(1311-05-21) Seeing is Believing
Summary: Hearing the rumors, Bastien goes to see if Oliver was cured of his blindness. (Warning: Contains passages of highly suggestive language and theme.)
RL Date: 05-21-2019
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Basilisque Residence — Noble District

Having heard the rumors of the miracle, Bastien finds his way towards teh Basilisque residence. He requested an audience with Lord Oliver to see if the rumors were in fact true or not. He knew that the young nobleman was nervous about the potential healing, fearing that it would not be successful or worse that it could make his eyesight loss permanent. The young Mereliot waits with anxiousness.

The day is warm but rather stormy out. So Oliver is sitting by the window with a blindfold on. Henri meets Bastien at the door and gives him a bow. "Follow me." He turns and walks towards Oli. The seat Oli is on is a rather large comfortable couch. The window is open and the air and scent of the water is hitting his nose. "Oliver, someone is here to see you." Oli tilts his head and grins. "Hello."

Bastien sees the blindfold on and frowns. "Hello Oliver." He holds his breath for a second, "I came to see how it went at the temple." He does not mention the rumor, in case, as he fears, it was not successful. "How are you?"

Oliver slowly grins. "Bastien." He reaches his hands up and undoes the blindfold, slowly opening his eyes. He turns and looks right into Bastien's eyes. "I am overwhelmed. The blind fold is helping." He sniffles a little. He looks back to the rain and sighs. "How are you?"

The smile that stretches across Bastien's face lightens up his entire being. "It was successful then!" The younger man practically vibrates with excitement. "Fantastic! I.. I cannot express how very happy I am for you!" He then regains his composure and nods. "I can only imagine. Light must be terribly painful all of a sudden. I am sure that with time you will be right as rain." He grins as he looks out at the rain through the window. "Me?" He smiles, "I am just fine… Even better now."

Oliver stands up and moves around to Bastien. He lifts his hands up and closes his eyes, feeling over his face as he did when he was blind. Finally he opens his eyes and grins. "Your coloring is different. I thought blond with green eyes." He chuckles as he drops his hands. "Heck I thought I was blond with white eyes. I though Henri's skin was blue. So strange." He chuckles. "Sights are overwhelming. Food has changed. It's all… so big."

Bastien grins and embraces the other man with exuberance. He chuckles, "I am not sure how I would look as a blond, but if you want to imagine me as one, you can." He lets got of Oliver and looks at him, obviously overjoyed at the other man's healing. "I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like."

Oli nods his head. "I think you look incredible as is so…" He hugs the man back before stepping back and clears his throat. "Again, overwhelming. I carry the blind fold around if I start having an anxiety attack. I … recently looked at myself in mirror and I don't recognize the face looking back so that… disorienting."

Bastien blushes ever so slightly. "Thank you?" He runs his canine over his lower lip. "You had it on before, do you need to replace it? " He cants his head slightly, "If you need some time to yourself, I can return another time. I do not with to add to your anxiety." He frowns just slightly, "Well, the last time you saw yourself was a long time ago. It is only to be expected."

The young lord grins a little. "I went out to the market. So I came home and put it on. I'm calm now." He points out to Bastien. "I was nine years old when I lost my sight. It's odd though since I was blond when I went blind but somehow my hair changed to brown." He shakes his head. "Also I grew up. I knew my body well but never saw it. I like my stomach." He pats his stomach. "Want to see it?"

Bastien listens to the other man talk, nodding occasionally. At the question concerning his stomach, Bastien chuckles. "I have already seen it before." He smirks, arching an eyebrow, "But I would not object to seeing the view of it again." Hopefully it will not be cut up.

He grins slowly and lifts his shirt. Pristine and pale and muscled rather well even since last time Bastien saw him. He's been taking good care of himself. He smiles brightly and pats his stomach. "I knew I was getting stronger but this shows it well."

Bastien's grey eyes flicker over the other man's stomach with an approving grin. Bastien looks up to meet the other man's eyes, as he chuckles. "Well, whatever you have done, you have done it well."

