(1311-11-09) Inappropriate Intoxications
Summary: A White Rose is caught downstairs amongst courtesans and patrons of the sharper canons; and she brings to the attention of the Red Rose Second, a circumstance that is bound to stir discussion…
RL Date: 11/09/2019
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La Rose Sauvage — Night Court

A huge hearth of black marble, with gargoyles of stone adorning the mantlepiece, governs the foyer of the Salon de la Rose Sauvage, which emanates a certain dark air, the interior design of the more heavy sort, that could easily be encountered in a gentleman's club, especially with the dark cherry wood wainscoting used on the walls. Dark leather upholstery is predominant in the furniture of chaise longues, couches and long-backed chairs that are arranged in a half-circle, leaving space in the center for courtesans (or patrons) to kneel for an inspection. Three tall windows with circular stained-glass insets are framed by dark red curtains of heavy brocade, a few golden threads worked into the fabric catching occasionally the light of flickering oil lamps at the walls. The lamps light a pair of portrait paintings, of the two founders of the salon, Edouard Shahrizai and his cousin Annabelle no Mandrake, resplendent in their dark Kusheline appeal; and a cabinet in a corner, holding a number of quality wines and a flagon of uisghe.

The foyer has a high ceiling, and a gallery beyond a balustrade of dark teak wood, carved in the shapes of gargoyles. Sometimes a few veiled creatures can be spotted up there, stealing glances at what is going on below; from the gallery, which can be reached by ascending some winding stairs at the back of the foyer. Beside the stairs leading up is a hallway on ground level, leading further into the building to where the offices of the leader of the salon and his two Seconds can be found, along with the two wings of private quarters for roses of Mandrake and Valerian canon.

Stalking out from the hallway that leads to the private quarters, comes the sharp snap of heels against the polished floor. The walk is confident and pointed, the mark of a Thorn on her way out. Evangeline is tugging on a pair of buttery soft black leather gloves that come to the wrists. Her tailored coat is short in the front, resting at about her hips, and longer in the back, coming to about the backs of her knees. Brushed silver buttons line one whole side of the front of the jacket but it is left open for now. Black are her sleek pants and the matching black riding boots. As for the shirt, it is a blouse. Navy. Mens. Not hers originally but she had some modifications made. Her long blonde hair is swept up into a chignon but is mostly hidden by the high collar of her jacket.

Sitting at the bottom of the steps, wearing her very conservative white dress, Alienor is fairly absorbed in her book. One little white ballerina flat peeks out from under her hem in contrast to the heels that Evangeline wears. Those heels announce the Thorn, and the Novice looks up nervously, snaps the book shut, hides it in her sleeve once more, and pretends she wasn't reading it at all. "Ah! Mademoiselle," she greets Evangeline with a pretty little smile, her veil thin enough to reveal it.

Marco emerges from wherever in the Salon he's disappeared from. He has a vaguely pleased look to him and doesn't look particularly ruffled. Marco emerges with glass of wine into the main area sipping quietly and letting his eyes meander.

There is an abrupt stop just then as Evangeline hears a familiar voice. She turns slowly and glances down at the White Rose in training. A slow, wicked grin blossoms across her lips. "Mm, reading again are we?" The Thorn teases. Her slender arms come to cross beneath her chest and she cocks a brow, attempting to intimidate the young Alienor but it is a feeble attempt on purpose. "How does the day find you, Alienor?" Violet-blue eyes slip over to the young nobleman who emerges from behind some surreptitious door. She tilts her head in his direction and looks to Alienor for the gossip.

Some people are filtering in, but Séverine is already here. The Red Rose may be distinguishable from the dark red color of the long-sleeved dress she wears, but even more so from the marque at her back, that is visible through the deep slope of the cut of her gown. Rose Sauvage may be the only salon in Marsilikos that has three different marques for each of its three canons, and in Séverine's case, the color of the rose is red to mark her as obviously one of those of Valerian canon. Spotting a white rose down here makes the Red Rose Second pause in her stroll about the salon, and her grey eyes come to rest on Alienor. Especially when Evangeline approaches the innocent novice, and a familiar face arrives, in Marco de Mereliot. "My lord," Séverine greets him softly, before she elects to approach Alienor and Evangeline. "What may you be doing downstairs, my little flower?", she addresses to the misplaced White Rose.

