(1311-05-04) Understated Beauty
Summary: After the fight, baths are in order for a few.
RL Date: 05-04-1311 (2019)
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Temple Baths

A large circular window of colorful stained-glass depicting Naamah is framed by two crescent shaped ones, sitting further up the wall as to allow for generous lighting during the day, with the shades of the glass used in the center painting the interior of the Temple Baths in colorful hues. The light beige tiles of the stone floor are arranged in a pattern, spaces between filled with darker shade mosaic stones. The changing area is divided into two spaces, hidden away behind semi-opaque drapes. Here, visitors can leave their clothing and move over towards the pools that are filled with the warm waters of a hot well, a faint layer of steam lingering occasionally in the air directly above the waterline. A larger pool of white marble is in the center, between two smaller pools that offer room enough for two or three people each. At the edge of the pools, trays are provided at regular intervals, some holding various flagons of bathing oils while others hold bars of flowery soap and other bath implements.

Acolytes of Naamah, clad in the red flowing robes of the temple stand at the ready, to provide towels or robes when needed and make sure a peaceful atmosphere is maintained within the baths.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring evening. The weather is warm and fair.

Left Pool
Circular Pool of grey marble with room for 3 people.

Say what you will about melee tournies- they are dirty, sweaty businesses. And say what you will about losing twice- it often leaves you with aches and pains. And so it's natural for the young Vicomte de Orange to have sought refuge at the Temple baths after coming to his senses. He soaks in one of the smaller pools, nursing bruised ribs after having already had his sweat and grime washed away.

It is only a little later that Lilyana arrives to the baths. While there are lovely offerings for the baths, she has brought something of her own, a small soap with herbs and flowers within the bar. It takes her little time to undress and fold her belongings before stepping into a pool, rather not paying much attention to any before she sinks into the water. So it is with surprise that she notices the Vicomte and she dips her head apologetically. "Forgive me, my lord. I meant not to interrupt your peace and quiet. Would you like for me to move to another bath?"

Boniface has almost drifted off into a nice snooze (and even nicer way to drown!) so he hadn't noticed Lilyana's approach either until the young woman speaks. His cracks his eyes open and sits up in the water with a little bit of a wince as he looks towards the source of that voice. And to the young man's credit there is only the faintest of coloring to his cheeks. "Oh! No.. no. Nothing to forgive. You can certainly stay!"

"I apologize if I startled you." For her bath, Lilyana has her hair piled loosely on top of her head and wavy tendrils escape and frame her features, the dark color matching her dark eyes. It takes her a moment to recognize him and a smile flutters into her eyes, along with a fair bit of empathy. "I recognize you from the tournament. I trust the damage is not too incapacitating or permanent?" The hint of coloring is noticed, but she pretends not to for the moment. "Thank you for allowing me to stay."

The damage doesn't look -too- bad. His ribs are bruised, marring what would otherwise be rather pristine flesh (no scars or battle wounds!) and his lip is a little swollen. "I don't think I'm hurt too badly," the young man says, offering her a smile, "But.. I think I'll be pretty sore in the morning!"

"Then perhaps a good long soak in the baths is a very good idea. I hope it does remove your soreness for you, at least." With the scented soap in hand, one leg lifts out of the water to rest on her other bended one as she rubs the soap along her limbs, delighting in the scent of the soap. Both are in the left tub and while Lilyana has only just arrived to begin her bathing, it seems Boniface has already done his. "Also, sleeping later in the morning may help?"

"Oh, I always do that. Perhaps a visit to Balm Ho- er.. Coqueliet might help some too," the young vicomte says, catching himself using the Elua mont name. He must be new in town, "I'll tell you one thing, mlle. I don't think I was made for dueling tournaments!"

Looking entirely uncomfortable and out of place is pretty much the go to for the newly arrived Ambassador from Eire. As she enters in, entirely in her birthday suit, she stops and takes a moment to look the place over, noticing the others present. To those that look, besides the red hair and dual colored heterochromic eyes, is a woman whose body is cut like a greek, muscled and toned, but also covered in scars. After a few moments taken to compose herself, she enters in to the baths.

"Hands work wonders on tired muscles as well. Though I admit that to bruises, balms are much better and more soothing." Lilyana continues speaking along the lines they had been, a quiet smile given at his confession. "Or maybe now you are building a resistance to them? Best not to rule them out too early before you really give yourself a chance?" The playful smile gives way to concern as she lifts her eyes to greet the newest arrival. It's more the scars perhaps over anything else, and she makes a soft sound of dismay at the punishment the ladies body must have gone through. A dip of her head is offered either way and she motions towards the bath before continuing to wash herself. "Please to join if my lord is agreeable?"

