(1311-11-08) Planning and Wishing and Hoping
Summary: Alienor and Dante chat in the gardens as people wander in and out.
RL Date: 2019-11-08
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Gardens: La Rose Sauvage

The gardens of La Rose Sauvage offer a different ambience and atmosphere than that of the more oppressive and richly ornate salon. Tall casement windows spill out onto a paved area which gives way to neatly arranged flowerbeds, where a predominance of roses pay homage to the canons encompassed by this salon. The paths are of a dark granite grey which have softened over the years by the encroachment of mosses and lichens, with smaller paths winding off through the beds. It's here along these secluded paths that arboreal areas and private nooks might be found, and where privacy is granted to those that seek it through flowering hedges and curtained awnings.

A fountain plays at the centre of the garden, the copper figures of two nude women, long since mellowed to a soft verdigris, spill water from shells into a pool at its base. The main pathway through the garden leads to a terracotta tiled courtyard that sits towards the farthest end, the walls here flanked by creeping ivy which cloak the walls in scarlet and orange during the autumn months. An oiled silk awning hangs over the courtyard to give shelter from both sun and rain, and oil lamps light the area when evening falls.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.

Clad all in white, in a dress that is almost oppressively conservative and a veil that hides her face, with a white rose pinned in her dark locks, Alienor sits quietly reading a book with great intent. It's a fairly thick book, and she seems rather engrossed in it, her veil pulled out to encompass the book as well.

Dante comes wandering into the gardens a glass of tea in his hand as he sips on it walking along the path until he comes across the young White Rose reading her book. Walking up towards her slowly he offers a wave if she looks up, "Hello there young lady I don't think I've seen you around the Salon before.

When she's addressed, Alienor snaps her book shut in a hurried sort of manner and tucks it into her sleeve as if she's not trying to hide it, when she very well is trying to hide it. "Greetings, Monsieur," she says pleasantly to Dante. "I am Alienor. I am the novice who is to have her debut in a week," she explains, looking up to him with interest.

Nodding a bit Dante grins, "I see. You're the new novice I've heard talk about. Are you looking forward to your debut? I know when I was getting prepared to debut I was nervous and excited at the same time."

"Yes, there's a lot of anxious anticipation, but I feel confident that I have been prepared to handle it by my eight years of training," Alienor replies with a cheery smile. "We are having a tea party theme. I think everything will be very sweet, as is appropriate for an Alyssum."

Danté chuckles as he motions towards some available real estate for him to sit nearby, "Do you mind?" Not that he really waits for an answer as he seats himself, "And I'm Dante, one of the Thorny Roses." As she talks of the tea party he smiles, "That sounds divine. I wish mine had been that enjoyable and sweet. I actually started my training as an Alyssum but they found my skill set was better suited as a Mandrake."

"Oh, yes, of course, Monsieur," Alienor agrees, patting the seat beside her in a friendly way. "I admit, there's something about the Mandrakes that's very appealing, but I think I am awfully well suited to be Alyssum. I seek novelty. I seek to learn more. I am interested in new and exciting experiences."

Danté shakes his head a bit, "It's enjoyable for me but I do believe that Alyssum would have been enjoyable as well. Although I'm not sure novelty is what I was suited for with them at the time. More innocent deceit for me."

"As one nobleman pointed out, I don't even need deceit for innocence this first time," Alienor notes wryly, wrinkling up her nose, if even he can tell with her veil on. She huffs softly at the veil for a moment, then looks back to him. "What do you like most about being a Thorn? No graphic details please."

Shrugging a bit Dante takes a sip of his tea, "For me? It's about the control. I actually tend to not be overly cruel with pain I enjoy rope work and creating art with it more than most of the rest."

"I like art. I mostly do still life, but perhaps someday I'll be able to enjoy your art. Somehow," Alienor says to Dante, though it's likely it'll be quite awhile until she can, indeed, observe his art. "Still life paintings, mind you. Roses. A lot of roses. And fruit, too. And sometimes both. But there are always roses about the house."

Dante nods some, "I do sketches and drawings as well. Some of my patrons wanted to memorialize their time with me. It also helped pass the time when I was learning. You should meet up with Clara at some point she likes arts as well although she does more knitting than anything else."