He lowers his shirt. "I'd show you my ass and legs too as they are nice but alas… no ass for you." He shakes his finger and then takes a seat, relaxing back. "You can sit you know." He pats beside him. "Would you like something to drink or eat?"

Bastien places his hand on his chest and takes in a large breath, then lowers his head and makes a sobbing sound. The youth chuckles and looks at Oliver, "Tease!" He watches him sit, before he moves to the padded seat. He shakes his head, "No thank you. I am fine." He cocks his head as he looks to Oliver, "What does your brother have to say about your sight being restored?"

Oliver shakes his head. "Last I checked, you didn't want too so I won't force you too. Consent is important." He grumbles. "Anse is happy but I haven't talked to Sebastien in weeks. I don't know… if he even knows." He bows his head. "As for my mother… I don't want her to know at all and Stephane I wrote so he will know." He nods.

Bastien cocks his head, "I believe you misremember that night. I did not want to have sex with you that particular night. My first time was promised to someone else. It was not a matter of not wanting." He looks out the window at the rain, then back to Oliver. "Will your brothers honor your wish to not inform your mother?"

He turns to look over the man's face looking for falsehoods but he doesn't know what that looks like so he grunts. "Well.. since you hurt my little feeling, if you want me you will have to woe me." He nods his head. Then the question on his brothers. "Honestly, I hope so. Sebastien might not but he does what he does. If she finds out she's going to come here and demand I go back home."

Bastien arches an eyebrow, "I hurt your little feelings, huh?" He shrugs, "Fair enough, I suppose…." He lets that subject drop, at least for the time being. Afterall one cannot just woo immediately after being told that he must. "Well, you know that you are an adult now, and with your sight restored will not have to feel like you must depend upon someone else."

Oli nods his head and then glances over to Henri and Bellami who are playing cards. "I want them around though. Plus they are teaching me to read and write." Something he's lost in nine years. "One minute…" He turns and leans over the couch. "Henri you said you went out to get me chocolate." He points at the man and Henri looks up and tries to look innocent but chuckles. "Yeah its in the kitchen. Help yourself." Oli nods his head and sits back down. "Mom told me if I ate chocolate I would die. So I never did. I want to try it one day."

Bastien glances over at the two men, before nodding. "I can imagine that their preseence has been a constant that you are not soon to wish to be without." He chuckles, "You're mother lied. Chocolate is a most divine food. I have been induldged with it a number of times. My mother was often gifted with it, which she shared with me later."

He stands up and grins. "Then let me get some chocolate." He turns and walks into the kitchen. "Agnes!" The door closes and Henri looks up. "Yeah you hurt him. He thought you were making an excuse not to be with him and we was told no one would be with him because he's blind. So he thought you were just making an excuse and it hurt his heart because he's really only know rejection." He offers the other man before he gets swatted by Bellami and they return to their game. Oliver comes out of the kitchen holding a small plate with small chocolate pieces on it. He takes a seat and holds out the plate.

While Oliver is gone, he listens to Henri. The young Mereliot turns in the chair to look at the older man. "I told him that night the reason. I wasn't making up an excuse." He sighs slightly, "I do not know what to tell him that would not just sound like I was just making up an excuse now, especially now that he can see." As Henri is "corrected" for interfering, Bastien turns back around and looks again out at the rain.

Oliver sits beside Bastien and takes a piece of chocolate and puts the plate on Bastien's lap. "Have some." He pops the chocolate into his mouth and chews a little before freezing. His hand comes up to his mouth and he turns a little away from Bastien.

Bastien smiles as Oliver returns. He looks down at the plate. "Thank you." He takes a small piece and puts it on his tongue. He closes his eyes for a second. As Oliver turns away, Bastien gets concerned. "Oliver? Are you alright?"

Oliver nods his head and looks back at Bastien. His eyes are just so happy. He finishes off his piece and moans quietly. "That's really good." He grumbles. He steals another piece and his eyes flutter.

