(1311-11-13) Three Roses
Summary: A White Rose, a Red Rose, and a Thorn gossip about coworkers and clients in the gardens on an overcast day.
RL Date: Wed Nov 13, 1311
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Gardens: La Rose Sauvage

The gardens of La Rose Sauvage offer a different ambience and atmosphere than that of the more oppressive and richly ornate salon. Tall casement windows spill out onto a paved area which gives way to neatly arranged flowerbeds, where a predominance of roses pay homage to the canons encompassed by this salon. The paths are of a dark granite grey which have softened over the years by the encroachment of mosses and lichens, with smaller paths winding off through the beds. It's here along these secluded paths that arboreal areas and private nooks might be found, and where privacy is granted to those that seek it through flowering hedges and curtained awnings.%r%rA fountain plays at the centre of the garden, the copper figures of two nude women, long since mellowed to a soft verdigris, spill water from shells into a pool at its base. The main pathway through the garden leads to a terracotta tiled courtyard that sits towards the farthest end, the walls here flanked by creeping ivy which cloak the walls in scarlet and orange during the autumn months. An oiled silk awning hangs over the courtyard to give shelter from both sun and rain, and oil lamps light the area when evening falls.

The weather has been an off-and-on drizzle, and the temperature has not made up its mind about whether to be warm or cold. It is fairly miserable out. However, it is apparently preferable to being locked in the Solar for one more hour, and Alienor is on her second circuit of the gardens at this point to the great annoyance of her chaperone, who is growing increasingly tired of her charge's utter boredom.

From the main taboo foyer comes the click of heels announcing Evangeline's arrival into the gardens. Her attire is almost the usual; black on black, but her gown is not just a gown and more like a robe that cinches at the waist with thick bands of jet black leather as a belt. The marriage of silk and lace offers more than necessary flesh to be on display, but she's been careful as to not expose -too- much for the sake of the delicate constitution of others. No, she's just finished with someone and has come out to the gardens for a breath of fresh air. The front of her sheer robe is split open, leaving a plunging neckline but high waisted, black underpinnings keep her bottom modest. The look is complete with garters and stockings and while it might appear shocking, all her bits and pieces are covered. The most startling part of this ensemble is the black wig in lieu of her caramel tresses, cut to her shoulders with thick black bangs cut bluntly across her forehead. In one hand she holds onto a stretch of red rope and in the other, a bottle of wine. No glass. "Finally, no rain. I was growing tired of this weather." She'll take overcast any day. "And you," She points to Alienor with the bottle of wine. "What trouble have you gotten yourself into today, hmm?" Clearly teasing the novice and finding herself a comfortable seat near by.

"I am exhausted of the weather. And of not being allowed to cause trouble because I have been locked in the Solar and everyone interesting has been banned from it. It's just been curious noblemen who want to know how much I'm looking forward to my debut," Alienor replies, not bothering to play coy for Evangeline, perhaps because she's in a bit of a sour mood. She's got a thicker looking veil on than usual for the purpose of being grouchy and sour without revealing how sullen her expression is.

Her laughter is wonderfully cruel. The sort of laughter that could call others to join her, but there's a bitter chill to the tone. "Mhmm." The sound pushes against the mouth of the bottle and she tips the wine back to drink. "That sounds -exciting-." Evangeline deadpans. "Tell me, because I'm terribly curious and I really love to learn how people think. I think it's part of my calling, hmm? How did you come to Alyssum? My journey did not start off with Mandrake. My mother is a Jasmine and well, the whole story of how I came to be is a little convoluted and I'm still trying to understand what happened, but nonetheless, I was property of Jasmine House. I even had my debut with them, but, on that night, I was not interested in pleasure. I was upset. I was looking forward to having a debut but it felt wrong."

"Oh, right. I wanted to be able to lie to people and have them think that I was the most perfect angel ever," Alienor replies with rather blunt honesty as she turns towards the Thorn with a measure of interest. If she had pockets, she'd shove her hands in them. As it is, she just folds her arms behind her back and slouches in a convoluted teenaged position. "I want to be able to tell people what they want to hear, and I want them to love me for it."

