(1311-08-10) Society Can't be Changed in a Day
Summary: The priest has paid a visit to an unfortunate foreigner in the Citadel's Dungeons.
RL Date: Sat Aug 10, 1311
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Dungeons - The Citadel

Dark, without any windows of note, only the tiny slits in the upper part of the wall that allow some air to drift into the cells, to lessen the stench with the salty scent of the sea close by. Torches at the walls offer flickering lighting, and each cell offers little protection of privacy, with a front of bars through which water and food will be passed when it is time for the daily meal.

A sturdy door, when unlocked with the required key, opens to the stairway that leads up to the citadel proper.

Anse is, as always, clad in blue robes, his feet bare on the stone floors of the dungeon. Its an odd, but not wholy out of form appearance by the priest. Hes here to visit and talk to the various people in the dungeons and offer them at least some comforting words. Along with him is his very bored and annoyed looking escort, leading the priest down the line of cells and seeming not very interested in the conversations the priest seems to be having. The guard initially walks by Kalisha's cell without stopping before Anse asks why, and when informed its a forigner who has no interest in Elua, Anse leans closer to the bars to get a closer look into your cell.

Kalisha is curently sitting on a small bed tucked in a far corner of a small cell. She is not moving and one has to stare for awhile in order to see that her chest is slightly raising up and down. Otherwise, one could think that she is not even breathing. This prisoner looks to be around 16 or 17 summers old. Her clothes are old and dirty. She wears leather trousers and a sleeveless leather vest decorated by a generous amount of furs. Even if she is a prisoner, Kalisha proudly wears a leather band around her head almost as if that would be her crown. It has quite interesting symbols carved into it and some brass decorative plates attached to make it appear more luxurious. Not counting her ocean deep blue eyes staring into the wall as if she would be seeing a ghost, another intriguing feature is her ink. She has blue ink circling her arm, and weaving on her chest. Majority of it seems to hide under her clothes, tho. A wide line of ink is also covering 1/3 of her face, right around her eyes. Finally, her dreadlocks being tangled and quite dirty speak of many days spend without a proper shower.

"Hello friend" Anse says through the bars towards you. "I wasn't aware that there was a forigner here." He has a small smile on his face and the tone of his voice is warm as he greets you. "Came an awfully long way just to get locked up."

Kalisha glances at the voice. She looks over the stranger from head to toes. A grin flashes upon seeing the man's bare feet. She raises from her seat and comes closer to the bars. Her head leans to the side. A young woman might have looked taller but she is more slim and shorter from a close distance. "Are you making fun of me, priest?" She asks the man. Kalisha has a clear accent when speaking d'Angeline tongue.

"Hrm" Anse asks, rubbing his jaw at the question "really more of a comment on the situation than making a joke about you I would say. Though I suppose the line could be quite blurred." Anse offers you another smile "apologies of course, if I offended."

"I don't think that one could do something more to offend me than your law and justice systems did already, priest." Kalisha simply states. "Are you here to pray for those who have been sentenced to die?" Kalisha wraps her fingers around the bars of her cell and settles her face between those bars. The guard who has been observing the conversation places a hand on Anse's shoulder, encouraging the man to take a step back that the foregn prisoner could not reach him.

Anse glances over to the guard when a hand is placed on his shoulder and he brushes it off. If the guard doesn't force the matter Anse seems uninclined to move. "Something like that" Anse says as he turns his attention back towards you "not everyone is sentenced to die though. Nor is that the only reason to talk to people here. Sometimes people just need to talk. What did our justice system do to you?"

"Are you kidding?!" Kalisha laughs with an honest surprise in her voice. "They say I am a fucking Skald! They don't know. I don't know. Nobody knows. But they just believe that I am Skaldi and just because of that, they have been insulting me since the day I appeared on your shores. They have been calling me names and threatened me. And when one of your nobles draw their blade to attack me - I defended myself. She ended up hurt. And now I am here. Just because they think I might be a Skald. Your investigator have said to me that he hopes it will be his blade which will cut my head off. There are no justice! They do not care about evidences. Your people are rotten, priest, and your gods have abandoned them because they show no wrath for such injustice!"

