(1311-08-12) You Could be Best Friends
Summary: Prince Andre pays a visit to the Prisoner. He brings in some refreshments and a serious question!
RL Date: Mon Aug 12, 1311
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Dungeons - The Citadel

Dark, without any windows of note, only the tiny slits in the upper part of the wall that allow some air to drift into the cells, to lessen the stench with the salty scent of the sea close by. Torches at the walls offer flickering lighting, and each cell offers little protection of privacy, with a front of bars through which water and food will be passed when it is time for the daily meal.%r%rA sturdy door, when unlocked with the required key, opens to the stairway that leads up to the citadel proper.

Everybody who have ever been placed in the dungeons of the Citadel were innocent, according to the victims of the circumstances, unjustful law and terrible upbringing. And so Kalisha has been spending days and nights listening how those poor victims locked in the cells were begging for mercy, screaming for justice and claiming their innocence as loudly as they can. Unfortunately, they all have been successfully ignored by the guards. Kalisha could swear that half of those three people (not counting her) found in the cells - are insane. Perhaps, more time spend in the solitude will bring insanity to her shoulders as well!

A young woman is currently lying on the bed. Her feet are slowly swaying to the sides. She is still wearing exactly same clothes. One can not speak much about hygiene here. The prisoner is staring at the ceilings while her lips are slowly moving. Her hands are clasped on the abdomen and the fingers slowly move to put necessary accent points on her whispered words.

A grumpy guard starts clanging about, unlocking doors and barking at a prisoner who's too forward. Finally he appears in front of Kalisha's cell. "Yo! You have a visitor!" he grunts at her and gestures for Andre to approach. "Don't stand close.", he warns. "Can I give her this now?", Andre asks, lifting the basket he's carrying. Apparently it has already been inspected, since it's a disorderly mess inside. The guard nods and steps back to loiter and watch.

Kalisha slowly raises up from her bed. She leans her head to one side and then the other as if stretching her muscles. Then she comes closer to the bars and leans against them. A smile curls her lips up when she sees her guest. Giving no attention to the guard, a young woman immediately greats her friend, "Andre! You are here! Again?" Her eyes glances at the basket but quickly looks back up at Andre. "Pity, that this other young boy is not here. He is taking care of me well. You know, he should be a Sergeant!" She chuckles. The more she has to speak in d'Angeline tongue, the less vivid is her accent.

"Gal? Did he bring you food?", Andre asks, apparently having a vested interest in that question. "But yes, I thought you wouldn't mind a few things.", he adds and holds out the basket to her. It's too big to go through the bars, but she can take the contents out: Some fresh cake and pastries, fresh fruit, cheese and a bottle of wine. "How have you been holding up here?", he asks softly.

Kalisha takes everything. Having her arms full of goodies, she has to go back to her bed. She sets everything down on a table. She speaks once she is back at the bars, "Thank you. I think that I really needed a bottle of wine. I feel like I will soon go mad. There is not that many things to do. Though, I received quite many visitors!" She laughs. "Can you imagine, a priest paid me a visit!" Though, this subject is brushed aside quite fast since she continues about her favorite guard. "Yes, Gal. He has been very kind to me. Like you are! I feel a bit better knowing that Gal is also looking into my case. We will see if it will help, but I asked the Priest to speak to Sergeant. Maybe he will change his mind. But enough about me. How ar eyou holding up?"

"Well, I'm not the one behind bars.", Andre points out with a soft smile, "I think I'm doing rather well. Even if I haven't had much time to visit, I have been trying to help you, too.", he adds, lowering his voice so that the guard can't overhear everything he says. "I've tried to have a word with the Vicomtesse de Gueret, but… she was not very friendly." To put it very very mildly.

Kalisha shrugs. Her voice is also lowered to a whisper. "Not a surprise. She strikes me as a woman who has suffered a lot in the past. Now she is old and has only her anger issues as a companion till the day she dies in her bed. Probably alone. There is nothing worse than just dying in your own bed. It's not going to be great for me as well if I will die just like this!" She gestures around the cell. "I really appreciate everything what you are doing for me. It seems that your kindess has no borders. However, if I will be convicted… Do you think they would give me a chance to choose the way I die?"

Andre nods in agreement on Angry Philomene's future fate. The last question makes him quirk an eyebrow. "Well, I would suppose that it depends on your wishes.", he suggests, a little uncomfortably, given the grim subject, "Do you have something in particular in mind?"

"Well…" Kalisha ponders for a moment. "I would love to die in combat. Fighting for my own life. I know that I have been born as a warrior. That type of death would be fitting. However…" She suddenly bursts in a short laugh. "I may live for a very long time if everyone in d'Angeline fights like that old woman!" She then immediately bites her bottom lip and grows quite. Her humor might be misunderstood, after all. "Is she alright?"

"She'll live.", Andre says simply and a little coolly. "And since no life was taken, there should be no talk of execution. If anything, they could ask you to leave the country, but I guess you would want to do that anyway." He pauses to try and circle back to another subject. "Kalisha, you remember Lady Deserae, the young lady we had met first, the one with the fine hands? Why did you tell the guard you would want her to take your life?", he then asks directly and curiously.