"It's a very good book, Mademoiselle," Alienor says to Evangeline with the most innocent and sweet smile she can muster, which is pretty angelic, all things considered. "But that's just a diversion, of course. I had to come inside. The gardens were…" But then there's Severine, and she looks quite guilty. "I was going upstairs, Mademoiselle!" she insists. "I just got distracted and sat down." She turns her gaze to the top of the stairs as if trying to decide whether fleeing is yet again the correct choice.

A young lady walks in, with short cut black hair, a long , shimmery red lace dress that bares her shoulders, though since the weather has been getting chillier, she's put on a shawl. Theodosia looks around, clearly not a stranger to the Rose sauvage, but even so, she seems delighted to find so many people gathered about, some that she's even met before, though she abstains from joining any group, accepting a glass of red wine from a servant.

Marco smiles as he catches the familiar figure of Alienor and he smiles, "Did you have a pleasant walk?" He asks as he approaches the two. His eyes flicking to Evangeline next then and bows his head lightly, "Good e…" He trails off and he glances to Severine and he beams warmly, "Severine. It's been far too long." He says with warmth in his voice turning to see her, "Ah.. fresh flowers so ready to bloom are difficult to keep track of. One does have to worry who knows what wickedness they might catch a glimpse of here." he says mildly as he takes a long sip of his wine.

Evangeline extends her supremely charming smile to Severine and even offers the Second of Red Roses a tasteful bow of her head. "Surely there is a chaperone around here somewhere." The blonde rocks back and forth on her heels, pretending to be looking for Alienor's chaperone. "Ah, there is one now." Maybe. The Mandrake squints. "Severine, you look impeccable. I love this dress on you. The color suits your regardless of your canon. Sadly the color always seemed to clash with me. It has been some time since we have seen one another. We should perhaps plan some sort of soiree for the house." Is she trying to buy time for Alienor? Are these two in cahoots? Who can say. It seems fishy. New people moving about always seem to catch her attention, and a newcomer who is barely dressed for the season definitely catches her eye. "You poor thing, you will catch a cold that way." She tells Theodosia. "That shawl does you no justice." Marco is then greeted with a polite bow of her head. "My Lord."

Danté walks in from down the hallway stretching as he enters into the foyer of the salon looking around at the others gathered before he walks over towards the fireplace to lean up against the wall for now.

Theodosia smiles and nods. "I…suppose it does not, milady.." She flushes a bit under the Thorn's gaze and she takes her shawl off, handing it to the servant. "I suppose I do not need it in here, after all, the air is quite..warm.." She fans herself with her hand, shoulders bared and a good look into her cleavage offered to anyone who deigns to watch. A quick glance is given to Lord Marco..and to the new comer Dante..

"Ah… you must be more careful," Séverine tells Alienor with that soft voice of hers, and she places her hand gently on the White Rose's shoulder. "Lingering down here might expose you to sights… and conversations that are not fit for the eyes and ears of an innocent rose." She gives the novice an empathetic look, before Evangeline addresses her and she straightens, turning to face the blonde Thorn. "Thank you," the Red Rose Second smiles towards Evangeline, "I have found that this gown tends to draw the eye… it emphasises the pallor of my skin, does it not?" She does look a little frail, her skin so white it almost looks like alabaster. Rumor has it, that Séverine fostered at Cereus House on Mont Nuit for awhile, before her true calling was revealed through the candy test. Marco receives a smile and a curtsey, executed with Night Court trained grace, which is extended to Theodosia and Danté as well. "My lady. Monsieur Danté." Séverine gives the both of them a nod of greeting.

Marco smiles, "Severine… I don't think there are any gowns that do not draw eyes to you." He points out warmly before he glances to Ali, "Yes… you should be careful there are terrible influences afoot." He says warmly as his eyes linger on her and then his eyes wander. He smiles, "Theodosia." He says warmly greeting the noblewoman, "It's been too long." He admits and then he looks to Evangeline again considering her though thoughtfully then, "A busy day in the salon today?" He asks of the group.

