(1311-04-27) I am Here
Summary: Bastien spends the night with Emory after his personal debut. (Warning: nudity and suggestive, sensual content)
RL Date: 04-29-2019
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Emory's Chambers - Le Lis d'Or

This semi-circular room overlooks the grounds of the House with its immaculately kept flora. Long navy curtains tied back with gold tassels may be drawn back to appreciate the view or loosened to ensconce the room in darkness. The floors are a warm wood polished to a softness that one might walk upon barefoot and then covered over with large thick rugs that have been intricately woven into patterns of constellations, a reflection of the view of the night sky from the windows at certain times of the year. Sconces along the walls provide light to the room, a marble fireplace provides warmth during the colder times of the year, and thickly upholstered furniture in the same rich mahogany and deep blue fabric as the rest of the house creates a sitting space around it.

The bed is a large four poster mahogany creation covered in bedding of dark blue and gold. At the foot, a beautifully carved mahogany trunk sits upon an iron stand. Two large armoires stand to either side of a low table which holds a sculpture of Naamah upon her throne. A doorway leads off into a small private study off of the main room where one can make out a writing desk as well as several shelves of books and a window seat that looks out over the grounds on the occasion that the door has been left open. The entire room has the clean fresh smell, largely due to the windows being opened regularly regardless of the time of year to let in the night air.

When looking out of the windows, you see: It is a spring day. The weather is cool and raining.

With congratulations given to the other performers and farewells said for the time being, Emory lingers off to one side at the opera house, arms folded as he leans casually against the wall, just watching Bastien from where he stands. It's only once the young Lord is ready to go that he moves to meet him, falling in next to him. "And where shall we go now?" he inquires as they make their way toward the exit. "If you wished to join the other celebrating performers, I wouldn't begrudge you. It is your night, after all."

Bastien is practically glowing with energy, as adrenalin courses through his veins. The young man looks over at Emory, "I believe it is more of a matter of where you want to go. After all, I believe that is generally how it goes, right?" He smiles, "Yeah I know it is my night, but I think I have already said where I want to go tonight."

"I suppose, that would be how things would go, were things as they might have been, so I suppose that we may as well follow tradition on that count," Emory says as he offers his arm to Bastien and then begins to lead the way out of the Opera House and back toward Lis d'Or, in no particular hurry, instead just enjoying the evening air, the excitement and glow in Bastien, and the evening to come. "I believe that I was promised a song, as well. I'm looking forward to it."

Bastien walks happily with his arm wrapped around Emory's. He chuckles, "Well, for tonight, things were as they might have been." As they walk through the city, Bastien talks about this and that, with all of the grace of a young courtesan. He smiles impishly, "I do believe there being a conversation about a song, yes." He looks over at Emory, "Well, if you are looking forward to it, then how shall I ever refuse."

"Well, you could refuse, but then my heart would be broken," Emory says with an amused smile on his lips that says he very much doubts that Bastien will be breaking his heart. He seems content to chat as they go, commenting on the performers for the evening, how Bastien felt being on stage, and of course compliments for Bastien's singing as well. Eventually, though, they reach the House, and Emory leads him up to his rooms. Inside, there is already some chilled wine, fruit, cheese, and a few sweets. Emory pours them each a glass of wine, and offers one to Bastien.

Bastien smiles, "I suppose I could alsys say no, but that is not really how things would be," He closes his eyes for a few moments, until they stesp onto the stones. "Um.. do you wish lute music played as well?"

"Will it enhance the beauty of the song? If so, then certainly. If not, then I've no preference. All that truly matters to me is your voice," Emory says as he lifts his glass of wine and takes a sip from it, leaving Bastien's on the small table for him to take up when he closes his eyes, so that it doesn't get spilled.

Bastien smiles, "Then I shall just sing for you. It is afoff. Afterall, the voice is a the first instrument that any muscian learns." As he gets to Emory's room, there is a small amount of tension in his shoulders, as he chews on his loer lip.

Emory tilts his head as he studies Bastien, seeing that tension in him, and asks, "Is everything okay?" He settles himself on the arm of a chair, glass in hand, his head canted just a little to the side as he watches the other man's teeth worrying at his lip. "You can speak your mind, you know, if there's something on it."

Bastien takes a sip of the chilled wine. He shrugs, "Nothing really. It's stupid…" He looks down, as he chews on his lower lip once again. I'm just nervous. You know about not really being any good. You know?" He shakes his head, "first let us relax." He does not sit though. He turns away from Emory and starts singing a beatiful love song. He has no cause to be nervous while singing.

"You have nothing to be nervous about here," Emory says with a small shake of his head. "You have a lovely voice, and even if you didn't.. that you've chosen something to sing for me honors me. But you do, and so you've nothing to fear." He falls quiet though when Bastien turns away from him and begins to sing. A smile touches his lips when even the first notes fill the air. He'd had no doubt that Bastien's voice was beautiful, but the song gives undeniable proof.

