(1311-09-28) The Tsingano Animal Whisperer
Summary: The lady of Terre d'Ange meets the Tsingano Animal Whisperer who tames a stray cat. The lady offers her family's support and welcomes Tsingano to her home.
RL Date: Sat Sep 28, 1311
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Market Promenade

Two massive promenades, separated by a narrow row of alternating planters and plinths supporting marble statues from all over the known world, make up a marketplace that extends in a narrow space far to the north of the grand plaza to the south. Each walkway is two two-meter marble slabs wide, one gleaming white, the other greyish-blue, and they alternate to and fro in coloration all the way down each promenade, their intersections marked with a series of equal-armed crosses in shimmering black stone. While there is plenty of space for vendors to set up ad-hoc establishments to hawk their wares, to each side of the double promenade are stoa of fluted marble, holding up a terra-cotta tiled roof over a shady, cool walkway, punctuated here and there with doorways and windows open to a long series of indoor shops, each marked with a hanging sign outside the door.%r%rEvery twenty meters or so, five stairs lift the level of the promenade as the marketplace works its way uphill, to a smaller plaza at the northern end where all the most exclusive and expensive shops are established. This smaller plaza also has an obelisk of red granite in the middle; it's shorter, and more slender, but when the change in elevation is taken into account, its tip is at the exact same height as the massive obelisk in the town square to the south.

What a beautiful autumn morning! The sun is up in the sky, there is no wind. One could even think that not a Winter is about to come next but a Spring. As it is common in the mornings, Market is basically flooded with people. There are some sailors bringing in the goods from the port, merchants are already etertaining people who have gathered to refill their homes with such casual goods as vegetables and fruits or something more expensive and unique such as clothes or jewelry. These days the market is also quick to surprise visitors with something very new and unseen since the Great Exhibition is still going on and so many foreigners come to Marsilikos.

One of the visitors is a young lady of Baphinols. She woke up very early and did majority of the shopping before the place has became too crowded. So, she is sitting on a bench and observing the people. Her legs sway playfully in the air in the rhythm of a melody Inesse is humming. Her hand holds a cinammon roll. A bite is already missing. There is a basket set on the bench beside her. It is covered by the silk scarf but one can notice that it is filled with some goodies.

One of the new faces to the city of Marsilikos is that of a young Tsingano. Unlike the majority of the other foreigners, the merchants are not quite so friendly with him, but at least they are not openly hostile, as it might be found in other places. Of course, when Luca shows that he has money to pay, they are even less biased. Having purchased a fresh loaf of bread, Luca tears a piece of the bread free of the loaf and munches it as he walks along. Not to very far from where Inesse is seated, the Tsingano crouches down. "Well, hello there, little one. What are you doing out here?" While it could easily be taken that he is talking to the young woman, he is in fact talking to a juvenile cat, which is crouched down under a bush. Luca cocks his head to the side, causing his hair to cascade down over the side of his face.

Inesse was about to swallow her bit of the cinammon roll and protest. She is not a little one! Not anymore! But thanks to the angels, that she had to chew that bite first, It gave time for the young girl to think and trace the look of a Tsingano. That is when she noticed the cat as well. It makes her giggle and blush a bit. She sets her hands in a lap and sighs in relief for avoiding an uncomfortable moment. She glances back at the man after a few moments. "Do… do you like cats?" Inesse asks quietly and a bit shyly. Her eyes study the stranger and then she shrugs a bit as if deciding to add another question. It's totally worth it! "Do you have cats back in east?" She immediately assumes that Luca might be a foreigner. Those few questions give some courage for the girl and then she goes into her 'casual blabing mode'. "I am lady Inesse de Baphinol. I am resting. I have been here for awhile. I am so excited that the lady of Marsilikos has decided to throw such a wonderful event. So many foreigners. Interesting faces. Though, I think you are the first I am talking to. You are from Alba, right? Far in the East. A land of high mountains and desert? I am learning."