"Oh, knitting sounds lovely. I have always envied those who are capable of working with textiles, but I stick to canvas and paint. Or ink on vellum," Alienor notes with a bit of a laugh, smiling a bit coyly at Dante now. "What a lovely way to remember an assignation: with artwork of it."

Danté nods, "It's interesting. Although she's a Red Rose so I'm sure she takes some pleasure from the tactile feel of textiles. And I thought it was a lovely way of remembering an assignation. It also helps that they can't move while I'm drawing."

"Oh, I think you'd have to be very skilled with rope indeed to keep me from fidgeting for any length of time," Alienor admits with a bright laugh, and there's nothing sensual for her about the idea of being tied up, in particular; it's a thing that people in her social circle do to other people in her social circle, and she's largely divorced it from sexual activity, even though she knows academically that the two are related.

Danté smirks some and nods, "I'm sure that if I wanted you to keep perfectly still it'd happen. But it's all in how the patron desires to be restrained. Or if they desire it. That part is actually pretty easy compared to remaining pure and innocent despite being Courtesans and the calling we have."

"For the sake of pretending to be pure and innocent, I shall not ask you to go into details, even though I am quite interested in finding out how all of this works. Perhaps after my debut? I can be absolutely pure for another week, I'm sure," Alienor replies with a little shake of her head. "Sometimes I wish it were easier. There's a lot of pressure going into a debut. Someone is going to spend a lot of money for the opportunity to… despoil me."

Danté nods as he finishes up his tea and sets the cup down next to him, "Yes and then other patrons will take out assignations to despoil you time and time again. It's why I think your skillset is a bit more difficult than mine. I just tie some knots. You have to become pure over and over again."

"But it'll be a different experience every single time," Alienor points out with a little shake of her head, smiling thoughtfully. "It'll be a new adventure, sometimes with old friends. I'll know what to expect, but I won't *know* what to expect. Though I don't really know what to expect now."

Danté nods a bit, "That's the same for me as well. Every patron is different although I tend to get the new or wanting to test out what it means to have an assignation with a Thorn. I suppose it's because I don't enjoy being cruel from the start. I hope your debut goes well though."

"Thank you. Perhaps you might attend to support me? In any case, I am looking forward to it and think it will be very exciting. I hope that I attract some rather wealthy patrons," Alienor says with a giddy nervousness.

Dante nods slightly, "I tend to try and support other Roses. And being a member of the Somerville house perhaps I'll even put a bid in." He smiles and winks, "I jest. But I'll be there to support you if I can."

Alienor laughs a bit nervously at that, blushing in spite of herself. "I appreciate that, thank you. Feel free to encourage the bids up, though, if you are able to attend. I fret that I shall not be wanted," she admits. "It's probably a silly fear to have, though."

Danté shakes his head, "That's all I'd do is try and encourage the bids if there's desire for you with the patrons. Otherwise you'd end up being won by me."

"No, I understand. Although I did have a nobleman tell me that I deserved to be won by someone more …something than he. Like he is not enough of a man for a girl like me," Alienor notes with a little sigh. "I think he meant it as a compliment."

Danté chuckles a bit and shakes his head, "A lovely White Rose should be won by a caring and kind man not a cruel or domineering man like us Thorns."

"I suppose that would certainly make it easier, to be soothed into losing all of my protections, to be coaxed gently out of my clothes," Alienor muses thoughtfully as she considers the matter. "Though in either case, I suspect I shall be as Naamah: blushing and shivering and vulnerable." She sighs almost dreamily. "Kindness is always more welcome than harshness, but I am determined not to disappoint in either case."

Danté grins a bit, "It's one of the reasons I think I'm the one that ends up with the on the fence about taking on an assignation with a Thorn… Thorn. I believe both kindness and cruelty are needed when used appropriately. I often utilize kindness and sensual pleasure over pain and cruelty."

"I suppose if my first patron is domineering, I can be as Monsieur Baptiste has suggested: able to relax into someone else's control as they take me," Alienor suggests thoughtfully, then shakes her head. "It's not my choice, though. So we shall see who bids, I suppose."

