(1311-06-25) Take Me Home
Summary: Two foreigners with a bit similar experience in life discuss their current situation in Marsilikos and come up to some sort of a deal.
RL Date: Tue Jun 25, 1311
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Grand Plaza

No humble, cobbled, crowded town square, this: the grand plaza of Marsilikos gleams, a true centerpiece of a wealthy, international port city. The marble tiles of the square itself are fitted smoothly together, alternating white and greyish-blue with obsidian equal-armed crosses inset at the intersections. Four raised planters, ten meters square, offer cool travertine seating around swaths of raised ground, grassy and tended in all seasons with foliage best beautiful and suiting to the weather, positioned in each of the corner quadrants of the square, and, in the center, a concrete-laid pool is lined with marble, into which four ichthyocentaurs are pouring cool, clean water from carved vases of striking white marble. On a pedestal half-hidden by the winding tails of the ichthyocentaurs is an ancient obelisk, one solid piece of red granite, imported with great expense from Menekhet, mounting twenty one meters into the sky and casting a winding shadow around the corners of the plaza as the day progresses.%r%rOn the western edge of the square a grand marble stairwell overlooks the port and the harbor below; to the north, two strips of marble extend far between the stoate pillars of the marketplace, embracing a well-cultivated spina of greenery.

It's early morning and despite the fact that it's normally part of a courtesan's sleeping time Dante's walking through the Grand Plaza looking at some of the various sights along the way as he heads towards the Market Promenade on a fairly whimsical path.

The merchants have already opened their stalls eager for the morning trade of the noble houses' servants who are buying groceries for the day. Standing in front of a stall selling sausages is a young blonde man with a flakey red face and currently a very confused expression. "Sorry, I don't get that.", he interrupts the merchant in accented D'Angeline, "This is what now? Dog meat?"

Three steps away from the sausages stand a woman with a very obvious foreign traits in her visages pauses. She focuses her deep blue eyes on the conversation between a merchant and another man. A woman is of a small built but quite muscular. Her clothes seem to be made of tattered leather and furs. Her arms, clevage, a part of a neck, a leg are covered in dark blue ink. But a thick line of ink which covers full mid section of her face is attracting attention the most. She rests her hand on the pommel of a sword. She pauses so suddenly that someone bumps into her, pushes her slightly away and shouts out: "What's wrong with you, Skaldi? Move away!" But she does not react. Her eyes are set on the sausages at offer.

Danté hears somebody asking about dog meat and heads over in that direction. As the Skaldi woman gets bumped into and is fussed at by the random man the Thorn walks up and smirks at him, "If you weren't so focused on her rump you'd likely have noticed she'd stopped and avoided her. Why don't go and get yourself a drink over at the Leaping Fish Inn." Then the courtesan's stepping over towards Andre and the vendor done with the rude man, "Dog meat? Surely not that smells like some fine sausage venison perhaps?"

Andre, too, watches the exchange between the local and the stranger, taking in the Skaldic appearance of the woman. But before he can say something, Dante appears beside him, trying to explain. "Venison…", he repeats the foreign word slowly, while he rummages around the dusty shelves of D'Angeline in his brain. "This is what? No dog at least? Boar perhaps?" "No, fucking idiot.", the merchant grunts impatiently. Bloody foreigners all over town.

Kalisha steps a bit closer to the two others. She leans her head to the side listening to their words. She frowns a few times as if having a hard time to translate what has been said. Then she glances over the shoulder of Danté. Her intent gaze and a bit humped posture may appear mildly defensive. Then she bites her lip and hisses a few sentences at whoever stands behind the courtesan. It sounds like a mixture of a few different language. Those of D'Angeline tongue would recognize a phrase which states: "I know that much."

Andre's attention moves from the sausages to the woman, when he hears the strange mix of languages, some of which he can make out. He half-turns to get a better look at her. "Are you from Skaldia?", he asks politely in that tongue.

She looks at Andre when he addresses Kalisha. She ponders his question a bit and answers to the man in Skaldi tongue, "They say so." There is a pause when she is making her way closer to another foreigner. "A woman from the… temple. Yes, Temple. And a guard. Yes. He said he was a guard." She tries to explain. "They told me finding me here. My head." She points at her head. No actual injuries can be seen since she wears a headband probably common to her culture and her hair are quite thick dreadlocks. But she explains more clearly what she meant by her gesture: "They say I hit the head. Kalisha. That I know. What about you?" Her eyes do not move even once staring straight into Andre's.

"They found you here?", he asks, intrigued and eyes the head as if looking for injuries. "I was shipwrecked in the Middle Sea in the big storm recently and came ashore here. So I was found, too.", he smiles. His Skaldic is much like his D'Angeline, accented and rough around the edges with the odd word missing, but good enough for conversation. "My name is Andre, I'm from Brabant, in the Flatlands.", he introduces himself.

"Ship! Yes! Me also! Many weeks ago. They say so." Her eyes grow wide. She tiptoes as if to scan the man and his features better. Her Skaldi seems to be broken as well but perhaps because of an injury. Then she frowns again. Her shoulders relax a bit tho. Her head curiously leans to the side again. "Is this common? Do they find people on the coast? That sea. Probably trouble. Where do you stay? I need a place. Money. Do you have money? I cna give you sword." She points at the sword beside her. "Can fight if you can pay. I am hungry. No coins!" She gestures with her hands as if showing empty pockets.