Luca clicks his tongue a couple of times to get the cat's attention. He tears a small piece of bread and tosses in the direction of the stray cat. Still in a crouch, he looks to Inesse. "I do like cat very much." He shrugs slightly, "I like most animals, truth be told." He blinks at her question. "Yes, in Camlach, we have cats." He chuckles. He stands up and offers a slightly over flourished bow to the young woman. "Well, Lady Inesse de Baphinol, I am Luca. I am Tsingano… I have lived in Terre D'Ange all of my life, just a little bit all around, even if my kumpania called Camlach home more than else." He flashes the young woman a wide, friendly smile, "But I can see where one might think me… " he pauses and grins, "to be exotic."

"Oooh…" Inesse slides to the edge of the bench when the man introduces himself. She also picks up her basket and sets it a bit closer to her. Here. Safe distance now. "I have never met one of you. Not to be impolite, of course!" The girl immediately apologizes. "When I was little my tutor told me that I should never go outside of the cities on my own because Tsingano are waiting there and they steal little girls and boys, and then they make you a Tsingano. Have you been one of use before as well?" The last question is asked in a hush voice and Inesse looks around making sure nobody heard. But then she adds in a bit more casual manner, "I thought that Tsingano can not be found in Camlach. People there are very harsh to foreigners. But I am not sure if we can call you foreigners. You live in old carriages, right? You don't have home. It must be terrible not to have home. How do you fit everything in a carriage?" She looks at Luca curiously. The smile broudens and her shoulders relax a bit. "You don't look that scary as they told me!"

Well, Inesse's perceptions of the Tsingano unfortunately are not that different that others, actually a bit nicer in some ways. Regardless, Luca chuckles. "Oh, some Tsingano might steal children, but not my kumpania… my family." He reaches up and combs his hair back, tucking the loose waving curls behind his ear. "There is certainly no magic that would turn you into a Tsingano. Tsingano are Tsingano by blood." He nods, "The people of Camlach are a hard people, but they need horses." He grins with pride, "And the Tsingano have the best horses. This is fact." He sighs, "We live vardo, more like a wagon than a carriage. Live on the road is freedom. Freedom to go where ever you want to go… I have thought that it might be nice to live in one place, but I do not know if that life is one for me." Once again, Luca flashes a wide friendly smile, "You have no need to fear Luca. I am not scary at all."

"Oooh…" When the man mentioned horses and that he might be a trader back in Camlach, Inesse slides back to her previous spot, closer to the man. She sets her basket on the other side that it wouldn't disturb. The girl takes a bite of her cinammon roll again. Chews listening, swallows, and then floods a young man with even more questions: "If you do not have home, how can you breed horses? Do you make hundreds of horses come with you? How do you find a place for them? I love horses! Who could not love horses? I am terrible rider. But I like to pet them and talk to them. They are funny! How many people live with you? How large is your family? I heard that Tsigano have about twenty siblings or so. I have two. I love my older brother but my sister is annoying. She calls me stupid so often. I try to avoid her. We rarely talk. My mother is great tho. You should meet her! She would love to talk to you. Delphine de Baphinol. She is very friendly. We even have Tancred. He is Skaldi. Nobody likes Skaldi here. We are at war. But my mother hired the man. He works for our family. You know, one shouldn't be judged by the actions of others! You don't steal children. You are good!" Then she takes a pause to get a gulp of fresh air. The smile slowly fades from her lips and Inesse looks down to her lap. "I wish I would be free to go where I want. I would like to live in an island. Me and Andre. Or me and Aimeric. One of them. I am not sure whom I would choose. But one of them. Only with them. I don't want to share. What about you? Do you have a Night Court? When do you get married? How old are you? What have you been doing here? Are you here to present your culture? Will you also throw an event? Are you ambassador?"

