(1311-08-10) A Soft Opening
Summary: Jehan-Pascal visits Louna in Monteaux lands to discuss the opening of the Hospitality in the Villa des Bedarrides.
RL Date: 07/30/19
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In the environs of a Baronial villa on the border of Monteaux and Avignon lands, at approximately the dead center of all Baphinol territory.

Louna was in dire need of avoiding the six foot something that is her husband since her return and the expansion of her middle. So journeys back and forth to Bedarrides meant that she was hard pressed to be found in the city. But JP was kept up to date on the ongoings and when the main buildings were built and it seemed like most of those who came with them back from Tiberium were settled, invitation was sent for the man to come on out.

So it is that an outrider gave warning and on the steps of the house that belongs to her family, Louna stands. The softer silks fit for summer and waiting for the more senior noble (now) to arrive. More rounder still since he last saw her. The other buildings are there in visual distance, easily walked to and finishing touches being put to them from the sounds of it.

And so it is that Jehan-Pascal Aumande de Baphinol comes riding into sight with a small bodyguard contingent of three men, two riding just ahead of him and one taking up the rear. But he's not a coddled rider; he makes the journey as competently as his men and they keep up with him as much as he with them, nor does he languish in a carriage, even in the summer heats. When he spots Louna, he salutes her at a distance, then, riding closer, dismounts and takes his mount's reins in hand as a lead. "Baroness! How lovely you look! How are you feeling to-day?"

"The summer air does me well. Better than the docks in this heat, wafting across the city. You look hale as well. Good weather I hope for the ride?" She's practically beaming, adjusting her skirts so that they can ease the horse off into a stable hands grip. "I have no doubt that the Chirurgeons and their families will be delighted to see you. Am I missing anything in the city?"

Jehan-Pascal passes the lead off to a hand with a half-bow of thanks, then goes to embrace Louna and give her a kiss on the cheek, if she'll have one. "Only arrivals and preparations for the upcoming exhibition. I was thinking of inviting our guests down to Marsilikos in order to participate, in fact, but I'll see what they say about it and also the timeline for the Hospitality's opening, if you have one yet in mind," he goes on, drawing back again. "Oh, and I've moved my residence in Marsilikos to the Bloodied House, but you know that much already, as you've had to adjust the intent of your correspondence thither. But I don't know that you know why I have moved, yet?"

"I would presume, impending marriage? Is that not usually why these things happen?" She kisses back to the cheek and an embrace. His name isn't Gregoire after all. "When the first letter returned there was notation that you were to be found there instead of the estate." Her arm eases into his and she starts them off toward the closest building. "I am sure that they would enjoy partaking in the exhibition, give them something to do now that we are for the most part done here and things are set the way they prefer. They'll have a better of the precise timeline."

"Not quite," Jehan-Pascal answers the supposition, contritely enough. "I did ask her… almost twice," he adds, with a small quirk of a smile. "But she isn't the marrying sort— or, at least, marriage doesn't suit her purposes at this point in her life. But, if she has declined my hand in marriage, she is going to make me a father in the winter of the year," he beams brilliantly back at her, "A father for the first time— you and I will have plenty of notes to compare, dear Baroness," he laughs, following along with her, arm in arm. "I'd, on the whole, prefer not leaving the Hospitality unstaffed once it opens. But if it will not open until November, there will be time for everyone to go and enjoy. If else, we can work out a schedule for people to come down two or three at a time for the days and events they would enjoy the most," he suggests.

"Can we afford to delay the opening till November?" She asks him, making note of his tidbit of news. "By the time yours is born, I'll be able to give you the name of more than a few who would serve well a nursemaid." She waddles just a little, not destined to be one who has a tiny middle and the cutest of pregnancies. You can see it from behind in her. "If it can't hold off until November, then yes, we can rotate them. They'll be due for a break by then, to ensure they do not burn out."

"I'll certainly bring their names to the Lady Emmanuelle when the time is right," Jehan-Pascal answers. To be truthful, he supposes she will have her own ideas for staff for the new baby, but he is edified that he will be able to offer up something in the way of aid or notions. "And I thank you, Baroness, for your advice. AND for all your hard work on this project. I had given you until November to complete it, but if you think we'll be ready to open doors to the public before then, that would be lovely. I'll leave the scheduling to you— you know far better than I how toilsome the work is. And considering the traffic which this place might encounter… well, I don't want to work anyone raw, at all."

"It will be open before then, ready of a surety. But I asked you, do you think we can -afford- to delay?" Manicured paths, crushed gravel beneath their shoes brings them to the first building and the ones that serve as the individual residences for the employees. There she pauses, to let him take in the building.

Jehan-Pascal does let his gaze stray far and wide across the campus, from the building at hand out past the others. He lifts from a tortoise-shell pouch his silver-framed glasses and slides them over his eyes, hooking them behind his ears the better to take in the details. "I'd like to open as soon as we're ready. We might take some time to organize a sort of opening day, invite the commons to come and visit the grounds and grow familiar with what the processes will be when they come for care. Spreading the knowledge that this is a resource for their benefit and well-being will be key to getting them to take advantage."

"A soft open." Louna nods. "Locals first, word of mouth spread a little. The generosity of the Baphinol's and for them to see that truly, it costs them nothing. Perhaps there might even be some who would see to relocating here to help make it more of a self sufficient and sustaining grounds. Fields with the necessary food grown and farmed." Louna's free hand gathers up her skirts and she juts with her chin toward the closest building. "come. Lets see how it looks and you can see for yourself just how close we are and from there, your mind can turn and churn and plot hmm?"

"Exactly! The more we can grow a village about the villa itself, or, rather— encourage one to grow— the better at sustaining itself the hospitality will end up being," Jehan-Pascal is well in love with how on the same page the two of them are about this project, and it shows in his face and eyes when he talks about it. "Yes, let's go in! This is very exciting," he confides, just about bubbling over.

She really knows how his mind works, doesn't she?

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