(1311-06-28) Catching Up
Summary: Cousins catch up on recent events.
RL Date: Sat Jun 29, 2019
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Rooftop Garden

Some claim it was the l'Agnacite lord, husband to a Duchesse of Eisande some many generations ago, that inspired the idea of a rooftop garden. Even today, this place is favored among courtiers, as it combines the soothing tranquility of a true garden with the spectacular view over the city all the way down to the harbor. Potted plants, varying with the months of the season, create tiny paths amongst the greenery. In the summer months, a canopy set up between a trio of potted trees provides shade, offering shelter from the sun to those that sit upon the elaborately carved bench with the table to the side.

The balustrade is what remains from older times. Pairs of stone fish facing each other have been worked in between the balusters. Here and there, the structure thickens into a column that serves as pedestal for a statue, thus dividing the balustrade into three sections of equal length. The two manifestations of Eisheth have their gazes directed towards the city, one the healer, and the other the artist holding a lap harp in her hand.

Marco is wearing some comfortable clothes in the quiet of the rooftop garden. He emerges into the summer night with a faint smile. He has a glass of wine with him and seems more or less pleased with himself as he moves into the relative quiet of the garden under the moonlight. His eyes seem distant perhaps in some memory as he lets his feet guide him on autopilot towards one of the viewpoints.

Marco will find that his chosen viewpoint is already occupied by a darkly-clad figure that's swallowed by shadows. It's Desarae, the dark-haired young woman quite wraith-like in ink-coloured chiffons that drift about her figure. Her hair gleams with the shine of a thousand brushes and falls without kink or curl to the small of her back; her Kusheline heritage on proud display at this late hour of the night. The only thing of colour about her is the brilliant green of her eyes that land upon Marco with his approach, and it'll be from the shadows that she addresses him with a voice that's like smoke and honey where it curls from her lips. "I had wondered when you might emerge from your wedding chambers, lord cousin. Welcome back to the world."

Marco blinks at the figure and tilts his head to consider the wraith-like figure in his spot. He smiles then as she turns and he considers her for a time, "Ah? Was I gone so long?" He asks and he shrugs, "I have no sadness in it there are far worse reasons to be shut from the world than a delightful wife." He smiles, "So… Aeric?" He asks of her curiously eyes twinkling as he studies her head tilted, "But thank you for your greetings and your gift. It was delightfully thoughtful. I… take it you and Farah get along?" He asks perhaps a note of hope in his voice.

"I have met your wife on a handful of occasions," Desarae confirms. "I can't say that I know her that well, but she seems pleasant enough." Slender shoulders lift a little, both with the breath that she takes and with the placement of her hands upon the iron railings that rise 'round the edge of the terrace. Fingers curl tightly and she pulls her eyes from Marco's and turns her head to the front, allowing the moon to spill on her face. A half-smile. "But I'm glad that you like the gift. It took me forever to find it. I thought that your wife might have use for it in the writing of her letters to her family. And Aeric… What of him?"

Marco is standing a bit back from Desarae studying her and her reactions. His head tilting watching as her fingers curl and she turns to the front. "It's quite thoughtful. I appreciate you reaching out. I shall… accept that but I hope… Well I appreciate anything you do on her behalf. And yourself? How are you doing? Fully settled into your role now?" He leaves the last comment alone for the moment simply continuing to study Desarae.

Speaking of Farah… The topic of their conversation appears at the door to the rooftop garden, hesitating perhaps for a moment, before she steps out into the moonlight. It seems she is wearing attire befitting a woman of her station, a courtly dress in peach color, sleeveless but with long skirts. Dark hair is done up and arranged in a fashionable manner. She arrives at Marco's side and gives him a smile before she dips in a courtsey to Desarae. "Good eve," she greets warmly. "It is quite the wonderful summer night."

"I believe I'm doing well," comes Desarae's response to Marco, her voice sincere and reflective in that moment. She might have said something further on her relationship with Farah, but those words are taken from her in the moment of that woman's appearance. Unlike her, she wears the colours of night upon her; a dark inky chiffon that drifts like smoke where she stands by the railings. Green eyes glitter brightly where lashes lower as her head turns to regard the newly arrived addition to their conversation. A slow smile curves, her voice re-found. "Good evening, Lady Farah. We were just speaking of you. I hope the move from the Guest Tower to your new quarters went well?"

Marco nods, "Well I am glad to hear that." He says to Desarae. He looks like he might ask more but then he smiles as he turns, "Farah." He says warmly turning towards her watching her considering her for a moment. He moves towards her side and leans in to kiss her cheek as he reaches for her, "I just thanked Desarae for her thoughtful gift." He says with his eyes lingering on Farah.