"They aren't really gods" Anse replies first before tilting his head at you "you don't know where you come from?" He asks clearly curious "and it wouldn't surprise me that people would be like that. D'angelines are for the most part, at least a bit racist. And their is a hatred for the Skaldi that runs deep. People are far to quick to violence."

"Aren't you one of them?" Kalisha withdraws a bit further away but curiousity keeps her eyes on Anse. "Why are you speaking as if you are not a part of it? I do not know where I come from. My ship has been destroyed by the storm and I hit my head pretty badly. I know nothing of my past and now your people judge me using their own assumptions! Whatever you believe in, if you are a priest, you should guide your people into a better tomorrow. Now your people are living in sin. Of course, unless your dieties support it!" She rolls her eyes.

"I am a d'angeline, but I don't think I am racist or hate filled" ANse says with a little shrug "perhaps I'm wrong and i'm just like my countrymen. But I dont think so" He laughs a little then and shakes his head "that is a great task that is quite hard to accomplish. I do what I can, but, I am but one priest and trying to turn a country around from hundreds of years of intolerance isn't quite easy. Elua bid us all to love as thou wilt, and part of that love should be tolerance and acceptance of all people. But that message can be a hard sell and its a long process. I've had more than a few arguments saying we shouldn't fight with the Skaldi. So, society can't be changed in a day, but I try what I can. Do you want to tell me your story?"

"I am tired of telling my story to the strangers. It doesn't change anything!" Kalisha rolls her eyes. She leans against the bars. "Not that I remember much. Just a ship, a task, a battle. Many deaths, including my mother's, and I remember the pain. I also remember the smell of iron. However, the most intriguing are the eyes, but… It doesn't matter!" She chuckles. "Your gods should have send famine or some ilnesses, or destroy your cities by wind or fire in order to show that people are living a wrong life! Isn't it what gods do?"

"Might be what some gods do, but Blessed Elua is peaceful and teaches us to love. And the angels descended to follow him because of that love. Even Camael and Kushiel aren't vengful." Anse says and then frowns a little "I'm sorry. Death, battle, those aren't good memories to have. I'm sorry you had to live through it. No one should have to take anothers life or defend themselves from someone taking theirs." He tilts his head at you "what happened to get you locked up here? Why would someone pull a blade on you?"

"I do not remember the name of that woman. She was old and limping. However, she draw a blade to attack me because I looked like a Skaldi and my presence has offended her. She thinks that none of my blood should be on the ground of Terre d'Ange," Kalisha explains. "She is currently in the hospital, I hear. She and another lady of pretty little white hands that day wanted to get rid of me. However, I work to Andre. Another foreigner. I could not leave his side without his request."

Anse shakes his head at your story "A shame. Elua settled here because the people here welcomed him and his message of love, and then we go and try to exclude others the same way? It is ridiculous how we act towards forigners. So, have you been tried already then? What now?"

"There is a man who is investigating my matter. All I can do is simply wait." Kalisha explains. "I have dinner ready." She gestures towards a plate on a small table. "I do appreciate the time you have spend with me. However, I shall better eat before the guard has come to take it. Though, I would appreciate as well if you could talk to this Sergant Jacquiet or how he is called. He is the man who desires to take my life and who is investigating my case. I fear he may need some guidance."

Anse bows his head to you "I hope your meal is well. I'm not sure if books are allowed" Anse looks to the guard with him questioningly "if you perhaps wanted me to bring you something to read. I imagine it is astoundingly boring here. And I can try and talk to Jacquiet. No one should be eager to take anothers life."

"Thank you, but I am not that good at your language that I would like to read in it. I have plenty of activities here. But thank you, that you will consider my request, priest." Kalisha smiles and withdraws back to her bed and a small table where a dinner is waiting for her.

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