"Honestly, Mademoiselle, that is why I came in out of the garden," Alienor notes to Severine with a somewhat guilty look. "The lord was with a Red Rose companion, and he had her half undone before I managed to escape," she adds, eyeing Marco somewhat distrustfully. "But I did have a nice walk, thank you, my lord." She drops him an awkward little curtsey, standing on the stairs, book in hand.

As it seems she is not leaving just yet, Evangeline removes her outer coat and tosses it over to an apprentice who is right in her direct sight line. The apprentice sees it happening, but it comes across as cruel. It's a good thing the apprentice was not holding a tray of drinks. The navy silk blouse has been remastered to fit Evangeline a bit better. Still, it is blousy and boxy, in the front, hiding some of the woman's more feminine assets. the back however has been cut open with a diamond shape that exposes her marque; Dark, haunting, chilling. The Mandrake is a thing of nightmares and can either intrigue or terrorize. While the others are getting settled, Eva eyes the other Thorn in the room who has made himself something of wall flower. Her dastardly smirk is directed to Dante. "Would you trust her in my care, Mademoiselle Severine?" The Thorn inquires of Alienor. "If she needs a chaperone of course."

Séverine inclines her head towards Marco, accepting his compliment without the single blink of her eyes. "Terrible influences, hmm?", she repeats with the ghost of a wink. But then her attention is on Alienor, and she leans in to receive the White Rose's uttered confessions. Or are they accusations? "Which Red Rose?", is the instant question that leaves her lips. "Half undone?" At which she turns her grey eyes towards Marco and arches a brow. "Did you really do this in the gardens, in front of a White Rose that is yet to debut?" Even if her voice is as soft as ever, there is a certain edge to it. "I fear I will have to report this, to the White Rose Second." To Evangeline, she replies, "No, I would not. There are White Roses that would see to this. And…", Séverine's lips twist in a wry smile, "I would never entrust a predator with watching over a delicate lamb. Can you really fault me for that?"

Danté offers Severine a bow of his head but he's sticking to just watching for now but he does look over at Alienor, "The lovely Second of Red Roses is right you should be a bit careful down here." He looks over at Evangeline's Mandrake Marque and smirks a bit, "I'd have to agree with Mademoiselle Severine on this one. We live to torment young innocent lambs such as her."

"My lord Marco, too long indeed, though I see you have not been lacking in beautiful companionship.." Theodosia smile brightly, batting her long , dark eyelashes, though she follows Evangeline's movements too, with a little shiver passing through her body. She does take a long sip from her wine, wetting her lips..and hiding her face as she hears talk of innocent lambs.. did she blush a little there?

Marco glances to Ali as she outs him, "Half undone? I was certainly nowhere near half…" He says mildly and then he glances to Severine and he pauses considering his words, "Well when we approached I didn't know she was yet to debut. And she was heading away. I would say I was more in the loosening process than the undone process. I'm sure we don't need to make a big issue of it." He says and raises a thumb to trace his jaw, "Though I suppose I should be more careful of such things." He frowns vaguely raising a hand up to trace his lip as if considering it might actually have been a problem for the first time and seeming a little chagrinned at the risk. His head tilts to Evangeline looking curiously as she suggests herself as chaperone and then looks amused at Severine's response.

"Oh please!" Evangeline exclaims. "That's absurd. I can be a lamb." She does her best to fix her sharp features into something doe eyed and innocent. It just comes across completely wrong. "Fine, I am not a lamb." She slides a mischievous look over to Alienor. "Alas, I tried." she shrugs. "I should however extend my thanks that you think me too much of a predator. I do not think anyone has said anything so nice about me before." Severine is thanked with a wink. "Speaking of little lambs." She eyes Theodosia a moment, then looks to Dante. "I have a game in mind." She stalks over towards the male Mandrake and slips across his back to pass her words off into his ear. Her eyes fixed on Theodosia while her nails tap-tap-tap on Dante's shoulder.

