(1311-09-25) A Story that Doctor Abhors
Summary: A commoner brings in an unconcious lady to the Infirmary. The lady has been saved by Adeline who has been volunteering that day.
RL Date: 2019-09-25
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Situated within the beautiful greenery of the gardens of Eisheth, along the coastline not too far from the harbour and in view of the Citadel that guards the entrance to the port of Marsilikos, is the infirmary, a one storey building of white stone and simple architecture that has been enhanced with classical elements, as if inspired by the buildings of ancient Hellene culture. Traces of columns, half-worked into the walls can be found on all sides of the infirmary. An archway frames the sturdy oak door of the entrance, white stone worked with impressive masonry skill into a bas-relief, depicting a female in robes holding a roll of bandages and a vial of sorts to the left and a male healer to the right with a scroll in one hand, while the other is lifted in lecturing gesture, as if he were giving a medical diagnosis.%r%rThe hall beyond is agreeably cool during hot summers and kept warm in cold winters, through a large hearth that governs the center of the long wall to the right. It is here in this hall that the majority of patients will be treated immediately, and so there are a number of curtains that divide the space into areas with cots. In times of need, the space can be stacked up to hold two dozen beds. The vicinity of the gardens allows for the soothing tranquility of nature to become part of the process of recovery, chirping of birds, wisps of casual conversation reaching those inside through the line of arched windows that sit higher up at the walls. It also serves a source of lighting during the day, whereas a number of oil lamps at the walls are lighted during evenings and nights.%r%rClose to the entrance, there is a door to the left that leads to the infirmary's office, where records of patients are being kept, along with other book keeping of supplies and the like. Another archway opens from the hall into a hallway, where secluded rooms are provided for harder cases, long-term treatments and those of higher standing and the wish for more privacy. These chambers are plain yet well kept, immaculately clean, with sheets of the more comfortable beds being changed regularly. In each chamber, an arched window offers light during the day, and a pair of two chairs offer seating to healers or the occasional visitor a patient may receive.

The Temple of Eisheth's infirmary is not pretty.

For its progress, the City of Marsilikos is like any other: its institutions serve the interests of those with power and wealth, while the poor and infirm are left to fend for themselves. For them, the charity of Eisheth's acolytes are important and necessary. With the city bursting with visitors attending the Great Exhibitions, there is greater demand for medical services from the everyday injuries that occur in such a metropolis. The private clinics are full, so even the merchants and lower nobility's staff must come for treatment.

It makes the place a little chaotic.

But the Temple has its volunteers as well. One such walks among the throngs seated on the floor, asking them of their symptoms and reasons for visiting. The blue-robed Adeline looks more suited for security than triage, but she nonetheless patiently listens and writes on a sheaf of parchment folded on board with a thin piece of charcoal. She nods; she advises; and she does her best to reassure those in need that they will be seen in short order.

Here, the Vicomtesse is relatively anonymous.

It was a windy day. Quite cold one since the autumn is getting its pace. However, it is not a wind what makes the door of the infirmary open with a loud thud. A middle-aged commoner not simply pushes them firmly but actually kicks the door because his hands are occupied by a petite and light body of a girl. That girl seems to be of a noble birth. She is wearing a a white tulle and lace slim A-line gown with illusion eyelash lace long sleeves, eyelash lace wide scooped neckline, lace bodice with beaded natural waist, eyelash lace scooped back with satin covered buttons, lightly gathered soft tulle skirt.

"Help! Someone!" The commoner shouts as he rushes deeper into the room. The water is rippling down his black hair. One doesn't even have to take a better look to see that the lady in his arms and he are soaked in water. Inesse's arms are swaying in the air from the movement of a man. The girl seems to be currently uncouncious. "I don't think she is breathing!" He adds starting to take steps right and left, forward, left and right. He leaves a trace of mud and some small puddles after himself. His eyes widely opened try to see who here might be an acolyte or at least a volunteer.


Some of the volunteers stop what they are doing. One springs into action, as if it were a reflex. "Here, good sir." Adeline's voice is curt and clipped. Her manners are that of a field chirurgeon, urgent and direct. And her movements, deliberate and forceful. Those who don't get out of the way are either stepped over or stepped through. And since the Lady in Blue is still dressed, under her robes, in armor, those foolish enough to not sidestep are simply knocked aside.

Adeline holds her arms out to take the young woman, if allowed.

For a moment, she pauses. She recognizes her: was she at the exhibition? Was it somewhere else? The confusion is momentary, replaced by her dour, serious expression. "Tell me what happened," she demands in a clear, authoritative tone. As if she were in charge. And who is going to argue with her? Her scar and stature make her an imposing woman indeed.

