(1311-07-28) Conversations in the Rain
Summary: Recent arrivals to Marsilikos encounter recent returners. Conversation is shared and turns towards foreign languages, lands and shipwrecks.
RL Date: 28/07/2019
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Grand Plaza — Marsilikos

No humble, cobbled, crowded town square, this: the grand plaza of Marsilikos gleams, a true centerpiece of a wealthy, international port city. The marble tiles of the square itself are fitted smoothly together, alternating white and greyish-blue with obsidian equal-armed crosses inset at the intersections. Four raised planters, ten meters square, offer cool travertine seating around swaths of raised ground, grassy and tended in all seasons with foliage best beautiful and suiting to the weather, positioned in each of the corner quadrants of the square, and, in the center, a concrete-laid pool is lined with marble, into which four ichthyocentaurs are pouring cool, clean water from carved vases of striking white marble. On a pedestal half-hidden by the winding tails of the ichthyocentaurs is an ancient obelisk, one solid piece of red granite, imported with great expense from Menekhet, mounting twenty one meters into the sky and casting a winding shadow around the corners of the plaza as the day progresses.

On the western edge of the square a grand marble stairwell overlooks the port and the harbor below; to the north, two strips of marble extend far between the stoate pillars of the marketplace, embracing a well-cultivated spina of greenery.

Tethys stands before the ancient obelisk from Menekhet, looking up at the twenty one meters that are reaching up into the sky. She's got her head so tipped back that her umbrella is not providing as good as coverage and a few stray drops manage to dampen her chestnut locks that are freely flowing past her shoulders. Two Trevalion house guards are standing to the side, leaving their mistress to her sight seeing. The few souls who are out on this rainy day don't seem to mind to arch around the young lady.

The late hour brings some questionable characters out into the streets. Among them are three young men, who are standing in front of the Perle Noire, which has long shut shop for the day. "Come on, let us in!", their blonde ringleader shouts while banging against the door, but to no avail. "Man, that's lame, you promised us girls!", a companion scoffs, "Lessgo down to the port…" "You go ahead… maybe she'll let ME in when your ugly mugs are gone.", the blondie grins.

Tethys glances away from the obelisk and eyes the young men in front of the Perle Noire. Her guards step a little closer, being protective of their frail miss. Unlike most ladies who would take this as a sign that it's time move on. She instead watches the interaction with interest, and stifles a giggle behind her gloved hand at the blondie's insistence it's only his rough companions that are keeping the lady love at bay.

The exchange continues for a bit, then the two companions disappear into the direction of the port. Yet, repeated banging against the door doesn't make it open. Instead a window opens nearby and a very irritated voice yells "Quit that racket or I'll call the guards!" The window slams shut again, and the blondie heaves a sigh, muttering something in a foreign language. Someone who speaks Flatlandish might understand it as "Bloody stupid Southerners".

Tethys shoos away one of the guards that advises his miss that it's time to move on. She gives a soft firm command, "Oh now, let me have my fun, I want to see if the love comes to the window." When she doesn't, Tethys is a bit disappointed and is about to turn away since the young man seems to be heading off. That's when it happens. She hears a language that hasn't touched her ears in ages. She turns back around and replies in Flatlandish that's a bit out of practice but still rather understandable, "Bloody stupid? Perhaps you're the foolish one for sitting out here banging on doors, flirting with the nightwatch to come nab you."

Andre blinks when he hears his own language, albeit in a foreign accent. He turns to study the speaker with fresh interest. "The night's still young and the dancers in there are amazing. She shuts the place far too early.", he explains with a sigh, noticing the guards and the appearance. "May I ask where you are from and how you come to speak my language?"

Tethys gives a laugh and has to agree, continuing to speak in his language much to the confusion of her guards, "Perhaps they do." She then introduces herself, "Lady Tethys Mnemosyne Trevalion." As far as how she learned his language, "In Azzalle, we often get sailors from foreign ports. The Flatlands was one of them." She also has to add, "It also helped one of our holdings was close to the border." The young scion of Azza stands there in her finery, holding an umbrella to keep the rain off her skirts. Nearby two guards watch over their charge, clearly disapproving of her decision to talk to the young man. They're both speaking in Flatlandish so the two guards clearly have no idea what they're saying.

