(1311-07-26) Friday Homecoming
Summary: Gregoire finally returns to his lover, the one person that doesn't reject him.
RL Date: 07/26/1311
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Fenris' Room - Valliers Residence

The door to the room is dark oak and as one enters the room they get a persistent scent of wood, metal and leather. The walls are painted light grey. There are plants all through the room, starting from a small tree right when one enters to plants on every surface. Agave, Cactus, Mint, Basil… all types of herbs and greens.

This room has clearly been modified to fit a very large individual. The bedroom both due to the wood planks on the ceiling and the decor, has a very 'Skaldic Hall' feel to it. The decorations are very ancient Skaldic from the wall sconces, to the engravings on the walls, yet there is a very Camlach feel to it as well with the greens. A very large bed sits in one corner. It could fit quite a few people on it. The main blankets are furs, and likely wolf or something similar. Very cozy. The bedroom has a large fireplace in the wall opposite the bed with the mantle covered in long vines and candles. There is a box at the end of the bed which is red and white in color with brass studs all over it.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a summer morning. The weather is warm and raining.

Fen's been busy with the kids who are now speed crawling away and laughing as they do so he's decided just to meditate on the floor and wait for little teethes to bite into his legs since he's also been their chew toy. He's wearing no shirt and loose pants. He's shaved too so his hair is short on the sides and a little longer on top and he's got a five o'clock shadow but nothing else. He looks MUCH younger.

Gregoire arrives at the room, carefully knocking to Fen to let him know he's about to enter before appearing. Gregoire looks like shit. He's dark shadows under his eyes, a strained look to his smile and a nervousness to him that just shows how stressed out the baron is, "Fen…hey…" He pauses and closes the door behind him, running his fingers through his hair. At the sight of his lover, he stops and just looks at him like he's an oasis in a desert of emotional wasteland.

Fenris lifts his eyes and sees Gregoire. "Take a seat. Get eaten." He gestures in front of him. He sees how he looks. "So she went to her hiding place didn't she? See I was trying to find you as she warned me about this. Short of it… you are moving in here until the baby is born or you won't ever see your child." He grumbles. "She doesn't need… what did she call it… oh I don't know. What you are doing is upsetting her and thus endangering your child. So… moving in here until she has the babies then you can baby the baby. Does that make sense? I told her I know you want to be there but she's getting to the point she doesn't want anyone around her and if she came begging me for help you know that's important."

Gregoire takes a seat, looking confused at first as Fenris is taking the aggressive tone. He listens closely once he realizes this isn't leading to sex game rather a lecture on how he's been with Louna lately. He gives a frustrated growl and tells Fenris, trying to defend his actions, "I was just…looking out for her. Trying to take care of her. Buying things for the baby. Nothing outrageous." He runs his fingers through his hair, muttering about difficult women. When Fenris mentions this can hurt the baby and stress mommy, he sits up straight, looking devastated, "I didn't…damn it, Fen, I was just trying to help." He gives a nod, his shoulders slumping as the defeated baron agrees to move in.

Fen watches Gregoire give up and he reaches his hands forward and grabs the man, pulling him into his lap and wrapping his arms around him. "She could lose the baby with the stress you put her under even with your wonderfully pure intentions." He kisses the man's temple softly before speaking, letting his lips brush over the other man's skin. "Three cribs is not just a few things. Let her finish her pregnancy in peace while you enjoy yourself here… with a family that loves you and wants you here." Octavia is already trying to chew on Gregoire. "She's a stubborn woman and to have her comes up to me and beg me for help. Live with me. Love me. Be here. I've…" He frowns and bows his head, putting his forehead against Gregoire's shoulder. "I've been incredibly lonely. Louna's seen it and ordered me to the Houses. I just had her watch the twins and I went for a walk. I love you and you not being here…physically pains me."

