(1311-11-12) In the Solar
Summary: In the Solar of the Rose Sauvage, patrons and White Roses gather for conversation.
RL Date: 2019-11-12
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La Rose Sauvage: Solar

Compared to the darker, heavy interior of downstairs, the solar feels like a pleasant contrast, where the use of light pastel tones and white provide a light air that is almost convincing. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city are guarded by curtains in light shades of pastel greens and blues. A few thick carpets cover the polished oak floor, where a few high backed armchairs are arranged about a kneeling cushion in the center. Beverages offered here will usually be white sparkling wines, to lighten the mood and keep up a certain innocent air. The tapestries on the white walls are kept to lighter hues as well, picturesque depictions of alyssum flower arrangements along with those of modest maidens in innocent situations, while the darker side to Alyssum canon reveals itself only to the attentive eye, in the details of the woodwork in dark mahogany side tables and the seats, depicting a pair of man and woman caught in obvious amorous entanglement, she faintly resisting and averting her gaze.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a fall morning. The weather is cool and fair.

It's a lovely fall morning on the other side of the window, and Alienor has very nearly finished her painting of the view through said window, the one that looks out on the gardens. It's lovely, full of autumn colors, with some distance to it that gives it a bit of a sense of longing, for the gardens are not in full bloom and it is clear that the season is taking its due.

She is very careful of her clothing as she paints, for she wears a very bright white gown, very conservatively cut, with a high jewel neckline and a gathered waist that spreads into voluminous skirts. Pinned in her hair is a white rose, and over this is worn a fine veil, thin enough to see through easily but there to remind that she is innocent and untouchable.

Out early today to explore the city, Reza found himself making his way to La Rose Sauvage. The Akkadian wears finely tailored clothing native to his homeland. His clothing is all colored in a reach cream and is made up of baggy, flowing clothing made to keep one comfortable and cool. Walking with his hands softly clasped behind his back he comes to where ALienor paints and stops. Tilting his head a bit he studies the painting. Looking from it to the window and then back before he says softly, "You are a very skilled artist. I like what you've done here. May I take a closer look?"

When she is addressed, Alienor rises quickly, aware of the patron's presence, leaving the bit of artwork in the easel for him to inspect. She turns to look at him, and her mouth opens slightly in surprise as she observes his beautiful foreign clothing, but she curtsies deeply. "My lord," she says politely and demurely, soft and gently spoken. "You compliment my simple work highly. You may, of course, have a closer look."

A polite nod of his head is given in response as Reza stands tall with his hands still clasped lightly behind his back. He lets his gaze however slide over Alienor once she is standing before him. Its a slow study that takes in her fine features, beautiful dress and the conservative nature of the cut. Looking from her to the painting he moves closer to really look from it then out the window. There is a slight smile as he speaks softly, "I must say. I love the autumn colors and the cool, mmm, bite? To the air that can come with it. Your painting picks up those colors very well." Looking back to Alienor he asks with a grin, "Do you ever paint people?"

"Thank you, my lord," Alienor replies, delighted with his praise. She stands up to her full inconsiderable height of a mere 5'3", and she's wearing flats, so there's simply no boost from her shoes. She is petite and dainty. "Mostly, I paint landscapes and still life. They are less fidgety, and I am a slow and careful artist. However, I am not opposed to the idea of portraiture. I simply have not had much time to practice it." She laughs suddenly and blushes slightly. "I also have a tendency to eat my subjects when it is still life. Fruit and such. I do not think people would appreciate such."

There is a soft laugh and a warm smile given to Alienor as she speaks of eating her subjects. Nodding his head there is a look back at the painting before Reza steps back to let her have her space to paint more if she wishes. "Tell me, other than painting. What is it you enjoy? What are the things you excel in?" One dark brow lifts and he moves around to the window to look out over the landscape.

Alienor leaves the painting alone for a moment so that she can focus her attention on the guest, though she is careful not to get paint anywhere. "I read a lot of books," she admits quietly, following his gaze to look out the window at the garden. "And I do spend quite a lot of time out in the gardens. The weather shall likely be too cold for lingering out there, but I enjoy my walks. But my studies take up quite a lot of my time. I am to debut in less than a week."