That, and she can toss an axe, apparently.

The man does not resists. He seems to be even relieved when Inesse's body is taken from his hands. The moment his arms are freed, one is able to notice that the arm which was wrapped around girl's shoulders and was close to her head is soaked not only in water but also in blood. The commoner starts shaking upon seeing that bright red liquid. "I swear, I did- I didn't do anything!" He immediately starts to protect himself. Well, just in case. "It was she. Silly girl. It was all her fault!" He glances at Adeline. His widely opened scared eyes do not even blink. "Dancing. She was dancing on the edge. You know, in the port." He stammers.

If necessery, the commoner will follow a woman he imagines to be an acolyte. "Or maybe she was chasing some birds. I do not know. Then a group of children ran. They passed by her. They were shouting, laughing. Playing. You know, the kids! She was gone once the group of the boys were away. She is so small. Probably she slipped. They pushed. Accident. I ran forward and just saw her scarf floating. The waves were large. A ship was close. Resting in the port. You know. It was not me. I jumped to save her. Searched. Dived in. Found!" The man removes his hat and nervously starts to squeeze it between his hands dirtying the fabric of his hat by the young blood. "Is she dead? Will you tell it was not me?"

While the commoner talks, Adeline clears a way for herself.

This time, people get out of her way. Like, all the way. The Lady in Blue gets to the clerk's table near a hall, and clears it off with one arm while somehow managing to cradle Inesse against her with the other. Then, she deposits the small woman onto the table, a little roughly, before positioning her such that her head hangs limply over an edge, below the rest of her body.

"Someone detain him!"

Adeline first presses slowly but firmly on Inesse's belly in an attempt to push water out of the airway. She does this twice in succession before stepping to her head, lifting it so that it is level with the rest of her body, and then applying a deep mouth-to-mouth breath. The aim, of course, is to resuscitate her by: (1) purging water, if obstructing; and (2) inflating the lungs so that they may react and do the same. (Ed. note: the history of CPR is kind of interesting, no kidding.)

And, if necessary, she will repeat.

The commoner panics when he hears the command. He immediately looks around and is ready to run in all four directions almost like a scared headless chicken. However, the two other acolytes quite quickly appear at his side. They take the man by his arms and lead to one of the chairs, where he is seated and remains guarded by one of the two acolytes. Of course, the one who looks to be a bit stronger in built. "It was not me! I am telling you! It was she. It's her fault. Silly girl. Who goes so close to the edge?! I saved her!" The commoner pleads. He hopelessly brushes over his face and hair with his hand trying to clean off some water. However, he just smears the blood into his face instead. "By the angels!" He rolls his eyes and then tries to use his clean sleeve to get rid of that iron-like smelling liquid. "There are witnesses!" He adds.

Adeline will have to repeat the procedure at least four times before lady Inesse starts caughing. The water splatters out of her throat. It starts dripping down her chin and neck. The blood from her head slowly dripples on the ground and an edge of the table. The girl caughs a few times and then suddenly her eyes widely opens. She seems to be in shock. Her arms start to flail in the air as if she would be pushing someone from herself or she would be trying to crawl out of a grave. Her legs starts kicking. The expression in her pale features seems to resamble an effort of trying to scream the lungs out. However, only more water splashes out.

It's never pretty in an infirmary.

Adeline works methodically and patiently. When the girl finally coughs, she moves Inesse's body so that her head can rest on the table proper. Flailing arms and legs do little to wood, and even less to the steel under the Lady in Blue's armor. When Inesse's eyes snap open, the Mereliot pushes her head so that it turns to one side, that the water and blood can splash off of the table's side, if necessary, and so that Inesse's tongue doesn't slide back into her throat.

The stress releases from Adeline's body.

With a sigh, she waits for Inesse's convulsions to subside. "I will need a bed," she announces sharply to the temple's staff. "She will need to rest." Adeline wipes her now-wet face with a hand. "Turn him to the City Guard for questioning," she adds, eyes flitting to the man who brought Inesse in. "For I recall this lady from the court. And there will be questions from her House."

After that, she waits until Inesse regains consciousness and composure.

"This is not fair! I saved her! I saved her! I need to go home! My little brother and sisters! I need to go home! This is not fair! Not fair!" The commoner shouts when one of the acolytes is taking him away from the infirmary to the City Guards. He was so loud that he has awoken a few patients who have been so deep in sleep that did not even hear the thud of the door when Inesse has been brought in. The murmur ripples across the infirmary. One can pick up not only some questions being rised in curiosity but also some grumble about the disturbance.