"Trevalion?" Andre quirks a brow, then chuckles, "This towns seems awash with them. I met what I assume is a cousin of sorts of yours? Hugo Trevalion? Navy man?" He'll wait and see if that things any bells. "I've been to Azzalle a few times too, for trade.", he then adds.

Belmont hasn't been venturing out to public places as often as he used to, lately. It is with a slightly pensive expression that he exits from an adjoining building, the Le Requin, and he pauses on his path, as he notices the ongoing conversation between a lady and a lord, conversing in something that isn't even remotely d'Angeline. He is clad in clothes adequate for a noble, not too flashy but of good quality. Dark blue is the color of his doublet and breeches, and he offers a light bow to the two, as they are obviously of noble birth as well. "Good day," the Eisandine greets, and then looks towards the lady's guards, hardly concealing a vague smirk.

Tethys tightens her grip around the umbrella as she tries to keep a casual air, continuing to speak in Flatlandish, "Oh, you've met Lord Hugo? Yes, we've seen each out in Azzalle Court with my father, Archard Trevalion, Comte d'Amiens. But it's been years since I've been in Azzalle so…I shall have to reconnect with him." She pauses as the second noble arrives and then turns to Belmont, greeting him in D'Angeline, switching to his tongue to be polite, "Good evening m'lord." She then introduces herself, "Lady Tethys Mnemosyne Trevalion. I've only been in Marsilikos a few months but I don't believe we've met."

"He's a good guy.", Andre confirms of his newly made friend, before they are interrupted by a local and forced to switch languages. "Good evening.", he greets, his tone and posture becoming more formal suddenly. And since introductions seem to be in order, he affects a little bow. "Lord André van Westerlo from Brabant." She might know that that's the name of the rulers, but he isn't going to brag about it.
Bastien arrives from the Place des Mains.
Bastien has arrived.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Tethys," Belmont greets back with casual ease. A smile curls his lips, and for a moment his expression shifts from slightly thoughtful to something more friendly and amiable. "You must have arrived then while I was away from Marsilikos. Lord Belmont… d'Eresse." A faint twitch at the corners of his mouth there. "My Lord André. Welcome to Marsilikos.", this Belmont offers to the foreigner. "You are here on an official visit?" His countenance remains friendly, and a hint of curiosity glints in his grey-blue eyes.

"No, not an official visit," Tethys has to admit, a faint tinge of blush in her cheeks. She gives a diplomatic reason for her visit, "I've been…" A small pause as she searches for the correct word, "/recovering/ under the care of the Priestesses of Eisheth." She is quick to assure the gentlemen, "But I've been doing much better as luck would have it." She glances at Andre to see what fates brought him also to Marsilikos. She is standing in front of the obelisk, having a friendly conversation in the rain with two noblemen. Her guards are nearby, keeping a careful eye. She does have an umbrella to protect her skirts from the elements.

"My arrival here was unplanned and unscheduled.", Andre explains to both of them with a slight smirk. "My ship went under during a storm and I somehow managed to reach these friendly shores. And now that I'm here, I've decided to stay for the Great Exhibition as representative of the Flatlands. Your cousin Hugo has been helping me to develop a competition.", he adds for Tethys' benefit and smiles.

Belmont doesn't mind the rain. It is not an actual downpour, more of a constant trickle, or the three of them wouldn't be where they are, on the grand plaza in conversation. Even so, his hair begins to grow a bit damp, clinging to his scalp as he turns his head to get a better view of the plaza. "The Temple of Eisheth?", he echoes Tethys' explanation, before he gives her a look of slight concern. "Have you been ill, my lady? This sounds like an unfortunate start to your visit to our city. And you look well now, to me, so the healers and priests must have tended to you well." André receives another look of concern. "Ah… shipwrecked. What ill fortune. So you are staying for the Great Exhibition, hmm? It is still some weeks away, I believe. I heard of it. It shall be delightful times, I daresay. And interesting. I personally am quite interested in foreign countries. But then again, I never went farther than Aragonia and some of the city states of Caerdicca Unitas…"

One of the blessed freedoms that he has discovered since coming into his family inheritance is the luxury of being about to go out unaccompanied. Bastien despite advice has slipped from the palace alone. The young man needed nothing but to escape the sometimes oppressive walls of the palace. It is a slow and wistful meander that the boy is taking. He smiles as he recognizes Belmont and makes his way over that way. He offers the man a smile and a slightly exaggerated bow, "My lord, Belmont. Tis good to see you again." While he is still bowed, he looks up at Tethys, flashing her a wide smile, as he rises, "And brightened is the day, m'lady, by happening upon you." To Andre, the teenager offers a polite nod, as he knows him not.