Danté gets lost in thought for a moment and then nods slightly, "I believe it'd be a wonderful experience for you no matter what. Baptiste is right though it'd be easier to relax in somebody else's control…. But I think I'd have rather been swept off my feet romantically if I'd continued down the Alyssum path."

"Romance sounds lovely, doesn't it? Perhaps I can find a reasonable facsimile of it with some of my patrons. I like the idea of sighing about someone. Writing them poetry. Dancing with them and such," Alienor murmurs a bit dreamily, tilting her head to one side as she considers Dante. "Do you get much romance in your line of work?"

Danté shrugs a bit after thinking it over, "I do sometimes. I tend to woo my patrons as well as well… Tie them up and have fun with them that way."

"I admit that that does not seem to have the same appeal for me, so it is good that I am not a Thorn, even though I enjoy the company and seem to have quite a few friends who are Thorns," Alienor remarks, grinning with amusement at Dante. "Monsieur Baptiste even came and invaded the White Roses' solar the other day."

Danté just chuckles at the thought of Baptiste invading the Solar, "Oh that must have been a sight to see. Poor innocent White Roses getting to see the darker side in their Solar. Although I'm sure he behaved like a perfect gentleman up there? I know most of us Thorns aren't always so mean and cruel unless it's needed."

"He only put on a show while there was a potential patron there," Alienor admits with a little laugh, shaking her head. "And once she was gone, he mostly shed the darkness. Mostly. He spent some time making me blush."

Danté nods a moment, "That makes sense although with the veil on I wouldn't know if you were blushing or not… Otherwise I'd be likely teasing you enough to make your cheeks a lovely rose color…"

"Uh, keep an eye out for me. If anyone comes around, my veil needs to be down or I'll be in trouble," Alienor says as she glances about to make sure they're fairly alone before she flips up her veil so that the edge lies up across her head. It reveals her face and some of her hair, and makes it clear that she's got pretty green eyes and a cute smile.

Danté chuckles a bit as he looks at her face and nods, "You're a lovely young lady I'm sure when you've been through your debut you'll have a blissful expression to match the beauty." He grins and winks at her and then leans back some, "I've never understood the veils as much as the rest of the purity part. I get the chaste dress and all but not the veil."

"I hate it. It's the worst part of being a White Rose. I'd set it on fire if I could," Alienor declares with a measure of frustration. "And because I hate it, I'm constantly losing it, and so I'm endlessly in trouble for it not being in place. It doesn't make me any more innocent. Shouldn't a patron know how pretty and sweet and patronizable I am?"

Danté grins and nods, "That's exactly why I never understood it. I'm sure it adds to an air of mystery for some but for a young novice or adept? I believe it keeps you from having more patrons. I know before seeing your face I'd have bid on your debut just to raise the bid price for you… Now though if I won I know I'd be winning an assignation that I'd enjoy and not as a Thorn."

Alienor does blush at that, casting her eyes down and away a moment before looking back to him. She's quite a bit more expressive when one can actually see her expressions, and she smiles at him. "Perhaps I should take it off at my debut so as to give the audience a better idea of what they might enjoy, then," she says in almost a whisper. "Though I do not want to take off more than that. I'm… I'm a bit nervous about someone seeing me without a dress on."

Danté chuckles as he eyes her a bit and hmmmms, "Well if your body is as lovely as your face you've nothing to worry about. But I would say that removal of the dress would be a bit above and beyond what is expected of one of our pure White Roses. I wouldn't worry about that unless you wanted to wear a modest… yet sheer dress…"

"Yes, at the debut," Alienor replies with a little nod. "It's the after that's so scary. You know, when I'm expected to… you know." Here she flushes bright red. "I do not think I could wear a *sheer dress*," she adds with a little bit of horror. "My underwear would show!"

Jehan-Pascal arrives from the La Rose Sauvage.
Jehan-Pascal has arrived.

Danté smirking a bit he just shrugs, "That's kind of the point. Or just not wear any and it wouldn't show!" He's enjoying the little torments at this point almost too easy to make a White Rose blush. "I don't think the after will be that scary it's what you've been training for all these years."

