(1311-06-17) Washed Up
Summary: A stranger is washed ashore in Marsilikos
RL Date: 19-06-2019
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A Beach Near Marsilikos

The early summer sun is shining brightly over the coast and not many people are up and about on the beach near Marsilikos at this hour. The fishermen have retired to their huts to sleep through the hottest part of the day. But there's a single person wandering along the beach, making strange beelines as if drunk. He is wearing an ankle-length purple gown in Carthaginian style, half-wet still and clinging to his weedy frame. His hair is bright blonde and his facial colour a deeply sun-burnt red which gives him the unfortunate appearance of an inverted match stick.

The sound of hoof beats are heard making an approch down the sandy shoreline. A young woman wearing a riding gown of pale blue comes cantering down the beach on a white horse, followed closely by her guard. The woman has hair of pale blonde that has been pulled into a loose braid and left to trail behind her as she rides. A perhaps odd addition to this lady's attire is the sword she carries at her hip on a low slung belt of white leather. She holds up a hand and pull her horse to a stop as she spots the forgien looking man staggering about however. Dismounting with ease she moves towards the purple clad man speaking softly. "Hello. Do you have need of aid?" Her words are gentle and kind her gaze concerned and her posture as non threatening as she can manage.

The blonde stares at the fellow blonde for a bit, trying to process what he's seeing. "Hoi daar, zeg, waar zijn we toch?", he asks her, apparently hoping she speaks blonde. "Water?", he then suggests, accompanied by the universal gesture for drinking.

The lady tilts her head at the forgien tongue and then gently shakes her head. "I'm afraid I don't know what that means…" But then he says something she does understand and she nods. "I have water yes. One moment." She turns back to her horse and procures a waterskin. Moving back over to the man she offers up the skin to him with a gentle smile. "Here you are drink as much as you need. But slowly. Drinking too fast will make yourself sick."

The man drinks thirstily, probably too thirstily, splashing water over his sunburnt face, but clearly he needed it. The water also helps to get his brain back running and process what she's saying. "D'Angeline… this is Terre d'Ange? Eisande?", he asks, in the same language, albeit with a hint of an accent. Then drinks some more. Glug.

A nod is given to the man's questions. The lady's gaze gentle as she watches him. "Yes. It is. We are not far from Marsilikos, the capital of Eisande. I don't mind giving you a ride to the city if you wish it? I am Lady Jaide Ferraut. May I ask your name?" She watches him with concern and a thoughtful gaze.

"Ah, Marsilikos." The man pauses for a moment as if mentally re-arranging the maps and sea charts in his head. "Well, that is rather fortunate I suppose.", he finally decides and as she introduces herself, some deep-seated genteel breeding kicks in and he bows deeply. "My name is André Montford van Westerlo. I'm a native of the Flatlands.", he introduces himself.

Jaide dips into a respectful lady like curtsey as he bows. Her smile is a gentle one as she regards him. "How interesting! I have always been curious about forigen lands. But I'm afraid I know little of such lands, do you have a preference for how I should address you?" She offers him her hand. "I will gladly help you find your way to the city. You likely need to rest and eat something as well."

His hand is equally sunburnt and very dry, but it's clearly the rather fine-boned hand of someone born in the upper echelons of society. "I… uh. André?", he suggests simply and waves his free hand about. "I really can't be bothered with all the faff now. Rest and eat sounds wonderful. And out of the sun at last. I lost count on how long I was at sea." He waits for her to turn her horse around, so he can follow along city-wards.

Jaide isn't going to make him walk all the way it seems. For as soon as she turns the horse about she is moving to help him up into the saddle behind her. The look she gives him if he protests this is one that clearly states that she will not accept no for an answer. Surprisingly she seems rather strong for a woman and has little trouble helping him up if he allows such. "You must call me Jaide then Andre. And do not worry. We will find some place cool and shady for you to rest and have a meal."

Andre looks more concerned for the horse, having to carry both of them, though perhaps he overestimates his weight or shape. Once he's situated behind her on the horse and rearranged the strange purple gown around his legs, he flails about a bit, not sure what to do with his arms. "You… er… do you mind?", he finally asks and places his hands on her hips. Well, he needs something to hold on to! "Cool and shady sounds like paradise."

Jaide notices Andre's concern for her mount and smiles softly. "Do not fear. Lyra is a horse of Camlach stock, she is bred to be sturdy and strong." As he places his arms on her hips she smiles and begins to urge the white mare forward. "You may want to hold on tighter. I will not break I promise." Then they are off galloping towards the city with the lady's guard following behind them with an expression of mild disbelief on his features.

