(1311-09-30) A Timid Request
Summary: A young lady makes an inquiry about a specific adept's marque.
RL Date: Mon Sep 30, 1311
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White Rose Second's Office

Situated on the ground floor, the room has tall casement windows that open out onto the south-westerly facing grounds of La Rose Sauvage. Soft white muslin drapes filter out the heat of the sun in the summer, and during the cooler months the heavier drapes of cream that hang at the sides add a layer of warmth to the room. The floor is of burnished golden oak, laid over with an Akkadian wool rug in muted shades of creams and golds. A desk of pale ash wood stands in the center of the room, its surface kept clear save for whatever contracts and paperwork relating to the running of the Salon might need to be dealt with at any one time. A small fireplace is on the eastern wall, and warms the office with a cheery brightness during long winter evenings, and a wider than average mantel above is the perfect spot for the numerous flower displays that are to be found there.%r%rA tall bookcase filled with books on a variety of subjects stands on the wall opposite to the fireplace, and alongside it is a white-painted door that leads through to the Second's private chambers.

The Second of the White Roses is in her office, where she has been spending most of her time the past few months, sorting out paper work and approving marques and aquiring suitable Novices. Even some of that work is noting what White Roses have decided to leave service. Marielle might be very young but she takes her duties seriously. However, a note, the Second is without her veils. She is still in pure white and dressed in finery that borders on being fit for royalty. Marielle may be modest, as all Alyssum are, but her tastes are epensive.

After a quiet knock on the door, they are slowly and hesitantly opened. A young girl nervously peeks in, "May I come in, please?" She asks and takes one step forward to slide inside. Her dark eyes look around and then shyly down to her feet. Inesse is wearing a lovely white a-line dress which features sweet cap sleeves, a V-neckline, a beaded lace bodice, a beaded natural waist and a softly gathered chiffon skirt with a small court train. "I am looking for Lady Marielle who is responsible for… am… I am not sure what is his last name but I know he has been called Aimeric. I had a… well…" She looks up at the ceilings and her cheeks fill up with some rosy heat. "A night."

"Nights with Aimeric are ones to remember." Whether Marielle knows from experience or otherwise is unclear. Aside the paperwork is set and towards a seat she indicates, "Was there something wrong with the contract with him? All my White Roses have standard details I expect in the and room for details worked between them and their patron."

"No, m'lady," Inesse immediately shakes her head. She takes a few careful steps closer to the table. Her hand gestures towards the seat. "May I?" And then she slides to sit down. The young lady sets her hands on her lap and gathers her bravery to look up at Marielle. "You look very beautiful. I have heard some rumors about your beauty but the words were not good enough. You hair is magnificent!" She chuckles and bites her bottom lip for a second. "I apologize. I am a bit nervous. You see, I have been told that I should speak to you in regards of his mark. You know, that drawing on his back…"

Being the Second the flush at the praise appears flawlessly. Is it natural? Is it false? She embodies her canon well. "Thank you, my lady." murmurs the White Rose Second. "What do you wish to know of his marque?"

"Oh, marque! Yes! That is how this is called!" Inesse chuckles. "You see, Aimeric and I are in love. Probably you will not understand because you know me very little but… but we are very similar. He is like me and I am like him. We are madly in love and we would like to spend much more time together. Everywhere. So, I would like to pay for the rest of his drawing. I want it to be finished as soon as possible that he could have his own property, have a cat and visit me anytime, and we could go places with him." The girl smiles broadly. She leans back in her seat and sighs. That sigh is a dreamy one of someone who misses their lover. "How much do I need to pay?"

"I will have to inspect his Marque and speak with him. Once I have done that I will be able to give you how much is left. What he does once his Marque is done is up to him." This is spoken carefully by Marielle, "I will not tell him to stay nor will I advise him to retire to be with you. Once his marque is done he ceases having a debt with Rose Sauvage, which gives him more freedom to decide what he wants to do."

"Yes, I do understand that. He explained to me everything when he made that offer!" The girl smiles broadly. "I believe he might remain here, it's just that he will be able to visit me. He will have more freedom, as you said. Do you know how long it will last?" Then Inesse's eyes grow wider. "Oh, I apologize! I am lady Inesse de Baphinol. Please, inform me once you will know the price. I will come immediatly. The sooner we will do it, the better! I am so excited!" She raises from her seat. "I… I don't think that I should disturb you anymore. That was all. Forgive me for dragging you away from all this work."

"You do realize it is not uncommon for those of Rose Sauvage to set up long term contracts? If it is what both parties want it can even be exclusive. Once I talk to him I will let you know the details and what not." The head of Marielle dips to Inesse, "Stop by any time."

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