Reza keeps his gaze out through the window or perhaps studying Alienor in the reflection. Standing in silence for a long moment he grins then cuts his gaze in her direction. "Mmmm, its odd but I enjoy the cooler weather. Probably for the difference from my homeland. The smell of rich earth, dampness in the air, with that nip that reddens cheeks and the tip of noses." Grinning he turns his attention more fully in her direction. "What topic do you enjoy in reading? More of the philosophic or perhaps stories of romance?"

"Oh, I do love a good story of romance, where the heroine is uncertain that she desires the advances of the dashing nobleman, and he works her down, and she gives in to his pressures only to discover that she's loved him all along," Alienor suggests with a bit of a sigh, smiling at the romantic thought. She sighs again a bit dreamily. "But I also love philosophy. Studies on human nature, the darker side of love and pleasure, and compassion and empathy." She looks out the window once more.

Nodding he gives a soft smile as he fights back a chuckle at her talk of romance stories. "Is that what you dream of? A dashing nobleman coming in with unwanted advances that you learn to enjoy?" Trying not to grin he looks back out the window then to add, "I love Philosophy as well though a lot of my time and energy outside of such has been on being a warrior and leader."

Marielle arrives from the Upper Landing.
Marielle has arrived.

"I believe it is a fairly standard Alyssum trope," Alienor replies with an easy and charmed smile, folding her hands before her. They are standing near the window, looking out upon the garden, and nearby is a painting of the view of the garden through the window on which Alienor was putting the finishing touches before Reza arrived. "I read another book where the secret warrior spy ended up falling in love with the beautiful foreign queen that she was to protect, and it took pages and pages before they realized that they loved one another, with the heroine comforting the queen after a foiled assassination plot."

"I think I should find these books to read for myself." Grinning as he looks out into the autumn landscape a moment of silence follows as he simply searches the scene outside. "Well. I am sorry I don't think I introduced myself." A polite bow is given and he adds softly, "I am Reza Ahmad Arvinrad." Standing up straight he continues on, "But you can call me Reza. Formalities and other trappings aren't required in these quiet discussions, no?"

Just as Reza says his name the White Rose SEcond enters the solar. After a glance around a subtle nod dismisses Alienor's guard and chaperone Marielle gives a soft clear of her throat to alert of her presence then a curtsy is given to Reza before she moves to Reza and gives him a greeting kiss, veil brushed briefly out of the way. She then speaks in Akkadian, "Hello, Reza. I am glad to see you, as I always am" Then back to D'Angeline she switches to smile at Alienor, "Hello, Alienor. I see you have been getting out and getting to know people."

Alienor looks quietly impressed that Marielle knows this lord's foreign language, and she blinks at her in delight. Knowing someone is a master linguist is not the same as hearing foreign words on their tongue. "Yes, Mademoiselle Marielle," she replies pleasantly, curtseying to the woman gracefully, pleased to see her. She looks back to Reza. "I am Alienor, as Mademoiselle has said. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Reza is pleasantly surprised at seeing Marielle here in the Solar and she is greeted with a warm kiss. As they speak in his native tongue its obvious that the lord is delighted. The way his eyes shine and he smiles shows that it does him good. "My lady, you know it is my eternal pleasure in seeing you." Shifting out of his native tongue he looks between the two women and then says in the local language. "Every time I hear my language spoken so well it fills me with joy."

A flush touches Marielle's cheeks at Reza's response, as one would expect. She does say in D'Angeline, "I am aware, my lord, that you delight in hearing your language. IT is why I, at the very least, greet you in it." Then she smiles to Alienor once more, "I am glad to see you getting out. You can leave the salon, just assure you have a guard and chaperone with you when you do."

"I'm afraid I don't know any other languages, but it seems like an excellent skill to have," Alienor observes, delighted that the other two are delighted even though she hasn't the first idea what they're saying to one another, though she assumes it must be pleasant due to all the smiles. "Yes, Mademoiselle," she agrees with a nod. "I have found that a chaperone is quite necessary for some who 'forget' the rules conveniently."

Reza gives Marielle a smile and a nod of his head at her words spoken back. Looking to Alienor he then says quietly, "Mmmm. Forgive me and my enjoyment of hearing and speaking in my native tongue. It isn't polite for us to do so in your presence so we will hold off. Marielle and I will have more than enough time to speak together later. For now we're stick to D'Angeline for politeness." Nodding to both women he then listens to their quiet conversation. "Conveniently?" Laughing he looks out the window and then nods. "I see how that could work. What happens in that event if there is no chaperone?"