Luca bursts into laughter. "So many questions… I am not sure that I can remember them all to answer. "Some kumpania may have a hundred horses or more. Mine did. I am here alone." He sighs softly at that, and there is a flicker of sadness in his voice for a moment. I have two brothers and a sister, but I have lots of cousins. And yes, I do love horses. I have five of them… I will probably have to sell them come the fair." He cocks his head, as he looks a little confused. "Represent the Tsingano? No. Luca represents only himself." About that time, there is a bit of motion out of the corner of his eye. He nods in the direction of the young cat that is lured closer to the food. "Hungry, little one? Come on closer… Luca has some fresh warm bread." He pulls off another small piece and tosses it towards the cat, which backs away quickly, but eases back closer to eat the bread. Luca looks back to Inesse, "Night court? No… we do not have a Night Court… nor do your Night Court have Tsingani…" He looks at her for a second, "I am nineteen years old… I am here because I am no longer part of my kumpania, so I am hoping to join another… when the fair comes…" It is fall, and the horse fair should not be too terribly long from now.

"I am so sorry that you had to leave your family. Is it common?" Inesse slides a bit closer to the man when she sees that he grows a little bit upset. "Will you have to create your own kumpania? How one does it? Do you need to marry someone who is an heir to their kumpania to be able to join one? You were not the oldest and that is why you had to leave, right?" The girl tries to adjust Tsingano hierarchy the way it is common for her. "If you don't have where to go, perhaps, my mother can take you in!" She offers. "She could use someone good with horses, perhaps. She is more into wine, tho. Her family makes wine. I am sixteen by the way. But I am soon to turn seventeen." She finishes the last bite of her breakfast in silence. But it is a short one. "You know, that cat really likes you. Do you think you will take it? I also have a cat. He is white and his name is Prince. He is still very young. This one looks a bit older. So, where do you live? Outside? Alone? It's dangerous. You could come and be guest at our manor since you are a good Tsingano and you do not steal."

Luca grins at the young cat. "I am good with most animals… my father trained me to be so…" He looks at the girl. "You should not be so quick to open your home up to strangers. If I was a bad person, then I would tell you that I was a nice person to get you to feel more comfortable around me." The young black cat eases a little closer and is rewarded with a nother bite of bread. "As for me taking the cat… that's really more up to him or her than it is up to me. I might.. I might not." He shrugs, "Who knows?" He slides past the questions about joining a new kumpania.

"We have Tancred. He is huge and very strong. Any stranger who would try to cause harm for our family, they would be stopped by him. He saved me from drowning in the baths!" The girl rolls her eyes. "That was quite an event! Everyone was staring at me. Probably they all thought what my sister would think. That I am so dull. But I am not. I was simply worried! Anxious, you know. A very beautiful and kind woman was in the baths. Lady Adeline. Perhaps you will meet her. She is a warrior. She saved my life from drowning! Well, she was… like… you know, volunteering and things." Inesse blushes and nervously stammers before just stopping. She speaks too much. Way too much. "I am sorry for disturbing the bonding between you and the cat! I think I should go. I have spend too much time here and now I am just making no sense! But you know what, if you will need any help or anything remember the name Baphinol, okay? If someone will give you a hard time, you can let them know you are a friend of Baphinols and they will leave you alone. My mother and my cousin Jehan-Pascal are very influencial. Also my brother Boniface. I like you and I will bring them to see your horses. I hope you will stay around for a bit longer. I would like to learn more about those free travels! But I have to go now!" She smiles broadly at the man. Peeks at the cat. Then looks back at the man. Inesse stands up and curtsies. "Have a very pleasant day, m'lord Tsingano Luca."

Luca looks to Inesse and smiles, "I am used to being given a hard time. Most people do not like the Tsingani." He shrugs, "It is part of life, you know?" He seems to be satisfied with that. Not much point being otherwise really. Nothing changes. He very seriously doubts that mentioning that he a friend of the Baphinols would do any good, but he doesn't say anything to the girl. He smiles, "Well, the fair is not yet upon us, so I will be around at least until then." He smiles, "It was very nice meeting you Lady Inesse Baphinol." He chuckles softly, "No, m'lord… just Luca. You have a very pleasant day yourself."

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