Bastien chuckles at Oliver. "It is almost sinfully good, isn't it? I have heard it described as being better than sex." He grins and cocks his head, "Well, as I have had very little experience with that, I cannot speak to my opinion of that." He chuckles as Oliver's eyes flutter. "But by the look on your face, I think it might possibly be true."

Oliver chuckles a little and shakes his head. "No…not better than sex." He points out. "Tasty but nothing trumps a dick in my mouth." There is the sound of someone spitting water behind them and Oliver turns and it's Bellami just staring. "My lord… be… more discrete. Please." He begs Oli and Oli nods his head. "Alright." He grins a little as Bastien and shrugs. "It's good."

Bastien chuckles at Oliver, then snorts and snickers at Bellami's reaction. "I think your man might not realize that I have heard much, much worse." He grins over at Oliver, "I am glad that you enjoy it." Which it, he does not clarify. His grin widens, "I will have to remember it for the future."

Oli nods his head. "He tries to be very proper. Henri doesn't. That's Bellami, the Basilisque guard meant to protect me." He grins. "He does amazing work." He tilts his head. "Remember? About the chocolate? It is lovely. I thought you'd had it before." He grumbles and takes another piece.

Bastien grins over at Oliver, "Oh, I have had it before. I was referring to the fact of how you like it. Just a bit to remember for later." Bastien nods, "I have seen him with you before." He turns his head, "Well met, Bellami. I trust that I will not go spreading gossip about Lord Oliver's opinions."

Oliver grins a little and tilts his head. "How I like chocolate or the dick?" He asks upfront. Bellami gasps. "Lord Oliver! Can you just stop? Proper company deserves proper conversation. If I am going to help you be a good lord you are going to have to be more proper." Oli pouts a little. Henri chuckles. "Yeah Oliver. Stop talking about things you like. How dare you!"

Bastien grins and looks to Oliver. He chuckles, before he straightens up a little, "Well, both, honestly." He looks to the two other men. Speaking to Bellami, "My apologies… I was baiting him a bit." He grins at Oliver, "I couldn't help it."

Bellami grumbles a little and shakes his head. "Behave you both." He points and goes to clean up his mess. Oliver blushes a little and nods his head. "Chocolate is good. Any other foods you'd recommend?" He looks at the younger man.

Bastien's shoulders slack slightly, "Yes, Belami." He looks over at Oliver, "It is… well if you haven't ever had chocolate, then you haven't had cocoa. It's also called hot chocolate. It's a drink made from chocolate. Other than that… I don't really know.. Not sure what you have or haven't eaten, or what things you like." He looks Bellami in the eyes, arching an eyebrow, "What do you like?"

Oliver shrugs. "I was given potatoes and beans and salad and… most vegetables. I tried an apple recently and it was lovely. Don't know what they look like though." Bellami sighs. "If it's food, he's probably not eaten it. Candies, sweets… all forbidden. That included fruit." Bellami lifts a brow. "What do I like? I like fresh bread."

"Strawberries, you should definately try strawberries… " Bastien suggests. "Perhaps the next time I come to visit I will bring a thing of fresh strawberries." He cocks his head, "Why are fruits forbidden? I suppose that I can understand candies and confectionaries."

Bellami shrugs. "Perhaps she felt fruits to be too sweet?" Oli grumbles. "She said she wanted me healthy without a big butt." He leans back on the couch. Henri chuckles. "Well… she ate a lot of fruit if that's what happens." Oli blinks. "Oh companions…"

Bastien cants his head to the side, "Well, I suppose I can understand that… too much sweets can be a bad thing, but all things in moderation. " He looks to Oliver. "I will bring you some strawberries. You will like them too." He grins impishly, "You would probably enjoy banannas too…."

Henri chuckles and shakes his head. Oliver frowns. "What?" He grumbles at Henri. "You can learn to deepthroat with a banana." Bellami smacks Henri again and stands up. "I have innocent ears. Just go have all the sex already." He turns and folds his hand and then leaves. Henri just laughs. Oliver thinks about how one deep throats since he has no idea what that is.