Alienor crosses her arms across her chest and leans back away from Dante, blushing furiously now. She looks back at the fountain as she tries to compose herself. "No, no, no, then people would see… things I am already embarrassed about the thought of them seeing, and just because I've been training for half my life for this moment doesn't mean that I'm actually ready to just… do it. There's no easing in, like into very hot bathwater. You're just in suddenly and the pressure's on to perform. To perform *without your clothes on*." The two are sitting near the fountain, right on the edge of it, chatting.

Jehan-Pascal appears on the threshold of the garden, or just past it, opening out his arms to gather in against him one of the house's Red Roses, a young man of delicate features and waist-long, flowing blonde hair, Dior, by name, and Baphinol by birth; the Lord Jehan-Pascal's younger brother, in fact, whom he releases from a fond embrace after a cordially scheming visit. He might, by then, be apt to take his leave, but that the visage of the gardens catch his eye and he thinks a spontaneous detour worth his while.

Danté grins and nods, "Eventually you'll get to the point where you can wear something properly revealing and modest. This first time is the most difficult after that it'll be much easier."

Realizing that there are people who might see them, Alienor quickly reaches up to pull her veil down over her face again, a gauzy piece of white fabric that conceals her wide green eyes and lovely smile. She takes a deep breath and checks her hair, which is under her veil and cannot really be seen anyway. Her dress is as conservative as they come, though it's well-fitted to her petite curves. "I hope so, or this courtesan business is going to be absolute torture," she mutters to Dante, then hops to her feet to offer a curtsey to the detouring Jehan-Pascal. "My lord."

Jehan-Pascal reaches out with one finger to draw its tip along the bough of a passing tree, step barely more hasty than a dawdle and eyes averted for the sake of the White Rose's modesty while she gets herself covered back up. But then she's addressing him, and he lifts both brows, turning his attention away from the greenery as though in surprise. "Oh! Hello. Who is it, then, under there?" he wonders with a kindly smile. "Friend or foe?" he laughs.

Danté glances over as Jehan-Pascal heads over towards them and offers him a wave, "I think friend. It's not like she could bite with that veil over her face!" He climbs to his feet and offers out his hand, "I don't think we've ever actually met I'm Dante no Rose Sauvage one of the lovely Thorns here."

"I'd take it off, but then I'd get in trouble for not being dressed innocently enough, and I really don't want to get in trouble with my debut only a week out," Alienor explains, fussing with the gauzy fabric with a measure of frustration. "I couldn't see well enough to catch you anyway," she laughs. "I'm Alinor no Rose Sauvage, and like I mentioned, my debut is in a week. I'm sure I'd be honored if my lord would attend."

"Well, we can't have that, surely," Jehan-Pascal issues no pressure nor further intentions to get behind the novice's veil, just straightens his shoulders and meets Dante's hand with an amiable hand of his own, bringing up his other to clasp Dante's shoulder most companionably. "Have we not? It's possible. I don't tend to frequent the Thorns, myself, though I mean them no disrespect, of course. I'm Jehan-Pascal, of Baphinol. My brother, Dior, is one of your Roses Red, whom you might know better than me." Alienor, on the other hand, is possibly better acquainted, at least by proxy of rumor and talk, with Jehan-Pascal himself, long a patron of the White Roses and a frequenter of their sunny solar, and, in fact, a long-term patron of Marielle— before she became Second. "And as to your debut, Alienor… it's very late in the season, isn't it?" he gets trapped on that idle thought, "Have they saved you specially for last?" he ribs her good-naturedly.

Danté nods, "I think I've run into Dior a time or two." He grins and motions towards an empty spot near the fountain, "Please sit and join us." He looks over at Alienor, "And yes being a Courtesan is all about that part of the business but it's not always about those relations sometimes it's about sitting and talking… Although that's not normally what folks come to see the Thorns about."

"The best for last. Also, I just had a birthday," Alienor explains with an impish little grin. She probably is fairly familiar with the man; she's been a novice for eight years, after all. "It's to be a tea party, but fear not if you prefer drinks stronger than tea: liquors will be served to the taste of the guests, of course. I am quite interested in meeting potential patrons and learning what they might prefer. After all, I shall be available for assignations after my debut."