Tethys gasps softly as Andre describes a similar circumstance to her own. She gives him a careful eyes and murmurs softly in Flatlandish, "Perhaps we share more than just a language, my own ship suffered under a late winter storm and it nearly took my life." Switching to D'Angeline because it is rude to speak a language when others don't know it, "My apologies…it's been so long since I've spoken Flatlandish, I couldn't resist." She then praises her cousins' skills, "Yes, I've heard from others in the family my cousin is indeed formidable on the water." She then murmurs her thanks for Belmont's concern and tells him, "Yes, the sunburn on my back went deep into my muscles, making it painful to move at first…as well as other complications." She rotates her shoulders back, "Luckily not permanent but it took a few weeks under diligent care." She smiles as the teenager arrives and introduces herself again, "Lady Tethys Mnemosyne Trevalion." Then she perks up at the mention that Belmont has been to Caerdicca Unitas, "I've been to Aragonia, my consort served as ambassador there. But Caerdicca Unitas, I can't say that my travels took me there. Do you speak the language?"

"I find Aragonia rather too hot and the people too… temperamental.", Andre comments, rather diplomatically, "We stopped in a few ports there. Personally, I much preferred Carthage. Hot, too, yes, but the whole culture was something else." He pauses when they are joined by yet another person and quirks one brow upwards at Bastien's words for Tethys, then bites his lip to try his humanly best to not laugh.

"Lord Bastien." The appearance of the young Mereliot has Belmont's demeanor alight, but there it is, as if a veil were falling across his features, thoughtful and brooding. "It has been awhile since last we spoke. You are visiting the club now and then?", he wonders. Belmont had been away from the city, and also, ever since his return he has been comparatively scarce at Le Requin. Perhaps due personal tragedy, or so rumors had it. Flicking his gaze towards the club in question, before it comes to linger once again upon Bastien. "I speak a little Caerdicci, yes," Belmont then replies to Tethys. "And a bit of Aragonian as well. It is what I picked up over the years, when I often travelled on the ship of my father on trade routes." Noting the questioning glances going from André to Bastien, Belmont clears his throat. "This is Lord Bastien de Mereliot, my lord." To Bastien, he adds, "And this is Lord André Westerlo of Brabant, a visitor to our city, from the Flatlands." Taking care of introductions, when courtesy demands it.

Bastien smiles, shedding a little bit of his earlier youthful foolishness. "It is a pleasure to meet you both. Shipwrecked you say. How positively dreadful." His attention returns to Belmont. "Alas, not as much as I would like. My studies have unfortunately demanded most of my attention lately. " He shrugs, "Tis the cost of station, I suppose He looks to the three. "And I do apologize for interrupting, it is just that I have not seen Lord Belmont for some time and was delighted to see him." He grins slightly, "I don't get out as much as I would like."

Tethys admits to Belmont, "I've been meaning to learn Caerdicci…but my travels never took me there." She motions to herself, "Instead I spent a few years in Aragonia and then Menekhet." She motions to the obelisk, "Seeing this structure reminded me of my recent travels hence why I couldn't resist stopping to have a look." She doesn't seem to be up on the latest gossip so there is no sympathy for his tragedy, just the curious look of a lady meeting him for the first time, "Lord Roderic Fiscarde, my consort, and I enjoyed the dances of the Aragonians. Quite stimulating." She laughs at Andre's assessment of Aragonia but her smile doesn't quite reach her eyes because there's shadows of her own to deal with, "So I have to say I enjoyed the passion of Aragonia in my time there." She grips her gloves a little tighter when Bastien talks about how dreadful shipwrecks are but manages to keep that polite smile as they all converse.

"A member of the Duchesse's family then.", Andre remarks to Bastien when the youth is introduced and smiles, "She's been very kind to me, put me up in the palace's guest suite, sent soldiers to look for other victims of the shipwreck and helped me to get in touch with my family at home. House Brabant will not forget the kindness shown by Eisande.", he assures them vaguely, "And I enjoy meeting new people!"