Bastien smirks to Henri, then watches Bellami leave. "In a city such as Marsilikos, how can anyone be so uptight?" he chuckles. He cocks his head as he looks to Oliver, "Seriously though, I really enjoy almost any bit of fruit. Citrus is good for the voice, it can be rather tart at times." He momentarily gets lost in thoughts of his teacher forcing him to eat lemons when he didn't "deserve" oranges.

Henri chuckles. "Bellami was dating a girl who said she was only with him but she was with over a dozen other people while lying. He's up tight because he feels like he must be." He points out. Oliver nods his head and grins a little. "I would love to try it all." He watches Bastien a moment. "Where are you going in your mind?"

Bastien shakes his head slightly as he looks to Oliver. "Oh, no where really… One of my instructors was insistent on eating citrus fruits for my voice. When I was not doing as well as he wanted, he would make me eat lemons. When I was doing well, then I got oranges. I hate lemons."

He nods his head. "I can understand that. I used to be forced to eat peas. I'd have to sit at the table for hours until my peas were done. I hate peas even now." He grumbles. "They hurt my stomach too." He turns and touches Bastien's thigh. "Eat all the oranges."

Bastien looks to Oliver. "I think I would hate peas… I'd never eat peas again if I was you." He pauses, "But then again, if it wasn't for those lemons, I might not have the voice that I do." He shrugs, "On the other hand, I still hate lemons."

He nods his head. "I hate peas and you hate lemons. Our enemy is lemon flavored peas." He chuckles slightly and leans back. "However, we shall have chocolate." Henri grins alittle. "Try some chili mixed with chocolate. It's interesting."

Bastien chuckles, "That sounds absolutely disgusting honestly actually." He grins and laughs, "Yes, we shall always have chocolate… and chocolate covered bananas." He looks at Oliver, "So when you get a little more accustomed to seeing again, I will show you all of the city."

Oliver grins slowly and chews his bottom lip. "That would be nice." He nods his head. "I still want to know what a banana is." Henri stands up and moves into the kitchen. He comes back out with a banana and tosses it at Oli. Oli squeaks and grips it with both hands. He sniffs it and frowns. "It doesn't smell good."

Bastien chuckles and takes the banana from Oliver, and peels it down. He looks at the two men before he demonstrates what Henri had mentioned before. As he retrieves the banana from his throat. He waggles a brow at Oliver, before he takes a bite from the banana. "They taste better than they smell."

He watches Bastien deep throat the banana and his hand goes to the other man's shoulder in case he chokes. "Why would you do that? You could have choked." He grumbles, completely oblivious to the innuendo. Henri nods his head. Oliver looks at the peeled banana and leans forward to sniff it. "Oh it is sweet."

Bastien looks at Oliver with an arched eyebrow. "Um.. because it is suppose to feel very nice for the owner of the banana?" He looks over at Henri, before he looks at Oliver. "The banana is a metaphor… think about the shape of the banana…"

Oliver seems utterly confused for a few moments before Henri fixes that. "Your penis." He states. Oli stares at the banana and then thinks. "First off… I am not curved like that nor do I go into a handle or tip." He turns to stare at Bastien. "Does yours?"

Bastien chuckles softly as Henri explains. The young Mereliot looks at Oliver and raises an eyebrow, "Well, if you want to know, then I believe it is you that will need to woo me a little… I mean fair is fair afterall."

Oli turns and stares at Bastien. "I fed you chocolate." He grumbles at the man. "I don't want to see it right now anyways." He waves his hand. "But now I am going to tell people your penis is shaped like a small banana." He crosses his arms.

Bastien cocks his head, "I never said anything about small… If you think that you're going to egg me on so that I will feel a need to drop my trousers and prove to you that it is not in fact small, you're wrong. " He takes another small bite of chocolate, relishing in the flavor. "I am not so easily bought as for a little bit of chocolate. I was trained as a courtesan, not some back alley harlot."

