(1311-11-15) Le Chat Roux
Summary: Nicaise meets Soleil for the first time and plays with her ginger kitten.
RL Date: 2019-11-15
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Gardens of Devotion: Le Coquelicot

There is a playful air about the gardens, especially in spring, summer and autumn, when flower beds of red tulips, roses and poppy flowers add colorful dots to the well kept green that is trimmed to a look of wild romantic scenery, despite the everpresent hands of gardeners that keep trees and bushes under their care. The path winds along in generous twists, offering many secret meeting spots to share kisses and vows of love, some of them part of the natural surroundings, while others provide more shelter from the view, arbors of simple beauty with flowery vines twining about posts.

In the center of the gardens is where a second building can be found, pillars of white stone reminiscent of an old Hellene temple. Within, tiles of light rosé marble cover the floor, ten feet high walls are painted a slightly deeper shade of the same color, and interspersed with white columns sporting painted colorful floral ornaments. Curtains of white and lavender gauze flutter faintly before the windows that bathe the Shrine of Love in light during the day. On evenings and nights, the predominant source of lighting is a multitude of burning candles in various bronze candelabras and the pair of chandeliers suspended from the ceiling.

The hall is furnished with chairs and couches of light maple wood carved with flowery designs, upholstered in white and red velvet, with several smaller cushions added for comfort. It also has a medium sized S-shaped loveseat in the center, where two people can lounge, facing each other. A faint scent of roses is ever present, as is the overall romantic mood that is often enhanced with the occasional recital of a love poem over the rippling tones of a lute or harp. While Coquelicot adepts and courtesans of Heliotrope canon attend to the visitors with the pleasant lightness and easy warmth, the salon is known for.

A door at the back leads to a patron room of wildly romantic flair.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and stormy.

Making her way into the gardens, darting between the raindrops until she comes to the central stone building, Soleil is wearing a graceful golden gown and has on her arm a small basket with a pillow in it upon which sits a ginger kitten who proudly surveys all from his comfortable resting place. The Gentian is newly arrived, and there was much ado when she moved in, with fine furniture and much awe, for her marque is not a Coquelicot poppy but the marque of Gentians on Mont Nuit.

This is perhaps not the best day for lounging in the gardens, but Nicaise is here anyway. Perhaps he's waiting a patron to show… or perhaps he's just being lazy! In any case, the young adept reclines on a chair, watching the sky.

The short blonde Gentian sets down her basket at her feet, but the ginger cat continues to lounge. Soleil considers Nicaise thoughtfully, pressing her lips together. She is the sort of lovely that makes one question why she is in Marsilikos, not back in the City of Elua, and when she smiles, it is like a beam of sunshine. "Terrible weather. I was told that it'd be lovely here, and it's been too dreadfully rainy for me to explore the city. Ah, well. I do love the smell of petrichor, the soft earthy smell of the rain," she remarks good-naturedly. "I don't believe we've been introduced, though. I am Soleil L'Envers nó Coquelicot."

Nico rather lazily lifts his head from where he's sitting to watch Soliel as she gets closer. While perhaps not as stunningly beautiful as she is, he's a very handsome boy, though perhaps being termed cute might be more appropriate. Still, he echos her smile with one of her own. "It's the ocean. The ocean has all kindsa weather," he offers, before he sits up some at her introduction. "Nice to meet you! I'm Nicaise, an adept of the salon."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Nicaise," Soleil offers with pleasant warmth, moving to sit on a bench nearby. Her ginger kitty stands up in his basket, stretches languidly, and then leaps out, heading over to sniff the young man. "An adept! I remember how lovely those days were. Working for one's marque. Getting excited for each visit to the marquist. The sweet little baubles patrons give you as tokens of their affection and appreciation." There's something a little dreamy about her voice, something soothing.

"Mm. Yes, I suppose they're nice. Much better than being a novice anyway," Nico muses, though when she mentions the marquist, he winces juuuust a little bit. He eyes the cat for just a moment, though he doesn't say anything, instead refocusing his attention on the older courtesan. "So you are new to the salon? What brought you to Marsilikos?"

