(1311-05-12) To Heal or Not
Summary: Oliver and Anse come to discuss whether or not there might be a possibility of Oliver seeing again.
RL Date: May 12, 2019
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Infirmary - Eisheth's Temple - Marsilikos

Situated within the beautiful greenery of the gardens of Eisheth, along the coastline not too far from the harbour and in view of the Citadel that guards the entrance to the port of Marsilikos, is the infirmary, a one storey building of white stone and simple architecture that has been enhanced with classical elements, as if inspired by the buildings of ancient Hellene culture. Traces of columns, half-worked into the walls can be found on all sides of the infirmary. An archway frames the sturdy oak door of the entrance, white stone worked with impressive masonry skill into a bas-relief, depicting a female in robes holding a roll of bandages and a vial of sorts to the left and a male healer to the right with a scroll in one hand, while the other is lifted in lecturing gesture, as if he were giving a medical diagnosis.

The hall beyond is agreeably cool during hot summers and kept warm in cold winters, through a large hearth that governs the center of the long wall to the right. It is here in this hall that the majority of patients will be treated immediately, and so there are a number of curtains that divide the space into areas with cots. In times of need, the space can be stacked up to hold two dozen beds. The vicinity of the gardens allows for the soothing tranquility of nature to become part of the process of recovery, chirping of birds, wisps of casual conversation reaching those inside through the line of arched windows that sit higher up at the walls. It also serves a source of lighting during the day, whereas a number of oil lamps at the walls are lighted during evenings and nights.

Close to the entrance, there is a door to the left that leads to the infirmary's office, where records of patients are being kept, along with other book keeping of supplies and the like. Another archway opens from the hall into a hallway, where secluded rooms are provided for harder cases, long-term treatments and those of higher standing and the wish for more privacy. These chambers are plain yet well kept, immaculately clean, with sheets of the more comfortable beds being changed regularly. In each chamber, an arched window offers light during the day, and a pair of two chairs offer seating to healers or the occasional visitor a patient may receive.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring day. The weather is warm and clear.

It's a lovely spring day with clear skies and warmth in the air. The sun is shining, and most people are quite happy in the port city. Within Eisheth's temple, there are a few inside praying, others walking into the gardens, and perhaps a couple out in the infirmary. At the moment, Gwenaelle is overseeing the acolytes that are sweeping the floors, and seeing to the replacement of candles that have been burnt out.

Oliver hasn't gotten a chance to speak with Sebastien yet but his brother seems to be out. His other brother, Anse, knows what's going on. Henri is holding Oli's arm as he guides him into the temple. "Are you sure you want to do this right now?" Henri grumbles at Oli who only nods. Somewhere through the temples they picked up Anse on their way to Eisheth's temple. "Anse… what do I do? Do I … I will let you handle the talk. I'm… you handle it." He nods his head to his brother as he's lead into the temple.

Anse was nearby afterall, the temple of Elua not all that far from the temple of Eisheth. Anse is grabbed and on the way in Anse just offers an open armed shrug to Olivers questions… not that Oliver can see it. "I don't know what to do, thats why we're asking, because none of us know anything. But I can absolute do the talking if you wish." Anse says and then as they enter the temple Anse sees a familiar face "ah, sister Gwenaelle, have you met my brother Owlie?"

As a group enters the temple, Gwenaelle turns to see who it might be and upon seeing the three, she ohs and smiles, heading in their direction. "I do, Brother Anse.." Then to henri and Oliver, she nods, "You are taking care of that foot, hmm? I see it is looking better, the swelling seems to be down, which is good."

Oli nods his head to her voice. "Henri seemed to remember what needed to be done so he's been a great help." Henri smiles brightly and glances to Anse, lifting his brow a little. Oliver is wearing plain clothes with a thick fur cloak and Henri is helping him not step too hard on his food.

"Oh, you've met?" Anse says happily "that makes things easier then in a sense. You know he's essentially blind then, from a childhood accident" Anse says, not sure of how much Gwenaelle knows or not "but it so happens that he has never had anyone look at his eyes. Even after the accident I guess my parents just bandaged him up and left matters to fate. I think Owlie wants to have someone with more knowledge than how to wrap a bandage around someones head look at his eyes." Anse is blunt and straight to the point, thats what you get when you leave things to Anse.

"We did when he came in with his foot." Gwenaelle says, gesturing towards the bandage that his brother wears. As Anse continues, she hmms, slowly shaking her head, but then frowning as more is said, "Wait… what accident? And they didn't bring in a healer?" A hand raised to say 'hold up' and she says, "Let's sit, hmm?" She'll guide them to an area off to the side with chairs that they can sit, a place where consultations or talks might be had with those that come into the temple, "Do you want a drink or anything?" She's more than prepared to have one of the nearby acolytes fetch them something if they wish. "So, start from the beginning then?"?