"I wouldn't mind either hands OR balms," Boniface says, offering the young woman what he considers a charming grin, before he follows the line of her eyes to the newcomer, giving Ciarrah a once over- long enough to check her out and note her scars, but not long enough to make the Eiran woman anymore uncomfortable than she already appears to be, "Oh yes, please, join us."

Ciarrah takes a few more moments and then gives the two of them a light head nod before sliding in to the warm pool slowly. She finds a place to get comfortable and leans back, closing her eyes and slowly dipping her hair in to the water, letting out quite the sigh of comfort. She holds there for a few moments and then straights back up and opens her eyes, giving Boniface and Lilyana both a warm smile and plenty of eye contact. "We, do not have places like this where I come from…at least, not that I've seen. So, my apologies for being a slight bit unnerved to showing my body off."

The courtesan is perhaps more used to such things and she gives an understanding look to Ciarrah. "Then please allow me to welcome you to the city. I am Lilyana nó Glycine." The introduction is spoken in such a way to include the both of them. "Certainly you should do both then and should you need any assistance with the former, then you have but ask, my lord."

Oh, here comes Boniface's attempt to charming. "You shouldn't be! It's a very lovely body!" There is bright honesty in his observation- it doesnt come off as a line. When Lilyana gives her introduction he turns toward her, a little bit of obvious interest in his eyes. "Glycine.. thats.. Bryony canon, is it not? I'm still getting used to the way the Night Court is set up here." And then, almost as an afterthought, he introduces himself, "Boniface de Baphinol."
You sense: Boniface also gives her a subtle once over when she offers to fulfil the 'hands' bit. Her offer certainly didnt go unnoticed.

Ciarrah gives them both a warm, and welcoming smile and to each a slight head nod before replying. "A pleasure to meet you both" pause, break, "Ambassador Ciarrah Fiona nic Ronan of the Eire and Niece to His Majesty the High King of Eire."

"What he says is true, you do have a lovely body, my lady." Lilyana offers softly. Once she has finished washing, her soap is placed aside and she nods in the affirmative. "Bryony, yes. It is a genuine pleasure to meet the both of you. Truly." Sinking further beneath the water, she leans her head back and allows the water to sooth her and the steam to do the same. A soft sigh of contentment from her as she soaks, it looks as if she fully intends to allow the conversation to go on around her for the moment.

"Oh great! Bryony was one of my favorites when we wintered in Elua," the young vicomte says, grinning brightly at Lilyana, "I might definitly have to take you up on that offer, Mlle." Boniface turns his attention to the Eiran now, offering her smile. "Welcome then. What brings you to Marsilikos, Lady Ambassador?"

Ah the joys of only being slightly tan, and from the northern lands of the Eire. When one with her skin tone blushes, it's pretty obvious, and blush to both of their compliments she does. Bright red to boot. "I, uh, thank you" she stammers out in response, still a bit shy considering the situation. To Lilyana she turns first, "You're a Courtesan?" she asks, with a slight head tilt, "I am, curious about that side of your city and culture. I've only been to one of the, houses, so far."
To Boniface, she turns second and smirks lightly, "My Uncle requested of my father that he send me as the Eire had no trained diplomatic attache here. My uncle saw a need, and requested my father fill that need. So, here I am."

The water was soothing and Lilyana rather enjoyed the baths. Sleepy-eyed she lifts her head, "Mmm, It would be welcome, my lord." Interested also in the response of the Ambassador, she looks her way, "I am a Courtesan. My marque is complete." She does listen to the reasoning for her arrival. "It seems a large duty to solely represent ones homeland. It is good on you they take such faith in you."

"Ah, interesting! Good luck with your mission, Lady Ambassador," Boniface says, offering her a friendly smile, "I would offer to show you around- but I don't know this city very well myself. I've only been a time or two when I was much younger.. mostly staying on my family's lands. When I did travel, it was usually to Elua."

"Ah, I would like to ask you more as I am not, familiar, with, intmacy…" she adds before switching the focus of the convo, "It, is, no small thing to ask of a young person. I do it though, gladly, because my King asked of me and I will not turn him down." She slowly sinks in to the warm water again, and closes her eyes. "Ah, I would take the offer gladly as I don't know the city that much myself either, nor do I know of Elua."

