(1311-06-05) Consent
Summary: Odette has a talk with the Dowayne of her salon.
RL Date: June 5th, 2019
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Dormitory — Le Lis d'Or

Tidy and neat, with that unobtrusive sparkle of class and perfection, is the dormitory of Lis d'Or adepts and novices and it favors lighter hues in its interior, flowery ornaments running above the lighter wood wainscoting. A few golden lilies have been painted upon the walls, each positioned over the head of a bunk bed. At the windows, light curtains with lily embroideries are framed by heavier drapes of golden hue that are drawn at night, which leaves a number of dimmed lamps as only sources of lighting. Each bunk bed has soft cream-colored drapes with gold lining on both levels, and two chests of plain mahogany wood with an inlay work of a white stylized lily set into the lids, intended to hold the few belongings of the Lilies in training and those that are already working on completing their marques.

Lis d'Or had been a busy place of late. The salon downstairs is usually filled with adepts and courtesans of various flavors that can be found here. And it is no wonder, such intelligent and talented treats will draw visitors. Even so, Philomène nó Lis d'Or has excused herself from the bustle for a moment. The dowayne of the salon retreats upstairs, only casting a fleeting glance down at the ongoings before vanishing in the hallway. Her steps carry her towards the dormitory, and she walks at an unhurried but elegant gait. She is clad in a fine dress of courtly fashion, shorter sleeves as befit the warmer season that is already moving towards summer. She is a woman in her mid-forties, of excellent carriage and perfect poise. Arriving at the door to the dormitory, Philomène announces herself with a knock, before she enters, most possibly expecting to see Odette there.

Odette has been playing very sad music lately when few patrons are around and not showcasing when they are. Tonight, as it's so busy, she did not play and gracefully left sometime prior, retiring into the Dormitory rather early. She's already out of her fancy dress and has on her sleeping gown when the knock comes. She sees the door open and tenses before relaxing when she finally see Philomene. She visibly changes her posture. Her chin lifts and her expression goes calm and warm. She curtsies and then stands. "Hello." She grins warmly. "What brings our Dowayne to the dormitory this evening? Can I get you something?"

A bit of concern flashes in Philomène's eyes as she reads the body language of her adept. "Odette," she says, her tone soft and caring. "Come here." Gesturing for her to come over after Odette has dipped into a curtsey. "I've missed you downstairs. Why are you hiding up here?", the dowayne wonders lightly. "Let me have a look at you. Ah, all that refined beauty, but where is that sparkle in your eyes, hmmm?" To the offer, Philomène shakes her head. "No thank you, I don't need anything at the moment. Apart from knowing what occupies the mind of my Odette."

Ode walks forward with grace as she was raised to and stands in front of Philomene. "Perhaps I'm still a little tired from my journey and then right after my return the assignation with Lord Valliers. He is very spirited and tiring." She grins warmly. When she states her intention Ode's head bows. "Many things. You know of what happened and all through my travels I could not get it out of my mind. Lord Valliers advised me that the people who know most intimately consent would be Roses." She blushes. "So I wished to speak privately with one to see their take on consent. What is means? Who is allowed? How can consent be confused?" She keeps her head down. "I asked. I'm sorry."

"Consent." Philomène echoes that word. Lifting her arm she reaches out to touch her palm to the cheek of her adept. It is a gentle motherly gesture. "Thorns know about words of signale and the like," she states then, a bit drily perhaps. "I doubt you will ever need to use one." But her gaze continues to linger on Odette's features. "You are beautiful," she declares. "And I won't have you feel insecure at what happened. It was a transgression, and the matter has been settled. This woman won't bother you again, I assure you. Besides, she is not the sort of clientele we like to see here at Lis d'Or." She takes a step to the side, her hand falling away from the cheek to catch Odette's fingers, to urge her along over to one of the beds. "Let us sit, for a moment." The suggestion lingers, and Philomène for her part sits down. "Consent is the basis of our society, child. No d'Angeline should endure assaults of intimate nature against their will. I had thought the salon safe on that day. And after the incident, I assure you, I have made arrangements to double the guards per shift. Your safety and the safety of all the others living under this roof is my responsibility. Whenever you will go out, you'll have a guard assigned to you." She chuckles softly, "Perhaps one day soon you'll hope for the day to arrive, when you are finally free. I'd been meaning to ask. How was your time in Elua? I believe you've entertained your patron well?"

