(1311-08-21) He's Trying to Save Her Life
Summary: Prince Andre (or shall we call him a Mr. Detective now) pays another visit to the foreign prisoner. He expects to receive more details about the behaviour of Kalisha during the last meeting.
RL Date: Wed Aug 21, 1311
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Dark, without any windows of note, only the tiny slits in the upper part of the wall that allow some air to drift into the cells, to lessen the stench with the salty scent of the sea close by. Torches at the walls offer flickering lighting, and each cell offers little protection of privacy, with a front of bars through which water and food will be passed when it is time for the daily meal.%r%rA sturdy door, when unlocked with the required key, opens to the stairway that leads up to the citadel proper.

This is simply outrageous! Right now Kalisha can not give up. She simply can not let that creature walk on the Earth while she is locked in a cell. She can not let that woman simply get what she has always desired. Now Kalisha simply knows and she can not stay still. She is pacing in her cell. She goes back and forth, and she makes circles. The food has been brought to her and it was simply kicked into the wall. Some oatmeal is still running over the stones and dripping on the cold floor. The prisoner is just talking, and gesturing with her hands, and bumping her fists together. She could explode if only she could…

Andre had accompanied the Gotlandish ambassador home and then got tied up with other things. It takes until the morning after for him to return to the Dungeons. But this time he hasn't brought gifts - or even a smile. He just walks towards the cell that holds Kalisha and comes to a halt in front of it, keeping his distance.

When Kalisha sees that someone is casting a shadow, she turns towards the man. A smile does not appear in her features. She approaches Andre, though. While she does not say a word to him and simply grows absolutely quiet, her eyes tell more. Her eyes sparkle with anger and also seem to be almost spitting into the foreigner's face a question - "What? Does she already have you in her hands?".

"She came here because I asked her to. Your behaviour towards her made me appear in a very foolish light.", Andre replies coolly. "I hope you have a good explanation for it." He crosses his arms in front of his chest to indicate that he's listening.

Kalisha comes even closer. She lowers her voice down to a whisper. Just to make sure that the guard wouldn't hear overly too much. "Andre, I have remembered absolutely everything the moment I saw her. My memory hit me like a rock. Thousands of images and I know that every one of them is true. I am Kalisha Knutdottir. I am the daughter of Jarl Knut Geirolfsson. Elin Asbjornsdottir is a member of the family who came to our lands, slaughtered our people and slaughtered my whole family." Kalisha bumps her fist into the metal bar making it vibrate for a few seconds. "They wanted to kill me as well! That battle where my people and my family tried to protect our home was the largest battle I have ever seen. It was not a fair fight. They simply slaughtered us. They have been expanding their lands with a brutal force. My father was not the first Jarl to be beheaded by Elin's father…"

Andre listens to all of that thoughtfully and inhales deeply. "So… you are Gotlandish?", he asks, "Do you remember how you came to be aboard a Skaldi ship?"

"Yes, absolutely!" Kalisha nods. "Jarl of Kalmar, Asbjorn Sigurdsson, changed his mind despite of fierce demands made by his wife and daughter to kill me. Their daughter being Elin whom you brought to meet me. They wanted that my blood would have been wiped. However, the Jarl has decided to take me as a prisoner. I knew that I remembered this cell! I have spend months locked in a cell and treated like a dog. They knew that no people of my land will ever bow to them. They will have to face fierce and restless rebellions now and then. So, they have decided that I should marry their son Aksel. This way he could rule over my people using me as a tool! My allies have helped me to escape. They got me a spot on a Skaldi ship and we were travelling to Caerdica Unitas. I have a cousin there Thorvald Ottarsson who is Emissary of Gotland there. He must be going crazy! I have had to arrive by now. He has allies there. I have to find allies and go back to my people and take what is mine! My people are waiting for me to be saved."

"I see.", Andre replies slowly, trying to absorb it all. "That is very unfortunate. I cn send a message to him, if you like.", he says and sighs. "It doesn't change the fact though, that you attacked the Vicomtesse and that… you're a D'Angeline prisoner."

"Are you real, Andre? I did not attack her! I defended myself. People of d'Angeline have been treating me like a skunk believing that I might be a Skaldi. I give a fuck about Skaldi and their war. I have my own. They have no rights to sentence me to death for defending myself. I hope you still see the truth and they did not clouded your mind?" Kalisha sighs. "If you will stand on the side of the truth, and I will get out of this shithole alive, I will be your trustworthy ally. I will take back my lands and then I will be able to help you once your family, your people or you will need it. I hope you know it?"

Andre sighs. "I know the truth, but you know that it's not how they see things here and the Vicomtesse stands in high regard." He falls silent and tries to think. There aren't many useful people he could turn to. "I'll… see if I can get an audience with the Duchesse. Tell her the whole story and ask her for clemency. I'm afraid that is all I can do."

"That and, please, send a letter to my cousin. He might help us as well! You did so much for me… You know how they say, that you can recognzie your friends when you are in an actual trouble? I feel like I would not doubt going to the battle with you. I would be assured that you wouldn't run away and fight at my side till the last blood drop of ours!" Kalisha reaches out and she would gently pat Andre's hand if he would allow and the guard wouldn't freak out about it. "You will be a great King one day."

Andre allows the touch and even blushes a little at the words. "Thank you, that is very kind of you to say.", he replies and finally smiles again. "I will send a letter to your cousin in Caerdicca Unitas and I will try to speak with the Duchesse as soon as she's ready to see me.", he promises.

"I know…" Kalisha nods in assurance. Then she chuckles and turns her gaze away briefly. "It's kinda pity that you are about to become the King…" She shakes her head and chuckles one more time. "If not, I would suggest that you would marry me and become a Jarl at my side. I know that my people would like you and would be ready to bleed for your cause!" She nods as if almost seeing the reaction of her people. "But now they trust in me. That I will save them and I have to do it. Could you also let me know how investigation is going and what kind of a sentence they are most likely to give me? I might need to… you know, find other ways…"

Andre quriks a brow at the nearly-proposal and chuckles. "I won't be King for a long time, Kalisha… or should I say, Mylady now? I wish my father a long and happy life. But we can certainly see about strengthening the bond between our countries once this is all over." Trying to make that one sound positive. "I will bring you answers when I have spoken with the Duchesse.", he promises and seems itchy to be on his way.

"Alright… I will just wait for now." Kalisha states and withdraws back into her cell. She shall not hold him back if he has important matters to attend to.

He's trying to save her life!

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