There is a quality to Bastien's voice that cause Emory to fill the guiddiness of someone falling in love for the first time, just as the song talks about. Once he begins singing, Bastien loses any sense og nervousness. While he is singing he becomes more and more confident, he has all the confiden of a professional musician. It is almost beautiful to witnew

It is beautiful to witness, enough so that Emory forgets the wine that he was drinking, the class simply cupped in one hand as the entirety of his focus is on Bastien's voice, watching him, and listening to the song that he sings. There's a certain softness to his otherwise sharp features, and dark eyes, in the curve of his lips as he lets the song wash around him and fill up the room.

Once the song finishes, Bastien opens his smokey grey eyes and looks at Emory. He walks languidly towards the older man and lightly brushes his fingertips across the man's cheek, "So, Emory, was your private song sufficient?" He chews on his lower lip, though this time not out of worry.

Emory tilts his head just slightly in to the touch of those fingers, and that smile on his lips ticks upward a bit at the edges. Reaching out, he lightly brushes his thumb along Bastien's jaw and murmurs, "It was beautiful, as is its performer. Thank you. It was well worth the wait."

Bastien looks at Emory, before he closes them at the brush of Emory's thumb. He opens them and blinks a couple of times, "Now, what does, m'lord, wish?" There is a tremble in his voice as he asks. It betrays his uncertainty and his innocence.

"I wish to kiss you," Emory tells him, watching as those grey eyes close and then open once more. "So that I might taste those lips that sang so sweetly only moments ago." He tips Bastien's chin up just a little bit with a curl of his fingers, but does not yet bend closer. "May I?"

The corners of those lips curl upwards as Bastien smiles, "Of course you may." He moves to sit down in Emory's lap, his left arm sliding behind the other man's shoulders. "I'd like that very much…" He leans in towards Emory, slowly and very deliberately. At first his kiss is as gentle was the feathery brushes of a butterfly's wings, but as it grows in intent and passion, he closes his eyes.

Emory slides one arm around Bastien as he settles into his lap, drawing him in closer. He leans in then, and presses his lips to Bastien's, a kiss that is soft, a light brushing of lips, but soon it deepens, and his arm tightens just a little about Bastien's waist. His lips part, and he lets that kis grow more passionate, a slow and building heat between them. His fingertips brush along the line of Bastien's jaw, lightly cupping it, and that kiss lingers for some time before it finally breaks.

Bastien's eyes are wide and almost silently asks the question 'was it (I) good enough?'. Oh if he is only capable of feigning this level of nievity and innoncence, he would have been a most sought after courtesan. He smiles at Emory, causing the faintest hints of dimples to form at the corners of his smile. He smiles a little more strongly before kissing the man again, though this time much softer, but clearly on his own accord.

Emory just shakes his head a little bit at that feigned innocence, knowing quite well the young man before him, having practically grown up together in the same House. But it does not dim the smile on his lips, not at all. And when Bastien leans in to kiss him of his own accord, he meets that kiss with the same, gentle slowness, not pressing for more. Instead, he savors the press of lips together, and holding him close.

Bastien allows the kiss to linger for a moment, before he leans back a touch. The tip of his tongue darting out, as if to taste the lingering taste of the other man. Bastien arches his brows, "What next would, m'lord, desire?" There is that impish grin on his lips yet again, and a matching mischief in his eyes.

"Oh, that was all," Emory says when asked what he would next desire, though when he says it there's a definite sparkle of amusement in those dark eyes. He reaches once more for his glass of wine and takes a small sip from it. "A song, and a kiss, from the lps of the songbird." But he's not moving from where he sits. Instead, he leans in and presses another kiss against Bastien's jaw, and slowly back to his ear where he murmurs, "Though, I think I might also like to see you strip free of the evening's finery."

Bastien blinks, surprised. He leans his head, exposing more of his tender neck to the kisses. When the man speaks, he shivers just slightly. He grins, "Oh you would. He looks down at the other man and grins before he slides off his lap, extracting himself. Bastien is no stranger to dance, and he lets his body sway to music that only he can hear. He starts to slowly start to undo the vast amount of cording that encloses his doublet.

Emory smiles and leans back in the chair, resting one elbow on the arm, and his chin on his hand as he watches Bastien begin to move and sway to the music that only he can hear, and seems in no rush. He enjoys the slow unlacing of the cording that encloses the doublet. Moreso, he enjoys having these moments together alone with Bastien. Not that they haven't had time alone together before.