"It is easy to learn the different districts of the city. The palace and temple, I am sure you already know. I think more fun than a guide or an organized tour, is to explore it on ones own. For only then do you see it through your eyes and not the jaded eyes of another who no longer takes the time to notice the small intricacies or the understated beauty they now overlook due to becoming immune." Lilyana smiles gently. "One must always take the time to see and hear everything. Notice small things. It is worth the extra moments you would take to do so." Her eyes close again but she wears a smile now. "I would be happy to answer anything you would like, my lady."

Oh, now Boniface is interested- well, he was interested before, if the way he kept sneaking peeks at the two ladies sharing the bath with him were any indication, but now he's all in. "I've been mostly exploring myself too, though I haven't had too much time between arrival and getting the snot beat out of me!" he teases, before his attention focus on Ciarrah, clearly intrigued. "If it would please you, lady ambassador-" A glance given toward Lilyana,"- or both of you, I will happily pay Mlle. Lilyana's patron fee for you. A welcome to Eisande gift, perhaps."

"I have done a great deal of exploring by myself already, and haven't gotten full lost yet thankfully. I intend to do more, but seeing the city through the eyes of another who has lived her, as well as mine own, helps meld a new perspective from both in my opinion." Pause, breath, "Oh, I, am not sure I'd even know what to.." and there's Boniface, "Patron fee?" she head tilts and gives him a very confused look.

This time it is the Courtesans turn to blush and Lilyana does that, though her own skin is more olive toned and shows less. Her lashes sweep down though, "Perhaps that is too much too soon for the lady, my lord?" Not wanting to question his offer of a gift, but only trying to allow them both to save face a little. They are all three in the baths, seated together, the steam gathers above the warmth of the water and they all look as if they have been bathing for a short while, if the wrinkles on Lilyana's fingers when she lifts them is any indication. She tucks some tendrils of hair back into the pile on top of her head to try and tame them.

Boniface archs an eyebrow at Lilyana, giving a little shrug of his shoulders. "Perhaps, but I still offer it, and she can decide. If she doesn't want it, I won't take offense or anything," the young viscomte says, before flashing a smile in the courtesan's direction, "And instead I'll just pay it for myself." He then turns his attention back toward Ciarrah. "I am offering to buy Mlle. Lilyana's services for you, my lady."

Ciarrah just, stares at Boniface, "I, don't understand…" she replies rather plainly. "Her…services?" she asks, yeah, this one has no clue. "What do you mean by services?"

Arterre is only newly arrived in the temple baths, as of yet not disrobed. He seems in a way to be looking for someone in particular, eyes flitting about the place in search of who-knows-what. His attention is drawn towards the bathing trio—all of them benefitting from uncommon d'angeline beauty, it would be hard not to notice them. The peculiar eye coloration of Ciarrah draws his attention most directly, however; he looks at her for several moments. "…I don't suppose there was another woman in here, a few minutes ago…?"

He then clears his throat, considering Ciarrah in a new light, running fingers back through his golden hair. "The woman is foreign," he surmises almost immediately, "And unfamiliar with courtesanship?"

Currently he is dressed in clothes both finely made and straightforwardly cut—a doublet, trouser and coat ensemble done up in various shades of gold and blue. Knee-high leather boots look fit for riding or hunting or some other sort of outdoorsmanship, and a sheathed sabre hints at at least some pretentious towards martial prowess. Of note is a chunky silver ring set with a single sapphire, some sort of lord's adornment.

For lack of something better to do Lilyana reaches for her scented soap and uses it on her arms and hands, over her chest as she listens to Boniface. Her expression is slightly bemused with the response from Ciarrah. Grateful for the interruption of the newest arrival, Lily dips her head and opts to respond to him instead of anything else. "I have seen none other than those here, my lord, though I admit to being here after my lord Boniface had arrived. I wish I could be of more assistance."

Boniface's gaze turns toward Arterre and he offers the man a smile and a little shrug of his shoulders. "You are right, my lord," he says to the other man's observation before adding, "I haven't seen anyone- but I was sort of half napping, so perhaps this mystery woman came and went while my eyes were closed." He shifts a little, leaning in toward Ciarrah- close enough that he can whispers, but not so close as to invade the woman's personal space.

"First time?" she blurts out, before blurting out yet again, "I've never bed down with anyone…" she adds in response to Boniface's whispering…

Arterre takes in a breath, eyeing the redhead. "You'll find that's an extraordinarily rare thing in this country, all the more so for one as exotic as yourself. I suspect you'll have more suitors than you know what to do with in short order." He looks a little self-conscious, hanging out there by the side of the bath, looking back at Lilyana. "I suppose it was worth a try. My thanks regardless."

