(1311-10-27) One In, One Out
Summary: Jehan-Pascal looks in on the newest member of House Baphinol (and his mother), in a moment of calm in between all the present goings-on in the comté of Avignon.
RL Date: 10/27/2019
Related: Takes place the day after The Hospitality at Bedarrides: Blood and Birth Fluid.
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Villa des Bedarrides — Avignon

Bedarrides has, on it's first day of official operation seen a gut wound, an arm wound and a birth. An auspicious start to a new venture in the health industry. Oh yes. The rooftop of the house had been cleaned with no trace of blood anywhere and things much like the day before things went to pot. Louna on the arm of a personal servant, she's shuffling her way across the rooftop garden to find a comfortable place to sit that's not a bedroom, enjoy a view and relax. Recover. Greg is somewhere else, passing off their son to be brought to her. Already there's a custody agreement in place and a schedule it would seem.

Well, yesterday was certainly a day. With the rest of it more or less on pause, given to correspondence and getting word on Louna's condition, today the world begins moving again, and Jehan-Pascal has an itinerary ahead of him that has him moving, well, not at a rush, but, at least, without any waste in his step. But he has to see how Louna is holding up, at the very least, and so here he comes to join her. "Lady Baroness! On your feet already? What a display of strength," he jogs up alongside, smiling cordially to the servant. "How are you feeling? How's the baby?" he asks.

"Large, with a full head of hair and agreeable. Unlike his father in that last count." The servant departs to make room for JP and she offers her hand to JP instead, so she can take his arm. "Tired, a battle won. Now my patients can no longer grouse that I do not know what they endure." She smiles. "And it's good to get up. Good for the body." You just shuffle. Like an old person. "Someone is bringing Victor to me. Greg has had him."

"Victor!" Jehan-Pascal clasps both hands together, "Oh, what a lovely name. I can't imagine that Gregoire could be disagreeable over the birth of his son," he provides, sliding her hand along his arm and stroking her hand with his as he moves alongside her. "And you can't say he wasn't gallant in defending us yesterday," he smiles. "Speaking of which… I must stay and see Victor, and wish him a happy birthday, belated. But after that I will be returning to Avignon to discuss the next steps with my father. I intend to swear in as interim Baron Sauveterre until Fabrice's heir arrives from Tiberium. Then to Sauveterre itself and issue a statement to those waiting on word from that direction… then back to Marsilikos to wait for the new Baroness to come to harbor," he lets her know his general plans. "Fabrice will be kept here so that his treatment may continue uninterrupted, but guards have arrived from Avignon to watch over him, as well."

"He did his job admirably. Even in the face of deception. A shame that the soon to be former Baron couldn't have just embraced the shift like others did. Investment in the lands." Still they shuffle, a slow pace. "I will remain here for a week perhaps two. It would be unwise to travel sooner with Victor. I will watch over Fabrice and ensure he recovers well and let you know if aught goes amiss. But I will be in marsilikos soon enough. I have patients who will be waiting. Who is the new baroness?"

"Her name is Mathilde. I wouldn't wonder but that you have met her; she resides in Tiberium, and has done so for more than a decade. I happened upon her quite by chance one evening in our travels and did not recognize her at all until she was named to me," Jehan-Pascal explains. "She is unwed and childless, which will make the issue of inheritance an interesting one, but she is a scholar and very well-learned on a panoply of topics, and that, to me, speaks very promising. I hope — and, rather, expect — that in her I will find someone to embrace the direction in which I wish to move Avignon." He shuffles right enough alongside, looking out over the vistas toward Avignon with an idealistic gleam.

"Cousin Mathilde?" Louna lights up. "Oh, she is a delight. A lovely strange but wonderful delight. A good choice." She murmurs. There's a sound behind them as the nursemaid scrounged up is bringing the frankly large bundle toward them. "Indeed Cousin Mathilde will be a leader in such I am sure and the issue of heir will be easily done. She can just name someone. Or one of the others from Sauveterre." A wave of her hand before turning to welcome that newborn into her arm, wrapped in a light blanket, little hands already covered in small mitts to protect itself. A full head of hair, dark like hers and not like Greg's. But the rest, there is no doubt. This is Greg's son. Or Richard's if one might be crass enough to make that accusation.

"Meet Victor Alexandre Baphinol, heir to Monteaux. Late to the world by a few weeks but none the less welcomed."

"Indeed," Jehan-Pascal smoothly agrees to everything all at once without adding anything further in that direction because BABY OMG. "Oh. My. Goodness. Oh my goodness, look at you! Hiii, Victor. Hiiii," he leans in, making goopy eyes at the baby. "What a big boy! And he looks just like daddy, yes he does. Oh, yes he does," his voice rises about two octaves in pitch and he makes surprised little gasps in between each sentence because, well, that's how grown men act when they see a newborn. "Can I hold him?"

"Please, careful of the neck." Victor of course, is oblivious, only watches and stares when JP gets close in his face. But Louna passes him over to let the man coo over the newborn. "Yours will come soon, a few months yes? Get your practice in"

"Oh, I got your neck. I got it, yes I do," JP assures the baby, rather than the mother, very cautious in taking the infant into his arms, but without any hesitation or nervousness, either. Just a maternal warmth radiating from him and love gleaming in his eyes as he bundles in the baby up next to him. One could say he's a natural— or that he's held babies before. "Ohh… did you ever see such a sweet face?" he bibbles, then glances up to Louna, "Yep, in December. I'm really excited," he whispers, then, down to Victor again, "Hey-o Victor. It's your Uncle Jehan-Pascal," he introduces himself. And 'uncle' may be wrong, but it'll just have to be close enough. He sways slightly, moving his knees in a subtle bouncing motion all the while. "He smells so good," he informs Louna, taking in a deep breath.

"They always do." Louna hovers, oh does she hover, but keeps her hands to herself. "So a few months to practice." She smiles. "And hopefully with less dramatics preceeding the arrival, and on time, instead of early or late."

"Well— welcome to the fams, little one," Jehan-Pascal whispers. "Don't worry, we're not all as bonkers as this weekend's made us out to be," he goes on, edging into Louna's hover to begin the process of a safe transfer of son back to mother. "I have to go, but I will see you both very soon. And give Gregoire my love and thanks. Do try to be nice to him for me, won't you, Loulou?" he flutters his eyelashes beseechingly to same, and will give his cousin a kiss on the cheek for farewell.

"I will try." Louna states, taking back her son and pressing him close. "Go, off with you, tend to your business. I'll see things done here so you don't have to worrya bout that." she promises.

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