Odette seems to calm further at the touch to her cheek. "I hope not. It's a very dark place over there. Did you know they have… beast like sculptures over their hearth." She shivers. At the declaration, she nods slowly. She takes that hand and moves over to the bed and sits beside her. "Having that guard… Guillaume, he's very stern and very protective. I appreciate his company." She nods her head. "Thank you for taking such precautions for all of us. This dorm is where I feel most safe." She stops herself and bites her bottom lip. She lifts her eyes. "Yes. He was kind. He enjoyed the violin and he showed me many things in Elua. There is a giant garden. It's so big. I almost go lost but of course my patron was behind me. I tried many different foods. Some made me cry and my lips tingled. It was a wonderful time." She bows her head. "Thank you for putting me on that assignation."

The Dowayne listens, and a faint smile shows in her features when Odette mentions her guard. "Ah yes, I picked him for a reason. But you need to come downstairs now and then, when people are around. Don't deprive others from the pleasure it brings to hear you play. There haven't been many festivities lately at the palace, but there are some wedding feasts coming up. Maybe you can find an assignation as an escort for the evening. Wouldn't that be delightful?", Philomène asks. "I am also thinking about holding a little evening of music and entertainment here at the salon soon. I'd be pleased if I could have you among the performers."

The young woman grins. "He's a lovely man, thank you." Then she mentions the other things and Ode tenses a little. "What if she is there? Here you can guarantee she won't come but out there? I know Guillaume is there for me if I am afraid or attacked. I just fear for his safety and… I fear for my own." Her voice drops. "I can play here as much as you think I should." She nods her head. "I would be happy to play for the salon. There was just so many people downstairs… My heart started to flutter and I had this sinking feeling so I came here. I am sorry." She bows her head.

Philomène waits for Odette to give her replies to several matters. But it is when Odette appears to succumb once again to insecurity, that she reaches out and gives Ode's hand a squeeze. "You've been downstairs all the time when you were a novice, even on the more crowded days.", she counters softly. "There is no need to hide your light away from where you can shine." There is a pause, and a look from the side, before the Dowayne continues. "That woman is a commoner. She won't be at the palace. These courtly occasions won't allow it. You'll be as safe there as you are here. And even if she were… you have Guillaume. And a patron who will make sure you are safe."

The beautiful girl squeezes Philomene's hand. She nods her head and lifts her chin up. "I invited a priest to listen to me. A priest of Elua. Not as patron but when we are busy and I'm playing. I guess I have to make sure he hears me." She nods her head to the thought of having that much protection. "Guillaume is probably at the bottom of the stairs glaring." She grins at the thought. Then she confesses. "I spoke to the priest about love. Of course a priest of Elua would know love. This happened and since then, those that look like her or that are not D'Angeline … scare me. I didn't want that to take me over."

"That's fine. Priests of Elua are most welcome here at Lis d'Or," Philomène replies with a smile. "And I believe it's a good thing for you to speak with him. That woman who transgressed, she is a commoner of foreign lands. She probably wasn't aware of our ways and our customs. Be careful not to mistake other foreigners to be as ignorant as she was. But as long as you feel unsure, you can try to avoid them, or at least to treat them with distant courtesy."

Ode nods her head and bows it. "That is where I am failing. I see a foreigner and I fear. I shouldn't. It should be just her that I blame. Not all and yet when I was in the market with Guillaume, there was a booth that had pretty scarves and I saw who was behind it and she looked sweet but she was not D'Angeline so I bowed my head and left." She takes a deep breath. "He is going to help me. Love should not be a gift given if I do not mean it. So I am trying to change me." She nods again and holds Philomene's hand. "I'm sorry I am a fearful rabbit lately."

The Lis d'Or Dowayne gives Odette a long look. "You should not fear. No one is going to harm you, I assure you. It is a good thing that you try to fight these fears. Seek out the Temple of Elua but also that Naamah. It is her whom we serve." Her hand squeezes that of the adept. "Promise me that this fearful rabbit will turn into the beautiful and refined peacock that will make our salon proud."

Odette holds the woman's hand and lifts her chin. "I was at the temple of Naamah praying first being going to Elua. They are both strong in my heart and I felt that I perform my services well and praise be to Naamah… I was lacking love." She takes a deep breath. "I will. I wish to honor Naamah and make my family… this salon so proud." She grins. "Though… bed early has made for a lovely time seeing sunrises." She grins beautifully as light returns to her eyes.

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