Lilyana makes no pretense of being unaware of what the nobleman is whispering to the lady though she does afford them their privacy as she begins gathering her soap after rinsing off. "I am as squeaky clean as I am going to get and wrinkled from the waters already. It was lovely meeting you both," she dips her head to both, a smile toying with the corner of her lips. Lifting her head she regards the long haired nobleman. "She is a very lucky lady to have one such as you searching for her." There's a teasing light in her eyes and she gets to her feet to make her way over to her clothing, her completed marquee on display on her back as she does. Dressing in her robes takes little time, wrapping it around her, she dips her head and offers a curtsy to the three. "Truly, it was lovely meeting you all."

Boniface doesn't even try to hide the look of disappointment when Lilyana moves to take her leave- though he still offers a bright smile and a wave, admiring the marque on her back. "Till next time then," he says, giving Arterre another nod before he look back at Ciarrah, unable to control his laughter at her outburst, "Well, yes. I figured that."

"I, wasn't going to say no to the gift offer…" she says looking at Lilyana. "If I offended you, I apologize…" she adds. Then there's Boni laughing at here, and she just hangs her head and sighs in embarresment.

Arterre smiles towards Lilyana. "You do me entirely too much credit," he assures the woman, nonetheless only too happy to take the compliment. "Meanwhile," he says, glancing at Boniface and the islander, "I should probably be off. Person to find, and persons…who probably want their privacy."

With graceful movements, Lily walks back over and kneels down beside the baths, gently trailing her fingers over the shoulder of the lady. "I am almost certain the young lord knows how to contact me. I only thought the baths were not the place for such things, assuming anyone would want privacy. Whatever you wish, my lady, though I should at least go home for now. There is no reason to be embarrassed, I assure you." Lilyana glances over to Boniface with a smile before rising again. Arterre is turned to with a tilt of her head, "Surely not, for I never offer empty compliments." The smile lifts again into a playful one. "I wish you the best on finding your person." Then back to the other two. "And you both know where to find me should your ultimate decision include me. However, perhaps you both should take a look at one another also." With a wink towards them, she turns and finds her way out of the baths.

"Naturally I didn't mean -here-," Boniface says with a laugh, "I will certainly look for you later, Mlle. Lilyana." To Arterre he offers, "Who is this lady you seek? If I see her, I can tell her you are looking for her?" And finally, he offers Ciarrah a smile when she drops her head, "I'm sorry if I've made you uncomfortable."

For now, Ciarrah just, sinks in to the water before coming back up to go about washing her unclean self. She raises a hand to wave bye to Lily and Arterre and just, shoots a nod at Boniface.

Its gets quieter- and soon it's just the two of them.. and of course the temple acylotes. "I really am sorry," Boniface offers, his tone genuine, "My offer still stands though. If it would please you."

"I don't know if it would or it wouldn't" she responds rather plainly. "As I said, I've never been with another person before, in any intimate way, at all, ever.." pause, break, "So, you're offering to pay for the services of a Cortesan for me." She pauses here, and is just entirely flustered. "I'm, I just don't even know what I would do…"

Ciarrah and Boniface are soaking in one of the tubs- Boniface seems to be in a fairly good mood and Ciarrah seems.. wel.. flustered. "That's exactly why I offered. She'd show you what to do, how to do it."

Oh! And it's worth noting- Boniface is quite brusied still- the days earlier activities having left their mark on his body.

From one of the ante-rooms walks a dark-haired girl of medium height. If the pinkness with which her skin glows is a measure of anything, she's already been soaped and scrubbed away from the main chamber of the temple baths. Heavy hair is pulled and settled upon the crown of her head, held there with pins and combs, and she wears a plain robe pulled loosely about her shoulders as she pads across the marbled floor and towards one of the smaller, unoccupied pools. She does scan faces as she passes, greeting a few of those she passes with genial good humour, and a smile touches to her face as she notes the presence of Boniface there. "Lord Boniface. How lovely to see you again." Naturally her attention shifts towards Ciarrah, a face as yet unknown to her, and she's afforded a dip of her head. It'd be noted that she's not alone, for a grave-faced man in grey accompanies her, though keeps a modicum of distance since he won't be climbing into the baths with her.