These are a lot of questions and Andre's eyes widen in slight panic. "Er, I suppose, so, storm at sea, currents washing people ashore… I'm still hoping to find some more people from my ship that reached the shores of Eisande. I… uh, I stay at the palace. They have suites for foreign… nobles." He looks a bit shifty at that and adds quickly: "Visitors. I don't need a sword, but I can buy you some food, if you like? Some sausage perhaps? The… venison?", he repeats the foreign D'Angeline word in that language.

Kalisha shrugs at the man's offer. "I need fire. To make sausages. No fire here. I don't know if I can go out. The guard says that they are watching me. His eyes are on me." She casually waves it off and adds. "I saw a place. Park. Will sleep there. It's good. Very warm. I have this!" She points at the fur decoration which lays on her shoulders. "probably coming from cold place. Do you like here? I do not think people like me here. Do they like you? How do you know you are noble? You do remember? Everything?" She rubs the back of her neck uncomfortably. Her eyes shift mildly and her shoulder twitches. "Do you know someone who needs a sword?"

"No, these are smoked sausages. You eat them cold. Just like that.", Andre explains and turns to the merchant to demand a small slice for testing purposes. The man looks grumbly but he can see a sale coming, so he hands Andre two slices. One, the Flatlander eats himself, the other he offers to Kalisha. "Well, if you're Skaldic, then no, the D'Angelines would not look upon you kindly. Tell them you're from Gotland or Vralia.", he suggests with a smile, "They won't know the difference. Me, I'm …accepted. The Flatlands are neutral. We trade with everyone. And yes, I remember everything. I burnt my skin, but my head is fine. And you shouldn't be selling your sword.", he frowns.

Kalisha takes a piece of meat and chews on it. She even closes her eyes in delight. This is the first time when her gaze is not focused on the man. "Mmm… Temple food. It was also good. Out of there for a few days." However, when she swallows the last bite, she once again has a twicth on her right shoulder and her eyes squint. She turns her head to the right side and brings the shoulder to her chin. She whispers a few sentences which sound very similar to how foreigners from Caerdica Unitas talk. Then with a quick turn of her head, she focuses back at Andre. "Guard says I was with Skaldi. They know. I guess. Ship had many people from Skaldi. But…. Vralia and Gotland… Doesn't matter." Kalisha laughs at the man's last concern. "No. Not sword. Me. Fighting. I believe… Sellsword?" She then looks back at the sausages. "Tastes good. I like them. Thank you. Are you here to trade? When are you going home?"

"Well, I didn't PLAN to be here like that. But since I'm here anyway, yes, I hope to establish more trade between the Flatlands and Eisande. The south of Terre d'Ange has many interesting goods to offer, not least their wines." He turns to the merchant once more, this time to buy two full sausages, one of which he places in a basket he's carrying, the other he offers to Kalisha. "Do you want some bread, too?", he asks and begins walking towards the market where he hopes to find a baker. "So you were on a Skaldic ship, but don't know where you are from? Lost your mind? Er, I mean memory?", he quickly corrects himself. Well, his Skaldic IS wonky.

"Lucky you. You remember things." She accepts offered sausages, puts them in her shoulder bag and nods in regards of the bread. She starts following the man to where he goes. Of course, d'Angelinians often glare at Kalisha when they pass them but the woman seems to be successful at ignoring them. There is Andre to her in this world right now and only him. Her attention is on the man. "If you are noble and live in that place," she points toward the direction of Palace. "Are you sure you don't need a guard. You are alone. This is foreign land. Anything can happen. You are kind to me. First and only, not counting woman from the temple. I can help you. I don't know how or when and if I will remember stuff. I am Kalisha. I was on an important task. Something big was coming to us. Like, happening. But that is all what I know." She then rolls her eyes and adds in d'Angeline tongue, "If you wouldn't talk in riddles, then yes." She sounds really angry then she says so. But then a smile curls her lips up when she looks back at Andre. "You could t ake me home."

"I… uh." Andre is actually stumped. Her suggestion makes more sense than he likes. "Perhaps… soon?", he suggests vaguely, "Right now I don't have much money myself. I got some money from the Flatlandish traders in port. They know my name is good for credit back home. A message has been sent to my family and will take a while for more funds to arrive. So I cannot employ you yet, but I can buy you food and… maybe a roof over the head.", he suggests thoughtfully. The last suggestion has him quirk an eyebrow. "Take you home? When you don't know where home is?" He comes to a halt in front of a baker's stall and pauses to inspect the goods.

She laughs and leans in to gently poke the man if he allows, "Your home. If you hire me, your home will be my home. I will keep you safe. Everywhere. I might have lost my mi… memory but I know how it is. Nobles. Wars. Backstabbing. Danger. Darkness. I can get rid of your enemies. Keep you safe. You give me food and roof. Good deal. For now." She winks and inspects the goods as well. "Andre. Andre. Andre…" She repeats as if to remember the name of a man.

Andre ohs softly. "Well… I don't think I have any enemies. Life is quiet in Brabant. And your memory will certainly return. Bit by bit. You just have to be patient.", he tries to cheer her up and points at a baguette and a round loaf he wants for himself. "What would you like?", he asks his new companion, gesturing towards the goods on display.

"The same. I will be good with the same." The new companion is trying to be modest or she is like that. Who knows. "I hope you are right. It makes me mad. Not to remmeber my task. If I had duty, I wish I could have ity completed. You know." She then thinks for a moment. "If you don't need me now for tasks, am I disturbing? I can go. You were good enough for me."

Andre hands her another baguette and loaf and smiles. "You are not disturbing. But I need to return to the palace. I will have to check with the Duchesse, if I am allowed to bring a second person to the suite or even some servant accommodation. It was a pleasure to meet you, Kalisha.", he adds, smile warming a few degrees, before he wanders off to do some more shopping.

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