"Well, alright," Jehan-Pascal supposes, accepting the invitation — he lives quite nearby, after all — and settling in with a good grace, resting a palm against the font's edge and leaning with a comely sideways slouch upon it. "No, indeed," he smiles quietly aside from the Thorn, easily granting his proviso. "Oh, did you?" is for Alienor. "Well, good natality, Alienor… belated. And I adore a tea party. What will the dress code be?"

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"Thank you, my lord. I hope everyone will dress charmingly for a party, so that we can all take tea together," Alienor says with a coy little smile, tilting her face just so in a manner that her veil will lay against the softness of her cheek. "I was trying to decide if I ought to forego my veil to allow my future patrons to get a better idea of what they're getting."

Danté shrugs a bit, "I'm not sure if you should or shouldn't. I'd say don't. I'd also say show up in a corset and stockings with nothing else but you know… Thorn not White Rose."

Alienor just stares at Dante for a moment in horror. "I cannot do that," she states firmly, shaking her head as if to clear it, as if his suggestion has just knocked loose her sensibility and she needs to get it back in place. "Make a good White Rose suggestion, Thorn!"

Danté grins and shrugs a bit, "I'd say a proper modest dress. White of course. The veil should be removed at the reveal of your debut or have it so sheer that it's not really there."

Alienor takes a breath and lets it out slowly. "That seems much more reasonable. Don't suggest things just because you'd be inclined to see them," she fusses, grinning at him in spite of herself.

Danté shrugs a bit, "I know what would cause men to go crazy bidding on your debut though. But don't forget to wear something modest and beautiful under that dress. Maybe not quite as modest as the dress…"

"Would it really?" Alienor wonders, looking a bit thoughtful at this, pressing her lips together in a fine line for a moment as if she is considering it. "I'm sure petticoats and …a corset can be properly worn under my dress." She takes a deep breath and lets it out. "And I could wear a chemise under that."

Fiora arrives from the La Rose Sauvage.
Fiora has arrived.

Danté chuckles and nods, "Of course it would but then again they wouldn't be getting a proper White Rose in that case. And that sounds like it would be ideal for you to wear under the dress. Make sure you get with your second on it."

Alienor is sitting on the fountain with a book beside her, looking like a proper White Rose novice in a very conservative dress and veil. "A corset is underwear. That is what a corset is for. Not for parading around in with nothing but stockings," she says to Dante in a rather serious manner, giving him a wide-eyed look. "How do you not understand how underwear works? I mean, you've probably never worn women's underwear, but surely you've removed it. Chemise is worn below the corset. Petticoat goes over those two layers. Dress goes over that."

Fiora wanders into the garden with light steps. The Vicomtess wears red today. A gown of rich ruby color silk with black accents. That blonde hair is piled atop her head in an elegant bun and her shoes click softly as she strolls down the path. Spotting the novice and her company by the fountain she smiles gently and slowly begins to drift that way.

Danté chuckles a bit and just shakes his head, "Oh you sweet sweet little Rose… Yes it's a underwear. But you're a Courtesan on your Debut have you not seen what some of the Red Roses wear when we request it of them? I've made a small dress for one out of ropes… But you lovely pure White Roses I suppose must keep up your proper appearances." As the Viscomtess walks in and heads towards the pair Dante turns and looks at her offering her a bow of his head

Alienor literally squeaks at the idea of a dress made out of ropes, particularly a small one. She turns bright red — and it's obvious even under her wispy veil. She does hop up so that she can curtsey deeply to Fiora as the Vicomtess approaches. "My lady," she offers as she manages her voluminous skirts with skill. "Welcome to the gardens."

Fiora eyes the blushing white rose novice with amusement and giggles softly. "Oh come now. Ropes are not so bad. I admit I have never worn a dress made of them though…an interesting idea." She teases the girl lightly and looks to Dante. "Well met to you both. I met the little white blossom recently but I do not think we have met? I am certain I would recall it if so." She smiles gently.

Danté smiles as he climbs to his feet and offers a slight bow, "I'm Dante no Rose Sauvage. A Thorn but one that specializes in ropes as I'm sure you've figured out. And I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you yet m'lady?"

"Monsieur Dante, allow me to introduce Lady Fiora Rousse, Vicomtesse de Sartène," Alienor offers with a flourish and a charmed smile. "My lady, Monsieur and I were just musing on what I might wear for my upcoming debut in a week. Pending approval by my Second, of course," she notes pleasantly. "Really, I think it has largely been an exercise in shocking me and making me blush."