"I see." Evangeline considers a few things quietly. She crosses her long legs at the knees and leans back. "To an extent I think we all do that. A bit of performance art, but we are also serving a higher purpose. Sometimes people need to be told what they want to hear." The Mandrake licks the remnants of wine from her lips and slaps at her bare thigh with the looped ends of her rope. "You're not terribly convincing, you know? I mean, I know to me, you can drop that facade and I appreciate it, but, will you be able to continue with the pretense and gain joy from it. What if they want you shivering and trembling but never end up loving you because they don't feel like you are worthy of that kind of respect? You are but a novice, I understand it will take time to learn and earn your marque, but this is food for thought. Not a judgement." The wigged woman cants her head to the side, "But you seem, disappointed. Am I inferring this all wrong?"

"I don't know. I'm desperately tired of all of it. I don't really want to be a sheltered little lamb, but I've been a sheltered little lamb for so long that I just don't even know what to do with myself any more. And I'm terribly frustrated and …and bored. I am tired of the Solar. I am tired of being insipid. I am tired of having good manners," Alienor complains in the most petulant teenaged sort of way, and then promptly bursts into tears. "I'm going to be terrible at being a courtesan!"

"I do not think that what you are feeling is abnormal, Alienor." Evangeline shares. "You are -so- close to your debut. I think that even if you were say a Mandrake Novice, you'd feel the same frustrations. It's the build up, it's the anticipation. It's all of the sheltering at an age when you want to pave your own path. Have patience. If it's any consolation, I think once you've had your debut, once you're actually put into practice everything you've been learning for so many years, you will find your release, and I do not mean only that kind of release. But you will finally be free in your own skin. Sure, you still owe the house and need to build your marque, but, you'll be able to have wine, for one!" She laughs again and pushes herself up to go sit near the young woman. "I remember Ophelia going through the same and her debut was something out of a nightmare. It was incredible. Once she had that first night, she was able to be more herself. Right now, it is our job, all of ours here in this house to make sure that our novices are protected." She runs a hand through her dark locks and pulls that black wig off. "What ever am I saying to you. I've become 'soft'." The Thorn shivers with mock disgust. "Just a couple more days. Tell me, who have you been attempting to trap in our honey pot for the debut? There has to be a couple of nobles who are very interested."

"Yes, there are, actually. There are some that I prefer more than others, and there are some who think I should be as giddy as they are about… having my petals unfurled," Alienor points out a bit wryly. "The Vicomte de Toulon, Lord Marco de Mereliot, was particularly excited about the idea of the unfurling. Lady Adeline Victoire Mereliot, Vicomtesse de Cerdagne, though, she seems quite interested in me, and I would be most pleased if she won the bidding. It is clear that to her it is more than about the mere act of …unfurling. I think I have a little crush on her, actually. I have a little crush on Lord Roche Valliers d'Aiglemort, Vicomte de Morteau, though he told me he had no intent to bid, but he's really a strikingly beautiful man. And I am utterly charmed by Lord Elliot Rocaille, who I think would be quite sweet to me if he happened to win."

"Tell me about them." Evangeline turns slightly to listen to Alienor. Her fingers dash through her blonde locks and pull out the tie holding the tresses into a slick bun. She sighs softly and massages her scalp while the novice shares of potential bidders. When she gets to a name that sounds familiar, her grin becomes serpentine. "Lord Elliot is very sweet. I do think he would be quite nice to you. I do not know the others but isn't Lord Marco the nobleman who 'unfurled' a red rose here in the garden?" Evangeline clucks her tongue. "It sounds like your debut is shaping up to be quite an event."

"Yeah, he unfurled her boobs right out of her corset," Alienor replies wryly, more wryly than a teenager probably should. "And I, of course, was utterly mortified that there were boobs. Mortified!" Then she shifts and adds more seriously: "But then he tied her up and did something to her boobs, and let me tell you, I definitely could have passed on catching an eyeful of that. I am curious about many things, but what Lord Marco does to his Red Roses is decidedly not one of them. I've decided to live my life as if I'd never seen that. That is one thing I intend to be innocent of." She wrinkles her nose a bit at this, actually seeming a bit put off.