"If I had realized what was going on, I'd have left sooner," Alienor insists, and there are tears in her eyes and a waver in her voice. She pouts unhappily, glancing to Evangeline and then Dante before looking back to Severine. "It was Denise," she volunteers momentarily, sounding terribly guilty. "I didn't think he was just going to…" Here her voice drops to a whisper. "Just open her top."

Danté listens to Evangeline's plan and just smirks mischeviously, "Oh I think that's out right cruel. It's delicious." He looks over at the young lady in question and then sighs a bit, "I may have to get a drink first though. Sounds like it will be utterly exhausting." He looks to Marco and just shakes his head a bit, "At least find an out of the way spot m'lord. There's a wonderful little spot out of the way with lattice work that just begs for ropes to be used. And well off the regular paths that the poor innocent lambs walk along."

"Denise, hmm?" Séverine meets Alienor's gaze, however the White Rose tries to evade it. "I shall have a word with her. The gardens are no place for displays as these, apart from the more secluded areas," she opines with a hint of disapproval in her tone. She is in charge of the Red Roses, and it will be on Séverine to deal with the lapse. "I apologize…" Grey eyes flick their gaze towards Marco, and Séverine gives him a vaguely cool look. "Intimacies as these are meant to be kept to patron rooms, they are not to occur in the public areas of our salon." Evangeline and Danté she spares a glance and a smile, as they whisper about Theodosia.

"A Game?" Theodosia gulps a bit, and fans her face again as she gives Evangeline, Marco and Dante suspicious looks, but somehow her glass finds itself empty…and she holds it up to be refilled. "Now, I do wonder what sort of… hm." She can hear ropes being mentioned, though she gives Severine a curtsey. "I am sure..this is all..theoretical. The Thorns could not mean..you know…" Though she's clearly intrigued.

"Oh, well now I realize why I cannot be a lamb." Evangeline slips back from Dante and snaps her fingers. "I'm the Shepherd. I have a collection of canes. Would you care to see them?" Mandrake talk. "And it's not always about the length or girth of the cane, either." A drink sounds appropriate right about now. Alienor is murmuring about seeing a woman's bosom in the midst of a passionate tryst and Evangeline musters her composure to keep from laughing. She moves about the room to fetch a bottle of wine and glasses from one of the apprentices, showing that she -can- be nice if she wants to, and offers drinks to everyone. "Wait, are novices allowed to have wine?" She looks to Severine now, the question is genuine. "It's been quite some time since I've been in her position."

Marco considers Alienor's tearing and pouting. His brow furrowing as he tilts his head. He sighs, "And this is why I typically stick to the other portions of the house." He considers, "It was more teasing at that point but… I see your point. My apologies Second." He says bowing his head lightly. As much as Marco might flaunt so many rules it seems he is loathe to cross the leaders of the Rose Sauvage, no doubt given his avid interest there." He studies Ali and looks rueful, "I suspect I will not be allowed to your debut after all little one." He muses though he glances to Dante at the suggestion of places but he manages not to respond for the moment though certainly noting it. He glances to THeodosia and smiles in amusement and he looks to Evangeline, "You know… I'd say I don't think that a shepherd's outfit would suit you. But somehow I suspect you could pull it off… or well put it on." He quickly takes up more wine.

"Are you out of your mind?" Bold words, uttered towards a Thorn, but here they are. Séverine looks at Evangeline, shaking her head at the courtesan's suggestion. "Leave the White Rose be. Unless you want to make an incident of it, that will be brought to the attention of both Marielle and Jacques. She is not to drink wine… least of all down here, in our salon. There is a reason, that White Roses are kept upstairs. They are sheltered, and we should never forget that they are, for good reason." Despite her authority as one pf the Seconds of the salon, Séverine keeps her voice low and gentle. She turns her look towards Marco and adds, "I am not sure how your conduct might affect your chances at receiving an invitation… but if you are favorable of attending, you should approach Marielle about it."

Alienor seems a bit overwrought at this point, and she sits down dramatically on the stairs so that she can hide her face in her voluminous sleeve and cry like the little lamb that she is. She says nothing, but little sniffles can be heard from the little pile of white fabric, terribly pathetic at this point.

