(1311-07-07) The Blessings of Matrimony
Summary: A former bachelor and a current one compare notes on their respective conditions, in Naamah’s temple.
RL Date: 07/07/2019
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Temple of Naamah — Marsilikos

The Temple of Naamah is a serene and lovely building which has been constructed of stark white marble and cool latticed stonework. Decorations here reflect the gentle side of the angel to which the temple plays homage, the building being filled with an abundance of flowers that spill from columns and pedestals. Within the centre of the main hall, arching columns support a dome that is open to the skies above, and these are hung with garlands of flowers amongst which the temple doves sit and preen. A narrow carpet of carmine red runs from the main doors, through the arches, and towards the rear of the temple to where an exquisite alabaster statue of Naamah herself kneels upon an altar of deepest grey granite. She is depicted with her eyes closed in quiet repose, and with her hands extended palms uppermost before her. On the floor around the base of the plinth are shallow bowls of chased silver, receptacles for the coins and trinkets that are offerings to the angel herself. Scarlet-robed priests and priestesses might be found within the temple whatever the hour of day or night, going about their chores or offering comfort and guidance to those that seek it.

Marco is just making his way into the Temple smiling absently to himself. He wears a pair of lighter cotton clothing for the summer warmth. His eyes meandering the area and he smiles nothing the other pale young man already at his prayers. Marco moves a little in that direction moving to kneel for his own prayers watching Etienne for a moment with curiosity as he settles down below the statue of Naamah with his head lifted up towards it. If Etienne looks over he offers a warm smile and a nod of recognition.

Etienne catches sight of a familiar face, though he struggles to place it. He returns the smile with a dimpled production of his own. "Blessings on you."

Marco ahs at that dimpled smile, "Delightful… and blessings upon you." He rises back up from his knees and offers a hand, "Marco de Mereliot. I think you might have come to… what did JP call it… my stag party?" He asks curiously and he beams, "Come to give thanks or ask for blessings?" He asks gesturing at the beautiful statue.

The light dawns, "Oh yes! Of course! It was kind of you to let my cousin invite us. I do love boats, don't you?" He blushes, "A bit of both. I haven't had much luck in finding a suitable bride for either myself or my friend. And you? How is married life treating you?"

Marco laughs, "Boats are not my forte but I do enjoy a trip for them." He smiles, "It is… more pleasant than I expected. We are thankfully compatible on many things. It… was a worry for an arranged marriage and someone who was raised in a completely different culture.. .but she has… acclimated well to it." He admits ruefully and he smiles, "Are you searching for a particular bride? I have a few cousins myself. But I hope you enjoyed yourself at the celebration?"

Etienne beams at him, "I'm glad to hear it. I admit, the idea of an arranged match terrifies me. I'm sure we'd love to meet your cousins." Another blush, "It's best we find wives who are good at things like accounts and running households. We're both heirs and, well, I live way up on the north coast." Hence the accent, "It takes a particular sort of person to enjoy our winters." Another of his sunny smiles, 'I love it here, so many interesting festivals and celebrations! So many cultures and languages! It must be fascinating to have a wife who has travelled!"

Marco chuckles, "It certainly worried me at first but we spent a lot of time learning about each other and finding things that… well we had in common and enjoyed. And… well for me introducing her to what I enjoy and the Night Court was important. thankfully she took to it well… some might say too…" He shrugs his shoulders cutting himself off flushing a little but smiling, "Oh? I'm sure you can find someone. It is fascinating though we learn quite a bit from each other. But she was also very sheltered in her father's… harem?" He tries the word and shrugs, "And what about yourself other than someone good with numbers what do you seek?"

Etienne says, "Did you take her Orchis and Eglantine to watch the dancing? I've seen some truly lovely performances. In Elua I saw a pantomime dance about a wizard who animated puppets. Very fine. and I aw a young Eglantine dancer do a sort of dying bird thing. I wept, I really did! Real tears!" Another blush, "I think for marriage one wants a warm temperament and a sense of humor and… things in common, but that takes a while to work out, don't you think?"

Marco smiles, "We have visited the Eglantine and some of their performances." He admits and he considers for a moment, "Well and exposing each other to things. And how you respond to things learning how to relax and be yourself around each other. It's not an easy thing to fall into." He beams, "The Eglantine have all sorts of delightful shows that illicit all sorts of emotions. Is Eglantine your favorite canon then?"

Etienne nods, "I like music and dancing. We see nothing even close to as fine back home. I could watch the performances all evening and never tire. Have you something like that?”

Marco laughs softly, "I enjoy performances…" He says in amusement and his eyes twinkle watching Etienne for reaction, "But my enjoyment tends more towards the Glycine… and Rose Sauvage…" He clearly says it expecting a reaction and watches Etienne curiously.

Etienne seems rather oblivious, "Oh yes! I do like a spot of gambling." he cocks his head, "do they have entertainments downstairs at the Rose Sauvage? It's not really our sort of thing, so we haven't been."

Marco chuckles softly, "Gambling is fun and betting terrible things." He admits and he smiles, "It's not? Pity. I mean I find them entertaining. They do shows now and again young men and women all bound up on display… or well exhibitions. All things that I find utterly delightful."

Etienne shrugs, smiling, "To each his own, I suspect. I'm glad that there are trained professionals who know how to do that sort of thing. it seems like it would require a lot of study and discipline to do safely.”

Marco smiles at that, "Well that's part of the fun and the fascination learning from them. Getting their input and seeing what delightful things they come up with. I wouldn't try most of those on my own. But they're fun to learn from."

Etienne says, "Well, I'm glad you have somewhere safe to explore. I don't really go upstairs anyway. I really am happy for you both."

Marco shrugs his shoulders, "I find it's fun to see all the different things. I enjoy all the night court it's a fascination for me really." He admits with a shrug, "But thank you. And what about yourself? I'd say Desarae though it seems they have a match in mind for her though I'm hoping she finds a better one still. And little Ortolette."

Etienne says, "For me or for Symon? He's the more desirable match, his family being so elevated, but he is looking for someone a little older."

Marco shrugs his shoulders, "I… well I suppose I was more looking to see if you'd met any of them rather than suggesting a specific match rather I'd see if you'd like each other and then pursue such things."

Etienne gives him a grin, "I don't think I've met either. Sorry." He looks up at the sky, trying to gauge the time, "I should probably leave you to your prayers. I hope your marriage is blessed with much love and many fine children."

Marco smiles, "Well… keep an eye out for them I will point them out to you at the next event." He smiles warmly, "Many thanks. And have a good evening."

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