Oli lifts a brow. "Didn't even think of that." He shrugs. "I'm a hoe." He pushes himself up and moves into the kitchen leaving Bastien alone with Henri again. "Hoe… yeah right. One one night stand, three courtesans. The one night stand was Marco. He has his natility with a beautiful female dancer who really liked him. Then there is Emory and Raphael. Emory makes him weepy and Raphael makes him strong. He's not a hoe." He shakes his head. "So… any questions you want to ask me while he begs Agnes for more chocolate?"

Bastien looks at Oliver, "I cannot shake the mentality of a courtesan quite yet. I spent the majority of my life training to be one." As the man leaves him alone once again with Henri, Bastien turns to look at the older man. "I am not sure if I want to learn about him so easily. I rather enjoy getting to know him without cheating. You know what I mean?" He sighs softly as he reaches up and rubs the back of his neck for a second. "Honestly, I don't really know where to begin. From the way he talked, I would have thought that his and Marco's relationship had been a longer affair."

Henri nods his head and then sighs. "Marco is flirtatious. Went after him after a first look and then left him. Marco was his first time. Think about the pain of that? The first person you ever sleep with, you like them because they show you attention and then they move on without explanation to you. They tell you they want nothing from you but sex and then get betrothed. Of course he was hurt. He still is." Henri explains. "Kid doesn't think he's worthy of anything. When he was healed and Gwenaelle passed out he begged Eisheth to take it back and help Gwen. He cried for hours at her temple. He didn't want his hurt to be brought to someone else."

Bastien nods, "Marco is a flirt. I think he flirts with any pretty face. In his defense, the engagement was Her Grace's wishes not his." Bastien listens to Henri, "I have caught on to that. His father really messed him up. " He sighs, "I like him, but I do not know if I like him the way that he wants to be liked. His relationship with Raphael truly bothers me. You say it makes him strong, but it is a strength that I cannot comprehend."
Henri looks at Bastien and grins. "If you don't like him like that, stop flirting." He grumbles. "His relationship with Raphael does give him strength. After his father died he was lost. His other coddled him and he didn't know who he was. Raphael seems to be helping him find his limits and what he is looking for generally on top of growing a backbone." He shakes his head. "It's all consent based and while he isn't in control, he kind of is." He sighs quietly. "I don't understand liking pain either but it's not had one bit of Opium since his time with Raphael. That speaks volumes."

Bastien lowers his gaze. "You're right, I probably should. I flirt with him because I thought it would help him with his ego. What I mean is that I do not wish for anything serious, which I think he might. I do not know him, so I cannot throw my heart into something. I have no problem with us mutually using each other for fun." He cocks his head slightly, "But is he just trading one addiction for another?"

Henri shakes his head. "Don't flirt for his ego." He states simply. "He has none. He has no self esteem either. So trying to help his ego is not going to help him." He frowns a little. "If you want a fuck buddy tell him. He might be in for that. He … is not trading one addiction for another." He grumbles. "He took opium because of his pain and his dreams. Now he knows how to control his pain and in his dreams he is stronger. The Thorn is helping him. Do not begrudge that." He stands up and looks at Bastien. "Oliver said something painful recently and I think for him that's his reality. Love is a fire. It burns down all you hold dear and leaves you with ashes. That's his reality. He doesn't want love. He doesn't believe in it." He shakes his head. "Everyone should believe in love and he's too young to be so cynical but he is. Be up front with him. That's my advice. Let him choose." He turns and leaves Bastien alone with his thoughts. Oliver comes back, rushing through the doors holding a whole thick chunk of chocolate. "I got it!"

Bastien listens thoughtfully to everything that Henri has to say. He is left to his thoughts by the older man, which leaves him with a bit of a furrowed brow when Oliver returns. He looks up and grins, "Remember what I said about moderation? Too much chocolate at once can indeed make you sick." After all, he still has the majority of the piece of chocolate that Oliver had given him earlier.

Oliver frowns a little. "Then come pick out something else. I'm hungry." He grumbles and turns walking back into the kitchen. He gives the cooking chocolate back to Agnes. She's a portly, short, grey haired old lady. She puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head. "My lord, what do you want to eat?" She asks, seemingly for the second or third time. "I don't know…"

Bastien follows Oliver into the kitchen. The young nobleman looks around as he does so. He offers Agnes a polite bow of his head. He looks at Oliver, "You have no idea of what you would like to eat?"