Danté chuckles a bit as he takes a glass of wine from Evangeline, "Thank you." Then as Severine starts talking about no wine for the novice he nods some, "It's been a while since I was a novice as well I couldn't remember myself either." He turns to one of the other novices, "Get the young lamb a glass of fruit juice please…. And perhaps something to wipe her tears with." Then he turns towards Theodosia and nods a bit, "Oh we very well could mean exactly that…"

Ah, apologies, Severine. I shall drink hers then." Evangeline just gives Alienor a little look that says, sorrynotsorry, and moves along. As she moves past Marco, she gives the nobleman a look and a wink. "I can make anything work. Usually I make it work -for- me and it always ends up thanking me in the end." She offers drinks until everyone that can have one is met with a glass. "Dante, what a brilliant idea. Red fruit juice, but make sure it is in the largest glass we have. We want to make sure that everyone knows she is -not- drinking wine."

Marco blinks at Severine's response to Evangeline and at least seems he's not the only one not used to dealing with the Novice's. He then smiles at her response and laughs, "I… believe you can." He says wryly and then he looks between Evangeline and Dante and then to Theo, "I think you've been marked dear." He teases softly but then he nods to Severine, "I'll reach out to her I suppose." He looks at Ali for a time and then shakes his head he's clearly not risking trying to comfort her.

Marielle will have to walk *around* the crying White Rose novice in order to get all the way down the stairs, for Alienor has crumpled into a pathetic little ball approximately four steps up and is crying pathetically into her sleeve so as to hide her pretty but tear-stained face.

Theodosia gives Alienor a warm smile, almost comforting, though she probably won't be noticed, the young noblewoman smiling a bit more wickedly at MArco's words. "Oh dear… truly? Well, I shall have to be careful not to..get stung by too many thorns, eh?" She giggles a bit, letting her laughter resound through the room, maybe to …liven up the atmosphere, though she does still give Alienor a worried look, though it seems she's well attended by now.

Séverine accepts the glass of wine from Evangeline, even with what they had discussed before. When Alienor bursts into tears, the Red Rose Second leans in to offer a clean, delicately embroidered handkerchief. "It's alright," she murmurs to the white rose novice. "You are fine… But you should maybe go upstairs… If anyone catches you down here…," apart from the Red Rose Second and some Thorns, "you might be in trouble."

Marco glances to Severine as she comforts the novice. He scratches his chin absently but doesn't seem to have words to help. He glances back to the thorns and then to Theodosia, "Oh? Not to? I don't know there seems like worse things in the world than being surrounded by lovely Thorns." He points out mildly as he glances up towards the stairs.

Stepping inside, Antoine stops just inside the entrance to look around, before making his way further into the room. He offers nods and smiles to those looking in his direction.

Evangeline now has a glass in each hand. One for herself and one that she will drink on behalf of Alienor. She takes to the first glass like a woman who knows her way around a drink, draining it effectively. "I never care for tears unless I am the one who is the cause for such." She looks to Severine and Alienor. "Well this is tragically upsetting." And so she goes to indulge in the second glass rather quickly. "Now I am terribly late for that meeting. Fetch me my coat … /please/." She calls out to one of the apprentices who will ever so kindly retrieve the coat. "Do not fret, dear little rose." Evangeline addresses Alienor as she shrugs her coat back on. "A moment to collect yourself will do you good." A little bow of her head to the others before she slips out but otherwise the Thorn extracts herself from the fray without another word.

Danté shakes his head a bit, "The point is to get stung by the Thorns m'lady…" He takes a sip of his wine as he goes and finds himself one of his favorites chairs to lounge back into as he sips a bit more on his wine before glancing over at Alienor, "You know she's right little lamb. This is likely the worst place for you to get caught in. At least without a proper chaperone."

Alienor makes a noise that can properly be described as a snuffle and looks up at Severine so as to take the handkerchief gratefully. "Thank you, Mademoiselle Severine," she murmurs with wide wet green eyes, which she dabs carefully under her veil as she attempts to regain her composure. She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, then gathers herself to her feet, brushing any stray dust off of her perfectly white dress. She clutches the handkerchief and her book to her chest, curtsies to the assembled, and starts to slowly walk up the stairs.