Evangeline blinks a couple of times and does her very best not to laugh. Without know -exactly- what he did, the Mandrake cannot come to a judgement call other than, "He should not have done that in the gardens. We do have rooms for such. But, I will do my best to be here for your debut, to lend my support to you, however, my schedule tells me I have a regular assignation that day. So, if you do not see me, that is why. It will be great."

"You should laugh," Alienor informs the Thorn with utter seriousness. "It was a boobsplosion. And then it was the Boobpocalypse, because I got in trouble somehow for having witnessed it, even though my chaperone was right there and was also rather beside herself for having seen it." She folds her hands in her lap and gives Evangeline the most innocent and pleading look. "Can I tell you all about it afterwards? The bidding? The, uh… unfurling?"

Well then, the Mandrake does just that! She laughs at the image, the way Alienor describes it all. "I am sure it was all heinous. I am sorry you were in trouble for witnessing such things. But, yes, you can speak with me about anything, -afterwards-, so long as that is still permitted. I do not need to get reprimanded by Raphael. My ego would take quite the lashing."

Clara arrives from the La Rose Sauvage.

Clara has arrived.

Alienor is sitting on a garden bench with the older Mandrake, the little Alyssum earnestly speaking to her about important matters, such as they are. The sky has been threatening rain for hours, although it is not presently raining, but there's a damp breeze to remind any who choose to be outdoors that the weather intends to be inclement. "I will wait until afterwards, I promise," she says seriously, with wide eyes to Evangeline. "I simply suspect that you'll have a different sort of perspective than I do, considering that you're older and more experienced than I am. I shall not ask you any inappropriate questions now, even if I am absolutely dying to know the answers to some of them. Apparently, my manners are appalling. But my innocence is fairly legitimate."

Evangeline continues to laugh. Occasionally she'll take a swig for the bottle of wine but she's conscious of not turning into a sloppy drunk mess. She's wearing some half sheet lace and silk robe concoction with high waisted underpinnings, garters and stockings. A makeshift corset belt of thick leather panels cinches her waist. Somewhere lying in the garden is a black wig. "I know you're curious, but you do not need to rush anything. Besides, it would only be a deterrent for you. If you asked questions beforehand, you would not go into your debut with a clear mind and conscious. You'd be biased and comparing your experience to others. No two debuts are identical."

Sometimes you just need to be outside, even if it isn't terribly pleasant weather. Clara steps out from the rest of the House, her normally light and easily removed dresses replaced for the weather with thicker ones; and a red velvet cloak thrown over the whole thing. Fashionable? Yes. Cozy? Absolutely. She wears it open and loose since it /isn't/ raining, but seems ready to snuggle in to it if weather should threaten. She beams a smile when she sees the other two women, making her way over to them. "Hello!" She greets cheerily.

Looking up as Clara arrives, Alienor smiles cheerfully, dressed the absolute opposite of Evangeline in a long white dress with a high jewel collar, gathered waist, long sleeves, and floor length full skirts. It's very good at hiding her figure under layers and layers of fabric, like a very effective schoolgirl uniform. There's a layered veil over her face, but it's possible to tell she's grinning now, somewhat soothed by the company. "Hello! Mademoiselle Evangeline and I were just discussing how excited and afraid I am of my upcoming debut."

"Hmm, and what have we here?" Says the Mandrake to the roses; the pair of them make such a pretty garden. Eva's smile continues to turn and twist, Cheshire like with impish flair. "More fun playthings. I swear, I am like a large lazy cat with all these little dangling feathers are my disposal."

Clara smiles brightly to the young woman of the White Rose at her words. "I remember what it was like waiting for mine. I was going out of my mind, and despite not knowing anything of what was going to come I was the absolute horniest I have ever been in my life," Clara answers with a grin. "Well, without outside assistance anyway. But it will come soon enough, my dear; I promise you won't actually explode, even if it feels like it." She turns to Evangeline, the smile still on her lips and still quite genuine. "Mmm, promises promises," she offers in amusement. "I don't think we've ever actually had a chance to speak. Clara Valliers no Rose Sauvage," she introduces herself, grinning at the last part—as it is a little obvious. "I would twirl and show off my Red Rose marque, but it's a little cold."