"She will be fine," one of the patients in a far end of the infirmary spits out while turning on another side and covering his head with a sheet.

When the water is out of Inesse's lungs and her body calms down after the sudden shock, the girl starts shivering. She blinks a few times and wraps her arms around herself. The white silk of her dress tightly clings to her skin. A few drops of blood runs down her dark hair and leaves a blurry stain on the embroidery of the gown. "Wha-…" The Baphinol lady mumbles. "Whose… Whose blood is that? What happened?" She manages to ask despite the shiver which makes her teeth chatter.

"It's your blood, my lady."

To say that Adeline is blunt would be an understatement; she's downright brusque. She continues. "According to the man who brought you in, you were found in the water at the port. He was unsure of how you fell into it, but — " The Lady reaches out with a hand to pull away some of the wet hair; she is attempting to examine the source of the blood. " — the cause of your fall is still in doubt." Beat. "Do not worry about that for the moment. Try to stay warm. Here — "

The Mereliot noble takes off her robe, and slides it upon the Baphinol's shoulders.

" — this should help." There's a pause as Adeline continues her examination: looking at the head, the face, the cheeks, the neck. Chirurgeon's hands touch gently but probingly during the investigation. "Do you recall anything of what happened, my lady?" she asks distractedly. "Anything at all?"

"And can you walk?"

<FS3> Adeline rolls Medicine: Failure. (1 6 1 5 3 2 2 2 6 5)

"MY BLOOD?!!!" Inesse squeals and immediately starts to brush with her hands over her hair and her dress. She, apparently, tries to clean it off but makes even worse mess by simply brushing the blood from her hair to her hands and then over her dress. "This is so not good. This is so bad. This is not good. I am fine. I am just fine. I should go home! Just before mother sees it! No no no! Mother can not see it!" The girl tries to push herself and stand on her feet. If not stopped, she manages to land on her feet. The Baphinol staggers a bit but does not fall. Probably, she has more than enough energy. It may be an adrenaline of sorts. "Please, just don't tell my mother. I need to go home. I will go home and clean myself. I will be good. Thank you!" She takes off the robe and tries to push it into Adeline's hands. "I will go now. I am so sorry. Please, just don't tell my mother!"

Adeline's brow furrows.

"Stop it." The larger woman holds a hand out, palm towards Inesse, as if to stop her from departing. "You need to be treated. You will become very sick if you are not." Adeline says this in a firm tone, laced with only a little threat. You know, like possibly dying. "I have no intention of telling your mother, but — " Beat. " — this is a serious matter, my lady. We must treat it as such."

She's really no fun at all, is she?

"Will you let me at least examine you?" Adeline does take her robe, but it is cast onto the table for now. Where it can soak up some water/blood/vomit. "It is important that we learn what happened. You may have been assaulted and deliberately thrown into the water." That got dark quick. "I will make sure that what I find does not get to your mother." Beat. "But if someone has attacked you, this must be brought to the Duchess."

"Please understand."

<FS3> Adeline rolls Leadership: Good Success. (1 4 8 8 6 8 3 4)

Inesse lowers her gaze and obediently reclaims her seat on the table. "Thank you…" She drawls and nibbles on her bottom lip for a bit while her legs kind of shyly and hesitantly sway in the air. "Thank you for not telling my mother. If my mother would learn, then my sister would know as well. If my sister will know, she will call me stupid, silly and useless. But I am not useless!" She peeks at the woman one more time. "Oh! You were there! You saw that I was able to throw axes! I can be useful, right. I can! Just don't tell anyone. There is no need to tell Duchess…" The girl looks down again. Her finger start to squeeze the fabric of a skirt.

"I am in love." The girl states as if taht would be a very clear explanation of what happened. Her pale cheeks fill up with a rosy blush.

Adeline brings a hand to her forehead.

"Go on." She gently rubs her skull with her fingertips. It was going to have to be one of those stories, of course. Stories that doctors abhor. But she will be patient. She will. She wills it, and that is visible in the way her jaws clench just so for a few seconds. And here it comes.

"More to the point, what does that have to do with it?"

Inesse's forehead is burning.