The blind lord is about to speak when Henri grumbles and starts leading them towards the seats. Oliver sits down and Henri wraps the young lord up in his warm cloak. "I was nine and I went out riding with my brother Sebastien." He bows his head. "My horse… Peanut, got scared and reared back. I fell off the horse and when I sat up quickly to jump back on him, I must have frightened him again and he kicked me…" He turns his head to her, lifting his hair a little to show the small scar over his temple. "I remember Sebastien screaming and then being picked up and taken to my room. I remember ladies coming in and giving me things and wrapping my head. Father said, nothing could be done." Henri clears his throat. "His father in a drunken rant told me that nothing was done. He didn't want to spend ducats on him so just used the kitchen maids to pose as healers." He shakes his head and puts his hand on Oli's shoulder.

Anse follows the group to the seats, pulling his legs up and folding them to sit crosslegged when he takes his. He's quiet during Olivers tale telling, he's heard this all before afterall. "Our father was not a very good man" Anse adds to the end of the tale "and so, this is a new realization, and while its most likely that nothing can be done especially so late, its still something I think we all thought best to ask someone with actual knowledge about."

Gwenaelle listens as they speak of the accident, and what came… or didn't come… afterwards. Henri and Anse can see that the healer is getting a little worked up over that Oliver's father did nothing for him. For a moment, she sits there quietly after nodding her red head once or twice. She's tryng to compose herself so she doesn't yell. Or something. "And how long exactly was this accdient? How long did it take for you to go blind? Is it total or partial or… do you have headaches or.." There is so much to learn and figure out.

Oli frowns a little. "I couldn't see right after the accident which was when I was 9 and I'm now turning 18 so… nine years give or take. I … in darkness I am completely blind but in the sunlight, I can see shapes kind of. Warped and fuzzy but everything is really dark. You know what it's like… if you were to look at a candle at night and cross your eyes and squint." He nods his head. "My eyes hurt and I frequently have bad headaches. Like someone stabbing me right behind my eyes." Henri stays standing and frowns. "There are sometimes he cannot even get out of bed because the pain is too great." Henri offers.

Anse rubs his jaw a little before adding "he's taken opium for the pain as well. I'm not sure if that will affect his eyes." Anse admits for Oliver "not something to advertise, something he's trying to stop, but best to be honest if that will affect things."

Gwenaelle takes in the information, nodding a few times, looking extremely thoughtful. When Anse mentions the opium, she ahs, "Yes, he mentioned something about that when I set his foot. He didn't want milk of the poppy flower to help with the pain." Totally makes sense now. Rising from her chair, and waving the men to keep theirs, she paces a little, "Nine years ago. No treatment. Partial.. headaches.. " Her steps bring her to Oliver, "Let me look, please?" She questions, adding, "May I touch your head and such to exam you a little?"

Anse gets a very angry face thrown at him from his little brother. Then he hears Gwen and he bows his head. "You can do what you need to…just don't step on my foot. My doctor will get mad at you." He grins slowly and lifts his chin, tilting his head back. Henri takes a step back from Oli and walks over to Anse.

Anse seems nonplussed about the look hes given from Oliver "dont give me that look. Shes the expert, and if you want this to be of any use, even the smallest, all information is probably important. Neither of us are trained for these things so she should know the full situation."

<FS3> Gwenaelle rolls Medicine: Success. (8 3 2 3 1 3 2 1 2 1 6 1 5 2 4)

Gwenaelle nods to Anse's comment, "He is right, Oliver. I need to know /everything/ before I can begin to try and figure out if anything can be done for your blindness." With his permission given, she steps closer, her warm hands to touch his shoulder first, then sliding up along his neck. She'll brush fingers through his hair, feeling the shape of his skull, moving to where the scar was left at his temple from where the horse kicked him. Crouching down, she will guide his head this way and that, then peer into his eyes, though she hmms and frowns, "We should move to the infirmary. The light is better there, and I can get a few instruments to help me with my examination.." Rising, she brushes those fingers through his hair, likely putting it to rights, and steps back, "If you all will follow me?" She'll take a moment as they rise, to let a priest know where she's going, so he might take over watching the acolytes at their work.

He keeps the grumpy frown over his face but then she's examining him and he lets her check and look as best as she needs. When she moves to leave back to the infirmary asking for a follow. He is about to get up when Henri walks around the chair and lifts him up. He carries him over to the infirmary and then places Oli down on one of the beds before stepping back.