Fiora dips her head respectfully to Dante. "A pleasure to meet you Monsieur Dante. As Madamioselle Alienor said, I am Fiora Rousse." She considers the novice curiously. "My suggestion would be a flowing gown with a skirt of many sheer white layers, a bit more snug up top but still modest. The layers would flutter with your every movement, the sheer fabric would tease but due to how its layered not reveal. But I am no expert on debut fashion, I just like attending them." She looks back to Dante curiously. "I have been meaning to get to know those of the thorn canon, I cannot help but be dreadfully curious."

Danté smiles a bit and nods, "I'm actually one of the more… Tame Thorns so if you're dreadfully curious but are worried about anything I tend to be the direction new patrons are guided towards." Then as she talks about her idea of a dress he nods some, "That would be ideal actually. Something seductive without ever once being immodest."

"What an excellent idea," Alienor says with a beaming smile. "I shall propose it to my Second. I think she will like the idea. I know that I would prefer to keep my clothing on as much as possible, but I also hate to deny my potential patrons a glimpse of what is on offer for them." She shakes her head slightly. "It's really tragic that I am not allowed to take off my veil until my debut."

Fiora beams at Alienor. "I am glad my suggestion was a good one then. I look forward to seeing what you wear in the end." She smiles and looks to Dante. "Tame you say? Well you might be a nice place to start…to ease me into the nature of thorns?" She smiles at him playfully.

Danté smiles a bit and nods, "Yes tame. I prefer restraint and control over pain and cruelty. Although I do use pain for some patrons if they ask for it. And if we're exploring limits we'll start small and work our way up." He looks over at Alienor and nods some, "I agree it would be ideal for you to be able to enter without a veil I still think one that's there but not really there would be ideal."

"I do hope that you have a very good time at my debut, my lady," Alienor replies with a charmed smile, then looks thoughtful. "Perhaps a fancy hat with a blusher?" she suggests to Dante thoughtfully. "I could have the brim decorated with white roses, and a birdcage veil is practically as good as not wearing one at all. People could perhaps see how green my eyes are that way."

Danté hmmms, "That would serve the letter of the law for sure. And let folks see those lovely eyes of yours. Of course a nice conservative hair style to go with it."

"I mean, it's not like a normal veil makes me absolutely featureless, but… trust me, after my debut, I'm wearing a birdcage veil all the time if I can. They barely obscure anything," Alienor points out with enthusiasm. "I'm looking forward to my debut far more than I'm dreading it. The anticipation is overwhelming." A pause, and then she wonders, now that Fiora is out of earshot, "It doesn't *really* hurt the first time, does it? They just say that to scare you, don't they?"

Danté looks at the young novice then down at himself and then back at her, "I couldn't tell you? As you can see I'm a man. It doesn't really feel the same to me as it would you? The one virgin that I'd been assigned to assist didn't feel pain at all though."

"Oh. I was sort of hoping that maybe you had more experience with deflowering," Alienor admits, wrinkling up her nose. "But that's good to know, at least."

Danté nods a bit, "I wish I had a bit more experience with it as well but… Most of the time if a lady is looking for a Thorn she knows what she wants and has already been deflowered."

"You make a good point that I had not considered," Alienor admits thoughtfully, frowning slightly. "Hmm. I think if I were on the other side of things, I'd want a Thorn. But that might just be because I know so many of the Mandrakes."

Danté chuckles a bit and hmmms, "Are you saying that if you had a choice you'd want a Thorn to win your debute?"

"I mean, if I were a noblewoman, I'd engage the services of a Thorn. Seems like a reasonable place to start. But that may be my skewed perspective from growing up in the house," Alienor points out with a little shrug.

Danté grins and nods, "All I'm hearing is you want a Thorn to win your debut. I'm sure that's not what you're saying but it's all I'm hearing. And I know there's plenty of nobles who just want to give up their control for a bit and just let somebody else take charge."

"Dante! You are *not* listening!" Alienor objects, rolling her eyes a bit. "I want to bring in as much as I possibly can when I debut. And it's tricky to seduce noblemen when I'm supposed to be innocent. I know it's all about deceit, but still!"