Agnes grins slowly. "He never does." Oliver stands there and walks around slowly. "What are you making?" The woman shakes her head. "Whatever you want to eat. That's why I'm here." Oliver grumbles and leans back against the counter. "I honestly do not know what I want to eat but I'm hungry."

Bastien looks to the cook, "Madame, if I may be so bold. Why do you not take the opportunity to have Lord Oliver try new things. Endulge him with some new recipes. Perhaps things that you might enjoy for yourself." He shrugs, "I have the same problem… luckily in the palace, I don't have to decide what to eat."

Agnes grins a little. "He can be a picky eater, milord. He doesn't like peas. He doesn't like a lot of vegetables. Though I am sure if I gave him cheese he'd be happy." Oliver nods. "I could do a cheese platter." Agnes shakes her head. "No. You need food other than just cheese. What if I make you both sandwiches with cauliflower and cheese sauce?" Oliver lifts his brow and nods.

Bastien smiles. Momentarily he considers protesting, but he decides to agree. "Thank you, Madame. I would appreciate it." He looks over at Oliver, "You should be more adventurous with your diet and more considerate of your Cook."

Agnes bows her head and then goes to start cooking. Oli looks to Bastien. "Yeah cause I know things I've never eaten and it's totally possible for me to ask for something I don't know exists." He sighs quietly and rubs his forehead. He turns to Agnes. "Thank you Agnes." He grins at her. "No problem dear. I'll bring it out when it's ready. Now out of my kitchen." Oliver salutes her and leaves the kitchen.

Bastien follows Oliver back out of the kitchen. He looks to the older boy, "Um… Oliver… I think that we should talk." His voice is uncertain as he says this. "I want to be up front with you."

Oli turns to Bastien and then sighs. "I know what you are going to say." He turns and walks away. "You just want to be friends. You think I'm nice but you want to get to know me more and you don't like me. Trust me, I've heard it enough." He walks to the couch and takes a seat as he continues to watch the rain fall.

Bastien crosses his arms before him, "How about you let me talk for myself?" He looks at the pouting man. "Please try not to assume you know me. What I was going to say is that I don't know myself right, much less you. I know that you wanted something more serious with my cousin, and right now, I don't want something serious. I have no problem being with you, and if something more serious developes then so be it." He cocks his head, "Though that being said, know that at any given time, I might be married off by Her Grace the same way that /she/ married Marco off."

Oli keeps looking out at the grass being fed by the storm brewing. "I have resigned myself to paying for it. There is no shame in that really." He seems to be trying to convince himself. "I don't need anything. We can be friends." His eye twitches obviously, a tell of a lie. He leans back and puts his feet up on a ottoman and relaxes. "You should find out who you are. That's important."

Bastien walks over to the couch, sitting down. "First of all, being your friend is very important to me. I hope that you are sincere about us remaining friends." He looks at the young man with the same grey eyes as the clouds outside of the window. "You do not have to pay for it… well, not exclusively… " He smiles, "I have no problem with you using my body for your pleasure, as I use yours."

He turns to stare at Bastien. He opens his mouth and then closes it. He looks away and stares at the rain. "I don't use for pleasure." He speaks softly. "I don't… have issues with you using mine for pleasure though." Agnes comes out and puts the sandwiches down on the table and puts two plates with fresh cauliflower and cheese sauce. "Thank you Agnes."

Bastien inclines his head to the woman. "Thank you, Madame." He waits for her to leave before he turns his attention back to Oliver, "I meant that playfully and not to imply that there was any one-sided participation on that. To put it vulgarly, if you were so inclined we coudl be fuck buddies… or more politely friends with benefits."

Oli puts some cauliflower into his mouth and chews it. The cheese makes this worth it. Those blue eyes turn to Bastien and he shakes his head. "You didn't understand." He speaks quietly. "I am not one to hunt you down and use your body for pleasure. That's… not a kink for me. Though hunting you down to pleasure you or you hunting me down to take pleasure, I'm okay with that."