Anse unfolds his legs and follows the pair into the infirmary, wrinkling his nose a little now that they're out of the temple and in the more medical focused infirmary. He is mostly just here for moral support at the moment so when Oliver is led to a bed, Anse waits nearby, standing by the bed and out of the way for Gwenaelle to work.

"Thank you, Henri." Gwenaelle says to the man who carries Oliver into the infirmary and sets him down on the bed. She herself, will have a follower, though he might have not been immediately noticed. Big guy, subdued Merliot colors who seems to favor Gwen enough to suggest they are kin in some way or another. Pulling up a stool, she takes a seat, turning ot an Acolyte and requesting several instruments, including a candle and the magnifying glass. "So, I wish to look into your eyes, so I will need you to hold them as wide as you can when I ask you to, Oliver. I am thinking it may not be your eyes themselves, but the connection behind to your brain, that was damaged by the blow of hooves. Without proper treatment that could have helped…" Well, she doesn't know what to think just yet.

Oli nods his head and bites his bottom lip. "Can't you just take them out, reattach it, and put them back?" Someone doesn't understand anatomy. Henri starts chuckling before patting Oli on the head and moving beside Anse. The blind lord nods at her ask and will do what she asks him to.

"I dont think you want anyone taking out your eyes" Anse points out, but its not like hes any more of an expert on anatomy than Oliver is. "I dont think they're things that just pop right back in again. If you take them out though, we could get you some nice glass ones as replacements." Anse offers helpfully.

Gwenaelle laughs softly, but shakes her head, "No, it is not so simple as that, not by a long shot." She admits, glancing to the trio of men before the acolyte returns with the things she requested. "Hold the candle, just so.." She speaks to the acolyte, showing the teen where she wishes the light, while taking the magnifying glass in hand, "Alright, Oliver. Hold open your right eye as wide as you can. I may help by pulling your eyelid open a little.." And so, she leans in, the glass in one hand, the other helping hold his upper lid up, "Look straight ahead for me…" One might think she's about to kiss the young lord with how close she gets, but she's peering through the glass into his eye, seeing what lies beyond, within. "No look upwards.." She murmurs, and goes about doing some more examinations. "Hmm.." She does the same for his other eye, and once done, sets aside the glass, and uses both hands to skim through his hair, feeling the shape of his head better, the area where he was kicked, "I believe the damage is not to your eyes themselves, but their connection.. if a healer had been called immediately, something might have been done then, but.." Thanking the acolyte whom takes candle and such away, the priestess sits back, thoughtful for a few moments, not finishing that thought expressed.

Oli does all that he's requested to do. With the odd looking the wrong way. When she finally says might have been done, tear prick his eyes and he nods his head. "It's alright." He grins. "There will be no changes and …" His voice breaks. "It's good we know now." He wipes the tear away that falls. "No harm, no fowl." He grins her a warm smile.

Anse watches Gwenalle work with a bit of aprehensive curiosity, perhaps thinking back to his own time laid out and being poked and prodded years ago and still a bit wary of medical beds. "Maybe we could have another horse kick him in the head, jumble everything back right." Anse suggests, the joke meant to cut through a bit of the tension of the moment but who's to know how well it will actually work. Anse reaches over to ruffle Olivers hair affectionately. "It is always best to know for sure."

Gwenaelle actually does sort of chuckle, as does her nearby cousin, whom she suddenly remembers, "I apologize, this is Nihel, my cousin, and my guard. Whatever he might hear, he will keep just as all of us here within the temple would promise." Healer-patient confidentiality! But as they talk,and Oliver sheds a few tears, she finally speaks slowly, "But…. there may be something we could do." To those that are watching, there's a glance briely given to Nihel who's sort of frowning at her for some reason. Frowning and looking just a /tad/ worried about her.

Anse looks between Gwenaelle and Nihel as they share that look and Nihel frowns. "Something you could do, but, dangerous?" Anse guesses.

Oli wipes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He sniffles a little and wipes his eyes. He doesn't see the frowns but he hears the tone in Anse's voice. "If it's dangerous don't. I'm okay like this. I'm learning and getting much better." Henri frowns and bows his head. Oli slides from the bed to stand up and he grins at the room. "It's alright."

Anse looks to Oliver and then to Gwenaelle "might as well at least hear what the sister is thinking though."

