand brush over the fur. "Le Chat is from Mont Nuit as well?"

"Le Chat was a gift upon my departure from a dear friend who is close to my heart," Soleil agrees with a little nod, smiling fondly at the animal in the young woman's arms, apparently pleased to share his little feline person with others. "Thank you. I am glad to be here. My beloved grandmother the Baronne de Vezelay has come to Marsilikos to see if the climate suits her. She is in her seventies, and everything is so mild and wonderful here. I have come to keep an eye on her. I needed a change of scenery myself."

"I see." Lois nuzzles her nose into the area at the back of the neck of Le Chat, before she performs a graceful half-kneel to set the animal back down again. "This salon is lovely. I am certain, you will enjoy yourself here. My mother hails from Mont Nuit. She left Elua as well at some point, for the climate here. And it was here that she encountered my father." There is a pause, and only the soft rustle of fabric as she rises to her feet again. "I was born here. It was only natural that I would enter service, as a Coquelicot."

Soleil sets her basket down and the kitten hops into it promptly, then curls up in it, the better to relax and survey his domain. For it is all his domain now. "I hope so. I was a bit sad to leave my patrons behind me, but I am sure there are new patrons here who will appreciate my talents, and I shall be pleased to help guide novices and adepts along the right path, as well," she says contentedly.

"Then you may like to guide me as well," Lois replies brightly, even if her gaze follow Le Chat as the cat curls up in the basket. "I have yet to finish my marque… But it is progressing." Her hand slips into a pouch she wears at a belt, and absently her fingers begin to play with something she has pulled out of there. The soft 'click' of pebbles nudging at each other as she moves them in her hand. "What flavor of Coquelicot are you, Mademoiselle Soleil?"

"I am Gentian, and I love serving," Soleil replies with a little smile, turning her head to look at her shoulder, realizing that the cloak she wears for warmth hides the marque on her back. "You will finish. It takes time. All of the canons of Coquelicot take much time and attention with patrons."

"My mother is a Gentian, and I have inherited the gift from her, or so they say," Lois tells Soleil, lowering her gaze momentarily. "The gift of dreams. I have learned ways to make a patron relax, from our Balm teachers. There is something soothing in making others feel at ease, so that they would open their minds to us…" Her voice trails off, as if reminded of a recent occurrence, and then she meets Soleil's gaze. "Have you spoken with Monsieur Laurentin yet? He is another Gentian from Mont Nuit, who has joined us."

"Ah, I have not. We shall have to see who we know in common," Soleil says with an easy smile. She is like sunshine, all soft smiles and warmth and pleasantries, and she watches the redhead with ease. "If I can help you with your analysis of dreams, do let me know."

Click-click-click. The pebbles keep moving in Lois' hand, through the nimble motion of her fingers. "Yes," she smiles. "We shall. As for dreams… I don't know… it's mostly me telling my patron what I saw, and through their reactions…", she bites her lip again. Forced to release it as she continues. "I can often adjust my interpretation to something that makes sense to them, at least. So… yes. I would be curious for any insights that I could benefit from."

"I will be happy to listen. I have found it fruitful to keep journals of what patrons dream over time so that I can compare and contrast previous dreams to present ones. Are the elements similar? Has an element faded or one come to the foreground?" Soleil says with a gentle smile, adjusting the basket on her arm with the sleeping kitten in it.

"Oh… that is an interesting idea," Lois remarks, shooting Soleil a glance. "I have so far memorized the details, or at least tried to." A light shrug of her shoulders there. "I have found, that dreams vary greatly, depending on the experiences of the patron. There have been patrons that… chose another over me, perhaps worrying about what I would get to see."

"I keep a locked trunk, naturally," Soleil notes with a small smile. "After all, the patron's privacy is paramount. It is best to keep things quietly, I think, so that you may do your analysis with them in depth."

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