Danté chuckles and shrugs, "I didn't say I was listening. And I'm sure you'll bring in plenty. Don't forget that it's seductive to not be able to see everything yet want to see everything."

"So what I'm hearing is that you think I'm wearing a lot of clothing but you're still trying to imagine me otherwise, and I am telling you that I disapprove of this," Alienor informs him as primly as possible, smoothing her skirts slightly the better to look lovely and untouchable.

Danté chuckles and shakes his head, "No not like that. More the hint of a potential of a glimpse is alluring. So like the Viscomtess had said something that's tight up top but flowing bottom. Nothing showing but just hints of a possibility of showing."

"Ah, so we're back to layers of sheer fabric, hmm?" Alienor wonders thoughtfully, grinning at him. "But you still want to seeeeee."

Danté shakes his head, "I'm sure eventually if you're tempted enough later to try and get an assignation with a Thorn I will. But no I was thinking of how to drive your debut bids up."

Alienor considers this for a moment, then nods. "I appreciate it. It's hard to be innocent sometimes. Like when you're trying to plan how to be as innocent as possible while getting the most amount of money for the loss of that innocence."

Danté nods some, "It's why I suggest something that hints at being revealing but still covering everything." He pulls out a sketch book from his ever present satchel and starts to draw something on it, "Flowing and airy and hinting at see through but not being see through at all. It's the naughty innocence that'll sell. At least I think so."

Alienor adjusts so that she's sitting on the edge of the fountain with her head on her hand and her hand on her knee. She looks very young for the moment. "I plan to cover everything. I'm already nervous about the lack of clothes. I don't really want a whole party full of people to see… everything," she admits.

Danté chuckles and nods, "I don't intend for you to expose anything." Finishing up the drawing he shows it to her, "Like this. Flowing full skirts in layers with thin gauzy material but layers of it so nothing can be seen at all. The upper body a bit more form fitting but not skin tight full sleeves and high neck line."

"I can do that," Alienor agrees with a little nod, considering the drawing closely. "It's handy that you're into fashion like this."

Danté chuckles a bit, "I like things that look good. And why not look good if you can? This should give that mysterious innocent allure with just a hint of naughty that you're looking for when it comes to your debut."

"That's very sweet of you. I cannot wait to see what Mademoiselle Marielle thinks of this idea. She's got to approve everything, naturally," Alienor says with a little nod. "I think she'll like it.

Danté grins a bit and nods, "Just tell her Dante said it would look amazing. And if she has any questions to come see me… I haven't talked with her in a very long time."

"I'll tell her that you drew it out for me and everything," Alienor replies, beaming at him brightly. "Thank you so much."

Danté chuckles and nods, "Now you'll have to find a seamstress who can make it that's sure not anybody I know. Unless you wanted a rope dress… And I can make one that'll cover you completely but well it'll be pretty tight fitting. I don't think it'd suit you. A Red for sure."

"Yeah, it really doesn't sound appealing," Alienor admits with a little laugh, shaking her head slightly. "A rope dress, I mean. Not my thing."

Danté grins and nods, "It's not for everybody. But for some it's what they love."

"It sounds interesting, but not like… appealing," Alienor admits with a little shrug, looking thoughtful. "Like the sort of thing that maybe I'd try, under the right circumstances, but it doesn't really excite me?"

Danté nods, "I wouldn't wanna wear it. It's more something to show off the Red Roses than anything else."

"You're a Thorn, though, so I can't imagine you wanting to be all bound up anyway," Alienor muses thoughtfully. "Then again, based on the number of flavors of courtesan there are, there are a lot of tastes out there."

Danté nods a bit, "There are plenty of flavors. But most patrons don't want to wear a gown made of ropes. They want to be bound with the ropes. Red Roses on the other hand would love the slight binding of the rope dress for a Fete of some sort."

"I need to figure out how to flirt innocently," Alienor muses as she considers him. "I think mostly I come off as just… girlish."

Danté chuckles and shakes his head, "I can't help you with that. But I think girlish is about perfect for what you're looking for right?"

"Yeah, pretty much," Alienor replies with a little shrug, blushing in spite of herself.

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