Kalisha's eyebrow rises when she hears the man's question. She takes a step back. "I see." She grows quiet for a moment. "The rumor spreads quite fast in this country. Did the guard asked you of this or was that lady herself?" The prisoner takes another step back as if wishing to hide in the shadows of her cell. However, her deep blue eyes are shining brightly. They stare at the man who asked the question. The question which mildly displeased her perhaps. "I dislike people who speak about war as if they would know what does it mean to hear the screams of your fellow friends and family. She was haughty and arrogant with me. She showed a complete disrespect to me by calling me 'it' as if I would be an object which she would love to trample. And yet while she spoke a lot, her hands were white. Her skin was soft. She has seen no hard work. She has seen no war. Does she even know why a war between Skaldi and d'Angeline started? I may not remember my past but I know that there are no good or bad sides at war. D'Angelines are probably also killing brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. She spoke as if their life would mean nothing compared to hers, compared to d'Angeline. I may be not a Skaldi warrior and yet I saw desire of my blood in her eyes. If she desires for it so much, I wanted that she would take it by her own hands. Anyone can order someone else to kill a person but many pause when the sword is in their hands. She spoke as if her hands would be dirty and she would know, but she knows nothing. I wanted that she would actually feel the weight of her words."

Andre squeezes his eyes shut. His expression clearly says that a migraine is about to set in. He takes a few deep breaths to steady himself, then directs his blue eyes at Kalisha again. "You are upset that she spoke without knowing anything about your life. Yet you do the same.", he points out, "She may be young, she may appear soft, but she has seen enough tragedy in her family to last her a lifetime. And yes, she told me that the guard told her. She… jumped to conclusions. I tried to calm her, but she doesn't like me particularly much." He suddenly chuckles softly and shakes his head. "You know, you are very much alike. In another life… you could be best friends."

"In another life… But she wears a pretty gown and I sit here in a cell for a crime I did not do in this life. I want you to know that I do not hate her. I have no anger towards anyone in this country. I only thought that people should follow their words. I thought it will do good for her. Perhaps if she would take my life, she would unleash her anger and next time another foreigner would not have to face that. Perhaps all what she needs is to… kill. She might be a soul trapped in a pretty gown. She might hate it. Who knows!" Kalisha shrugs. She clasps her arms behind her back. "Where would I go if they will ask me to leave? I still do not know who am I. I spoke to another Skald. Tancred. He is a servant here. He said he is not welcomed back at his home but he misses them. Do you miss your home? What does it mean to miss something?"

"I don't think this is how psychology works, but what do I know.", Andre sighs and mhms. "Well, anywhere but Terre d'Ange would be safer for you, I suppose.", he muses, "With the war between Skaldia and Terre d'Ange you just found yourself on the wrong side of the border. You could take a ship to Caerdicca Unitas or Aragonia from here or I could even find you a place on a vessel going to the Flatlands." He considers the question then shakes his head. "I do not miss them, but I know I will always be welcomed back. I'm a prince, the heir to the Duchy, they expect me back. But for now they are happy for me to travel, gain experience, make contacts… and we write letters.", he adds thoughtfully, then sighs. "It must be harder, not knowing if there's someone out there missing you. But we are trying to help, so don'T lose heart, ok?"

"Heir? Your people are lucky. I know nothing about your father but I am sure that you will be an honorable leader whom every person will be ready to follow to the end of the world. I believe that you did already so much for me that I can not ask anything else. So, I will refuse your offer to go to the Flatlands. Perhaps one day I will gocome there to visit you. But for now… I think I would need to go to Skaldia. Perhaps, I will learn more of who am I there." Her eyes shift to the side for a moment. She approaches the man again. "It may sound as an odd question but lady Desarae and the limping woman… did any of them have grey eyes?"

"It's a long way through hostile territory from here to Skaldia.", Andre points out, "It's at the very other end of Terre d'Ange. If you took a ship to the Flatlands, you could cross my country within a few days and without any danger to reach the western border of Skaldia." Geography lesson done, he frows deeply as he tries to remember. You'd think he had been looking deeply enough into Desarae's eyes recently. "I think Lady Desarae's eyes are green… As for the Vicomtesse I couldn't tell you. I'd swear they were glowing red like a devil's when I tried to talk to her."

"I see… Thank you." Hard to guess if that is meant for the geography lesson or the answers on the color of the eyes. "Well, I guess I should go and enjoy some refreshments. I would offer to join me but that might be too difficult!" Kalisha laughs. "Of course, unless you have anything else to say? Otherwise, I believe it's unwise for you to spend too much time around me. They might think you are conspiring with a Skaldi warrior on slaughtering their nation!"

"No, I should go.", Andre realizes, "Don't give up hope, ok?", he smiles, "And I'll come and check on you again soon.", he promises. Then nods to the guard to indicate that he is ready to be escorted out.

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