Ciarrah exhales, and just continues to go about washing. "Yes, well, not sure I'm ready for any of it. I, dont even remember the last time I pressed my lips against another persons. Nor, have I ever been nude in a space where strangers were present. So, to just jump to love making, when I've never done that either…" and another exhale. She notices the new entry, and gives a return head dip. "Regardless, I'm an Ambassador. I've not the time to shirk my duties for jumping in the beds of people I do not know. Besides, who would want this?" and she stands up to motion to her scar covered body, which for the new comer, is at least a good dozen or two scars in various places. Signs that this young woman has been in a lot of fights. In the buff though, she does cut quite the /fitness model/ look. Toned, and muscled, but still quite curvy where it most matters.

Boniface raises his hands, palms pointed up as he shrugs his shoulders. "You are not ready, you are not ready. Take things at your own pace- but when you decide you are.. I highly recommend you visit the Night Court. But don't disparge yourself. You are lovely." Anything else the young man might add is swept away when Desarae greets him. He turns quickly, causing him to wince and press a hand to his bruised ribs. "Lady Desarae! It -is- nice to see you, again so soon. I fear, unlike you, I didn't even manage to stay in the saddle!" He grins, before gesutring a hand toward the Eiran woman, "May I introduce you to Lady Ciarrah, who joins us all the way from Eire." And than the reverse introduction, "Lady Ciarrah, this is Lady Desarae Mer

Boniface raises his hands, palms pointed up as he shrugs his shoulders. "You are not ready, you are not ready. Take things at your own pace- but when you decide you are.. I highly recommend you visit the Night Court. But don't disparge yourself. You are lovely." Anything else the young man might add is swept away when Desarae greets him. He turns quickly, causing him to wince and press a hand to his bruised ribs. "Lady Desarae! It -is- nice to see you, again so soon. I fear, unlike you, I didn't even manage to stay in the saddle!" He grins, before gesutring a hand toward the Eiran woman, "May I introduce you to Lady Ciarrah, who joins us all the way from Eire." And than the reverse introduction, "Lady Ciarrah, this is Lady Desarae Mereliot."

"Ambassador." A tilt of Desarae's head. "It is a pleasure to meet you, and I hope that you're being made to feel welcome in our city. And yes," a turn of her eyes towards Boniface. "I did see your progress in the dueling event. You did well not to fall off sooner than you did. You have bruises, I imagine?" She lowers herself to a sit on the side of the pool in which Boniface and Ciarrah are soaking, the edges of her robe parting enough that she's able to easily drop her legs into the water. Desarae herself is of the purest d'Angeline heritage, and the blood of the angels sings in her veins, and having heard some of the conversation that had preceded her arrival, clear green eyes return to Ciarrah to explore those details further. "But surely," she asks of the woman, "you are not bound all the hours of the day and the night to your duty? At least, not so fully that it would be considered neglecting it were you to explore the culture of Terre d'Ange?"

"No, I am not ready to crawl in to bed and be intimate with another human being for the first time in my life" Ciarrah replies rather planily to Boniface. "Why is my being a virgin woman such a rare thing? The one man that was here earlier made a statement on it." To Desarae, she turns and bows, "My Lady, pleasure to meet you as well" and she seem sto have entirely forgotten her previous discomfort with being in the nude in the public bath from earlier. The conversation taking more of her focus at the moment as she slides back in to the water. "Cirrah Finoa Nic Ronan" she adds, "Ambassador from Eire, though I would prefer just being addressed As Cirrah." Pause, beat, "I…" another pause, with nothing else following as it seems that the lady Desarae has caught Ciarrah in something we like to call, /A good point./

It is early evening perhaps? Sometime after the end of the day's tournament, and Boniface is soaking his injuries in the Temple Baths. The young man has bruised ribs and a somewhat swollen lip, but he seems to be in high spirits- clearly amused by the conversations by his bathmates- Ciarrah is actually in the water, while Desarae is perched on the edge, her feet soaking. "Its rare here, Ciarrah, because the act is seen as a holy sacrament by many.. and as I told you, it is tradition for young noblemen and women to have their first experiences soon after turning 16." Oh, if only his mother could hear him now! That won't be awkward at all.