And there she goes galloping, forcing him to wrap both arms around the lady's waist to have a better hold. Well, his day suddenly improved immensely. He remains silent while they ride, taking in the scenery of the countryside, the sea on one side, mountains rising on the other side and soon the city of Marsilikos looming in front of them. "You live here, I suppose?", he asks curiously, "I've heard of Marsilikos, but I've never been…"

"I am visiting. Mother wanted us to come here so she could play matchmaker for me. I am hoping I can have her return home soon though and remain behind. Its quite nice here. There is so much to see and do." Jaide smiles softly as she guides her horse back in through the gates of the city, slowing to a trot so as not to trod on people. She guides the horse towards the noble district. "If you wish I can take you to my family's manor here. If not then we can go somewhere more public. Either way I will do my best to make sure you are comfortable."

Andre ohs at the information and tries to digest it all. "I… uh… I hate to impose on you, but as it is, I'm absolutely penniless, having lost all my possessions when our ship sank. So a private place to rest would be most welcome. Do you know of there are Flatlanders in town? I'm sure there are merchants from home in port I could turn to for help. If I could make myself look a little more presentable first…" He looks down his gown and the hairy legs and bare feet sticking out from it.

"Do not fret. I don't mind you staying with us for now. I don't know if there are any Flatlanders around but I can send someone to find out and have them contact you to see if they can help. We will get you back on your feet in no time." Jaide smiles and guides the horse towards the Ferraut manor. "Until then, you can be my guest okay?"

"I very much appreciate it, Jaide.", Andre replies and cracks a smile that causes him to wince as it hurts his sunburnt face. "Are you sure your mother won't mind you bringing a stranger into your home? Although I swear, I'm harmless.", he jokes, lifting both hands, "All I want is a meal and then to sleep for about two weeks."

"You are most welcome." Jaide replies softly. "And I will take care of mother, fear not. I doubt she will object too hard though. She is kind enough if a bit pushy at times." She rides into the stables and reaches to help Andre down off the horse. A stable boy gives her a surprised look but says nothing as he goes to tend to the horse. "Come lets get you that meal. Then you can bathe and rest if you like." She smiles to him and gestures for him to follow her inside.

Next Day at the Ferraut Residence

After having a bath drawn up and a meal prepared for her guest Jaide arranged for some fine yet practical clothing to be left for him to change into after he washed up. Once the meal was done Jaide had Andre shown to a room where he could rest. Now its close to noon and the lady is out in the courtyard dressed in black training leathers of all things. A ring of guardsmen surround her and one by one she calls them forward to fight her. The lady wields a blade slightly smaller than the standard longsword, but bigger than a rapier. Its clearly a custom blade and she moves with grace knowing how to use it. The noise from the courtyard might very well wake her guest though. He has been given free reign of the house save for the private bedrooms and a servant has been assign to guide him if he needs it.

Having washed and eaten, Andre slept for a very long time… through the night and into the next morning. Now he finally emerges, dressed in the Angeline clothes that were left for him and looking much better… albeit still sun-burnt and red. A servant probably pointed him towards the courtyard and he now stands near the doorway, watching her with a keen eye.

Jaide faces man after man with quick flowing movements and an easy grace. The way she wields her blade speaks of years of practice in addition to natural talent. She spies Andre out of the corner of her eyes and smiles faintly. Quickly disarming the man she is fightingshe then dismisses the group and sheathes her blade before heading over towards her guest with a warm smile. "You look much better. I hope you rested well?"

Andre claps a few times in acknowledgement of her prowess and smiles warmly. "I have, yes, thank you very much for all the help and hospitality.", he says politely, "I did not mean to interrupt your training either. I wasn't aware that the women of Terre d'Ange are such great fighters." He eyes the sword she's holding curiously and her get-up.

A soft blush appears on Jaide's cheeks at his words. She smiles gently. "It was no trouble. I was glad to help. If you need anything else to help you get situated, please let me know?" She laughs softly and shakes her head at his words about being a great fighter. "I am flattered but thats not completely true. I am a bit of an oddity among D'Angeline women Andre. I am a scion of Camael. Most women here are softer and more…delicate. Me? I can be a lady or a warrior. It depends on the day." She smiles kindly. "Have you ever trained with a weapon then?"

"Yes, yes, I have… it's part of a boy's bringing up in the Flatlands. Not for the girls though. My sisters are happier occupying themselves with needlework or some such. I -" He points back towards the house and possibly the street beyond. "I wanted to go down to the port to try and find merchants from home. People to send a message through and to perhaps help me out with a little money. I'm not sure I'd find the way though."

Jaide nods to him with a soft smile. "The women here are often the same. With a few exceptions. I can act the part of a lady when needed though." She grins. Listening to his request she nods. "I can go with you? If you don't mind being seen with me like this? Otherwise I'll go freshen up and then we can go?"

Andre chuckles. "If this is acceptable garb in the streets of Marsilikos, why should I mind?", he asks gently, "Nor would I mind you showing me the way to the port. However, I trust it would be a very boring undertaking for you, me being stuck talking to Flatandish merchants for a long while in our language…"

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