(1311-11-05) The Concept of Innocence
Summary: Roche Valliers d'Aiglemort comes to visit a certain white rose — and finds himself suddenly in discourse with three of them.
RL Date: 11/05/2019
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White Rose Second's Office — La Rose Sauvage

Situated on the ground floor, the room has tall casement windows that open out onto the south-westerly facing grounds of La Rose Sauvage. Soft white muslin drapes filter out the heat of the sun in the summer, and during the cooler months the heavier drapes of cream that hang at the sides add a layer of warmth to the room. The floor is of burnished golden oak, laid over with an Akkadian wool rug in muted shades of creams and golds. A desk of pale ash wood stands in the center of the room, its surface kept clear save for whatever contracts and paperwork relating to the running of the Salon might need to be dealt with at any one time. A small fireplace is on the eastern wall, and warms the office with a cheery brightness during long winter evenings, and a wider than average mantel above is the perfect spot for the numerous flower displays that are to be found there.

A tall bookcase filled with books on a variety of subjects stands on the wall opposite to the fireplace, and alongside it is a white-painted door that leads through to the Second's private chambers.

The Vicomte de Morteau finds himself here in the Rose Sauvage, led to one of the Second's offices. Why? Why not? The severe-looking man is seated wherever he's been led to, his posture upright and rigid. It's very clear the man is a soldier. Or has been. "I haven't spent much time amongst the city's salons, nor with many of it's courtesans. I am attempting to change that." he gets right to the point of what his visit is apparently about. "And so here I am. I admit that those courtesans of the Alyssum variety…well, confuse me? The idea of innocence. I don't mean to put you on the spot, Marielle, but perhaps you can talk to me about the white roses some, yes?" a brow arches. "The others in this house, I understand. I had spoken with one of the Thorns several months ago, though I don't believe she is here any longer. The red roses, well…easy to grasp."

The White Rose Second does not seem bothered by the stoicness of Roche, perhaps she even expects it. She is an innocent flower amongst red and thorny ones, after all. "You can ask any questions you wish, Vicomte." comes the soft murmur. The eyes of Marielle seem like they are lowered but there is the impression that she is carefully watching his face to gauge what he expects. As one expects from a White Rose, Marielle is 'modestly' covered from head to foot in white, only her eyes for view. Since she is sitting behind her desk the gown she wears doesn't reveal it's usual transparency under certain light or positions nor does it show a potentially daring cut hidden by layers. At her side is the Novice Alienor. It is very likely that Alienor and Marielle were discussing the girl's Debut. "Perhaps Alienor here will also be able to answer your questions. It would be a good test to whether she is ready to debut by being able to answer questions of someone as refined as you, my lord."

Alienor is also wearing white, a very conservatively cut dress with long romantic bell sleeves that drape a bit over her hands when she stands. It's very plain, with a high scooped neckline, its romantic fullness its greatest charm. Her face is covered by a loose and gauzy veil, and there's a white rose pinned in her hair, either a fresh one or one that has been extremely cunningly made of cloth to look real. She curtsies to the nobleman demurely. "I would be honored to answer your questions, my lord. I am quite nervous with anticipation regarding my debut, but I wish to make a good impression and do well as a courtesan."

"I wouldn't consider myself particularly refined. I manage well enough not to be shunned by polite society but I would rather be in the north, killing Skaldi. You are a soft land down here along the warm ocean." the Camaeline nobleman offers a faint, polite smile meant to soften his criticisms and the admission that he'd rather be killing foreign invaders. His attention sifts to Alienor, "You are actually innocent, novice. I'm sure you've trained at length, but you have the benefit of actually being what your canon says you must pretend to be." Roche pauses, head tilting to one side. Eventually, he smiles faintly once again, "Why don't you explain your understanding of a white rose, Novice? Then I don't have to think of questions and you can take the bulk of the responsibility for conversation."

There is a reason Marielle is the White Rose Second when so young and it shows as she murmurs, "We can be soft by the ocean because we have people like you protecting us, my lord." Towards Alienor MArielle glances, lightly touching her arm to assure she can speak. THere is no reason for the Novice to be concerned, after all, about being around a nobleman. She is with the Second. Her virtue is in tact. Towards Roche MArielle glances, listening to what he wishes to know. Alienor gets the next look, likely the Second is watching to see how she answers.