<FS3> Delphine rolls Perception: Failure. (6 5 6 3 6 6 2 5)
Delphine spends 1 luck points on Reroll Perception, please.
<FS3> Delphine rolls Perception: Success. (6 8 3 4 6 4 4 2)

The later the hour the more interesting the people in the baths of Naamah. This may have been what has tempted Delphine for a late visit to these halls. She enters from the main chamber of the temple, a dark-haired d'Angeline lady in her very very late thirties. Her attire makes her as a woman of noble birth and standing, even perhaps a bit on the wealthier side. Dark red is the color of her gown, and she gets rid of it over in the changing area. "Is that you, Boniface?", purrs the lady, as some words are caught that are spoken in one of the pools. While the exact contents of the remark has escaped her, the voice of her beloved eldest can hardly be mistaken. An attendant assists adequately in the act of disrobing, and it will the confident nonchalance of a d'Angeline woman, that Delphine then comes over to the pools, the towel in hand not at all used to wrap about her frame in some attempt at modesty, instead it is carried over her arm. Naamah's blood flows in her veins, and Delphine is aware of it. "Ah! There you are. My ladies? I hope you don't mind if I join you in your pool, the other ones look so terribly lonesome and abandoned…" Said as she already slips into the water. The towel, of course, remains where she deposited, close to the edge of the pool that she can gather it afterwards when needed.

The smile on Desarae's face brightens at Delphine's arrival, and she gives a little swish of her feet through the water. "Good evening, Lady Delphine. It is good to see you again. Did you see your lord son's performance in the sword dueling earlier? I think with a little more practice, he will be excellent at it." She pauses as Delphine settles herself in, and returns her attention to the foreigner amongst them. "As Lord Boniface says, it is uncommon for us, yes. But it is part of our culture, and one that you may or may not wish to explore. We understand that other countries view it very differently, and even consider it wrong and immoral…" Her words tail away, fingers curling about the lip of the pool where she's perched so prettily. "It will be up to you, of course, to decide how deeply you wish to explore our culture. We are currently in the midst of celebrating the Days of the Companions, and Naamah's is in another day or so. If time permits you, perhaps you may wish to attend that. To watch, and to observe, if not to take part."

In this world, timing can be everything- and whatever moves young Boniface may or may not have been trying to pull with the Eiran ambassador come to an abrut end with her swift and sudden departure just when his mother arrives. Still, it's funny how quickly the young man returns to his edge of the pool- just the faintest bit of color on his cheeks. "Hey, mother," he greets- flushing even further when Desarae mentions his swordsmanship. "OH yeah, I was amazing. You should have seen me miss every swing and get knocked unconsious in one strike!"

"Dueling?" Delphine straightens in alarm, despite the soothing warmth of the water that she is now immersed in. The look she gives Boniface looks concerned — for his health perhaps, and not only the physical health. "You are not meaning to tell me that you went to that ghastly competition, where people strike at each other, until one of them falls, battered and bruised…? Oh Camael." Her dark eyes widen as she beholds the bruises that are visible above the waterline. "Look what you did to your beautiful face. I can't imagine anyone would kiss your lips if they look like that." She moves closer in the water, reaching out to check on the swollen lip, with all the protective concern of a mother. "You should have gone to the Night Court instead, Bon-Bon.", she chides in gentle reproach. And then she tsks, when Boniface admits his folly with a single hint of regret.

<FS3> Desarae rolls Composure: Good Success. (7 7 2 1 1 4 6 8 4 3)

Desarae's eyes narrow, and she has to work hard not to laugh when Delphine gently chides her son. It's fortunate that she's such a good command of her emotions, for there'd be many a soul that might crack at when she refers to the new vicomte as 'Bon-Bon'. From her lofted position on the edge of the pool, she stares hard at Boniface, willing him to meet her eyes with his. One brow lofts to her hairline and a smirk curls her lips in amusement, before a roll of her shoulders is given that sends her robe sliding to pool at her waist. It might be her own fading bruises that had kept her covered until the moment she'd decided to enter the water, carefully placed and symetrical ones upon her upper arms and hips. The water rises to cover them as she secures herself a seat on the ledge. "He will heal," she says quietly, once she's certain not to laugh. "And he appeared to enjoy himself."

Oh yeah, that's a swollen lip alright- but from the looks of things the swelling is already starting to subside- 'Bon-Bon' has always healed fast and clean and this certainly isn't the worst he's done to his face doing something foolish. He bears his mother's inspection with good humor, rolling his eyes -only- a little bit. "Oh, of course I went to the Night Court too, mother," he says, "There was time for both." And being a young man with a young man's thoughts, he can't help but watch Desarae just a little bit when she disrobes and slips into the pool- not even his mother's presence really gets in the way of that. "It was a little fun- and I definietly could use the practice.. but I really -am- sore that I missed the horse races. If'd I'd know I would have come to town sooner."