"Yes, much better than being a novice. There's a certain amount of agency that comes with being an adept," Soleil agrees, watching with a measure of amusement as the ginger cat hops up next to Nico, investigating him. "I am new indeed. I have come to town with my grandmother, for her health."

The boy's attention is caught by the cat, and her purses his lips together for a moment, before he nods his head. "She is in ill health?" he asks, looking up from the feline, "Perhaps I can help? I favor Heliotrope's cannon, but I am studied in the healing arts as well."

The cat sits down to groom himself in a perfunctory sort of way, taking care of his front paw very patiently. Soleil smiles indulgently at the cat, then looks to the boy just as indulgently. "It is merely that she is in her seventies, and that is rather advanced age for anyone. But I'm sure I could make arrangements for you to meet her at some point. Really, she does love attention so," she says easily.

"If that would make her happy, it'd be my pleasure," the young man offers with a pleasant enough smile, his words seemingly genuine. "Other than the weather, how are you liking it?"

"Other than the weather, I think it's rather lovely, but I'm looking forward to really getting a chance to really tour the town. Explore. See the sights," Soleil replies with a slightly dreamy smile, reaching out to scratch the ginger kitten behind his ears.

"The sounds like fun," Nico says, just a hint of envy in his voice as he goes back to laying down, his eyes closing for a moment.

"Yes? Would you like an escort? I suspect that if you are in my company, there will be no issue if you accompany me. It is important to have a proper chaperone type, and of course, it will take time away from your usual duties, but… Perhaps it might be pleasant," Soleil suggests in a casual sort of way, shrugging and smiling. "Le Chat will come with us, of course."

Nico perks up rather quickly, sitting up on his couch as he favors Soleil with a pleased smile. "Oh, that's a great idea," he agrees, nodding his head vigorously before brush an errant strand of hair out of his face, "I don't get out of the salon too much.. and it'd be nice to see the city. And to get to know you better!"

The ginger kitten curiously rubs his face against Nicaise, then flops boldly into his lap. "We'll keep it proper, of course. Perhaps you can show me the local temples and such. It would be good to make offerings and the like," Soleil murmurs thoughtfully, amused by the antics of her pet.

Nicaise laughs a little bit, amused by the kitten. He reaches out to gently rub the animal's head with his finger tips. "Whats the fun in that?" he says, giving Soliel a bit of a wink at her comment about keeping things proper, before he nods, "Sure, I can show you the Temples, if you'd like. I don't spend much time in them, but I know where they are!"

The kitten bats at the boy's fingers playfully, sprawling like a tiny king, easily entertained. "You should go make your offerings regularly. Especially at the temple of Naamah. You are, of course, one of her servants, and it is good to be respectful," Soleil murmurs softly, looking incredibly comfortable as she watches the kitten play with the adept.

"Oh, I do that, from time to time. I've -been- of course," Nicaise says with a soft laugh, "The baths are nice too. I just don't frequent the temples very often. Busy busy!" Oh yes, he certainly looks busy, lazing about with a kitten.

"Well, marques must be made. May I inquire as to your progress?" Soleil wonders, watching him with her kitten, who seems to be perfectly content to sprawl where he is.

"Oh, I'm about..uh.. maybe a quarter of the way done?" Nicaise offers after considering for a moment, "I haven't been an adept for very long."

"Ah, how lovely. It took me nearly five years to get mine done," Soleil admits with a dreamy little sigh, as if she remembers it pleasantly. "But then, I am Gentian, and we end up with long contracts and our work takes time. So much time and study. Still, it's a rather pleasant thing, to serve."

"Does it?" Nico asks, a little bit of curiosity in his voice, "What Gentians do is a bit of a mystery to me. I mean.. I get the -concept- but.. yeah!"