Bastien lets the doublet drop to the floor behind him. He continues to dance, slowly performing a strip-tease for Emory. He stop and turns, reclaiming his spot on the man's lap. He playfully leans back, as he extends his leg to remove a boot. A thud can be heard as the hard-soled boot hits the floor. Bastien leans back and impishly grins, "Is this what you had in mind, Emory?" He switches legs to remove the other boot.

Emory leans down and presses a kiss to the side of Bastien's neck where it meets his shoulder when Bastien leans back against him, and lets a hand drift beneath his shirt once the doublet is gone, brushing fingertips across the skin of his side as he takes off his boots. An amused little smile touches his lips. "Something like this, yes."

Bastien laughs softly in a gentle trill. Once divested of his boots, he hops off. He starts loosening the ties to his shirt. He slowly peels the shirt off of him. He grins as he tosses it at Emory. He continues dancing now that his pale torso is exposed. He is filled with an undeniable glow of life. The youth moves further away still dances. He looks to Emory, judging the man's reaction, as he sways wearing nothing but a pair of golden breeches.

Emory reaches up and catches the shirt when Bastien throws it to him, and drapes it over the arm of the chair that he is not leaning on, leaving it there while he continues to watch the young man moving in front of him, and the way that the candle-light flickers off his skin. His eyes drift over that form, from head to toe and back again, and his lips tick upward a little as he notices Bastien watching him in return. "Where are you running to?" he asks, as Bastien grows further away.

Bastien grins at Emory, "Well, I thought part of my training was to make you want me more and more, not to just give everything right away… " He spins and turns, letting the man admire the flawless skin of his back for a moment. He loosens the ties of his trousers and he partially lowers them to show the beginnings of his cheeks. He turns back towards to older man, taking a few steps closer, staying just out of reach.

"Is that what you're supposed to do?" Emory asks him with a teasing little smile of amusement, though it's clear that he is enjoying this little play of coyness that Bastien is engaged in. "And you don't think that the months of waiting since I first told you that I desired you haven't whetted my appetite?" One brow arches just a little bit, but he doesn't move, making no attempt to get closer, or to reach out for him, quite capable of patience, of waiting.

Bastien's thumbs tuck into the waist line of his breeches. He pushes them down halfway, as he looks at Emory. He runs his canine over the corner of his lower lip, "There is a difference in the anticipation of one's thoughts and when what they want is right before them." He lets the breeches drop to the floor. Standing bare before the older courtesan, he looks at him, "And is your appetite whetted?"

"There is in fact, a significant difference. As I could reach out," Emory says, extending one hand in Bastien's direction, and yet he doesn't lean forward to close the distance, instead leaving the gap between them. "But I think that I'm enjoying just savoring each moment, for now." He chuckles and says, "What do you think?"

Emory might have been trained to be a master of composure and self-control, but the young eglantine was not. Bastien, however, is a creature of passion and instinct. He looks a little down trodden at the thought, but nods. "If you wish to savor each moment." The young ex-courtesan closes his eyes and starts to slowly dance once again, "Then that is what you shall do, now that I am divested of my finery of the evening, as you wished."

Emory slowly rises from where he sits, unfolding gracefully and rising to his feet. He moves over to Bastien then and catches him below the chin, leaning down to press a kiss to his lips before he murmurs, "But you are not done. Now that you are divested of your finery, it is time for you to divest me of mine."

Bastien smiles slightly as Emory kisses him. He leans up and returns the kiss. "Oh?" He reaches over, running his hand slowly down Emory's chest. He cants his head slightly to the side, as he starts working the man's clothes off slowly. He continues to sway as he hums softly as he dances. "Then I shall do my very best."

Emory looks down into Bastien's eyes as he begins to remove his clothing, and lets one hand drift down to rest at his side, moving when he needs to for his doublet to be removed, his steps matching the swaying, a slow and languid dance as he lifts his other hand and trails it lightly against the younger man's cheek and jaw. "You are not performing for me now, Bastien. Just be with me."

Bastien lets out a slight breath. His shoulders slack just a touch, as he looks up at Emory. "But I thought you wanted me to be your prize, your winning bid." He reaches up and runs his fingers across the temples of the other man, "I was just doing what I thought you wanted."

"You are my prize, my winning bid," Emory says to him, "And I am honored that you chose me to be with tonight, the night of your debut performance. But I wanted it because I wanted to be with you, because I desire you." He cups Bastien's cheek gently and looks into his eyes, "Yes, I wanted to hear you sing, and I love that you sang something just for me." He smiles at the touch to his temples, "But now that the song is done, all I want is for you to be you, with me, tonight."

Bastien smiles slightly and nods. "I have always admired you, Emory.. looked up at you." He looks down for a second, then looks back up. His grey eyes almost glistening in the light. "I am here, because I want to be… I am here with you because I can." He puts his hand on the other man's chest. "I am here…"

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