(1311-05-15) Brothers...
Summary: Bastien stops by to check on Oliver, and the two end up talking about having brothers.
RL Date: 05-15-2019
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**Upper Landing - Basilisque Residence **

It has been a while since last Bastien had seen Oliver. Knowing how dark the other man's state of mind seems to reside, he worried that his "rejection" of Oliver's advances might have thrown him even further into despair. His conversation with Raphael didn't really do anything to curve his concerns, so Bastien has retraced the steps he had taken to Oliver's residence, so that he can check up on the other boy. Being told to wait by a servant, the young Mereliot stays mostly still, as he waits for either Oliver or for a servant to return with orders to send him away.

Henri comes down with Oliver on his back. Oli's foot is wrapped up. Henri bows his head to Bastien and then turns and moves in to the living room. "Follow me." He grumbles at the man. He sets Oli down on the chaise and gestures for the couch attached to the chaise. He sets up Oli's foot to be elevated and then grumbles. "Lord Bastien is right near you. Be gracious and don't be mean." Henri grumbles before ruffling Oli's hair and moving away from the other man. Oliver takes a deep breath. "Welcome. What brings you to my home?"

Bastien reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "I was concerned for your well being. After the last time we spoke… " He pauses and looks at Oliver. "I think of you as a friend, Oliver, and I was worried about you."

He frowns a little and tilts his head. "Henri, I'm cold." He calls over his shoulder. Henri walks in with a large thick blanket and places it over Oli's legs and starts the fire. "Would you like a blanket, Bastien?" He asks idly. Oli though sits quietly a moment. "Why were you concerned?"

Bastien shakes his head, "No thank you.. I'm fine." The young noble fidgets slightly. "I was afraid that with things not going as you had planned for us, that you might find yourself in a deep malaise and might be more like you were when we first met than how well you were doing." Even if his doing well involves him being carved up like a roast goose.

Oliver takes a moment. "Let me … clarify. You think that I broke after you saying no to sex?" He shakes his head. "By companions how little you think of me. If I broke after each time someone said no to sex, I would not be here today." Henri snerks from the fire and he stands up and walks out the door. "I am doing well. Thank you for checking on me."

Bastien sighs slightly, "I apologize if I have offended you, by my.. presumptions." He reaches up and brushes the hair from his eyes. "I was afraid that there might have been a comparison between me and Marco, but I was obviously wrong. It is not that I think little of you, just that I care about you." He pauses as he looks at the blind lord. "Once again, I apologize."

Oliver listens and frowns. "You care about me? How? We barely know each other, Bastien." He speaks softly. "Though I will let you know, I will be heading to the temple by the end of the week and a priestess is going to try to cure my blindness." He leans back and feels the fire on his face. "So I won't be as useless as I am now."

Bastien shrugs, "I am an emotional creature. I generally trust my instincts about people. I would be glad to call you a friend, Oliver. " He looks at the blind man, "That is wonderful news, Oliver. I will pray that it is successful. "

Oliver grumbles quietly and nods his head. "Alright but no more assumptions." He nods. "I am afraid. I've been blind over half my life and I am afraid of how life will change but also I'm afraid it will not work but in fact get worse. I could lose all vision or end up with more severe migraines." He shakes his head. "I'm trusting in Eisheth that she will heal me as she sees fit."

Bastien chuckles softly, "I cannot make that promise, but I will promise to try. I am afraid that will have to be good enough." He nods. "I can only imagine, Oliver. I won't insult you by pretending that I can understand, because I can't, but I can empathize with your fears." He smiles, "As I said, I will pray that it is successful."

Oliver frowns. "Then I will be cross with you if you do make assumptions." He sighs quietly. "Well it will be nice to see again…I think. If not I'll just walk around blindfolded." He wraps himself up a little. "I truly hope that it does work out. I just don't want my mother to find out."

Bastien cants his head, "As long as you forgive me, then I can deal with you being cross with me." He reaches over and places his hand on Oliver's hand. "You don't want your mother to know that you are going to try to be healedor that it is succesful?"