Belmont nods with a thoughtful smile to Bastien. "Indeed, it is. The cost of station. Studies are important. I neglected them, when I was younger, but as the third of four siblings, I had the advantage of not being that significant." His gaze meets that of the Mereliot lord and he agrees. "It's been awhile, yes. And it is good to be back." Something more lingers in the look, something left unsaid. At least not in this company. "Menekhet." This Belmont repeats and looks towards Tethys, as if her mention of that country had brought a refreshing change of thought. "My brother Gauge is… acquainted with the former Menekhetan Ambassador, Lady Aziza Nimr." The Eresse lord grows silent then, offering André merely a smile at his enthusiastic statement of gratitude towards the Duchesse of Eisande.

Bastien looks to Andre and smiles, "You are the guest that I have heard murmurs about. The Duchesse is a very gracious woman. I am glad that she is able to offer hospitality to you. I am of her family… distantly. If you should ever desire company, I am most often found in the music room or the gardens if the weather is amiable. Please feel free to find me." He cants his head as he regards Belmont for a moment. "We will have to catch up later then, my friend, perhaps over a bottle of wine." His grey eyes flicker to the slight wrenching of Tethys's gloves. "My apologies, m'lady. I imagine the conversation of the shipwrecks is not a pleasant one for you. It was insensitive of me. Please accept my apologies." He then offers a grin, wide enough that it shows the faintest hints of dimples on his cheeks. "It is just that the talk of travels I find so fantastic. I have never left Marsilikos."

Tethys murmurs her thanks as well to the hospitality of Eisande on the heels of Andre's statement, "Yes, I've seen a similar welcome since my arrival and I'm grateful for the fine healing efforts that this city is known for." She pauses as Belmont brings up a Menekhet amabassador, trying to remember all the people they met over there and then shakes her head with regret, "No, I'm sorry, I never got a chance to meet former Menekhetan Ambassador, Lady Aziza Nimr." She then lets Bastien know, "It's fine…I'm sure you didn't mean to." She shakes her head and gives a deep sigh, "I shouldn't be such a ninny over the mere mention of such things." Switching back to more pleasant topics, like travel, she does tell Bastien, "It's important to do a bit of traveling before you settle down. It helps open a world view, see more than Terre D'Ange and perhaps become more humble as the world opens up and expands your definitions."

"I will.", Andre assures Bastien with a grin. "You look like someone who knows how to find mischief in this town.", he adds somewhat hopefully. He looks thoughtfully at Tethys, having been in the same boat quite literally (or lack thereof). "You know, it was quite an ordeal and for many hours I thought I would be breathing my last. But it's given me a new appreciation for the beauty of life and all the small lovely things in this world. And there are many of them.", he turns back to Bastien, "So start travelling!"

Bastien's suggestion earns a nod from Belmont. "I would very much like to. Perhaps at Le Requin?", he offers. "I need to take care of some business at the market promenade. My brother has offered Lady Aziza help in a personal matter. And they have been away from Marsilikos for a long while now.", Belmont adds towards Tethys with a light shrug of his shoulders. "Let us thank the Companions for seeing you to Marsilikos, then. Lord André, Lady Tethys. What matters that you are safe and well now." He had already hinted, that he is about to head off to deal with certain matters, and now he takes his leave from the small group with a light bow of goodbye. "I believe, our paths may cross again soon. Until then… Have a nice day. My lords. My lady." Straightening, he offers them a faintly apologetic smile. "I must be off."

"It is my intent to do so." Travelling that is. "But until quite recently, my life was not my own to decide." Bastien chuckles at Andre, "Me, mischief. No m'lord. I am told that I am quite dull." He grins, "But I imagine that together we might find a bit of fun to be had." He looks to Belmont and nods, "Le Requin, it is then. Good day, my friend."

Tethys hears one of her guards clear their throat, as if encouraging her to take her leave. She glances over her shoulder, smiles at them and then sighs as the rain starts to come down a little harder, "I should be heading indoors too. My family would be fit to be tied if I got sick after everything." She gives a shy smile at the gentlemen, "It was lovely to meet you." She gives her proper goodbyes and also heads out.

"A pleasure to meet you all.", Andre confirms with a parting nod for Belmont and Tethys, then a grin for Bastien. "I have no doubt, we will. But for now I suppose I need to catch up with my friends…" And with that the guard-less prince heads down to the murky alleys by the port.

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