Gwenaelle begins to speak, but then shakes her head, reaching out once Oliver stands to gently guide him to sit back on the bed, "It is not that it is dangerous, only… " And then she decides to explain, her words spoken quietly so that they do not carry far beyond the alcove in which they sit, "I am a Scion of Eisheth. There have been times when I have prayed to her when healing someone, that… that she works through me to heal a person. It is not all the time, but sometimes…" And for a moment, three is a hint of her anger at Oliver's father, "The fact that your father did not get you help.. it makes me angry. but I will be honest with you that I have never tried to heal someone who's injury happened so long ago." That said, sher eaches for Oliver's hands to offer them a squeeze, "I would like to speak to the other priests and priestesses of the temple and even write to our Head priestess. I would like to try, but I need to get some things prepared before I do that." She has not spoken of what it might cost to her, however.

Oli bites his bottom lip as he listens. "What happens to you when you heal someone with the help of Eisheth?" His voice cracks a little. "You say you've done it before…what happened?" His voice serious. He's easily sat back down. Henri looks to Anse and actually looks worried for the healer.

Anse takes a step over and places a hand on Gwenaelle's arm "our father wasn't a good man, but being angry at him isn't going to help anyone. He made his decision those years ago and its up to us to do what we can now." He then looks to Oliver at his question, but then shifts his focus to Nihel when he waits for Gwenaelle's answer, wondering if maybe there is something to read there Gwenaelle wont reveal herself.

Nihel just shakes his head at his cousin, leaning in against the wall there with arms soon to cross, watching the priestess. Likely waiting to see if she will tell the truth on it all or not.

As for Gwenaelle, she glances to Anse when his hand comes to rest on her arm, "I can be angry at him for not giving proper care to his son, but you are right. we will tend to it now as best as we can." With being asked, she turns to Oliver, and while he can't see her, answering him still, "Depending on the injury, it drains my energy for a little while. Sometimes for an afternoon, sometimes for a few days. I tend to sleep a lot."

Oli frowns a little. "Does it hurt you?" He speaks softly. Henri looks over to Nihel for a moment and then back to Anse. "If you sleep a lot, who heals in your stead? Have people died because you healed someone?" Henri asks quietly.

Anse glances from Nihel to Gwenaelle, seeing if that is perhaps the full story "just a little weakness, or is it like falling into a coma?"

Catching hte look that Anse gives to Nihel, Gwenaelle turns to her cousin to give him a look as if to tell him to shut it. A brow is raised by him as questions are asked of her, his silent answer being 'Well, going to answer them??'. Gotta love all that silent conversation that goes on between family members at times, hmm?

Clearing her throat, she answers them all, "It does not hurt me, no. No pain or anything of that nature." That is said in a voice firm, and honest. She's not lying in any way to him upon that. As for the rest, she shrugs, shaking her head, "The others here in the temple take care of those that come in, much the same as they would if I was gone out of town?" It is Anse, however, that she turns to then, "It depends? The worse the injury, the harder it sometimes hits. I sleep like the dead at first for several days, waking a little here and there." She's blushing a little, but then continues, "That is why I wish to speak with the Head of Eisheth's temple. See if someone has tried anything like this before, and how they might have gone about it. See if there is a way to do it without me acting on my own?"

Oliver frowns as he listens. "It might not be pain but it takes a piece of you." He shakes his head. "It's not right. I'm surviving and living now. I refuse to let someone else be harmed trying to fix me." He turns a little on the bed and tries to feel out Anse. His expression is filled with worry. Henri though side eyes the family conversation and he's keeping tabs on Nihel's face while Gwen talks.

Anse folds his arms and tilts his head to study Gwenaelle "before this, what was the worst injury you healed in such a way?" Anse unfolds his arms and steps back towards Oliver when he catches his brother looking for him, grabbing Olivers hand reassuringly. "I'm tempted to give you a knock on the noggin Owlie, and I took an oath not to do any violence, so you know you're really being annoying if thats the case." Anse says this in the joking tone of one brother teasing another "lets at least walk through all the angles. Sister Gwenaelle seems interested in trying this, lets at least figure out what this truly means." Then he looks back to Gwenaelle in regards to his question "how much worse is this than anything else you've tried before?"

Gwenaelle shakes her head as Oliver speaks up, "No, it is Eisheth that heals, through me.. it is her touch.." Nihel seems at least pleased that she spoke up, though it's obvious that he worries for his cousin. Who wouldn't be? Sitting back a little as Anse works to get Oliver calm and settled back, she answers their questions, "Oliver, you aren't dying. That is what I would have to worry about. I tried once.. a babe that was stillborn… " Not a good idea. "But the worse? I have healed those sick with disease. Soldiers who were hurt. Recently, a man who's sword hand was completely crushed and likely would have been removed. He can stil fight, still protect his family and himself if needed." Looking from Henri, to Oliver, then to Anse, she states quietly, "I am here to do Eisheth's work, and through me, She sometimes helps. I am Hers, and have been since I healed a brother of mine after he broke his arm one afternoon when we were all playing together. I was only about six or so then." So she's been acting as Eisheth's conduit for several decades now.