Bastien moves over to the platter of food. He looks to Oliver, "I don't really have much in the line of kinks. I am more for mutual pleasuring." He shrugs slightly, "Though in truth, I do not have much experience regardless." The boy takes a bite of the sandwich. Once the food is chewed and swallowed, he looks over at Oliver, "And as I need to learn myself… I imagine that now that things are different for you, you will need to learn yourself all over again as well."

Oliver nods his head. "I don't feel worth being given pleasure." He states bluntly. "Hell… my father said he wished the horse had killed me instead of blinding me. Before he died, he told me he wished it was me." He shakes his head. "That's built into my heart. You don't tell that to a nine year old. You are shaping who they become." He pulls a piece of the sandwich closer.

Bastien looks to the other boy, shaking his head, "Well, you and your father are both wrong. You have a tender heart, and that alone, means that you deserve to know pleasure. It is something that is all too rare." He should know, as he has one himself… a tender, nieve, idealistic heart. "You need to stop living by what your father told you and prove him wrong. Prove him that you are worthy to be his son, even more so." He cocks his head, "It is obvious that you love the man, despite how he treated you, so be the man that he would be proud of."

Oliver stays staring out the window. "It doesn't matter if I try to be worthy to be his son. He'll never know. He'll never be proud. I was training to be a Cassaline and he told me I was too skinny. I tried to help clean with the maids and I was called a servant. I learned Economics and Philosophy but I was told I was too stupid. I tried to be a priest and he told me he would disown me and the only reason he still believes Anse is his son is because he likes him." He turns to Bastien. "I am learning to… take pleasure but it's always pleasure from giving pleasure." He points out. "He hated me, Bastien. I wasn't supposed to be born. She hadn't lit the candle so how did I happen?"

Bastien cocks his head, "Then how about you live and be the man that you want to be." He looks at the man, "Lit the candle? I don't know what you mean, Oliver." He shakes his head in confusion.

Oliver takes a deep breath. "For a woman to get pregnant, she needs to go to the temple and light her candle. Without it she's barren." He points out. "I found that out the other day." He frowns. "My mother didn't light a candle and somehow I was born. Nine years after my closest brother. I also don't look like any of my brother or my parents. So of course my father hates me." He shakes his head. "I don't know the man I want to be. I'm learning it though.

Bastien smiles, "I'm glad that you are trying to figure out who you want to be. It is a difficult thing. Trust me, I understand, but it's important to know that you want to know."

Oliver shakes his head. "Still doesn't line up about how I look. Anse looks like mom and Sebastien, from what I'm told, looks like dad. No I haven't seen Sebastien since I've gotten my vision back but again, what I've been told." He points to himself. "I look … I don't like my face." He shakes his head and sighs quietly. "Eventually I'll figure it out." He turns to Bastien and stares at him. "We could do that buddy thing but … we are very different needs wise."

Bastien shrugs slightly, "I don't know. I have never seen nor met your brothers." He doesn't say that he thinks that he could always have a different father and that is why he was hated by the man that raised him. There is no need to vocalize that thought. He smiles, "We can try… who knows, we might not be compatible, but it will not be because I think that you are unworthy."

Oli sits there quietly and then shakes his head. "Okay." That's all he says to the last part as he moves to the floor and continues to eat his sandwich. He's a slow eater. Little chipmunk bites. Agnes comes back out and puts a pot of tea down with two cups. "Thank you." He pours both cups and sips from his. Man could make a record with how slow he eats.

As Agnes returns, Bastien offers the woman a smile, "Thank you." He looks to Oliver, "I thank you for your hospitality, but I just realized how long I have been here. I am suppose to be meeting with Lady Ortolette. I should not keep her waiting." He smiles, "Can I call upon you again?"
Oli turns and nods his head. "Take your sandwich at least." He points to it. "Yes you can call upon me. It's not like I can hide. I live in a big estate." He speaks softly. "Enjoy your meeting." He waves to him and keeps eating.

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