At the question of no chaperone Marielle goes quiet a moment then says, "A lot of it depends on what hapens without the chaperone present." A pause here, "The consequences can vary fro a warning to something far more dire." Lightly along Rea's arm MArielle's hand slides so she can guide him to a chair to sit.

"I wouldn't go anywhere without a chaperone present. I have had too many unexpected things happen *with* a chaperone present not to have one nearby. There is too much of a power differential between me and anyone who might desire to take advantage of me, after all," Alienor explains seriously, giving a wide-eyed look to Reza and then Marielle before looking back to Reza.

As he's being guided to a nearby chair, Reza smiles and moves along with Marielle's urging. Finding a close, comfortable chair the man sits and takes a moment to adjust his clothing for the best to keep comfortable. "Well then, perhaps someone should take the time to teach all of you how to better protect yourselves. That isn't against the rules is it?" One dark brow lifts as the Akkadian lord smiles. "There are many ways to discourage unwanted advances or even if wanted, inappropriate advances I guess it could be called, if I am to believe some of the romance stories that Alienor has spoken of."

Adeline has connected.

Once Reza is settled MArielle bids Alienor to a cushion then settles on one herself, aftering briefly slipping off to get drinks and snacks. "A Courtesan does not learn.." A pause, "..combatant type things. IT is not oft a thing we are to use. We have guards and it is a less than wise move to act against the Night Court. We're a holy order." Alienor's assuring she will not be without a chaperone gets her a smile of approval.

Moving to kneel on the cushion that Marielle has indicated before sitting back on her feet, Alienor presses her skirts down a bit so that they do not puff up so much like a macaron. Nonetheless, they are quite good at concealing her figure, which may be a pity, depending upon perspective. She folds her hands neatly in her lap, looking quite copacetic. "Inappropriate advances are unwanted; in this time prior to my debut, my purity simply must be unquestionable and I must maintain my innocence," she says seriously.

Reza nods and says softly to them both. "That is right. Combat isn't allowed, yes?" One dark brow lifts and then he shrugs. "Or perhaps I just needed to be reminded. It just seems strange that others wouldn't head the rules of purity though I see how those same could be guided by or controlled by lust, need and the like." Shrugging his shoulders a bit he looks to Marielle as she returns and takes a glass of wine from her with a soft spoken thank you.

Speaking of combatants —

— an attendant announces lightly: "The Lady Adeline Mereliot, Vicomtesse de Cerdagne." That's because such woman has made her way from below to the upper lounge, her weaponry left at the front. She has been in attendance at the Salon de Rose Sauvage at least thrice in the past month. Her renown has risen somewhat in the same period: she was the winner of the Gotland Exhibition's axe-throwing contest, and winning axe-throwing competitions is not traditionally lady-like.

Not that anyone would mistake her for being "girlish."

"Thank you," murmurs the tall, broad woman to the attendant. She then approaches the trio already present, and inclines her head to all of them at once. "Good day." A smile appears and then disappears. "I hope I am not interrupting? I had a — " Beat. " — very pleasant time last time I visited. I thought I would do so again to — " She makes a gesture with her hand.

" — clear my thoughts."

"For some, it is easy to 'forget' when something desirable is at arm's reach, my lord," Alienor replies a bit sadly to Reza, nodding once. She is sitting on a cushion with her wide skirts in a circle around her, and when the Blue Lady arrives, she smiles brilliantly through her veil and rises again so that she might curtsey. "Vicomtesse! It is a pleasure to see you, my lady. Please, make yourself comfortable. Are you familiar with the Lord Reza Ahmad Arvinrad?"

Nodding to the group he says softly, "I see how that could be indeed the situation." Going silent in a thoughtful way he's pulled from his thoughts as the Vicomtesse arrives. Reza stands from his seat and offers a polite bow in Adeline's direction at the introduction. "My Lady." He says politely, standing and waiting for her to sit before he does himself.

"I am not, I don't think."

Adeline inclines her head politely to Reza. "I trust I am not interrupting a private conversation." She probably is, but at least she recognizes her intrusion. The woman smells a little like steel and pine, for whatever reason. "I thought that I would be able to talk again with — " She gestures at Alienor. " — you, mademoiselle, or another of the White Roses about their philosophy." She does not explain why.