Alienor blushes at Clara's remark, looking rather embarrassed at the very idea. "Ah, I… Maybe? I am mostly very nervous that I'll freeze up and won't know what to do, although I'm assured that would be charming in an Alyssum, so it's practically impossible to mess up," she admits with a nervous little giggle. "It will be nice, though, to have something to do to entertain people besides small talk about how nervous I am. Why, they'll have to pay for the privilege of boring me in the future! Though I do hope I'm not bored. I'm so scared."

"Did you literally just tell a novice that you were the horniest you'd ever been in your whole life before your debut?" The Mandrake narrows her eyes upon the bubbly Red Rose. "Dear, I wonder what Severine would have to say about that." She tsks and drinks some more. It's been that kind of night. "Evangeline nó Rose Sauvage of the Mandrake persuasion." As if she couldn't tell. "I'd show my marque, but, I don't want to."

Evangeline has partially disconnected.

"Forgive me," Clara says sunnily, "I must have forgotten that we were supposed to pretend novices had feelings of any kind. My apologies. And that's alright, I can fill in the gaps. My mother has one, after all," she answers before she looks back to Alienor. "And perhaps not to a White Rose, I apologize. And yes, it makes it much easier to have something to talk about visitors once you can talk about the actual practice of Naamah's arts, rather than the future. And if you do freeze, it's OK," she reassures. "Your first experience is going to be a lot. But that's why we have training, so that we know how to deal with it when it comes to that."

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After Evangeline is called away to deal with some sort of business, Alienor looks to Clara thoughtfully. "Yes, innocent ears and all," she says softly, nodding a bit. "Though really there's no one to witness it, it's more of a maintenance of illusion. I'm supposed to be pure and inexperienced, which I am, but also to not have thoughts about… you know, someone unfurling my petals, as it were. Though some eager potential patrons barely managed euphemism." She sighs faintly. "I will have more questions for you after my debut, more useful questions."

Clara watches Evangeline called away, and shakes her head. "Perhaps I was always a terrible little Red Rose, but I remember discussing things more frankly. It is not a shame to the House to acknowledge that you have feelings about your Debut. Even that one. We're Courtesans, after all; we're going to spending time on our back performing Naamah's Service," Clara offers wryly. "But I don't like being sniffed at by Mandrakes. We're all equal here, in our ranks. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise." She grins. "I'll be happy to answer them, when they are ready."

"Yes, but you are a Red and I am a White. There's a certain… you know, fetishization of innocence with us Alyssum," Alienor points out to the older, more experienced girl, sighing a bit. "You can acknowledge that you are looking forward to Naamah's Service. That your body feels urges. I am to lie about that aspect."

Clara has partially disconnected.

Clara shakes her head, sighing. "Maybe I was used to girl talk only among Red Roses, and if I shocked or offended I am sorry. I certainly don't feel the need to be fetishized too, if you don't need me to be tremendously submissive around you," she responds with a smile. "Well, if Severine is mad at me I'll be in trouble, and if I get thrown out of the house I'll be desolate and haunt the Valliers estate forever as a disappointment to my mother. Won't that be romantic?" She offers with a grin.

"Frankly, I have gotten enough people in trouble this week, and I've already had Severine march me upstairs to the Solar once already this week," Alienor mumbles, shaking her head. "Don't be submissive, but also, no sexy talk until after Saturday. That's my big day. And even then, only when no one else is around."

"Well, if you get thrown out, you can come haunt the Valliers estate too. Wouldn't be the first time a member of the family brought home an unexpected courtesan; and they can hardly complain, because my mother is /terrifying/," Clara says brightly. "But, regardless. What is the theme of your debut?" She asks curiously.

"It's going to be a tea party, and it's going to be all sweet and cute and airy, with honey and cream and lemon pastries," Alienor replies, brightening a bit. "And I get to wear a dress that isn't boring!"

Clara laughs a little bit and grins. "That's delightful. A little bit terrifying, given the decor of the House, but absolutely delightful. I will have to see if I own something Pink and can make time to attend," she offers wryly. "Mine was a slave auction, because why break with the classics?"

"Eee, I hope that it's fun! But I should get going. I hope that I get to see you again soon," Alienor says brightly, hopping to her feet.

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