(1311-09-02) We Will All Go Our Separate Ways
Summary: Prince Andre comes to say goodbye to a young Gotlander.
RL Date: Sun Sep 08, 1311
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The Citadel

High on a promontory on the southern peninsula of Marsilikos, the Citadel stands tall and firm against the winds whipping in from the sea. Its only approach is from the north, a set of stairs carved in a coil directly into the granite of the mount, wide enough for only two to pass shoulder to shoulder, rising to meet the single gate room between the inner and outer walls of the citadel, both of travertine, white against the dark grey bedrock that rises high over the port, studded with guardposts, each flying the billowing blue banner of Marsilikos.%r%rWithin the twin walls of the citadel the granite has been leveled into a flat rectangular surface, atop which a variety of buildings have been built. The most well-fortified of these is the great octagonal watchtower, crafted in grey granite blocks which match the terrain, rising ten stories higher than the top of the citadel itself, in the top belfry of which is kept a wide array of spyglasses, alarums and masive flags to haul aloft to warn the town below of the arrival of various ships from sea. On the other side of the courtyard are two shorter granite buildings with big bronze doors, under guard all day and all night: the Treasury and Armory, respectively, of Marsilikos. There is also a wooden barracks-building to house the troops which staff the citadel, and the bulk of the citadel floor is open and used for military drills and exercises.

It's nice to get a chance to wash yourself. Also, to get a plate of a decent meal and a glass of wine can do wonders! Kalisha is sitting at a small table right now. She seems to be writting something. The daylight makes her features look more pleasant than before. This madness in ger eyes everyone have been talking about seems to be gone as well. Perhaps, because this foreigner had a good night sleep. However, she still holds her hair in the same fashion and she picked the same clothes to wear as before. Kalisha doesn't worry too much of being out of fashion. It's who she is. The room is small but bright enough. Brighter than a cell. The door of her room is unlocked. The window is open to let some fresh air in.

The door creaks open though it's not a guard bringing food this time. It's the Prince of Brabant, coming over straight after dawn, a smile on his face. "Lady Kalisha.", he greets her, a little formally perhaps, but with pleasure to use the honorifc. "I trust you are well?"

"I am not a lady. Just Kalisha to you," the young woman answers. She folds a small envelope and slides it toward the mid of the table. Then she raises from her seat and turns at Andre. "Probably your d'Angeline friends are quite disappointed. There will be no bloodbath." She shrugs and smiles. The Gotlander takes a few steps forward. She extends her arms to the sides a bit. "May I hug you for everything what you have done for me?"

"You are a lady to me.", Andre asures her and shrugs a little. "I haven't spoken to any of the locals yet. I trust they will be content that justice has been done." He seems a little surprised by the request, but then smiles and opens his arms. "Of course you may."

Kalisha embraces the Prince of Brabant and presses her ear to his chest. "Ah. This is how the good heart sounds like!" She chuckles and withdraws away after a few seconds not to make this overly too awkward. "Good that you came. I was about to send you a message. But now I can do it here. Even if I do not like to say goodbye in person." Her hands raise to her neck where this pendant is hanging one more time. The evidence of a crime. Or one should say - a clue. She takes it off and reaches for Andre's hand. If he allows, Kalisha will try to place the pendant in the middle of his palm. "Could you keep it safe for me?"

Andre hesitates for a moment, then closes his fingers around the pendant. "I will keep it safe and return it to you when I come to visit you at home on your ancestral lands in Gotland.", he promises with a little smile. "I would hope this is not the last time we have met. Have you secured a ship yet?"

"I will try my best to come back for this pendant. However, a very dark time is awaiting for me. While people of this city talk about war as if they would know what that is and celebrate festivities one after another. While they dress in prescious silks and drink expensive wine, and play their politicial games. Well, some have to actually fight for their home, wear armor and the only taste they have on their lips is the blood…" Kalisha sighs and withdraws her hands from Andre's when he wraps his fingers around the pendant. "It doesn't matter who rules over the North of Gotland. People will always be faithful to my family. You helped me here and so if you will find yourself at a loss in the North of Gotland, or you will become haunted by a dark fate, you can always go there. This pendant will give you a free access, meal and the roof over your head. It will give you friendship because my people will treat you like my friend." Then Kalisha turns to look through the window. "They will ship me off to my cousin in Caerdica Unitas. They said they will take me there tomorrow before eve since the ship will sail off early in the morning."

"Thank you.", Andre responds to the offer of help in Gotland. "I understand it will not be easy and may take a long time. Still, I would hope our paths shall cross again. And should you ever find yourself in the Flatlands, you are of course welcome to our court in Brabant." He nods to the explanation of the ship and smiles. "Well, it's what you hoped for, is it not? Reaching your cousin in Caerdicca Unitas. The note I sent has probably reached him by now."

"Perhaps," Kalisha sighs turning to face the window fully. "But it is very difficult to leave when I know where my enemy is. I am telling you, don't be charmed by her lies. If not her brother who has became absolutely obsessed with me, if that would have been her decision, I would be dead now. She has an innocent face. She knows how to act. She is wicked and she slowly drinks your soul and bends you to her will. She is like her mother. Though, they know very well how to hold a sword. However, the sharpest one is their tongue. It's poisonous." After a short pause, Kalisha turns back to face Andre. "Now she knows. She knows that I care about you. She will come after you because she will expect that I told you of my plans. She will hope that I will keep contact. She will not rest until I am dead. So, you shall never tell her that I gave you the pendant."

Andre arches a brow. "The Lady Elin, you mean?", he asks, intrigued, "I am not worried about her. Once this exhibition thing is over, I trust we will all go our separate ways again. She to Gotland, me to the Flatlands. I, at least, have no plans to stay here longer than required. I've been away from home for a long time now.", he sighs and looks slightly wistful.

Kalisha chuckles. "I hope that she will go away. I hope she will not be a bother to you. However, are you sure that you will leave this country right after the exhibition?" Kalisha bites her bottom lip to hold another laugh in her throat. "Anyway, I will ask Odin to watch after you wherever you will be. But now… I fear I need to prepare myself…" She briefly glances at the note on her table and back at Andre.

"I assume so.", Andre nods, "I have no reason to impose on the Duchesse's hospitality any longer and I miss my family and my home." He does get the look and the clue. "Of course, I won't disturb you further. I just wanted to say goodbye in person. If there is anything you need for the journey - clothes, provisions - do let me know and I will help.", he promises.

"No. You did more than enough. Just be safe and use every opportunity you have to be happy!" Kalisha would give one more hug to Andre if he allows before almost pushing him out through the door as if one would be too afraid that someone might see her cry. Though, will she cry? And if she will, will that be sadness or anger? "Now, off you go! Prepare for celebration and show everyone what an amazing King awaits for the Flatlands. Go. Just go. Go go."

Ande returns the hug before he's more or less cast out of the room. A little confused he is, but perhaps glad that there's no drawn-out weepy goodbye. And so he goes.

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