She just takes a seat after, metal-covered hands folding one atop the other.

"I would be delighted to discuss philosophy with you today, my lady," Alienor replies, bowing her head to the Vicomtesse. "May I offer either of you tea?" She motions between them. "Lady Adeline, allow me to present Lord Reza Ahmad Arvinrad. Lord Reza, Lady Adeline Mereliot, Vicomtesse de Cerdagne."

Still standing, Reza gives a warm smile to the women and another polite bow towards Adeline. "There is no interruption. I was just speaking about things I should have known the answer to, though Alienor did get me interested in reading some of the romance stories that she reads." A warm smile is given to the younger woman as he turns his attention back to Adeline. "You are a warrior, champion of recent games. Tell me, some time would you care to train together? Spar? Perhaps have a friendly game of such?" Waving off the offered drink as he shows his glass of wine, Reza looks back to Adeline.

The Blue Lady sits down with a sigh.

"I would like that." Beat. "But perhaps not in the foreseeable future. There are matters for which I must give my attention, my Lord, and I am afraid that I would not have my full attention into the training. There is no point to train half-heartedly or idly; otherwise, that is not training but recreation. And it would invite injury, which is something I cannot afford."

Apparently, someone is serious about training.

Adeline's attention remains on Reza for the moment. "Are you also a warrior, my Lord? Do you remain in Marsilikos for leisure or for business?" There is a crispness in her tone. Then, she looks to Alienor, and nods her head slowly. "Whatever you will give me, mademoiselle, I would appreciate, thank you."

Eyes back to Reza, awaiting answers.

Alienor slips away for a moment to prepare tea for the Vicomtesse, taking care not to spill any on her clothes or the tablecloth or even the saucer. When she returns, one might note that there are a pair of cinnamon and sugar cookies balanced on the edge of the saucer to be enjoyed with the tea, and all of this is offered to Adelaide with a gentle smile. "My lady," she offers gently, then moves to turn her attention to the conversation at hand.

Once Adeline sits and settles in, Reza follows and sits back into his own chair. A sip of wine is taken and then the glass is held dangling from the spidered fingers of his right hand off the side of the chair. "I am a warrior. Here for leisure and business should such become available. I've found a wonderful time here, more with Marielle and her mastery of language."

Adeline's eyebrows lift.

"Is that so?" Beat. "If I recall, Marielle is one of the White Roses here, and I have — " Beat. " — I have, as of late, developed an interest in the philosophy of the White Roses. It is in stark contrast to what I have lived and experienced." Being a warrior, she insinuates. "Do you find it the same, my Lord?"

"Is that why your time with her?"

Once again, Alienor takes a seat upon the cushion on the floor so that she can listen with interest to the nobility speak, ever at attention should either of them desire anything. But for the moment, she is silent, allowing them their conversation.

Having been approached by a Novice about White Rose matters Marielle has stepped away to tend to duties as sEcond. The guard and Chaperone for Alienor returning the moment Marielle steps out the door. When she returns they extract once more after giving leave by the White Rose Second. Back to Alienor and Reza she goes, blinking a little in surprise at a third person being added. But the surprise is gone quickly as the White Rose dips intoa curtsy to Adeline, "My lady. IT is good to see you again. I hope you've been well?" Towards a cushion beside Reza the Second moves to sit once more, "Sorry about that. The duties of a Second are never done."

As Marielle enters once more, Reza looks in her direction and before she can find her seat in the cushion beside him, he instead pulls her into his lap. Letting the woman settle in he thinks over his words while studying Adeline's features from his seat. "I'm not sure if I loose the nuance of some words and ideas in translation. Is philosophy said her in place of something meaning something else?" Looking to the woman in his lap the Akkadian slips into his native tongue to ask Marielle for clarification.

Adeline purses her lips for a moment.

"I am perhaps asking too serious a topic." A concession. "I simply wanted to know what it is that brings you back, my Lord." Shrug. "Under the armor I wear I am still a chirurgeon. One does not become one without developing a somewhat-tenacious case of curiosity about things." She then looks to Marielle.

"Does the Lord visit you often?"