Delphine certainly can take a bit of eye-rolling, if she would notice, that is. His confession about the Night Court she receives with a pleased smile. "Good! There is nothing worse than your brains getting fried in juices of unfulfillment, Bon-Bon." She withdraws to her side of the pool, with her eyes glittering. "I'm pleased you had time for both, but were it for me, the courtesans should have better worn you out properly, so no strength nor folly would have been left in you. To get beaten up on a tourneyfield, tsk." A nod is offered to Desarae, her own gaze flashing with appreciation as she does look as well, when the young lady slips into the pool. "Did you know, that Lady Desarae here was to debut at Rose Sauvage, about a year ago? But then…", Delphine sighs softly, "fate decided otherwise?"

Desarae's eyes lid at Delphine's mention of her abandoned debut. "And it feels as if a lifetime has passed since then." The words are softly spoken, and any trace of her amusement over Delphine's mothering of Boniface, melts away. Her lips press together, all colour leached from them, and her nose flares with the drawing in of a breath. "I will be returning to Beziérs next week to oversee the arrangements for the Festival of Lights. If you've never attended the festival before, you'd both be welcome of course. It is, however, a voyage of more than a day to get there, and since you've only just arrived in the city, my lord, further travel might not be for you." A frown finds its way to her brow, but she leaves her words there, not bothering to add any further.

Boniface is not well versed in the tragedy that changed Desarae's path and it takes a moment for him to read the room. "Was she? That was in fact the Salon I visited," he says, "But I didn't actually partake- I spoke to a novice for a bit and then it was on to other things.." And it's right about there that he feels the energy change and his natural exuberance fades to a quiet contentment. "I've not been and I would be interested," he tells the Mereliot girl, offering her a gentle smile.

<FS3> Delphine rolls Empathy: Good Success. (7 3 2 1 4 8 7 3)

Delphine can be subtle, but only on rare occasions. She gives Desarae an almost apologetic look for bringing the matter up, and at least does not press any further on the topic. That's as considerate as she will get today. To Boniface, she shakes her head, eyes rolling just so. "That explains it. You only talked. Maybe you should have requested an adept to attend to you properly, then you wouldn't like a whole trail of horses ran over your face. Well…" She shrugs. "You'll recover." Settling that topic right then and there, the dowager vicomtesse turns her look towards Desarae, and a bright smile warms her features. "We would be interested. It might be a good idea to attend the Feast of Lights together in Béziers. You are very kind to issue the invitation," Delphine remarks gently.

"Then I look forward to seeing you there," Desarae notes to Delphine, the tension that had begun to show on her face, receding somewhat. "Well, both of you, of course. I have always thought that it is quite the magical spectacle when seeing it for the first time." One of the temple acolytes approaches with a tray of wines; both white and red, and Desarae gestures for one of the latter. "Perhaps, my lord," she says, addressing herself once more to Boniface, "you might have served your injuries better had you visited Le Coquelicot rather than Rose Sauvage?"

"I did consider it, my lady- after the fact, but I paid my visit -before- the games. I chose to come here instead after," Boniface responds, rolling his shoulders in a little bit of a shrug. His mother gets a glance, "There was a but a novice available at the time. Not much else I could do but talk, right?"

"I suppose so," Delphine drawls towards Boniface with another soft sigh. "Well. It isn't too late to seek out Le Coquelicot. But I suppose, you hurt too much right now, to be attended to in that manner." Leaning back against the edge of the pool, the lady decides to close her eyes for a moment, allowing the warm waters of the baths to work their magic on her.

Desarae flashes Boniface a smile, then slowly rises to her feet. "I feel that that is enough soaking for me for one night, I only last so long before my skin wrinkles and dries." Not that she looks in the least bit wrinkled or dry as she levers herself onto the edge of the pool and swings her legs out. She gathers up her robe, though doesn't wrap herself in it, slinging it instead within the curve of one arm. "Lady Delphine. Lord Boniface." A dip of her head to them both, before she turns to make her way to the dressing alcoves.

Once again, Boniface cant help but look when Desarae makes her exit, his face flushing -just- a little bit, due in equal parts to the young woman and his mother's comments. "I don't suppose I hurt -that- bad, but I think sleep will be a better balm," he points out, stiffling a yawn, "Until next time, Lady Desarae."

<FS3> Delphine rolls Politics+Presence: Good Success. (8 1 4 7 1 5 2 5 4 7 2)

"A good eve to you, Lady Desarae," Delphine offers to the young Mereliot lady that takes her leave. "Isn't she lovely?", asked in almost the same breath of her son, nevermind that Desarae may be able to overhear the comment. "Perhaps, she could be someone you can while away your time with."

Boniface narrows his eyes just a little bit as he eyes his mother, leaning back against the edge of the pool. "Yes, she's quite lovely," he agrees, "And perhaps she could be- you'd hear no complaints from me."