"It did go well," Farah is quick to confirm towards Desarae. "Thank you for asking. And thank you so much for the lovely gift," she adds when Marco makes mention of it. The kiss to the cheek she receives with a faint rosiness creeping into her features. There is a moment of pause when her eyes meet his. "I heard… something," Farah remarks to Desarae. "About you getting betrothed! I wish you contentment and happiness for your match. So we will see another wedding being celebrated here in the palace soon?"

"I imagined you might enjoy writing letters to your family upon it," Desarae notes to Farah. "It is small enough to be placed wherever the light is best at any given time of the day, or even onto the terrace if that's where your fancy takes you." Relaxing her hold she turns to face the couple, allowing one arm to drape with langour the railing which before she had held. "Indeed yes. I am betrothed. It will be at least a year before the wedding however, and I envision the ceremony being held at Chavaise, rather than here at the palace. Perhaps next summer — when marquees can be erected amongst the beech trees in the grounds of the castle, along with a fete for the people that will last a full week."

Marco blinks at that, "I.. should pay more attention to such things. He considers Desarae, "Congratulations Desarae." He seems to be watching her with some concern though he lets his hand rest at the small of Farah's back as. He offers, "I'm sure it will be a fine aware and it doesn't hurt to have some time before such things." His brows creased faintly looking like he might ask more.

"A whole year?", Farah echoes, looking a touch surprised. "Ah, I see." The smile returns. "This will give you the opportunity to get to know your intended. I know that I for my part have treasured that time. Even if it was just a few months." Her hand reaches for Marco's squeezing it gently. "It has granted me time to adjust to the notion and prepare myself for that very day."

"in truth, Lady Farah, I don't exactly need the time to get to know my betrothed, for I have already known him my whole life. The year's grace is required because of my age," Desarae informs. "Here in Terre d'Ange, a person is not of majority, nor of a marriageable age, until their eighteenth year." A glance towards Marco, and amusement flashes in her expression. "Even though we live beneath the same roof, you are forgiven for missing the announcements, lord cousin." she teases. "I believe that you have had much to occupy your thoughts and your time, being so recently wed yourself. Still, a year's wait will give you time to consider your own gift to myself and Lord Leonard."

Marco smiles at Farah, "I'm glad we had the opportunity. I don't think I would have been quite as pleased had it been rushed. I was… I suppose quite wary at first." He admits and then he looks to Desarae for a considering time, "I suppose I have. I will certainly have to consider an appropriate gift. And I… am sure it is quite a thing to consider. Des you know…." He frowns clearly trying to figure out how to form some thought.

"I see," Farah replies to Desarae. "So you must feel much more at ease than I did. Wary," she echoes the word Marco uses, "You were wary of me?" This makes her shoot him a slightly amused look. "Well. Perhaps I should have felt wary as well. More wary than I did." Her smile deepens, revealing some if her teeth. "We shall think of an appropriate gift, Lady Desarae, and I am glad we have some time to consider. Perhaps… I can be of use to my husband in adding some female intuition to the task."

"You are part-d'Angeline yourself, I understand…" Desarae addresses herself back to Farah. "As we stand here talking, I am wondering whether you have lit your candle to Eisheth or not. Of course, it might be that you and my lord cousin might prefer a little more time to explore each other before doing so. When you're ready, and if you've not done so already, I would be happy to go with you to the temple." Her tone is pleasant as she makes that offer, and she flakes off a bit of black paint from the railings with one manicured finger, before quirking a brow at the half-spoken words from her cousin. "I know… what?"

Marco flushes at Desarae's comment, "I.. well we have had a bit of that conversation and I had her speak with the priests. I will admit I'm a little grateful she is d'Angeline enough for that and a few other things." He says before he chuckles, "You know if I can assist you in the matter I would be happy to." He says and then he glances to Farah, "Yes we will have to remodel the rooms I suspect. I wasn't wary of you so much dear as I was of the foreign Princess I didn't know. You could have made my life miserable instead of delightful."

Farah may have some d'Angeline blood flowing in her veins, even so Desarae's question and statement startle her a little. To have it addressed as candidly. "Indeed. I have not yet lit my candle, Lady Desarae," the young woman replies with a curious smile, "But I thank you… for offering me to accompany me to the Temple once that day is there. Marco and I are not in a hurry though. We are allowing us some time to settle into our new situation, you understand?"

Desarae nods. "Of course, Lady Farah. Just let me know." A pause, and a lift of her chin towards Marco. "The offer is welcomed, lord cousin." Her smile is bright as she lifts a hand to sweep an inky length of hair behind one ear. "I'm sure it won't be necessary, however, but I'll remember the offer and appreciate it." She straightens from her lean on the railings, and there's a dip of her head that's given them both. "You must excuse me, I have some correspondence to attend to before I retire for the night, and the hour already grows late." She stands a moment longer, composed, poised, and notably different to the young novice she was a year ago when she'd invited Marco to attend her debut. "Companions bless your evening." Her words in parting are quietly given, much as she herself is as she turns and heads for the stairs that descends to the solar.

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