Quite a commotion it is, at the White Rose Second's office. The shy lad that led Roche here has somehow managed to linger. Aimeric wears the same signature white that is common among roses of his kind, and while there is no veil in place to hide his features, it is a curtain of middle length dark hair that falls across his vision. The door had closed, and he had moved to where his shoulder blades would touch the wall, hands joined before him, his gaze slightly lowered, as if he might be waiting for some sort of request from Marielle. His dark eyes shift from her towards Alienor and a ghost of a smile curls his lips. As if this particular arrangement of lord, Second and novice brings about certain memories.

"Naamah gave herself to King Persis, blushing and shivering, laying aside her modesty for the benefit of those she loved. The White Rose prizes that innocence, that sense of utter vulnerability when one goes from being protected by one's clothing to baring all. Nothing to keep the body warm from the cold, causing gooseflesh. Nothing to protect the skin from prying eyes, revealing any flaws. Nothing between the world and the inner self, permitting violation of personal space and more. Permitting penetration," Alienor begins, spreading her hands in a graceful gesture, careful in the way that she moves. "Every time a White Rose has an assignation, it is likely to be different, but it shall always start the same way: with said White Rose covered and protected and innocent of whatever they will be asked to do. Even if they have had hundreds of assignations, they will always begin with the safety of their clothing and the knowledge of how much more vulnerable they will be without it. Their patron should enjoy being the one to tear down that safety, to press through that innocence, to take advantage of that vulnerability for their own pleasure. And through the pleasure of the patron, so should the White Rose enjoy the encounter, coming to acceptance and feeling enthusiasm for the attentions of their patron." She looks to Marielle, then to Aimeric, hopefully, a bit nervous about her explanation.

Roche arches a brow at Marielle at her flattery. It doesn't seem to have the desired effect. But he's not rude about it. As Alienor begins, he pays close attention, face betraying nothing about how he's feeling while listening to her explanation of the canon's ethos. The man is quiet for a time after she finishes and then he likewise looks from the novice to the Second and arches a brow, "Well, that's all the explanation I need. I am impressed." then his attention shifts back to Alienor, "That was well put. You have a way with words and you have clearly been well-trained. Still, I cannot turn a boy with no natural talent into an exemplary swordsman and I doubt the salon can turn someone without natural talent and blessings into an exemplary courtesan." he nods once and looks at Marielle once more, "It's good I asked her to explain rather than peppering you with questions."

The presence of Aimeric still lingering has not been missed by the Second. He is, for the moment, just kept in the corner of Marielle's eye. He is not yet called forth. A slight nod is given by Mari at her response, "And what does innocence in the aspect of White Roses mean to you, Alienor?" asks the Second. Then back to Roche she smiles faintly, "Each White Rose has their own perspective of innocence, my lord. I prefer to have my Novices answer questions of Lords and Ladies who visit to test their knowledge of what we represent as well as to fully see what they will be for th White Rose Canon. No person presents their house canon the same." At least in Marielle's opinion. Now, Aimeric is bid over to join her and Alienor.

There may be the faintest cough coming from the wall, which Aimeric drapes against like a comely decoration, the sound timed with one particular word, his younger White Rose sister had uttered. And for a brief moment his pale cheeks take on a faintly rosy hue, as he glances from Alienor towards Marielle. But it seems, the novice's reply is to the liking of the lord. A glance is shot Alienor's way, an encouraging glint there in his dark eyes. Not as of yet dismissed by the Second, it wouldn't be wise still to speak up, and so he keeps his silence. That is, until Marielle elects to beckon him over. Giving Roche a shy smile, eyes almost meeting the gaze of the d'Aiglemort lord, before lowering them again. The lad is still young, but older than Alienor, and even if the white shirt covers all of his back, there is some of the finial of his marque visible, above the collar, at the back of his neck.

