(1311-07-02) Red Rose Acknowledgement
Summary: Denise seeks out Séverine to have her marque acknowledged.
RL Date: 02/07/2019
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Red Rose Second's Office — La Rose Sauvage

Only a little light from the window higher up the wall barely manages to penetrate through the thick curtains of heavy dark red brocade, which means that contracts and other paperwork will be dealt with in the flickering light of an oil lamp at the wall, at the heavy table of dark mahogany, across which the Second in charge may face a potential patron of the salon sitting opposite of her in a heavy high-backed chair with dark red upholstery. Quill and inkwell sit all orderly somewhere to the side of the table, beside a contract that only needs some details to be filled in before it can be signed.

It has been a few days now since Denise took the last portion of her saved-up patron fees to her marquist. She's used the intervening time to recover and make an appointment with Second Severine. This evening finds her dressed in a simple dress of dark silk, approaching the door of the Second's office with just a hint of nervousness to her gait, her hand raising to knock on the door.

As if someone had anticipated her lingering behind the door, that same door is opened from inside. A pair of eyes lifts to meet those of the adept, before a Red Roses novice rushes outside, leaving the door open for Denise to enter. Coincidence?

Denise nó Rose Sauvage had requested to speak with Séverine, and so the Second of Red Roses had obliged, summoning the young adept to the office as soon as she could spare some time. In the moment Denise sets foot into the office, she will see Séverine seated in the chair across the table. Pale skin shimmering against the darker hues of the interior, and the dark red color of the gown that adorns the Second. Grey eyes glimmer and she sits up, before she rises in a fluid motion to her feet. Hands finding the shoulders as she moves behind the adept to usher her to sit. "Denise," a voice issued not to far from the adept's ear intones, "please have a seat." Honey-blonde hair with a faint tinge of red has been gathered into a knot, and Séverine's fingers leave those shoulders to brush a stray curl of Denise's dark hair to the side.

Séverine closes the door gently, before she returns to her own chair across the table. "Now… you wished to see me, Denise?" Her lips curve just a tad further as the smile deepens. "About what?"

Denise closes her eyes over so slightly at Severine's fingers brush over her shoulders, her own lips curling ever so faintly. Her eyes glitter faintly with suppressed excitement as she takes a seat as indicated. She takes a slow breath, and instead of giving a direct answer to Severine's question, she goes straight to the ceremonial phrase: "Will you see?"

Séverine's eyes alight at the question. Of course, she must have been aware of the recent visit to the marquist. A Second will be aware of how far an adept under her care is on her marque. "Yes, I will.", she states softly after a moment. There is a soft rustle of her gown, as she rises again, slowly, unhurriedly. "Please, show me," comes the gentle request, as Séverine takes yet another turn about the table to arrive at Denise's side.

Denise slowly rises to her feet, turning to face away from Severine. The dress has clearly been chosen for the occasion, because as she pushes the straps over her shoulder, the silk slides off her, pooling at her feet and baring her pale figure—including the vivid design of blooming red roses inked across her back.

As she faces away from Séverine, Denise cannot see the reaction of the Second. But she can hear the soft intake of breath, and sense that pause, the other Red Rose makes to give the finished art on Denise's back the attention it deserves. "This looks so lovely," Séverine remarks after a moment. The hand that reaches out and has fingers trace the design feels warm. "Your back was made to look this beautiful, Denise. And now, your marque is finished. Which I acknowledge. Welcome, Denise nó Rose Sauvage, a fully marqued courtesan.", she states softly.

Denise holds her breath for just a moment as she presents her marque, shivering ever so slightly at the brush of fingers along the inked skin. Then she exhales, and a broad smile curves her lips. She turns her head to look at Severine, her bright eyes gleaming with quiet joy. "Thank you, Second" she replies softly. "I owe so much of it to you."

This causes Séverine's smile to soften a little. "You owe it to this salon," she counters gently. "And you have more than fulfilled our expectations. All I and the other tutors did, was to prepare you for the task, and yet now, look at you, how beautifully you bend and yield. You have become an asset to La Rose Sauvage. Which makes me wonder…" Her knees bend in a graceful half-kneel, as Séverine picks up Denise's gown to pull it up over the fully marqued courtesan's frame. "What are your plans? Will you stay with us? Your debt to the salon as such has been fulfilled."

Denise gently shrugs the dress on again before turning to face her Second. "I will." she replies in a soft but firm voice. Clearly she has had time to think about this. "I may not know what the future holds, but for now… I would still call this place home, as I have for these long years." She paues, then gives a faint grin as she glances down at herself "I shall have to get a lot of new gowns made…"

The Red Rose Second exhales with what could be taken as a bit of relief. "I am glad to hear. You are of course entitled to a room of your own, now that you have left your status of adepthood behind. That, and of course," she smiles, "new gowns to show off that beautiful marque of yours. Our novices can benefit from your tutelage. And I know, we shall have some patrons calling, requesting your skills in particular. This is your home, as it is mine. I am happy that you choose to remain with the family of Red Roses."

Denise straightens up "I shall do my best to rise to the standards of the Salon. I have good reason to be grateful for them, after all." She exhales softly, some of her nervous tension fading a little, and she impulsively steps forward to brush a soft kiss against Severine's cheek.

Séverine, in turn, turns her head far enough to touch her own lips against Denise's cheek. "You are already a wonderful Red Rose," she remarks. "And I am proud of you. Let me know, if you'd like to hold a little fête to celebrate your rise in status."

Denise smiles broadly, a glint coming into her eyes again "It has been far too long since I've had a proper fete… let alone one in my honor"

"You should consider it then," Séverine replies. "Just let me know if you need anything in particular, for the preparations…"

Denise nods, thoughtfully "I'll have to talk to a few people… thankfully there is no shortage on experts on celebrations in this city." she giggles faintly, before straightening up and dropping into a graceful curtsey. "Thank you once again, Second."

"The salon will cover the costs, as long as they stay within the boundaries of reason," Séverine assures with a ghost of a wink. "Make the arrangements, as you see fit. And… choose one of the vacant rooms in our Red Rose Wing for yourself."

Denise smiles broadly as she gives an eager nod, venturing just a little beyond the bounds of Night Court grace and modesty. Rising from her curtsey, she takes her leave with a soft murmur, before heading out to embark on this new step of her career.

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