Oli frowns a little and grumbles. "Maybe you'd fix my eyes if you hit hard enough." When it's explained what she's done he frowns. "You've never tried to heal something that's already healed and old." He grips his brothers hand and pulls him closer. "Praise Eisheth." He speaks softly, bowing his head and closing his eyes. "I am worried what may happen."

Anse opens his mouth to say something in response to what Gwenaelle says, but stops himself at the last moment, as if he realized starting an argument right now would be bad timing. He shrugs a little then "if the sister says shes here to do Eisheth's work, then she's here to do Eisheths work. She serves the companions, and if thats how Eisheth works through her then thats how it is. We dont have choice in how the companions decide to use us." Anse probably doesn't win many friends with Nihel with that line of thinking, but, it shouldn't be all that surprising coming from a priest.

Gwenaelle dips her head to Anse as his words, but then turns to Oliver, "I will tell you know that I do not know what might happen, or if it can be done. There is no doubt, some risk for any of us that attempt it. That is why I must do research, speak with others including our Head of the temple." She stresses the risk it could pose. "It may not work at all, with the injury so old, but I can hope if nothing, that it might help with the headaches that you get. It may give you a little more sight than you have.. I truly do not know, Oliver. I am not sure what is wrong exactly." So much hangs on what is known and unknown for medicine at that point in time. "So, while I do research, I want you to seriously think on this. On if you really do wish me try or not, knowing there is a risk." She's a priestess and scion of Eisheth, and thus willing to do whatever she can. "The best outcome, would be you getting your sight back. The worse.. that the injury is old, and in trying to heal, tha tit might take what little sight you do have. Or maybe.. make the headaches worse? " It's all laid out on the line there for him. "It is your choice, Oliver."

The young man worries his bottom lip and turns a little to Anse. He seems worried. He doesn't know what to say so he just bows his head and closes his eyes. Henri though watches her and grumbles. "So heal, nothing, or worse. That's a low percentage of success." He looks over to Anse. "Eisheth will bless you so that it's not worse at least."

"This is more than I expected possible already" Anse admits "but you may lose what little sight you have Owlie, so, like the sister says its your choice to make. No one can make this choice but you, and the choice is just leaving it to the companions to decide."

Leaning in to once more take his hands in hers, Gwenaelle draws Oliver's attention towards her, "Your choice, but I am willing to try whatever I can do, with Eishet's blessing, to help you if that is your wish." Whatever the cost, she's willing to deal with that as well, come what may. "I just do not wish to get your hopes up, thinking that you will be healed, if it doesn't work, okay?"

His face turns to where the sounds are coming from. "If Eisheth heals or removes sight, it is what they decide." He speaks softly. "I am not expecting to be able to see. I will be honest. My world has been very dark lately and I'm getting used to it more and more. I believe Eisheth will do what she feels is good. I expect only that."

Anse nods "its all you can hope for. The companions work in mysterious ways sometimes. maybe they want you blind, as long as you're open to that possibility, and the sister is willing to help, then we can see if its possible."

Gwenaelle nods then to both brothers, reaching out one hand to touch Anse's arm or to take his hand as well, "Then, I will speak to those I need to speak with, and do the research I need to do. I will hopefully give you some notice within the week?" She says, glnacing between the two fo them, then to Henri and finally Nihel who just nods his head. He seems at least relieved that she's going to do some research and not just hopping to the healing!

He bows his head to her. Henri grins a little and moves around. Oli holds both the hands in his rather tightly. The blind man nods his head and grins. "I will have my brother and Henri take me home now. Thank you for your time." He takes a deep breath and then bows his head again.

Anse beams a bright smile at Gwenaelle "I appreciate your willingness to help. You'll have to let me know an appropriate offering to make to Eisheth. And I'll say a prayer to Elua. I'd be curious to hear more about this acting as a conduit some other time as well, if you'd be willing to speak on it, it sounds fascinating." He nods to Oliver and helps sit him up "come on then, and you should make an offering to the temple as well dont forget."

Gwenaelle smiles to both, "You are more than welcome, Oliver." She scoots the stool back so he can rise, and will give Anse a quick hug, "Anytime you wish to speak, Brother Anse." To them all, she wishes them a good day, "I promise to send you word within a few days, Lord Oliver." And as they make their way out, she returns to her work in the temple.

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