(1311-11-19) Boundaries
Summary: A nobleman encounters a White Rose adept, and she sets the ground rules for his behavior with her.
RL Date: 2019-11-19
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Solar: La Rose Sauvage

Compared to the darker, heavy interior of downstairs, the solar feels like a pleasant contrast, where the use of light pastel tones and white provide a light air that is almost convincing. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city are guarded by curtains in light shades of pastel greens and blues. A few thick carpets cover the polished oak floor, where a few high backed armchairs are arranged about a kneeling cushion in the center. Beverages offered here will usually be white sparkling wines, to lighten the mood and keep up a certain innocent air. The tapestries on the white walls are kept to lighter hues as well, picturesque depictions of alyssum flower arrangements along with those of modest maidens in innocent situations, while the darker side to Alyssum canon reveals itself only to the attentive eye, in the details of the woodwork in dark mahogany side tables and the seats, depicting a pair of man and woman caught in obvious amorous entanglement, she faintly resisting and averting her gaze.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall night. The weather is cool and overcast.

Unlike the heavy and terribly conservative gowns that she wore as a novice, Alienor as an adept has more control over her wardrobe, and has chosen a silvery gown with a high waistline and a relatively low bustline, all embroidered in white with a silver-embroidered white chemise underneath it, peeking out in ruffles at the neckline and sleeves. She looks lovely, her dark hair soft but still veiled, though the edge of this veil is embroidered with silver to match the gown. She sits reading a book, relaxing in a comfortable arm chair.

Marco makes his way into the salon perhaps hoping to catch the recently debut'ed young woman. His eyes flitting around the area and he looks past her before looking back and laughing faintly, "Don't you look different." He says as he approaches her studying her gently for a time and he smiles as he draws near, "Was it everything you hoped?" He asks curiously.

Alienor stands up and leaves the book tucked against the arm chair so that she might curtsey to the Vicomte. "My lord," she replies with a pretty smile, looking at him demurely through her veil with her bright green eyes. "My debut was quite the tea party, and I had a marvelous time."

Marco smiles warmly at that and lifts a hand up and tries to tilt her chin up to study her. He chuckles, "Oh come now, sit sit. I'm glad to hear that. I'm sorry that I missed it." He says faintly eyes twinkling as he studies her, "I hope I didn't ruin any of the delight?"

Alienor permits the contact for a moment, lifting her eyes to look up at him. "Ah, yes, please join me. And how could you have ruined it? No, it was lovely. It was just a pity you could not attend, that's all," she says.

Marco lets his hands drop and smiles, "A pity indeed but I shall have to make it up to you." He says and moves to sit eyes twinkling, "Ah it's nice to do that without worrying about repercussions. Well you know how it is my very proximity might ruin the perfect innocence of such a sweet flower."

"Your very proximity? I am not that worried about my innocence now," Alienor replies with a slightly amused shake of her head. "I think I can manage to be innocent with you sitting right there." She moves to retake her seat."

Marco grins, "Oh? Well then I suppose you can get very proximate." He suggests brightly as he settles in and smiles, "What were you doing? So… have you considered more of what sorts of patrons you will take?"

"Oh, I was just reading a book. It's a pleasant little romance. The heroine is very innocent, and the hero very kind. I'm sure eventually they'll realize they're in love, but I'm not far enough along in the story yet," Alienor explains with a little smile. "As for what sorts of patrons, I suppose that depends on what sort of patrons wish my time."

Marco raises a brow, "Always reading. Well taht seems tame enough." He smiles at that and laughs, "I suppose they did. Is it usually romance novels?" He chuckles, "And I'm sure right now you have very many patrons. But I'm sure you have things you would wish for and to avoid." He says brightly, "Those illicit daydreams, or is it for a shining knight like in your stories?"

"As long as my patrons are kind and respectful, I am open to many experiences with them. I am curious about the sorts of things that my patrons prefer, and I'd like to get to know them better," Alienor replies, looking mildly confused.

Marco smiles, "Kind and respectful… and entranced by your sweetness." He says and he smiles and he shrugs softly, "I wonder just how much Marielle will have to filter. There are all sorts of troublemakers afoot after all."

Alienor arches a brow at Marco now. "Are you a troublemaker, my lord?" she says, as if she does not wholly suspect it. "Or are you hoping I will agree to an assignation with you despite your status as a troublemaker?"

Marco grins faintly, "Sometimes, but I'm an utterly pleasant and delightful troublemaker. Besides I always have curiosity about those new to such things how they thinka nd what they think."

"Ah, I see," Alienor replies with a little nod, thoughtful. "Well, if you are curious about me, I shall try to answer your questions."

Marco smiles, "Oh I'm very curious. But I'm sure we'll take our time to learn." He admits and he grins faintly as he considers her. He strokes his chin thoughtfully watching her, "And what about for me? Do you have any questions?"

"What do you want from me? What would be your ideal assignation with someone like me, a White Rose?" Alienor wonders.

Marco ahs at that and chuckles, "A white rose. Well… most often it's seeing them blush. I'll try to whisper sweet little things to them, or make suggestions or do little things like…" He lets a hand lift tracing along her shoulder and her neckline smiling, "Like this.. and see their reactions those little squirms or wiggles."

Alienor removes his hand from her shoulder and neckline firmly but gently. "Please, my lord. It would be better not to touch unless we were in a private setting. This is not an appropriate place for that sort of conduct. There are novices permitted in the Solar. If you wish to touch, you should sign a contract," she says quietly.

Marco lets his hand get lifted and chuckles, "Ah, well that's my usual antics as it were." He shrugs his shoulders and he smiles, "Perhaps, perhaps it would but that's a different thing I would gauge." He says in bemusement.

"Your usual antics are not appropriate for the White Rose Solar," Alienor replies seriously, fixing the nobleman with a serious look. "And if you want to touch me, in the short term or in the long term, you can sign a contract. I will indulge you. At least once."

Marco considers that for a moment and then studies her and that serious gaze. He nods, "I see, that is fair." He says musing at that and he taps his chin thoughtfully, "Well it's good that you're clear about such things. That's a different tact."

"There are novices whose innocence I must protect. And further, I'd prefer to protect my own innocence by setting boundaries. I am a modest woman, and if you wish to see me immodestly, there are steps you can take to further your goals in that direction," Alienor points out seriously, adjusting her veil to make certain it is in place. "We have rules for good reasons. To break those rules requires privacy."

Marco chuckles softly at that and he smiles, "Well I do like the idea of breaking rules. And nothing wrong with protecting those sweet innocent novice's. Must let them wonder after all." He considers for a moment and then he smiles, "Well I will have to consider that then. If there are rules to break…in private. But for the moment I shall adjourn. But I'm sure I will look forward to seeing you again soon."

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