Although the novice has fallen silent, it is clear that she is paying attention to the conversation at hand, particularly the parts of it which she understands. Alienor's green gaze, softened by the barrier of the veil, lingers on Adeline largely, though it turns to the lord and the Second when they speak.

A surprised noise escapes Marielle as she is pulled into Reza's lap. Skillfully MArielle does the expected 'resistance' of an embarassed White Rose but she ends up, very easily, exactly where Reza wants her. Against him she settles, looking flushed. First, in Akkadian, in response to Reza, "She is speaking of the difference in our life styles, I believe. THose of the Whote Rose live a life of innocence and failing to resist the temptation of those seeking to corrupt us. She lives that of a warrior." Then to Adeline a nod is given and she switches back to D'Angeline, "Reza and I have set up a long term contract. So, he is frequent to me. I very rarely accept anything but long term contracts so those who come to spend time with me are usually thse I spend regular time with. IT is quite common for those of Rose Sauvage to have a preference for long term contracts." The latter words sound more like a comment directed towards Alienor without being obviously as such.

A knowing nod is given at the response from Marielle. Reza follows it with a soft sound of understanding and sips his wine while thinking over those words. Looking back to Adeline he smiles and gives a belated nod of agreement. "I find it interesting indeed. It is still odd to me that training in combat isn't allowed for self defense but it is because like you I've been training or find myself to be a warrior." Smiling he stops speaking as Marielle explains their contract while he looks from her to the other two then back.

Long-term contracts, eh?

Adeline keeps her attention with Marielle. "It sounds particularly difficult, based on what I know — " Beat. " — it seems difficult to continue the charade of innocence over and over. If it is, in fact, an illusion." She frowns for a moment, and then looks to Alienor for just a second. "Perhaps I am simply over-thinking things." Beat. "Another question, though, if I may?"

"What was your debut like for you, Marielle?"

Alienor nods thoughtfully to Marielle when she provides information about long term contracts, internalizing that with a bit of a blush. It's probably an unnecessary blush, but it is cute, and she steals another long glance at Adeline as the woman speaks, waiting for Marielle to reply before looking back in her direction.

A coy glance away is given at Adeline's wonder if the 'innnocence' of a White Rose is an illusion or not, the Second doing nothing to clarify if it is or not. "Warriors make one of the most interesting people to be with." is all Marielle comments on about warrior things. She looks flustered to have daringly admited to a relationship with warrior types. At the question of her Debut, "It was as grand as expected of the Night Court. It was quite embarassing as well." To be the center of attention, heaven forbid.

Drinking his wine while he listens, Reza seems interested in learning much of what is being discussed. Still, in hopes of not interrupting the conversation he stays out of it and focuses instead on the wine in his glass while letting his gaze travel between the women speaking.

There's a story there, and Adeline is curious.

"Embarrassing? Sounds hardly like the debut I would have wanted." She frowns for a moment, and then puts a thought aside. "I presume you mean to speak of the bidding, but I was thinking more — " She gestures with her hand. " — of the first night. And what it was like for you."

"If you don't mind."

Alienor has turned her full attention on Marielle now, watching how she sits in Reza's lap, listening to her word choice, observing her pretense of innocence before comfortable acceptance. She looks back to Adeline, then, smiling faintly.

The more attention focused on her, the more flustered the White Rose Second looks. There is a reason she is the Second at such a young age, after all. When directly asked of the night she focuses on Adeline a moment, likely trying to pinpoint more accurately the kind of answer she wants. "The lord who won my Debut was.. creative with his affection."

Sitting up a bit in his chair, Reza lifts one brow as he finishes off his wine. Shifting a bit in his seat he wraps an arm around the woman in his lap and then looks from her to the others then back. Smiling a bit he asks, "Creative?" Lofting a dark brow he fights back a wider grin and then looks to the other two, "I'm not the only one who thinks this story needs to be told more in depth, am I?"

Adeline looks to Reza, and nods her head.

She doesn't smile. Not really. There's just this look on her face. Of course she wants to hear more. But it's important that the Lord is the one who asks. After all, she doesn't have a long-term contract with Marielle.

She just coughs and listens.

In a word, Alienor looks fascinated. This is exactly the sort of thing she'd like to hear with less than a week left to go before her debut, with all the uncertainty of that hanging over her head.

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