The girl doesn't seem to notice the mild annoyance in the doctor's tone. Everything is important and related to the current situation, in the lady's opinion. She has been told that lying is a sin and so she will tell the full story. "Last winter I have visited Elua with everyone else. The celebration was so beautiful! I have met Adrien nó Coeur de Lavande there. We fell in love. He even moved to Marsilikos that he could be with me! I have never felt about anyone like this before! I love him. With all my heart!" She looks up at Adeline. Her eyes are wide and the girl nods a few times as if to stress out how strongly she believes in her own words. "However, he has other patrons. He doesn't love only me. He is so busy with the others. I thought he will be mine and I will be his… I felt so lonely. So, I have visited another Salon. I have been introduced to Aimeric nó Rose Sauvage yesterday. I have never met someone so handsome and kind, and so similar to me as him! It's like we are the same person. Well… except Adrien. I love him as well." She swallows and her words pick up the pace as she gets more passionate about the topic. "I couldn't resist! I have spend the night with him. He is mine and I am his. We are in love. I feel so bad because I love Adrien but I love Aimeric! I will make the drawing on my skin. But it has to be a secret. Between me and him, and you. You promissed not to tell my mother, right?" She chuckles. "I will go to a person who makes those drawings with needles and he will sign Aimeric's name. But then I thought I love Adrien. So, I was out there. Thinking. Dancing. I am happy. But I am also so sad…" The girl sighs and looks down to her lap.

"I am stupid and useless."

"I think I slipped since I was deep in thought." She finally provides the reason.


The infinitely-patient-but-not-really Mereliot Cleric keeps rubbing her forehead gently. Her opinion on the matter is quite clear. She obviously isn't as taken with such ephemeral, fleeting concepts as Inesse; however, that does not mean she cannot appreciate what is being said and why it is being said. Instead, the Cleric wipes her hand along her face, swallows what she wants to say — visibly, she swallows — and then says something in response.

"Of course."

Adeline looks over her shoulder to an attendant. "Would you see that the gentleman who brought this lady here is released?" She lets out a sigh, and then gives Inesse a critical sort of look. Her eyes are frosty, but she puts on a slight smile as if it were sufficient to cover her apparent heart of stone. "Matters of the heart are not my forte, my lady — " Beat. " — Baphinol, was it? Yes. Now — " She clears her throat. " — I will not tell your mother. But I have a recommendation for your issue: taking up a thoroughly unromantic hobby."

"Might I recommend swordplay?"

The girl listens and her smiles lights up when Adeline speaks to her. Inesse clearly looks at Adeline but probably understands half of what has been said. She looks tired. Her eyes blink slowly. The young lady nods a few times. Then she yawns. She is not even on time to cover her mouth politely as if her body would have a delay. "Swords are dangerous…" She drawls. "It's what boys do. It's dirty. I like shopping." She chuckles and yawns one more time. "Now that you say so, I feel really tired. I would like to sleep…" The girl starts leaning to the side and curling up right on the table where she has been sitting.

Though, her lips mumble: "You are very beautiful, lady Adeline. Pretty and kind. Beautiful." There is a short pause before she continues. "Very lovely. Nice hair and deep eyes. Pretty eyes. Armor outside but soft inside. Fluffy. Like rabbits. White rabbits. Your hair are white. So pretty. I wish I would look like you. Be you… Clever and beautiful."

Inesse's eyes closes. She licks her lips and her breath deepens as it does for anyone who is close to falling asleep.


But what Inesse says catches something else in Adeline's mind. She frowns, as if confused, and then draws in a breath as her composure returns. "Thank you." She shakes it off. "Let us find you a place to rest, then, Lady Baphinol. I will have some attendants bring you clean clothes, and we will have your items washed." Her tone indicates she may be distracted by whatever Inesse said. Perhaps about bunnies? Or being beautiful?

For a moment, Adeline touches the charm on her necklace.

Then, without more, the White Lady lifts the other lady easily off the table. She's strong, and her strength allows her to cradle Inesse in a manner that is almost safe and warm. It is something which she has apparently done many times; she does so with familiar, practiced movements. And the way she holds the younger woman securely suggests that, yes, she is a bit soft on the inside.

Hence, the armor.

Lady Inesse wraps her arms around Adeline. She cuddles to the older woman and even nuzzles her head a bit into the volunteering lady's shoulder. "Thank you, my beautiful angel. We have those angels out there somewhere. We pray to them and we do what they expect us to do…" The girl chuckles while talking almost through the sleep. "But the angels who keep us safe are more important. They are here with us. Angels like you. So white and so beautiful, and so kind. Tuck tuck tuck… a beating heart. Yooooooours." The last word is said through a yawn and Inesse almost curls up in Adeline's arms. The girl twitches and then drawns into the world of her dreams.

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