Theodosia giggles a bit, as she raises a hand , looking at the unblemished skin. "Oh, well, indeed, but one shouldn't seek the Thorns…too obviously, should she?" She winks at Marco and then at Dante, as she adds. "One…expects to be drawn in by the allure of the roses..and then tangled in those cruel embraces.." She says, voice a little huskier, though she looks at Alienor softly. "It can't be easy for all manner of Roses to live together under the same roof."

"Let me walk you upstairs…", Séverine tells Alienor softly, even placing a hand on the white rose's shoulder, steadying her, if she has to. "You are a fine delicate little treasure, and I am certain that your debut will be a grand success." Pausing on the stairway, she looks back at the Thorns and the lady that remain engaged in conversation. "You and I know that it all works because we live separately, most of the time. The shelter upstairs… is as much allure to potential patrons when they come to visit the solar," she explains to Alienor. "I know how confusing the presence of Thorns can appear, at times. They do affect me, always, this is something I cannot deny."

Danté shakes his head a bit as he sips on his wine looking over at Theo, "It depends… Do you care to experience a Thorn? Then seek one out. Don't beat around the bush we're not mind readers."

Marco smiles in amusement at Dante's response to Theo. He then purses his lips watching snufflings and Severine offering to take her up. He considers that and he shrugs, "Mmmm confusing? I don't know that confusing is the word." He smiles as he considers them and then chuckles softly, "Ah you're not but that's ruining the mystery for some I fear." He says wryly.

"Thank you, Mademoiselle Severine," Alienor says quietly to the Red Rose Second, ducking her head sheepishly. She moves to follow up the stairs to the solar where she ostensibly belongs.

Theodosia raises an eyebrow. "Maybe I was looking for a Thorn…but maybe I wasn't..maybe I was..just..curious." SHe says, shrugging her bare shoulders a little then nodding to Marco. "Maybe I should retire for the evening, it seems the um…party is winding down."

Undoubtedly having been told of his arrival the White Rose Second has been stirred from her rest (likely having been up to all hours doing Second duties) to meet with Antoine. The mention of Marco also being present has Marielle already slightly flush with embarrassment. She does come down the stairs and dips into a curtsy to everyone but gives a start when she notes Alienor looking upset. A questioning look is given to Severine, who is handling her, but beyond that Marielle, for now, does not lose her flustered look, "My lords and ladies." she greets quietly, carefully moving to the side of Severine and Alienor, placing herself to make it so they easily pass.

Danté nods a bit, "Then find a Thorn you're interested in m'lady and settle on an assignation. I can't speak for all of the Thorns but I know I'm more than happy to assist in curiosity." As he watches the White Rose Second heading down the stairs he offers her a bow of his head but for now he's simply enjoying the folks gathered in the foyer.

There is nothing intimidating about the Red Rose Second, when she does indeed look a bit frail, with her skin so pale and delicate, and that faint spray of freckles pronouncing her pallor even further. "You are welcome," Séverine responds to Alienor in a quiet whisper, and she pauses as well, when Marielle appears at the top of the stairs and then descends to meet them halfway. "Everything is in order," the Red Rose assures the Second of Whites, with only a minimal hint of a nod. "I am seeing Alienor safely upstairs." And with a soft whisper of red silk on her skin, she moves on, guiding the White Rose novice up the stairs with a subtle press of her palm against the small of Alienor’s back.

Smiling as he sees Marielle making her way down the stairs, Antoine nods as he steps over in that general direction. Offering the others present a smile and nod as well. There's a pause as he looks to the two heading up the stairs, before he looks to Marielle again. "Hello," he offers, words kept relatively quiet for now, "I hope everything is well."

Marco glances up and over and he smiles, "Marielle." He says warmly, "So many lovely members of the House afoot. I don't usually get so lucky." He says warmly he glances to Alienor and he admits to Mari, "I hear you're preparing for a debut…" He watches Severine going up and he admits to Mari, "Will you join us for a time?"

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