"Lady Desarae will become Marquise de Chavaise one day. It can't hurt to be on good terms with her," his mother tells him with a faintly wicked glint in her eyes. "And…" She takes her glass of wine and has a sip. "In regards to the horse race, I fear I owe you an apology. Had I known that your tutors would let you go to Marsilikos for a longer term… Well…" Her shoulders lift in a light shrug. "Truth be told, I've been a bit distracted lately, and have paid little mind to social occasions."

"She mentioned that on our first meeting," Boniface says, growing a little quieter now, rolling his shoulders in a shrug of his own, "What's on your mind? Hopefully not something as boring a tax funded improvement projects."

"Oh… Quite the contrary.", Delphine replies with a soft guttural chuckle, as she closes her eyes again. "I mean… that tax funded improvements are important! And I am certain, that Jehan-Pascal will not hesitate to pull you into that project. But… I have little responsibilities left now, so your mother likes to indulge in her freedom a little. I did move out of the d'Orange suite though. I hope you find the chambers to your liking? I took another vacant suite, so I will be next door to you. Well. Most often."

"Oh, he's mentioned it a time or two hundred already," Boniface rolls his eyes at that, shaking his head some, "I'm sure it's important but it's dreadfully boring." When she mentions his rooms, he shrugs, "They're fine, they're fine." He doesn't press her on what she's indulging in though. Somethings, one doesn't need to know.

And perhaps, he doesn't wish to know. There can be things that are disturbing to know, about one's own mother. Delphine smiles, opening one eye. "His name is Arterre, and he is delicious.", she makes a confession unasked for. "Oh Naamah. I think you and he are of about the same age."

For now Boniface will remain clueless that the women that random dude from earlier was looking for was his mother. "Oh, that's very nice," he comments, very non-chalent clearly uncomfortable with the subject- he's never been very good at hiding how he feels about something.

"Very nice. Yes. He's Eisandine, but he has Naamah's blood, from his mother's side, I think. And it is strong, so wonderfully strong and tenacious, and… Ah. Forgive me." Her lips quirk into a smile, catching herself before she can give any details, Boniface would be even more uncomfortable with to hear. "Well. Perhaps you should meet. Some time. You know. Young noble lads, in similar positions." She ponders this, eyes glinting faintly. Time for another sip of wine.

Boniface, alas, is not a scion of Naamah, instead having gifts from his father's side. Still, he archs an eyebrow at that. "I'm not going to call him dad," he points out, trying to keep a straight face. He only manages it for a minute before he bursts out laughing, "Glad you found somewhat to while away your time, mother."

"Indeed." Delphine cannot hide a smile at Boniface's mirthful counter. "He's… not to replace your father, mind you. Just. A woman of my calibre needs to stay entertained. And you should find yourself some diversions as well, if you wish to stay sane in the game of politics."

"Well, perhaps I'll seek out -his- mother then," the boy suggests, before shaking his head, "I'm all about diversions. We'll see what this city has to offer. I mean, it's not -Elua- but it seems nice. So far."

"That would be only fair, if you ask me. I do not know her… that well. But who knows, perhaps she would find some youthful attention inspiring.", Delphine quips back with a wicked smile. "Ah… Marsilikos. It has its merits. I do intend to stay here, at least for the next years.", she adds then softly, eyes fluttering close again as she savours another sip of wine. "So delightful and refreshing it is here. As if Eisheth wished for us to stay young, forever."

"Yes, well.. speaking of staying young forever, if I stay in this bath much longer, I'll be as wrinkled as you are," the young man says, clearly teasing his mother before unabashedly climbing out of the water and hunting for his towel, "And I should probably get some rest. From what I understand, Naamah's Day is soon and no doubt, it'll be -exhausting-."

"Aww!" Delphine's fingers find the towel and she tosses it Boniface's way. "That was evil, Bon-Bon!" But she doesn't contradict his assessment of the impending Day of Naamah, nodding her head sagely instead.

<FS3> Delphine rolls Ranged+Reaction: Good Success. (8 1 8)

The towel hits its mark — Boniface's face, unless he elects to dodge it.

<FS3> Boniface rolls Perception+Reaction: Good Success. (7 8 5 5 3 5 1 8)

No- he elects to catch it. And while he's not great with a sword (yet!) the boy's reflexes are fast- he snatches the towel out of the air, before wrapping it around his waist so gracefully, it seems like it was all done in one movement. "Thank you for the towel. I'm sure I'll see you on the morrow."

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