"I suppose, particularly from my perspective," Alienor replies, looking thoughtful and folding her hands against her body once more. "That innocence is knowing only the theory and not the practical. I have been instructed on many things theoretically, but never had the opportunity to do them. I have read about wars, but I have never participated in one, and so though I may know some of the basics, I do not know how I might react to experiencing such a thing. As it pertains to being a courtesan, I have been instructed in the functions of the body, but I have never experienced the many things I have read about. I can only anticipate and imagine what may come and what may happen to me. And there are things that I have done before that I will do again but experience differently, as well, and I am essentially innocent of knowing what the taste of an unbitten fruit is like. I can guess that it might be like to a similar fruit of the same type, but until I actually experience that particular fruit, I go into the experience unknowing, anticipating, and easily capable of having my expectations subverted. So to me, innocence is largely how much my expectations can potentially be subverted. Innocence appeals to me, for I enjoy experiencing new things and I take pleasure in the anticipation." She shifts from foot to foot a little nervously, perhaps feeling nervously nervous.

Roche spares a glance for Aimeric, looking him over in a quick and evaluative way and then offering a nod as he speaks to the Second, "Are you suggesting that the novice's interpretation is the incorrect one, Marielle? Or is she within the bounds of what you feel is reasonable? How does your view differ? You're the only one in this room whose innocence I have the inclination or ability to strip away, so I am curious." then Alienor continues and he quiets down to hear what she has to say. The trio will no doubt have far more meaningful opinions on the topic of innocence and so Roche doesn't offer much in the way of his own opinion. He does not at the novice, sneaking a look at Marielle to see what she might think. "There's no substitute for the real thing, you are right, novice. Training is not war, nor is it service to Naamah. I'm certain you will find out soon enough whenever you debut. And what is your name?" he asks of Aimeric, looking toward the young man.

"Alienor's views are perfectly acceptable, my lord. No interpretation of innocence is incorrect." Towards Roche the White Rose Second leans and she says, the flush that touches her cheeks at her words is visible even below the expensive fabric of her veil, "My lord, to know my innocence, comes only with an assignation with me. Unlike my Novices I have not had to justify my innocence to anyone but someone who takes an assignation with me for years." Away the Second leans to draw her hand along the arm of her newest full Courtesan, "This is Aimeric. He has recently completed his marque." She does give a small tug to Aimeric's arm to turn his back to her briefly so she can give a quick glance to the exposed part of the marque, likely to assure it is healing well. Then to Alienor she smiles, "I don't believe it will be very long, at all, until we can properly plan your debut and hold it, Alienor."

The male white rose endures the assessing glance of Roche, aware even if not meeting the gaze of the nobleman. "Innocence, my lord, seems an intriguing concept to d'Angelines." His voice is soft and of a low timbre. When the lord inquires about his name, the courtesan lowers his gaze. "Well met, my lord. I was born and raised on Mont Nuit in the city of Elua, but it is here in Marsilikos, as a White Rose, that I've earned my marque." Following the tug of Marielle at his arm with a grace of dance, she will notice that only the uppermost part of the marque can be glimpsed, like a teaser. Adding to Marielle's comment towards Alienor, he says, "I am certain that you will pick a theme and setting that will draw those that are fortunate to receive an invitation…"

Alienor ducks her head slightly for a moment, grinning with a measure of pleasure to know that she will soon graduate and no longer be a novice. She straightens up to her full height, which is not terribly impressive, for she is a fairly petite girl. "Thank you," she says gratefully and with enthusiasm to Marielle, then nods to Aimeric. "I am looking forward to it with anticipation." And then she studies Roche for a moment, thoughtful, but says nothing further to him unprompted.

"I ask for interpretation, not justification. But so be it." once again, the Camaeline allows a smile to show there are no hard feelings and that he's not being overly serious. "Hello, Aimeric." and then he falls silent for a time as a debut is discussed, leaving the trio to their own devices and content to sit still and stare at the back wall until he decides to engage once more after a few moments, "This has been an enlightening experience. I find myself intrigued. I think you have a novice with great potential here. Provided she charms others. I feel I'm an easy man to charm." he states with a straight face and his grim neutral expression.

"Is it that different, my lord?" wonders Marielle. Then satisfied with giving a quick glance to Aimeric's marque to assure it is going well for healing she focuses on the new Courtesan and Adept, leaving them to charm the guest for the moment.

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