Gregoire wraps his arms around his lover and confesses to him, "I may have gone a bit overboard. But I saw one and bought it. Then the next one was better. And the third…it took my breath away." Clearly the wife didn't appreciate his mad shopping. When Gregoire realizes how his unnecessary devotion to his wife has hurt Fen, he gets a pained look, "Fen….I didn't mean to leave you alone. I was just…" He gives a sigh and finally sees the light, "Being an idiot." He lightly runs a few kisses over his shadow, "I have been terribly lonely too. Just…trying to be a good husband." He looks down at Octavia and smiles at the babe and her gnawing, "I'm just terrible at this Fen. I feel like I'm failing and it makes me more frantic."

Fen feels the kisses and he lifts his eyes to look deep into Gregoire's face. "My love, my sun, my stars and moon… you are not a failure. Think of love like sand. Each person is a bottle. Can you pour sand into a bottle that still has it's lid on? Now if you keep pouring the sand around the bottle, will it by buried unable to find love of its own?" He kisses the man's forehead. "Her lid is closed to you at this time. Do not force her to be buried in your love. I willingly accept it." He speaks softly as he kisses the man's lips. "You are to live here, move your things out. I've emptied a whole…" He turns to stare at a wardrobe and he points and grunt. "Thing for you. Plus half this room and we can fuck so much that it makes Yves upset. Which will be funny."

Gregoire thinks deeply on what his lover says and reluctantly nods. He praises Fen for his wisdom, "I hear your words and understand. I will happily move out of that guest room and into your arms." He smiles as Fen tells him that he already made room, "You have everything planned, don't you?" At the mention of fucking as much as they want, Gregoire admits to him, "I've touched no one during this absence, not even my wife." He shakes his head, "Not that she would have me outside as a stallion to plant a seed in her womb." He growls under his breath and confesses, "Although, I have touched myself at night in my bed, aching for your touch."

Fen purrs quietly. "I do have everything planned." He kisses his temple again. "I have touched no one, not even myself. It… feels odd since that was something… never mind." He shakes his head. "So what if you are a stallion? Political marriages Gregoire. She doesn't want your love so she doesn't deserve it. Be her stallion and be my lover. Aren't I enough?" He lifts his chin a little and takes a deep breath. "You won't need to pretend anymore. Just be with me."

Gregoire is done with trying to be the good husband, having his wife basically kick him from the estates has in some ways freed this conflicted lord from his perceived duty. He lets out a groan like a man that has been caged by society, his own damn honor and just gives in to what he really wants, "It sounds like bliss my love." He kisses him deeply and mutters against his lips, "Fuck my brother, my damn family who keeps trying to pressure me to 'make it right' with her. It will never be right. I can't be because she's not you." When Fen asks that heartbreaking question if he's enough, Gregoire pulls back and looks at Fen so he knows he's serious, "You're my everything. Of course you are more than enough. I just…am an ass." He has no better excuse.

Fenris moves the babies aside and slowly lays Gregoire on his back with Fen on top of him. He kisses his lips, moaning happily. He breaks away and shivers. Both Octavia and Roan come over and start slapping Gregoire's face, pulling on his hair. "Your children miss you, Gregoire." He grins slowly. "Don't leave us again." He brushes his hands over the man's jaw and gets a baby fist to the eye. He looks over to Octavia and she's giggling happily. "Yes… you got me." He sighs happily. "All mine."

Gregoire laughs at the babes antics and whatever tension the man still carried goes completely away, "Oh you two…I've been so bad." He doesn't mind their antics, taking whatever they dish out, "I see my twins have missed me." He murmurs soft love words to both of them, making sure that they know he didn't stop thinking of them even when he was away. He looks back at Fen and there's a lighter smile, "And I'm home now, there's no reason for me to be away. When the babe is born I shall work out visitations so my son gets to know his brother and sister."

He nods his head and kisses the man's forehead. "Yes you will." He purrs quietly. He pushes himself up and moves both babies on top of Gregoire. "Spend time with them, I'll get us something to eat." He leans over and kisses Gregoire's lips once more. "This was always your home." He ruffles his hair. "Now you have a bed you won't be kicked out of." He chuckles. He gets up to his feet and turns moving for the door. "I'll be back soon. Good luck." Well … the babies have their say and pull on shirts and hair and giggle happily.

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