"It is a bit of a mystery how it works," Soleil points out lightly, tucking a stray lock of perfectly golden hair behind her ear. "But essentially you need to be born with the talent. When you are, you can… sense another's dreams, essentially. And so much comes out in your dreams. The essence of your subconscious mind. What you love. What you fear. Gentians dream-walk, essentially, and then they interpret for their patrons what they have seen. But in order to allow someone into your dreams, you must be comfortable and relaxed and completely willing. It is a vulnerable place to be."

"That sounds… a little awkward," Nico admits with a somewhat sheepish smile, reaching out to touch the kitten behind his ears again, "But I can see the appeal."

The kitten is loving the affection and starts purring as his ears are rubbed. "Ah, Le Chat, you are so spoiled," sighs his mistress with love, watching the cat and the boy. "It gets a little awkward when you are the subject of your patron's dreams, but then, that also means you are very close to your patron, too."

Nico quirks his eye down at the cat, before booping him on the nose. "Well, thats how it's supposed to be for me too," he says, "Long term -romance-. Very close." He gives a roll of his shoulders, "I've yet to make that sort of connection though."

The kitten starts to lick Nicaise as if his hand needs cleaning with his little sandpaper tongue, almost as revenge for the booping. Soleil closes her eyes for a moment and inhales, then opens them again and smiles a bit dreamily. "Really, there's nothing like falling in love. It'll break your heart, though," she warns him gently. "But it's so worth it."

Nicaise pulls his finger away quickly, before looking up at Soliel with a little bit of a smile, "Oh… I'm not worried about it. Not at all."

Le Chat opts to lick himself instead, carefully grooming one paw in a meticulous sort of way. "You should enjoy it," Soleil agrees gently. "Do you have any long-term patrons as yet? That's really what you need to properly manage romance."

Nico shakes his head. "No, I don't," he says before brushing another wisp of hair out of his face again, before offering a smile, "I hope to, of course but…" He trails off.

Le Chat stands up in the boy's lap, smacking him in the face with his tail carelessly. The blonde woman gives the young man a gentle smile. "You will. It may take a little time, but you will get the right patrons. If anything, it's easier when you are older. When you are younger, you spend a lot of time falling in love, but as you get older, then they start falling in love with you."

The boy lifts a mock glass up in his hands. "I'll drink to that," he says with a bout of musical laughter, "THough… I'm in no real hurry to get old!"

"Le Chat Roux!" Soleil fusses at the kitten, who peers at her for a moment and then jumps down, mewing a bit like he has his own contributions to the conversation to make. "Oh, but we all get old," she says with a smile momentarily to the boy, good-naturedly. "You just want to get old like my Granny, who is still quite alive."

"Oh perhaps," Nicaise says, rolling his shoulders in a little bit of a shrug, glancing down at the little kitten for a momment, before he looks up at her, his glance just a little flirty, "I am sure she must be very lovely!"

Soleil smiles indulgently at Nicaise as her cat wanders back to curl up in his basket at her feet once more. "Granny? Oh, she's a dear. She's got quite a sense of humor, but she's easily confused these days. If she likes Marsilikos, though, she may abdicate and let my father inherit. He's doing all the work right now anyway," she notes mildly, sounding fond of her family.

Nico archs an eyebrow at that. "Ah, so you are noble then? I didn't realize!"

Soleil laughs almost playfully at that, nodding once. "Yes, yes. Though tragedy would have to occur for me to inherit. My nephew has a better claim, and besides, I'm needed as a Servant of Namaah," she admits.

"Oh, I wouldn't a -title-," Nico admits with a soft laugh, still watching her a little smile playing across his lips, "But a nice family name.. and perhaps some money. I think those things would be very nice to have." A beat, and he grows a little more serious, "I'm an orphan, so.. its always something I've thought about."

"Oh, successful courtesans often have money. Once you have made your marque, you will still get paid, and you can use that money for your own desires. Besides," Soleil says lightly. "You have your house now. You have a house name. You are one of us."

Nico laughs softly, "Well, of course. But it's not -quite- the same thing, is it?" he says, watching her, his expression somewhat serious despite the laughter, "Ah well. Life is life, and we can't really change it."

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