Oliver takes a small breath. "I don't want her to know any of it. That I could be healed, if I do get healed, to be healed." He shakes his head. "If I tell her she will pull me back to Camlach so I can be her baby again. She will also hate my father which she doesn't yet."

Bastien blinks a second, "I can almost understand about not wanting to be pulled back to Camlach. I mean after all, I have no desire to live anywhere else, so I can understand someone else. " The young nobleman cocks his head, "If she doesn't hate your father now, why would she if you were healed?"

His jaw tenses. "She's… needy." He grumbles. "As for hating my father, he said healers had come to try to fix my eyes but apparently, one night while he was drunk he told Henri about how he'd just gotten maids and cooks to pretend to be healers because he didn't want to pay for it." He shakes his head. "He said he hated me. Which is… not surprising but he lied to my mother too."

Bastien is quiet for a moment, then finally speaks. "Sounds like your father deserves to be hated then." He stares at Oliver for a moment. "I'm sorry that your father was such a sorrowful example of a man. "

Oli frowns. "Yet, I still love him." He speaks softly. "Without him I wouldn't be the man I am right now. So I owe him everything." He frowns. "I heard rumors of some men leaving unwanted children in the mountains to die. He didn't do that to me. He might have hated me but at least he never killed me."

Bastien sighs, "Then I apologize for speaking ill of the man. For your sake, I will try to think better of him."

Oliver sighs quietly and shakes his head. "Don't apologize for your opinion. Anse thinks dad is a dick too. Sebastien wanted to kill him. I was the one left alone with both my parents and I thought highly of both of them until I started hearing how they really were so I'm heartbroken and confused and… never mind."

Bastien cocks his head, "I apologize for speaking ill of your kinsmen - the man you just said was responsible for you being who you are." Though on the other hand, if it wasn't for his father, he probably wouldn't be the emotional victim that he is now and thusly a healthier person today. He pauses, "Never mind what? Please speak your mind."

Oliver takes a moment to think about it. "I am angry at him. I could have been healed already. Perhaps I might not see, maybe I will. I haven't told Sebastien yet as I want to surprise him. He thinks my blindness is his fault so… surprise!" He facepalms and sighs quietly. "I just want the people around me to be happy."

Bastien looks at Oliver, "So who is Sebastien, anyway?" He smiles, "That is a very admirable desire, my friend. It is a lofty goal. I am afraid that it is one that might never happen, because that is the way of the world, but perhaps we can be happy at times, and who knows, some of those tims might all align together."

Oli grins a little. "Viscomte Sebastien Basilisque. Flighty, grumpy, asshole and old brother to wee blind Lord Oliver." He chuckles a little at the name. He nods his head. "I have three older brothers and one older sister. Sebastien is the oldest, then my sister, then Stephane, then Father Anse." He nods resolutely. He shakes his head. "If I do whatever I can to make those people happy and they fuck off and get sad, that's on them."

Bastien grins and nods. "Must be nice to have siblings. I did not have any growing up." He frowns slightly, "And I have no idea what my two half-brothers were like, so I may as well have never had any." He chuckles, "Yeah, it's on them."

Oliver grumbles quietly. "Well, here is what it's like having brothers. I was… six or seven I think. Sebastien and Stephane convinced me that there was a monster under my bed that's only weakness was light and that if I blew out the candles and just strolled to bed it would get me. So I started blowing out the candles and running to bed, leaping up as high as I could to avoid getting close to under the bed. One day I did that and I fell. I landed right beside the bed and I looked under and there… in the dark was a monster." He explains. "It had pure white skin and red eyes and I got pulled under the bed. I screamed for help and then I heard 'Never mind!' It was Anse. He'd kept hiding under my bed for weeks waiting for me to fall. The three older brothers made the creepy mask and I was so terrified that even though I knew it was the assholes that did it… I could not sleep with the candles blown out until I was blind. Because it didn't matter. I wasn't scared anymore, I was just angry. I dared the monster to get me." He shakes his head. "Sometimes now I freak out about it…"

Bastien bursts into laughter. Okay, so the end result of it isn't so funny. "I'm sorry… I know you probably don't find it funny… but I think that I would have enjoyed being frightened so… I mean not at the time, but in hindsight." Perhaps not the best choice of phrasing.

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